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Fodder for dogs

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Dobryi day!
Dog now 9 months, with birth on ekanube. Again same with puppy dogs' since the dogs ah very strongly reeks sobakom. Life with him in apartment turns into nightmare, although he already became virtually an effective international player member of family. Now he on dacha, respectively problems there is no. But alas, already the end of the August and we with horror think about his return and in apartment.
From possible methods struggle with the scent of remains it seems only try change fodder. Who what fodder can suggest? Drying, or try translate on a straight girl? If a naturist, then how many meat and other things need in day bushiku?



Homilies change fodder on the other such a same class. Or translate on a straight girl. Meat, porridge, vegetables, cottage cheese, kefir.
And dog washed their with schenyachego age?



Dobryi day!
We their dogs such Flatozorom and very happy with the result. Quite much XMEGA cannot digest, can be pick a for themselves.
And reeks have dogs struggle cavity, ear or from skins?



Reeks from skins likely, smells look like on smells wet dogs, not such a strong, but always.
Washed their dog with 2,5kh month, but rarely, so as harmful. Yes and wash tried for undoing smell. Smells even have schenka was, that's quite.
Want try translate for starters on Keynes’mixed feed bill--. Now such 3 times, 2 times to lend drying, 1 - a straight girl. Soon already switch on 2kh Hull nutrition, then will 1 + 1. Quite with drying stray not want until, all-??? conveniently, yes and composition there enough balanced, as I hope.



Pardon, but who you said, that wash dog harmful? Not that Spain often wash schenka until Bajaus months. And at all dog better wash on least its pollution. Can be and times, and two, and camping on D. Times in month, only, of course, good and kachestveni bone shampoos, for example exhibition, they gentle and not will do will harm.
Dry fodder thing indeed convenient, but if selling organism his not perceives, then better from him to backtrack. Homilies mixed feeding, but if not will help, pereydite on a straight girl.
And office the little dog tests, blood and urine, check kidneys and liver.



Pro "harmful wash" read many where, how is true or not on conscience authors, although heard with words. That and those involved in human often wash not tell - wool have dogs wlfe's, when washed their couple of times in week.
On least pollution wash of course account for, especially open and hoisted, so as in case crude weather this model dogs with low ground clearance. Becomes unacceptably dirty :))
Shampoo a good, but tank as I already wrote, not helps.
Stuck mixed feeding, ah and dry fodder already bought the other, suddenly will help



Deal, of course same, not in tank. So same advise pint tests. Likely there there will the answer. ???? not get, times so long’re trying fight with the scent of.
And pro tank! I extremely rarely my bukhov! Not because that not'm for them, and there is simply no need. There is no and smell, and themselves they clean. Simply banal hoisted - belly after walks. Me as times the entlebukhery expense of insane arrogance simplicity in care for coat.
Although under need can namyvat and often. Purity hardly can be damaging, ah if without patalogiy, of course.



I have, too, Entlebuch (district) and smell quite there is no, my extremely rarely, no need. 'm feeding its Fusu Akana bezzernovym 2 times in day, before they PRO PAC, but spelling differences my girls was their size of. Smiled in Internet, that this may be from large content of grain, especially corn, here is and decided to move on the other fodder, dog very likes, sleeps gladly and wool simply plush. Incidentally here is reciprocal on very fun article pro fodder http://www.pets-ural.ru/article/statya75.html I not know how this article truthful, but me seems written and explained all very smoothly. http://www.kolobok.us/smiles/standart/yes4.gif



As you have affairs? On what the form of feed you decided stop?



Now such natural feeds. Unfortunately not can say, that smells became strongly weaker. With horror await the winters when windows more often will closed than contrary :( fear level that's Saadat calm in family, so as wife from smell just wobbles :-/ yes and I his stand the poorly. A poor kid :( this all longer term on him



I think deal not in dog, and strongly are sense of smell hosts.
And the case, that and not strong desire have dog have themselves under through, the second than half, then are different best

Олег wrote:

so as wife from smell just wobbles :-/ yes and I his stand the poorly. A poor kid this all longer term on him

Here is the reason and the answer.
In this situation there is 2 exit, getting accustomed or give dog. :dontknow:



Problem need to to decide, so as dog, of course same, should not be source of irritation and of discord in family http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/large/pictures/Foliage_1/11.gif



Not am sure, that deal in natural. Quite recently me way woman, was just admiring on Gard. And about perceptible spirituose smell were questioning Shpend; for it, as in sight,, too, theme-ailing. It them there are champions, male. I so realized, young. Told, that very his likes. But such a same the problem -, that's quite smells! And what there wool have little pug!
I here is so you heard, huh, under beef as a heterosexual smells stronger, than under drying.
But although we personally on naturalke, to the Garda raze not prideryoshsya. In it, on-my, need to bury your nose its nose and snort struggling forces, to modicum something feel.
I inclination is to what the reason lies in exchange substances. And need to long and stubbornly seek veterinaries, which in this deals.
Even information to last: Our taksik, male, on old age years the groin goraaazdo stronger than in early life. Cover with his personal chairs, on which he increasingly time dozing - not shoot as blagoukhalo!
But not until such extent, to us this as something concern. Ah, can, and we such people, not too is sensitive!
Yes, .NET.: Taksik was smooth. Have them not wool, one thing name. Podshyorstka - no. Dogs what until fifteen years, age highly substantial. Of course, health was already not the. So and bad..

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I think, that all same need to pint tests and then to decide that to do. I personally really paranoid on smells that occur, but homes three dogs and'm freaking out I only in rain or from rare games around my dogs with some dogs. Here is then I have until gag reflex it comes. One thing aren their three and they not very the and straightforward to outsiders to the dogs. Yes and getting dry at all they quickly and already not smell.
Ah not stink, stink entlebukhery without reasons! Without analyses can be might wonder how many anywhere, only this will not solve problems. And she clearly there is. If, as is discussed, people too sensitive, then are not likely would they at all would stomach on dog.



Have us overdue question your feeding.. Learned that Grandorf Summit 10, which we dare for both cheeks, be sold more not will. In the rests on a only fodder for puppies. Remain two kinds of korma- for dogs with sensitive digestive system and GAMA PROFESSIONAL. Exactly, with bad digestion have us all'oc (TTT /), let us move on the second option. Question: Somehow should be transition: Gradual or this not necessarily for feed one producer?
Still in sale appeared canned (came true my dream! http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/biggrin.gif, camping on K. Me seems that dzhlya dogs, which sits on drying there is nothing vozhdelennee canned food http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/biggrin.gif). Can be same hinder canned with dry feeds, provided that producer one?



Gama PROFESSIONAL very good feed, I their I take as times from this series of (there there is with fish tank, Chatterbox Restaurant and Turkey) map can be immediately, so as this feed one producer.
Me, too, told the, that appeared canned, but we still not typically recognized try :))) Canned and drying can be boldly hinder! http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/smile.gif



nelinus tomorrow, more accurately already today as a new fodder. Perestrakhuyus all ??? and in the remnants of summit d sniff. As something traits yanked to move on more the generalized fodder, for which can be in this Milky Way along in case what. Podrasslabitsya decided, in short. Chose was graphic to. On the results of pleasantly not clear from-for what: An admixture a new feed, titbitovskie pits of, or all combined gave us such trouble with abdomen. Gorky experience learned on entire life.
And still on dinner a bug gets can of :) Ordered on you different tastes. Consider that more like and as goes. If all will'oc with a tummy, 'll get you some wholesale. Although not think that problems will, camping on K. During trip in Montenegro a bit not placed the fodder, and two past days Hasta (measure) eaten local canned from supermarket and Kisslinger themselves sheets under this.



About strong smell know dog (or hosts), which nice helped shampoo "Doctor" with berezovym drug.

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Podskajite. Raze not can deal with dosage Pro financed Plan. Girl now weighs 6kg
Weight 5-10kg
From 1.5-3 months now, 60-120 gr.
From 4-5 mo 75-145 gr.
Us 13.12.11 will 3 month, 'm feeding 3 times in day.
One thing feeding on the evening I allow meat or meat with grechkoj.
How many gr. Pro financed Plan on one thing feeding, I believe somewhere 25 gr., but me seems this little.
In general'm confused http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/wacko3.gif



Ольга С wrote:

I believe somewhere 25 gr., but me seems this little

Race will) I give a back-always more, than advised in spreadsheet. Your puppy I would now represented a about 70 grams on one times http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/smile.gif


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