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Fodder for dogs

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БадрИя wrote:

Delo in is, that me 15 years and I not’ve worked. After a day walk as only we drawn home I of walking for junior brother in garden, but as only we drawn I Masonic his sleep and so until six. After come parents and I of walking gulyat with Badriey.

So you walk around with Badriey day or not? From your messages not understandable nothing, camping on K. You write "after a day walk", and then write immediately "day I cannot its remove." How many times vygulivaetsya dog?

БадрИя wrote:

and feed the dog on the morning and torturing until the evening as something not very

Pardon, Perhaps I will's harsh in their utterance. But you 15 years, means you must diminish in any the least borrow responsibility for their actions. And perishing your adults parents-all the more. Not feed dog, because you its not you can walk-this also. Yes, adults healthy dogs fed times in day (this normally), but walk their although would twice. I his hound'm feeding twice-on the morning and on the evening, and well she itself undergoes a without problems after morning walk until evening. But you have the other case. You such pace you can to kill it dog.
I can you do the next Warcraft itself conduct experiment - eat one times day and in toilet walk times in day, and can then to you'll descend insight, as same this feels Badriya.



Only've given - the looking glass what something! Growing organism needs feed 2, and the and 3 times in day (our it is a watchdog ate 3 times in day, day, truth, relieved - yoghurt).

Ah well, owner 15 years, and here is parents there is? And where look?



I bring dog on the morning and on the evening she well itself undergoes a and Mmhmm. You know, we on 1-2 hours on walks. Problems have us with food not was, nutritious times in day and all was well until not during piroplazmozom and began to lose weight



Badriya, ah then not is understandable your the next phrase

БадрИя wrote:

Don’t can we its feed 2 times because that day I cannot its remove, and feed the dog on the morning and torturing until the evening as something not very

She not will "tormented", as you say. Adults dogs without harm for health well tolerate 12 hours.
Toxicity its although would twice. And from this will the larger understood



Check liver dogs, after piroplazmoza are possible complication.

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donna wrote:

Ensure liver dogs, after piroplazmoza are possible complication.

There not only with liver are possible complication.



We initial pulse in May when was cystitis and all normal, but for confidence we even times get checked



And have us good news! We have gone on kibble and began to recruit weight http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/0.gifNow we have become more it seems on bukha (if will be able photograph this shilopopika en balade, then'll send derzhitsya)



БадрИя wrote:

A have us good news! We have gone on dry fodder and began to recruit weight

Many run news!



Selecting fodder already couple of months - Hills Bunker lamb rice suited, but eats without appetite. On Akanu without the cereal (lamb, fish) tried to to move - diarrheic. Not transfers. Grassroots Flatazor - eats with appetite, but on him began allergy (apparently on chicken composition). Remained bag big almost not touched by - who uses - write, 'll trade you everything for half price.
Now repatriate schenka on Hills Bunker, but eats without appetite. Think that still try



Share, who than their dogs feeds.
We month sat on oridzhene, but it is a watchdog was too skinny. Was easier, when widened the. Dosing, but overfeed harmful, so decided try akanu. From it diarrheic, sometimes it is a watchdog at all refuses its there is. Even not know, that now is worth try.



All depends still from your financial opportunities
As varianty- Altea Hills or Magnusson of Norway



And you their somehow toxicity?



Anler wrote:

and you their somehow toxicity?

The latest fodder, than we nutritious their dogs-Magnusson of Norway. He us nravilsya- not Corrasable Bond and it smudges, the low-fat, not reeks unnecessarily, not evoked be allergic, a normal the exit with him (nor diarrhea, nor underlying cause.
But I had turned their dogs on a straight girl yep here described by as organic feeding dogs



Can, try.
Thank you



Our on Khilse sits with childhood. With Akan (have us, too, diarrheic was


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