Remained one day guy - Samson. Propose, you, first puppies entlebukher Puppies, on Kuban. Utterly a unique, compact, middle size dog. An ideal the combination of qualities character: Robust, always on the lookout, 'd see reason in learning, willingly all following the, fearless.
Have us the first in Krasnodar and in Krasnodar frontier Bloc this breed Betsy (father Galilei-National Show. Russia and mother Enina) and the first guy on Kuban from champion World and Europe – architectural Award from kennel “Corona Russia ” (father named val (Kingdom most Dogs named val) – champion inter, world champion, of a grand champion, h. Russia, h. RKF Champion, h. Club (NHL), h. Eurasia, h. Denmark, h. Ukraine, h. Belarus and mother Halla (halla van Het Bressershof) -yunyy champion Russia, champion Russia, champion national club, of a grand champion in Russia, champ. RKF Champion. 26 April 2011. Were born puppies entlebukher Puppies, - a boy and two girls. -knit Moscow, father toddlers Jazz van Het Bressershof "Of nobilis House", mother-our Betsy. Puppies perfectly beautiful. Soul one enjoys!