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A bit about exhibitions and nuts and bolts khendlinga.

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My article about exhibitions and khendlinge. Can whom use to anyone! :)

What such exhibition and as increasingly happening.
Exhibition? Exhibition . Exhibition!
For what need a exhibition? First - this assessment external of shape, and also behavior dogs; second, this definition of quality and started regions of the dogs, selection and demonstration of best representatives breed, identifying best tribal producers.
On exhibition come different people, and professional breeders, and Working Dog-lovers. Exhibition gives opportunity themselves show and other watch, pick a producer or schenka, to communicate with experienced zavodchikami, meet associates and friends, find answers on Your questions in area Star "and camping on D. And camping on P. Finally, exhibition - this sport, an and uncompromising, where there is winners and Defeated, but where, even in case failures, always remains hope on success in the future!
Alone exhibition like, other to them indifferent, third their hate, but, coming from spheres its activities, forced to their visit

If you not yet know, that this such and with than this eat , let usre familiar with this take a closer!

Shows accented those created by different rank and from him depend rules of naming Ekspouzd Violet Wonder:

Rank SED - Champion of RKF Champion(perhaps obtain SED, KChF, decision, ChRKF) titles (except ChRKF) information is assigned to dog and , winners and 1- s seats in every classroom (interim, open and champions), title ChRKF accorded the better dog and better.
Rank SED - Champion of Federation(perhaps obtain SED, KChF, decision) title KChF information is assigned to dog and , winners and 1- s seats in every classroom (interim, open and champions); titles SED and decision accorded for Best dog and Best Souquet.
Rank SED - a Candidate in Champions Federation(perhaps obtain SED, KChF) title SED and KChF accorded the better dog and better .
Rank CACIB - international(perhaps obtain SED, CACIB, ChRKF) title SED accorded in every classroom (interim, open and champions), SASIV and ChRKF the better dog and better ;
National-monoporodnye (rank CHK)(perhaps obtain CHK, ranked, SS) title ChK- Champion of club accorded the better dog and better. Title KChK- a Candidate in champions club - in every classroom (interim, open, in the classroom winners and champions). Title SS- Certificate of Conformity with accorded only-lover, involved in distribution, on liking expert;
Monoporodnye (rank the PC)(perhaps obtain the PC, ranked, SS) ranked accorded in every classroom (interim, open, in the classroom winners and champions), and best male and bitch receive "the PC (winner of America NHL)." Title SS- Certificate of Conformity with accorded only-lover, involved in distribution, on liking expert.
Monoporodnye (rank ranked)(perhaps obtain ranked, SS) ranked accorded the better dog and better . Title SS- Certificate of Conformity with accorded only-lover, involved in distribution, on liking expert.
Titles R.cac and R.CACIB information is assigned to the second dog exhibition (dog and ), under comparison remaining dogs by choice expert.
Decoding reduced symbols Ekspouzd Violet Wonder and buy certificates.
SED candidate in national champions beauty (candidate in Champions the countries, where received);
R.cac Reserve candidate;
CW - winner class;
R.CW - Reserve winner
Decision - champion federation (RFSS, RFLS, RFOS, OANKOO);
KChF - candidate in champions federation (RFSS, RFLS, RFOS, OANKOO);
CHAMPION RKF Champion - champion RKF Champion;
CACIB candidate in international champions beauty (candidate in Interchempiony);
R.CACIB Reserve candidate.
J.CAC - candidate in youthful national champions beauty (candidate in and see Young Champions countries);
-54 (BB) - the best baby;
BEST BABY (BP) - the best Puppy;
Liu (stay in) - the best Best junior;
BOS (BOS) - the best bitch;
Best Male (BOS) - the best male;
Lv (BV) Best veteran;
LPP (BOB) - the best representative breed;
CHK / CHAMPION NHL - champion national club;
The PC / P. NHL - winner national club;
Ranked - candidate in champions national club;
SS - certificate mimic
Mainstream CHAMPION NHL - so champion national club;
Mainstream P. NHL - so winner national club;
Mainstream Ranked -yunyy candidate in champions national club;
U.S.S. - so certificate mimic.
Of Morgan - the best in group FCI;
COP15 - the best dog exhibition;
R.BIS - reserve the best dog exhibition.
All titles information is assigned to on choice expert (can be not assigned).




. Continuation of.

Typically, than higher level of exhibition, the more qualified experts they guarantee assessment dogs and those more famous dogs on it of breadth.
Decisions expert accepts alone, and they wear final character. Abolish or help assessment of, sign 'Yuzhnaya' an expert, not has rights no one, however on next exhibitions other experts can different course assess this same dog and put another assessment of. Of course, in some extent she always is a subjective quality, in it is reflected and own glance expert on rocks, and his professional experience, and even, from what countries arrived expert, because in different countries can be their views about certain nuanced one breed, under this not the CELTA from its standard. That is whys champions become dogs, which were called the best several different experts.
Record on exhibition begins stance (for several months), and does end for month or for week, in dependence from rank exhibition.
Under registration all participants exhibition share on classes, coming from age dogs:
Klass baby with 3 to 6 months (perhaps obtain title the best baby (-54))
Attention! The availability of in an exhibition class baby is determined by solution of organizing committee exhibition!
Klass puppies with 6 until 9 months (title - the best Puppy (BEST BABY));
Klass juniors with 9 until 18 months (the best Best junior (Best Junior), mainstream SED, mainstream SS, mainstream CHK, mainstream The PC);
Klass interim s15 to 24 months (CACIB, SED, ranked, the PC, CHK, SS, decision, KChF);
Klass open with 15 months (CACIB, SED, ranked, the PC, CHK, SS, decision, KChF);
Klass winners (only on monoporodnykh exhibitions), ranked, the PC, CHK, SS);
Klass champions NHL (only on monoporodnykh exhibitions), ranked, the PC, CHK, SS);
Klass champions with 15 months (CACIB, SED, ranked, CHK, decision, KChF);
Klass veterans with 8 years.
date definitions age dogs is day, previous the early exhibition.

The first to in every classroom on defended go males, then has presented to. Initially is conducted s expertise baby and puppies, then juniors, then adults dogs. Titles-54, BEST BABY, Best Junior, information is assigned to immediately after comparisons between themselves otsuzhennykh dogs, disqualify the first seats (stala and has presented to). Expert dictates Secretary detailed description of each dogs, celebrates under this as its dignity, so and shortcomings, then he flaunting each dog appropriate assessment of and distributes seats in this classroom. Strut estimates: is famously , very well , well , satisfactorily and unsatisfactory.
After visiting and the Committee all dogs, expert causes on defended Samoyede-winners in all mortar (except baby, puppies, juniors and veterans) and defines Binh Duong Province stala breed (Best Male). Then the same way were picked by Best bitch breed (BOS). Defended ends dislike for comparing best dogs, have acquired titles Best Junior, Best Male, BOS and'm AG and one of them accorded title Best representative breed (LPP).
After the end of the all porodnykh rained comes the final phase exhibition, so-called BEST - Best civil Group . Dogs winners rained (who received LPP), below the to one and the same group on classifications FCI, compare theirs between themselves. Winner receives title Best in group (BIG) and can to participate in final, really elite institution and beautiful a poetry Best civil Show , where are determined by three best dogs exhibition, which nagorodzhuyutsya prizes, and the first dog receives title BIS - Best civil Show .
On national and monoporodnykh exhibitions BIG and BIS naturally not ????.
145,000 assessment of is famously receive dogs that have vibrant porodnost, gender type of, the right the anatomical addition, the right postav and form of heads and limbs.
Have excellent dogs must be well upgraded their musculature and the backbone of, they must lie in different konditsiya, sherstnyy coloring and shelf must fully conform to standard.
Should remember, that caricaturing young dogs, especially on class puppies and juniors, the results can strongly differ. Dogs in this age even only are rising and are forming, with the formation individual articles dogs usually is happening not uniform. Expert sees and assesses dog in this moment time. And if the first Vasha assessment - "very well", not to do periods of conclusions, that you dog the bad (not Commission itself, not Lies, not born much of, got bad schenka and camping on D. Unfortunately, very often dogs (especially large breeds) wrong are forming from for lack of walks, movements or misuse nutrition. In such cases, fate further exhibition careers depends only from owner.
In any case and under any results of, not worth to be upset. Virtually have any dogs accented their ups and the fall of the , and from this no one not insured. Be pleased for winner and subscribe on other exhibition. Most importantly, to for you Vasha dog was the most espoused, the most the Beautiful, the most smart, the most very the strongest



. Continuation of.

Training for dogs to the exhibition.

For order to Vasha dog in an exhibition was able draft competition other, it must lie in his better (exhibition) form and be able correctly behave on ring.
So, the prevalence practice primer fanciers - without training "steal dog with seat sofa", lead its on exhibition and wishing something obtain - here not works!
Exhibition dog - this work!
To be sure, enjoy any ukhischreniyami cannot be hide shortcomings dogs, bedeviling it from birth: Bad form of heads, not the typical coloring, not corresponding standard format corps and camping on P.
But preventing Sharon or strongly raspolnevshaya dog, lifeless original, svalyavshayasya in have wool, failure show themselves in hotel reception or where unique movement on ring, belligerence or cowardice all these shortcomings well especially high. From them necessary, in that would the nor became eliminate, so as such characteristics dogs not would give it opportunities claim a high assessment of even with the most best metrics.
Understandable, that for a few days until exhibition all this not correct.
For the right formation backbone and muscular system, dog with first day arrival in your house, must receive the necessary physical strain, doziruemuyu in accordance with age. The right nutrition also reflected on external data everything dogs.
For moreover, to dog has shown on ring good free movement, needs many gulyat and Caribbean (in accordance with age). Also under this reinforced and develop muscle dogs and overall kind of is becoming more beneficial. Ah and, of course, limbs must be strong and parallel.
If dog perekormlena (Test this easily, attach palm to side dogs, and not strongly click, you should feel ribs of the.) under preparation for the exhibition (and not only) should force glee weight. For this in diet reduce share of carbohydrates: Porridge, bread, macaroni products exempted. Their replace offline of raw vegetables and kislomolochnymi products. Under beef dry branch, reduce the size of the helpings. Increase expectancy walks, make dog Caribbean and swim. But in no way case cannot be go too stick , if dog used to walk on 30 minutes in day, should be forced its to flee immediately 5 km. Burden need to build up gradually. Too otoschavshikh dogs transfer on intensified nutrition. If dog not convalescing, should turn to a doctor.




. Continuation of.

Training for wool.
Berner Sennenhunds
Of course, nor one the most the best selling hairdresser world not that would pave wool everything dogs in one day, if until this for it as should not nursed the.
Two fortunes on ????? for coat this its purity and humidity. Net wool not marks and not that will be bogged down in have. If you will support purity wool everything dogs, she will reach maximum length.
For sustain humidity wool helpful of this can its the solution glycerol (20 ml glycerol on 600 ml water) from will be doing,, as sprayed 40mins flowers, 1-2 times in week.
In no way case not you're washing entire dog with shampoo on the eve exhibition, wool obezzhirivaetsya, becomes easy and fluffy your pet from elegant dogs will morph into a rastrepu.
Wash entire dog with shampoo should maximum for two weeks until exhibition. For day with shampoo can be wash only my turtleneck up over my and hoisted, and body rinse from above shower.
But, if you are using special exhibition shampoos and laying hairdryer, then wash can be and on the eve.
Give dog a bit drying out. Moist wool as should rascheshite. Better prichesyvat from tail to neck, and then back. Until dog dries, closely spying on coat in area grits-- grits. If she there toporschitsya upward or dying man over here in dark side (this may be from what dog sela have Wall) to qualitatively down its, either put on his behind wet towel, otherwise dog may look vysokozadoy.
If dog too skinny or in the molted, wool on as prompt shake hands, but so, to she not was sticking out like in all sides.
Its feet rascheshite against wool, from the bottom up around the circle this would create impression maximum volume and thickness paws.

G-Svycarsky Sennenhunds and Appenzeller and Entlebucher:
Unlike represent Puppies,, prepare gladkosherstnuyu dog easier. Simply well rascheshite wool after washing. Teasing wool and shake hands need not. Also their, too, helpful spryskivat the solution glycerol (20 ml glycerol on 600 ml water) from will be doing,, as sprayed 40mins flowers, 1-2 times in week.
Berner, G-Svycarsky, Appenzeller and Entlebucher zennenkhundy:
Dog, if it clean her teeth, has more advantages, under acute competition in an exhibition. Shoe teeth very is simple and is needed, only, soskablivayuschiy tool Part doctor (can be take advantage of spatula from my nail set of). Simply scrape off the the plaque go with tooth, but beware, not hurt as. After cleansing, wipe the gum cotton cotton ball, dipped in of peroxide hydrogen. Better brush your her teeth for a few days until exhibition. If you suddenly cause dog pain, it can to backtrack show her teeth expert.
Feet of.
Berner Sennenhunds
With the help hairdressing shears Cut it all off entire the odd wool between cotton pads paws. Then obstrigite wool around hoisted, to she ???? rounded and 11W compact. Also spying on a long claws. Too long bears can become cause of injuries, and if exhibition passes on slope gender, dog can poorly run and not uncovered over in movement.
Or bears need not less, than for one week before exhibition! If suddenly, you a bit more otstrizhete and'll hurt a vessel, then dog can up lame.
Berner, G-Svycarsky and Appenzeller and Entlebucher zennenkhundy:
If ears dirty, take humid enterosgel and gently delete dirt. In zoomagazinakh are sold special napkins for cleansing ear dogs. Clean ears must be dry. During washing dogs, closely spying on those, to water not engulfed in ears dogs. If dog often shakes a ears, contact to a doctor. Also should turn to a doctor, if from ear stands out a malign smells.
Berner, G-Svycarsky and Appenzeller and Entlebucher zennenkhundy:
Eyes must be dry, without red and selections. If have dogs sometimes fuckin 'blush or (him) neacyony eyes, grab after with a on exhibition with eye breath, whom you use homes. New medicines check in advance, for a few days until exhibition, to before it a ring suddenly have everything dogs not began allergic reaction and not became would even worse.

Over day before exhibition or with the evening, collect increasingly necessary to with morning sure you do nothing not forget and not put an together unnecessary things.



. Continuation of.

What need take on exhibition
Berner Sennenhunds, G-Svycarsky, Appenzeller and Entlebucher:
Closed ????
go fetch a copy pedigree
Kvitantsiyu about remunerating exhibition
go fetch a copy Diploma champion countries (under records in class champions)
veterinary passport
Money on veterinary control (from 100 rubles, but on international exhibition a clean Form # 1 )
Ringovku (for BShZ, AZ, ez 145,000 chain of with thin a leash around)
their litter box
Two-three cub, and, to use hoisted and open, to scrub drooling (one of them the terry)
Suhoi shampoo
. The fluid collection for laying (Berner)
. The fluid collection for luster wool
. The fluid collection from slip paws
Pukhoderku (better from gossamer wire, on vygnutoy the surface)
The flathead metal a comb or a comb-past
about these wet napkins
Paketiki for "of surprises"
A bowl of and water for dogs
became the and ceasing
dainties for dogs (choked, this liver)
Jod, and bandage
Water and sandwiches for themselves (on desire)
Raskladnoy chair (on desire)
Exhibition on the air
Everyone higher of the above
Zont for themselves
G-umbrella over, slice of polyethylene or the other nepromokaemoy tissue for dogs.




. Continuation of.

Day exhibition
Horske on exhibition, in advance accurately learn, where she is conducted and as there better reach.
Officer: Pull always with endowments of time.
On the morning, in day exhibition, dog (any age) should not feed, to in the most inopportune moment on ring with it not occurred bit of confusion. If you noticed signs signs of malaise, better to remain homes, no exhibition world not worth health everything dogs. Well walking his pet and in path!
Come on exhibition need to in advance for 1 hour until time work your ringa. Arrive dogs to examination not are permitted.
First you will pass a veterinary control, then registration, where arrive at catalogue and ringovyy Number. Check, correctly whether Vasha dog recorded in catalogue. Locate again your defended and aligning near with him, but with so calculation, to not be have expert, 7,000 on ring, as on their fingertips. Remember, that, even pursuing expertise other breeds dogs, expert doctor exhibitors and for it a ring. If have your dogs there is small shortcomings, expert can this discern, and on ring would expose you more rigorous inspection. If you have another choice there is no, try, to dog lay in or sat.
Exhibition quite heaviest test for dogs, especially young. Unusual environment, mass unfamiliar dogs, noise, vanity, poorly sealed nervousness owner all this acts on dog. So, try not abandon its in alone, pay the it attention, and soft-pedal its.
Under looming, the your exit on defended wear it on dog ringovku and hover the latest veneer: Result in order wool, wipe down drooling, wipe the eyes, and expect your exit you generate on ringovomu number.
For moreover, to you orient for whom you go and to you not miss your defended, write overall enacted order estimates an expert dogs porodnogo ringa (this regulations sometimes may unravel). Initially go all baby, first males, then has presented to, after this is happening choice Binh Duong Province Baby breed. Further go all puppies, first males, then has presented to, after this is happening choice Binh Duong Province Pound breed. Then Juniors, first males, then has presented to, after this is happening choice Binh Duong Province Junior breed. Then go all males, with an interim class on class champions, after this choose Binh Duong Province than 140 Rottweilers breed. Further go all has presented to, with an interim class on class champions, after this choose Baltas was placed 3th Best female breed. And in late choose Binh Duong Province ministerial Porody between Best Yuniorom, Best male could, Best Bitch and Best a.m. you (which can be chosen, as until exit on defended an interim class, so and after comparisons on Baltas was placed 3th Best female).
If you received first place, not leave the center far from entry in defended, you generate on comparison!
Never not lend othersbowls, brushes and other objects departure, and not let us their!
Never not disagreement with someone's point aloud other dogs;
Never not Service Department directly with an expert, - you can disqualify on few years;
Never not worth to be upset, having heard those unflattering remarks about everything dog;
Nobody not... Don't let to iron his hound before and after ringa;
Dont don around ringa, chanting threatening in the entire voice nickname everything dogs. Dog not deaf, and expert there is no affairs until its? Mushing?;
Briefly. And clear suspicious mail pretending on questions expert, not download his made information;
Take place and assessment of everything dogs, as befits a to an athlete: Congratulate owners, whose dogs received more high seats and posochuvstvuyte those, whom not fortunate. You not happy with received place? But after all this not the latter exhibition and not the latest expert!




. Continuation of.

If you themselves offer his hound
Not all masters enjoy services professional khendlerov. Reasons can be are diverse (material, psychological and camping on D. Many simply like this to do themselves!
The first, that you should-think this Vasha clothing. It must be practical, convenient and governing structure designed on any surprises weather. You must look in tidy, good but not glaringly after all you really shows not themselves, and his hound. DVCAM and about shoes, it must be convenient and not slippery.
An important role plays and color everything clothing. Remember, that, as would you not clearing my turtleneck up over my everything dogs, compared with any a white thing your costume, she will look dirty. To present dog in black trousers can be only in is case, when you needs hide any shortcomings, for example, provisshuyu back. Also not worth dress and in something motley. A man should to put on the running jacket and a tie. In the west withdraw on defended in jeans and shirt bad tone. Woman should not dress long, narrow skirts and big heels.
Slapping before way out on defended on dog ringovku, but come, to she not was someone who got caught up too progress has been slow, - dog starts vision through and quickly gets tired. If ringovka I, died too low, on neck can naturally occur pleats, imitating raw addition and brief a neck; and too strongly raised from upward head and vertically snout neck, can create impression direct leverage. Ringovka must lie clearly for ears and under chin dogs.
If you offer couple of (male and bitch, belonging one the storeowner). The closer to you act as if male, and further from you bitch.
And here is you are asked on defended
Emerge on defended, caveat utterly a calm themselves and try placate dog. Not... Don't let it punch and bark. Remember, that expert has the right to lift with ringa dog that is leading themselves too aggressively relative to the rest of the exhibitors or judges.
On ring you should focus their attention only on Expert Advisor the and its dog.
But come, to expert well saw your dog, and not see where I gotta a other.
Even, if expert not yet began expertise, check a tick dog in stand. Under showing the dogs in hotel reception, ringovku better keep in right-wing drawn, but can be and in leftist. Under movement - only in leftist. Residue add together and you to clamp in their fingertips. In no way case not namatyvayte his on hand, - in ensured moment you not can, if need, weaken or pull ceasing.
Usually first expert looks all dogs in movement around the circle, against-hour the switch, (dog all time must lie from Left from you) then is beginning to of separately.
Spying on movements everything dogs, it must to flee you will, and not move in gallops. Sometimes dog is beginning to move inokhodyu, Before simultaneously forward front and the back limbs with one hand. Overlooking the this, here same try translate its on lynx, sharply accelerating pace of or, Blankenstein, again beginning movement.
Correctly Coming on ring dog must talk bear head, move freely and easily, keep back exactly.
Aside from exploring teeth and verification Samoyede on kriptorkhizm, judges can on are determine the quality of wool, carefully these little check-in the backbone of and muscle dogs, inspect length tail and ear and camping on D. Until expert describes your dog, closely spying on it, not let us truly represented legs, should lower my head and sitting. Attach all efforts, to ears have everything dogs were are raised. If you in ring not the first, then under inspection an expert other dogs, so same not let us its stand, as --something. Caveat all time ready the and popravlyayte dog, when he looks at it, but and let us relax, when expert on it not looks.
Closely listen to instructions judges and obey them.
Many experts themselves inspect the wreckage her teeth dogs, but sometimes they are asked owner show their.
Spying on or her limbs everything dogs. Were must be your quadriceps burn between themselves, and are set perpendicular to gender, rear Aren ago and your quadriceps burn each other, Metatarsus ossa metatarsalia are set perpendicular to gender. If exhibition passes on the street, but come, to were limbs not are trapped in deepening, from-for this dog will seem vysokozadoy. After exploring in hotel reception, expert will ask you run around the circle and on diagonally from him and back for exploring work limbs.
If expert foreign, he explains very comprehensible God, either through interpreter.
After exploring all dogs, on ring will remain only those, between whom expert yet to distribute seats. With this moment caveat Be careful what you post doubly. As can be faster check a tick dog in stand. Try, to dog not prislonyalas to you and teetered freely. Not see where I gotta its hands. Remember, that there, where are Your hands, necessarily will fall glance expert. In no way case not. Dog pat on the back, if she it provisshaya. Try hands keep for dog.
Expert will ask all run several circles, and then even times put dogs in stand (can and there is no). Remember, that with a strong competition on ring, winner becomes holder of the better racks. Sometimes, already under movement around the circle expert defines dogs on jobs, specifying participants, for what dog them to move.
Should remember, that caricaturing young dogs, especially on class puppies and juniors, the results can strongly differ. Dogs in this age even only are rising and are forming, with the formation individual articles dogs usually is happening not uniform. And if the first Vasha assessment - "very well", not to do periods of conclusions, that you dog the bad (not Commission itself, not Lies, not born much of, got bad schenka and camping on D. Unfortunately, very often dogs (especially large breeds) wrong are forming from for lack of walks or misuse nutrition. In such cases, fate further exhibition careers depends only from owner.
So, if you won, consider sincere congratulations, lost not be upset!
Never cannot be say in advance, what dogs would win. Remember, that expert, assesses the, that sees on this moment, in this interval time. Dog can be in the molted, not the flu, with bad negative moods.
Through some time under these an expert you arrive at a very different assessment of!
After, as you leave with ringa, arrive at have ringovoy brigades your entrepreneurship, description of and certifications (if something won). Check, correctly whether identifies a data everything dogs and ringovyy Number in educational credentials and certificates. Necessarily check the availability of press and signature expert on educational credentials and certificates. The seal touted either in ring, either in "the premises the Commission."

Try decide on exhibition only with a good negative moods!
Let each exhibition will for you small holiday!
All genuinely wish luck and distinguished victories!

the author: Volsk Ludmila - professional Handler



Large you Thanks for Sharing (such a greater and a detailed article! Us she very helped under preparation for our first the exhibition. Thank you! http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_993.gif




Please! http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/girl_smile.gif



'm gonna join you to nellstill on Bernyushke recognized entire usefulness your information. http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_993.gifhttp://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_993.gifhttp://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_993.gif



Many times was rereading article. Very interestingly. Tried be remembered and to follow higher concern to written (though in ring this not very something and easily - excitement and emotions transport grips). Need to still learn and learn!



Expensive chempionovladeltsy! Share, please, experience - as questioning dog in stand! I have something nothing not is obtained (Illy you better subtract exile on useful article. Until Handler as his assailant raze not we get there - children've all been sick, want start questioning helpfulness homes.



Need a whether yummy? If I try its put in stand on dainties, Lodi thinks only about him, and not listening anymore, that I it say. And, without delicious treats for everyone tries to fulfill all team mixture, which already knows: Sits down at, gavknet, will be borne, will give eaio and even will show place, and here is stand us why something not comes.



Wow, complex for Forum question you that. Such in "letters" not explain. Yes and on video, too,. Here better of course show and to explain every viscerally movement. Can be try to bet on cube-toy (in free) or manually racks. Better of course in free. So as she you have pischevik and polices the num-num, then increasingly in your the hands of. On what ringovke you are trying its questioning? Chain of they very well feel. Stuck explain on example their chetyryokhlapykh http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/AllSML_8/35.gif

On photo roughly 4 month. Put manually, but under this tried that would for num-num of mosquitos forward. 've trained before-feeding, so that would eat wanted to, then Puppy unconsciously will try to faster "grasping" the intel, that would obtain cube. Of course patience need s as many. And importantly not scold, that would not repelled witch and desire to have schenka. On this photo in sight that Nimera not many kupolit and the pelvic limbs are worth "under themselves", but at the second photo already in sight as Puppy tyanuvshis for num-num puts the pelvic as need and aligns the back

Photo 1

Photo 2

On next so same manually put. Right hand always save what data head, and leftistre making the necessary us manipulation

Photo 3

On next decided immediately and pro her teeth show. Showing her teeth not close with nose

Photo 4

Should make roughly so.

Photo 5

If bet in free stand, here your assistant ringovka! Far browser-there dog and will truly represented. Under every its move after team reception desk, so and say "step", in the upstream dog's this word and will "march" in the contestant or different side on team.
On next photo dog is worth in free hotel reception and on my view is worth is famously. Pointed out you figure 1 movement ringovki and figure 2 this far will truly represented dog

Photo 6

Denationalized be understandable. Perishing not know on how many broke a http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/biggrin.gifTry put his hound in stand and take a picture of or video shoot. And posting here. Consider and will help organize http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/AllSML_8/35.gif



A small note: Schenu there order 3 mo.
Much note, me THAT not given! I all see, but am sure on all 1000000% without Handler as his assailant, personally I would not has become to present. Me facilitated 1 exhibition!
And Handler to you gets? So know although would nuts and bolts, this is understandable, but on exhibition, better Handler, either you themselves need to learn, and this again same Handler. Very often heard, and that there complex, take, a little dog for uh, twistix, run. But, so same often account for to see as a good Handler with ustupayuschey dog vstavet ahead, more beautiful dogs.
Why this think, that benefit faces, and what Handler tried to minimize shortcomings, and a loving is a master Wires shrimp on ringovke, not think.
And this not not only been and not so much our entlebukhery, and in a whole.
Incidentally, have was objectively, in neck and owners not often, yes and owners accented different. Some then become khendlerami) someone goes, have someone there is no.
But on first stages Handler is needed, this, too, axiom, dog need to although would otringovat. T. K. Start-up and bishop says to and owner, not ice in ring, although of lively of smiles near enough many)



The flash drive'sand Viki & K- ah so much you! And have taught, and'm curious about and humoring me) I the entire Internet rummaged through in search of information, but better, than told - has shown Alyona - not has found! I all'm all over the place: Alone insist on khendlere, and other - say, type yes schenka field - what there complex. And I as starters with his engage and realized - that there stooooolko the nuance! So and there are professionals - khendlery. http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_150.gif - ) http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/biggrin.gif - http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/girl_in_dreams.gif , http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/unknown.gif, , ) , , ( , ). Ah and understand, that without Handler as his assailant not indispensable!
Alyona, ringovki have us until there is no - need to what - black? (Like tell under color dogs buy) or better chain of?



Viki & K wrote:

But on first stages Handler is needed, this, too, axiom, dog need to although would otringovat. T. K. Start-up and bishop says to and owner, not ice in ring, although of lively of smiles near enough many)

I was signing up for under every word! http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_993.gif




I all'm all over the place: Alone insist on khendlere, and other - say, type yes schenka field - what there complex.

Here is chesnoe word, search Handler as his assailant, and this will be much more correctly. And perishing then, if pochustvuete, that you and the most this quite amusing and on forces, then can be learn to. When masters become in end khendlerami for their dogs-this perfectly, but this and greater rare) Personally I very rarely get out itself in the ring) Nu not my this)



Viki & K wrote:

either you themselves need to learn, and this again same Handler

Here is! Personally on my view, Handler is needed, to teach, teach you to present his hound! Although, with a good through professional, too, perhaps exits in defended - only, please, lightly Palm to choice Handler as his assailant, not redo my mistakes!: Have Handler as his assailant, in primarily, should be contact with dog, he nor in koym case should not do dog painful for, with the entire dope jerking ringovku from bessilya or blowing off its with the entire forces with ears, otherwise, have dogs will emerge tried to exhibitions and back accommodate will be even harder!
And about racks: Listened such a version of, that anatomically correctly codec dog itself arises in the right free stand, need to its only slightly help. http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/yes.gif



If that, you can me in lichku fling http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/large/pictures/Dog_1/Wink.gifTry schenka on the table put, usually they not understand that is happening and at all where they and therefore behave already not so are quick, the only of course better not on dining the table and make a seating area out anything there is the table slippery.
For entlebukherov better of course chain. On latest photo Vicky as times is worth on it. And at all of course better start managed by already on ringovke, so as this "subject" not Euroskepticism and often puppies s as fear chains, are beginning to ride and wear anything on them, so that, be careful now


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