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"For" and "against" agility (dogs)

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Wanted engage with Toby agility (dogs), yesterday went be stored by and here is, that us said: Dog thick, camping on K. Burden will serious, needs to (as pattern, to what need to seek to, have shown the skinny one just), otherwise, will be very much burden on joints, heart of and camping on D.
But we not want major, think, that dog now in good shape http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/unknown.gif
Yes and indeed, how helpful agility (dogs) for entlebukhera? With one hand, dog will thin in here, yes and drone strikes him clearly like, and with the other, useful whether such serious burden for such a heavy in the smaller, Dog (not kennel same and not Hound http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/biggrin.gif) Nu, if only immediately say, that we not for sport and engage in "oblegchennom version", camping on E. Not on the speed, but perhaps whether so??
Can, from whom there is opinion on this about, who handled with its entlebukherom or heard reviews?
D is happy hear http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/yes.gif



In my opinion, immediately to lend burden newcomer arch neproffessionalno! After all not broadcast people immediately surmount Olympics http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/nea.gif
And on least of special training, dog gradually will enter achieve escape she and only it form of.
Agility (dogs) and entlnbukher - this the that need to!
Ah and not parents always to repeat - Wu Master button MUST BE however ON shoulders, and bazaar need to filter http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/yes.gif
So that stake - Nazdrovia!

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ШАНТАЛЬ wrote:

agility (dogs) and entlnbukher - this the that need to!

There already engage in 2 has presented to entlebukhera, need to still with them to talk to the, ask about asked http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/yes.gif
Simply want all weighed, to not harm dog http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/yes.gif



Ah why harm? Need to start engage, then find. This as with swimming pool, water be allowed to enter, when swim will learn how http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/crazy.gif



I with Chantalagree, but get back a little not around the. Will explain why, man which suggests that Vasha dog "overweight" for agility (dogs), certainly not 1 th year in this the form of sport and can assess your dog with perspective physical training. And if immediately to lend even not big burden on "busy" Dog for this sport, the consequences can be different, as one of options, that station wrote Chantal, over time you will gain achieve escape form of and "lose weight." But on my view there is the second option, persons with a disease. I so understand that male young and a healthy, but we all not iron. Is logical was would for starters you as owner start with him Caribbean although would each, can slightly on less feed or as option obtain legal and of kordiologa. Socialise with with persuaded entlebukherov who already Hypnotizes, check with them and ask with what started precisely they. On my view, again same, not all entlebukhery suited to agility (dogs). For example our Vicky and Flush for this sport clearly way too big, have them the backbone of another, and here is KGP offers clear an example of, what entlebukher suited. Duo of Tatiana and Licorice already confidently is beginning to march on "primary school enrollment rates" through the agility (dogs). So that wish you successes in your efforts http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/greeting.gifAnd let us wait from you information http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/bye.gif



The flash drive's

Thank you for report. Indeed, Toby on... us young and a healthy male (Ugh-Ugh-Ugh http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/biggrin.gif) heart of listened to - in normalcy. On slozheniyu he not as your Flush, but, too, not scientists http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/biggrin.gifand not a bit of fluff. On our the answer about "charges" his in the sheer, that neither on one the exhibition us not talked, that there is glee weight, was the answer:. " You not confuse dog-athlete and dog show-class "http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/biggrin.gif
Ah not know, try on the sly, in kattesaadavus regime, him simply ah very like drone strikes prevents http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/biggrin.gif



The flash drive's
Ah and in than you're with me disagree?
And people and dogs come engage precisely for order to subsequently achieve escape form of.
Or you thinking that dog immediately leaps once 2kh metre barrier? Ah-ah.
And man, which argues that dog not in the form of, a shitty instructor, albeit with-serving autocrat. Work need to!

Флэшка wrote:

For example our Vicky and Flush for this sport clearly way too big

But as same kennel and bordery, simply this another weight and category. And then quite not necessarily themselves from injuring, can be and for pleasure engage.



ШАНТАЛЬ wrote:

and then quite not necessarily themselves from injuring, can be and for pleasure engage.

Here is fully agree. Can be same start on slightly-slightly. And then reasonably strain increase. And wolves number and sheep are intact, as the saying goes. And Olympiad can over time on the horizon zamayachit. And with seats in careers - this absurdly. http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/wacko3.gif



Today have Toby was the first attractive opportunity on agility (dogs): Indeed, for newcomers coaching received pass in very kattesaadavus regime.
In principle, perhaps, interestingly, but on Toby this until not had a impression http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/biggrin.gif: Not understands dog, get any early, as can be Caribbean on the right hand from owner, that for sense to flit through wand, until underlying on earth (when there is normal barriers), yes and in than [kayf]from prolezaniya in brezentovuyu pipe http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_150.gif



Nothing, 'll study a bit and for ears not ?????????? stash))



Viki & K wrote:

Nothing, 'll study a bit and for ears not ?????????? stash))

Only major not want, and us there tell http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/biggrin.gif



NN wrote:

Only major not want, and us there tell

Will understand, that with master interestingly http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/AllSML_8/35.gif

NN wrote:

that for sense to flit through wand, until underlying on earth (when there is normal barriers), yes and in than [kayf]from prolezaniya in brezentovuyu pipe

Will engage, himself loses weight, not forsiruyte.

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Were in this Sunday the first time on agility (dogs). Gathering spaces that offer universal pine. Is deprived - mass. Have studied two projectiles: Barrier and soft tunnel. Khunda look at so much dogs and diverse utterance simply having an Obamacare. She I have girl with gossamer nervous organization, then podzhimala tail, then like as entertained in forever. Company newcomers us amounted: Tsverg (the most advanced set), chocolate tsverzhonok (8-monthly girl, 'm a timorous and uncertain in force his age, but very maintaining-amusing) and absolute screwed-up loafer - 7-year-old chow-chow, which could become stuck in tunnel with guise of "and that, strictly speaking, I here do?" And looking on a reluctant the lady of the, which thus tried to his lead from tunnel his kind of clearly expressed "ah what you skipping around? Here I "
Through wand we, too, pereshagivali not understanding sense actions, but when stick have become raising, then emerged some interest. I ventures and raised stick degistirmek, than us showed, Khunda jumped without problems, nor has never has become crawl under stick, but coaches, overlooking the, ceased our Palace and reinforced stick on the most low bar. With tunnel has been all was harder. Our dog tunnel immediately not grassroots and she his has warned about this, Danish oblayav. In himself tunnel had to win dog with force, were bracing as could, but looking on other dogs, on euphoria around (all wailed. Their-lover, what they good fellows), obtaining delicious treats for everyone,, too, got wound up and although in tunnel are grudgingly, from him failing out with happy guise of type: "I made this!" Under the end of the Khunda already rush, ever motorboated, required an toy, met Dog and hair all owners.
And the price liked - for attractive opportunity 200 rubles. Word, all remained happy with.



Well, that you liked. We, too, try walk on playground in Sokolniki. Idea agility (dogs), of course, the good, but me not very likes organization training facilities, as something not very clearly all organized. Consider.



About organizations it is difficult judged by one never. We came on time, but us asked wait in the sidelines, because on chessboard of for agility (dogs) worked what the kind a major huh, big dog and us warned, that he forces routinely can us eat, so minutes 15 we were hanging out in other end “shovel. Then us gave everyone on modern broadcasting, have shown that and as with them to do and have left engage on their own. 've been dicking around we with barriers minutes 30, and then coaches all time was with us. Had to clean up mistakes with barrier, and in further itself gradually dealt soft tunnel. Incidentally, gave task on house.

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mazeka wrote:

About organizations it is difficult judged by one never

We already month doing that http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/biggrin.gif



Mucha like, too, in Sokolniki (disambiguation) also produce jersey enriched and Abu Dhabi (or Akapulka, I'm sorry not remember, why the location is their always). Saw their on speech on flaybolu on Russia: Ah until what same I! I from flaybola simply loved, and from was objectively eople fleeing for ball doubly. And agility (dogs) they, too, give persistent high results.
I very is happy that our entliki enter the sports ranks!



Yes, we when in instruktorskom House sat "feared" (part of coaching received), me shared pro unit entlebukhera named Mucha and with German surname http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/biggrin.gif



And words-team what cool in adzhiditi - "bar", "mountain", "an effort", "its feet." All'll foul up http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/girl_cray.gif.



You no one not prevents devise their -- they not normirovany! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/119.gifimportantly to they were short.


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