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"For" and "against" agility (dogs)

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And I with Nafkoy and Matrenoy in "Nafanyu" on agility (dogs) couple of times was the trip. Here is decided will share impressions. Have Nafki beshannaya motivation for the on toy, she for it is ready on VSE! Matrenu until play not broke a, are working on a doodle. With Nafkoy already are working; and jangling from 4-5 missile, truth want complain, physics lacks ME http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/182.gifvery difficult it turns out outperform the speed and ability to to think dogs. Matrona, of course same still not such a sweeping personal, yes and punch us not allow from-for than a, but under this very soobrazhulistaya, a girl. With matrenoy, too, already predisposition of; and jangling on several missile. Have dogs quite there is no of fear tunnels and Heights. Here is now gorozhu barriers – on from improvised funds, and period with dogs under fun "damming adversely impacted spawning grounds." Already and St semi are in place in land, in the form of imitation projectiles "Chempіonat." Nafku my called thick, and Matrenu upon was already fat http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_150.gif, although have both ribs of the utterly quietly proschupyvayutsya and quite I would not told so pro their girls, but adzhilitisty of course highly tall and it's a little dry.

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Here is I have the same the problem-I cannot Caribbean!



Маруся-Нафуся wrote:

Nafku my called thick, and Matrenu upon was already fat

Uffda, us better not to emerge there, may want to conserve their and others’nevry)



Viki & K wrote:

uffda, us better not to emerge there, may want to conserve their and others’nevry)

Olja, here is about than and speech, you same know what I have Nafka) By the way on their the not true, Paula, they always in different form. Simply I so understand, dog must be maximally easy, to to surmount drone strikes maximally rapid.



Tobke, too, counseled to. http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_150.gif



Not listen to no one-myshytsy deal completely replaceable!
Let us better Frisbee-related move from there! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/give_rose.gif



Маруся-Нафуся wrote:

dog must be maximally easy

Is about, where ease borrow?
Us on pastushey service, too, said major until limit, but we something not have decided to risk, and then still and Igor zabuzil on electrify, so career chobana was fucked up



flycan wrote:

let us better Frisbee-related move from there!

To you touring painful for far, here the I on most beautiful nature food until occupational and without congestion.



Haven’t update not talked on the subject. As now Toby dance.Is with agility (dogs)?
We here is are growing older and were crazy yesterday with Linda on first retreatments on agility (dogs). Gathering spaces that offer universal Nordogs.
Organization coaching received me, too, not understandable as something, BUT dog was happy nowadays!! It very liked to surmount different
Obstacles. We tried, perhaps, all drone strikes: Barerchiki, tunnel, circle, Chempіonat and separately swings.
All gladly, can be even without some treats for. Most difficult Chempіonat: Ah once it so often turn, further need to bech.

Maybe do a little consider, that tickles



Natasha & Co
Nice! Have us the main adzhilitisty (and such a word there is? http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/scratch_one-s_head.gif) this offers from KGP and Abu Dhabi from database. Here is they already masters of and not only in agility (dogs).
Hope, that soon ranks eminent athletes might find!
Successes you!

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NN wrote:

: Not understands dog, get any early, as can be Caribbean on the right hand from owner,

As I understand in rate early instruct military approach dogs to strange host, right machine gun, from Left dog. Under class agility (dogs) fundamentally with what hand will lie dog?



On agility (dogs) track with twists, so that dog neck the from Left, then right. We still students. Coaches made "not" our occupational in March, but I have not is obtained posting exile with video.

(D try :http: / / youtube.com / watch? V =1 7DrpYY7. e =y outu.be )


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