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Are feeding dogs

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How I was interested in theme more feed - approach have all so. Someone boils porridge with meat component of, someone prefers system barf (where core component of the are bones), someone Hypnotizes raw food diet (camping on E. Without thermal processing)
I will tell specifically the, as I'm feeding. But this means only, that this specifically my subjective opinion, not call to follow me)) Perhaps someone such option feed not be appropriate (can, for example, allergy on some product showing up ah camping on P.)

Pitfalls my dogs -i denationalized from all options take the best for them. Previously I they smeshenno - camping on E. A naturist and drying. Now drying removed, but a naturist includes in themselves all three option enumerated higher.

Before as specifically imbabers write pro menu, like would to mention still about one respect.
Now became all more and more to emerge companies that engage in impeccable more nutrition for dogs as in household conditions, so and in industrial scale. The crux of the one, is made Portia, then frosts up and in such a the form of gets delivered bidder. If you decisional laziness engage separate and independent impeccable nutrition for dogs, then can be and such option to consider. The only, need to, of course, to supplier trust evoked, and more precisely the quality of his products. But need to understand, that nutrition most likely will more expensive, than if it comes you themselves prepared homes.

Personally I itself not enjoyed services private goods. But I enjoyed, and think d continue to sometimes enjoy the few commodities one companies. She recently withdrew on market and now deployed greater advertising company in networks. And can personally say, that until its products very good quality (my to the dogs liked, the exit a good, allergic reactions not was). That will further-it is difficult suggest, but hope-they long continue to hold-mark.
Here is the reference on subject this companies on "Pesike" http://pesiq.ru/forum/showthread.php?t= … =petdiets. People there reviews leaves, that, too, notably (???? reviews not phony. I've tried all options except individual caloric.
Than still well this nutrition, except the most quality - this form of and size of packing - very conveniently in freezer coffee, not dispositions--taking its many seats.
Of course, but not cheap pleasure, although and not strongly expensive. But I his'm using in as a fireman case or when me lazily be preparing)

Now talk about how, that I restricting itself for their dogs.



The main daily ???? ???? nutrition contains the next components.
-tvorog the low-fat
-kefir the low-fat (or another kislomolochka)

-kostno-sliced component from calculation roughly 30 gr on kg weight dogs, with the ratio broken bones and meat 30% on 70%
-ovoschnaya mixture of - grated on petty terke or droblennaya in a blender - in numbers roughly 20% from biopharmacy-meat component of
Crude olive / hazelnut and camping on P.
-yaytsa quail

dessert (sometimes):
-orekhi / raisins



On themselves added thought.

Meaty component
At all rate on dog 25-45 gr on kg weight. Need to look in a whole on state of dogs-and regulate weight with the help this component of, camping on K. She the main.

That specifically applies have me to meat component of.

The beef
- Anything. Muscular meat, including obrez, pashninu and Optimisation outsiders and misfits
-trakhei, penises, kaltyki, procedures are-lips
-govyazhiy fat - his I leave as to meat seems to, so and to birds and to rybe- especially winter
-rubets nechischennyy
-subprodukty -pro them write separately

mutton (food)- roughly, too, most, that and have beef

high -kuryatina or it was a Turkey
- Of meat
-golovy, wings, neck, backrest - here so same and bone component there are already. Heads and wings I knife as would a very good hitter (grind bones within meat). The turkeys' neck, too, dissipate the bytayus. And under eating the turned Petra chick macro-looking for it and recognized say-chew carefully. And the she “I bite down on entirely.
-lapy - The staffers I'm using for boiling meat jelly, price taking out and'm throwing away

Fish -keta, moyva, are, whiting, cod are, navaga
-sama fish
-golovy major fish (red) - of them I'm cleaning up her teeth, gills and eyes, and themselves heads Investments on parts of


All higher of the above rubitsya or cut on the pieces, or in thresher fucking loop on major regime, or in a blender rubitsya. And comes in cheese the form of. Exception can draft ryba- crude they accurate often there is only cod and red fish :D the rest I can slightly privarit

P. S. Has moved on at school, carry later)



Osseous component
Two options:
- Or in the composition of the meat parts of. T. E. Neck, wings, heads, backrest hen's or neck and heads the turkeys'. End of the just up with a hatchet. / knife as would a very good hitter their. So same in fish I can the greatest bone remove the, but usually and its leave-simply slightly a very good hitter knife.
- Or after the principal nutrition-I allow mosol. I try to put to lend very large bones, to not eated. And I always'm in control of-how many dogs eat up far. As only by my senses here bounced back ate-bone take away and. I'm throwing away.

Here is here pro bones written interestingly http://www.alenstal.lv/raznoe/na-zametk … styax.html

Importantly-they necessarily must be raw. Should not be semi-tubular (here such moment, that in the composition of the meat can be and trubchatuyu bone give. For example in the composition of the wing. T. K. Meat accounts for as would the cushion. But here is its feet I fear to lend). And need to abide by bounced back, because overhang that resulted broken bones leads to of constipated.



Ovoschnaya mixture of
'm using not only vegetables, but and apples.
From vegetables mostly is obtained - carrot, zucchini, pepper sweet (better Red), apple, cabbage different, dill / parsley, sheet salad, pumpkin, cucumber, tomatoes, rap. Usually two-three different only as a vegetable mix.
People writes, that nettles Young can be to lend, but have us until with nettle not request-in next year want try.

Olive or walnut or still what any, type flaxseed. Desertnuyu spoonful of daily.

Couple of quails' or the yolk cats. But not every day. Some quail with the barnacles give, but our some. Almost, shell chew not want))

Can be promoted couple of of spoons otvarennykh groats or pasta. Me have recommended that noodles, when I wanted slightly fatten up ve heard. Can be rice, Grechu, oatmeal.
Uglevodu recommend winter promoted. I leave, but not always.
Still can add jellied chicken, which specifically from chick paws or from beef can weld it for dogs, but a bit
So same leave sometimes cartilages. More precisely so-- of Tracheal entirely I fear to lend, camping on K. The elder I have like and chews, but it seems krupnovatye the pieces was swallowing, in end roughly in five morning we their is beginning to receive back upper move. So of Tracheal I in thresher swing - and leave sometimes to meat seems to.



I his Malyavka, too, almost broke little new ground on Rome food. I allow all as you in latest describing + meat beef chopped cruising, okatyvayu) there leaves salad or cucumber with the tomato,) He glad and all have us well) Birdseed I give on the morning, Hills lamb with its rice for puppies!



semi products
In principle, feed only bivalves not that Spain-is necessary tied with flesh. But our girls often refuse their of raw there is. So I or do the corned beef of them (in the crock-pot on extinguishing the 6 hours) or'm subjecting rapid thermal processing and there same vegetables quickly passeruyu.
Separately need to mention about penises T. They "rubber" (sorry for perhaps obscene associations :D). But I tried to their of raw to lend - but girls as something not strongly reveled, that they not raskuchyvayutsya. So I their in the corned beef leave. They very zheliruyuschie, incidentally.

Raisins, cardiac, different fruits. A bit (gygy. Not always is obtained). Like all. And if something not like words seeing, as the second eating down, the first, too, need to immediately becomes)



Антон wrote:

meat beef chopped cruising, okatyvayu)

I not aggregating raw meat, and the properties add. I try to put his promorazhivat not less three days. But we in any case times in quarter glistogonim and dogs, and themselves)

We before were on hybrid nutrition, but now I fully on a straight girl devolved. Although, say so, gemorroyno. The decisional laziness cut into in advance. The defrost since forgotten)
And, honestly, cheaper have us not goes compared with drying. But this strangled with those, that in "sobachem no clothing left" I fear meat buy, but on market not such it perishing and cheap. I would gladly obrez would buy, but have us obrez more on lard it seems, than on meat)



Skyfall about transition on a straight girl and be allergic.
Experienced Working Dog recommend to do this gradually and adding every three-four days a new product, to if other way allergiya- understand, on that she.

P. S. Propose a all share experience-can still what products / vegetables give the? Can prescriptions for what interesting?



And, another moment since forgotten.
Just some vitamins
Frankly, I and until this they not strongly ever abuse. I look on state of wool and skin dogs. If all the clean, not reeks and blestit- means all well.
But can in autumn-spring period rates sue, for example, Fitokaltsevit. Or Kaniletten.



Tanya, thank you you for information. As always explanatory, interestingly and informative. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/175.gif
Still'll ask, you any graphics, you're keeping to? Suppose, 3 days Kura, 3 beef, 1 fish on week or it wouldn't? And not realized, meat all giving only razmorozhennoe, or prefer extremely well iced? You wrote promorazhivaesh not more 3 days, so question emerged. Like extremely well iced something better, or I am mistaken?



Not lessthree days usually recommend slowed down. This should kill malware likes. I try to put this to do, but not always do) Of course, in the cooler, gentlemen better, but I all promote freeze, camping on K. Long keep simply in refrigerator not is obtained-it's just gonna spoil. Although again same-slightly podtukhshee meat better for digestion dogs.
Again same bones-we their pro supply rarely buy. But on bones usually there meat.

About graphics. Fish-in average times in week. Else-as proluchitsya. Prrsto meat. Or meat + a scar. Or mix different meat.



Tanya, Thanks for Sharing (thus very popular with useful information, as usually! Have us here is, too, there is thought animals on a straight girl to transfer, now would only find meat good :))



Thank you large! Increasingly studied ;)



ClockWorkMystery wrote:

now would only find meat good

Oops, Len, missed your comment. Best buy wholesale-gender of carcasses or quarter-. But this all somewhere need to to store. We had to buy second the freezer)

Яшма wrote:

thank you large! Increasingly studied

Yes not for that, Tanya. Please, if something need



Still wanted write, that on trade mark for luxiory created a group, as those on pesike, pro are feeding https://www.facebook.com/groups/1076746792357384/



Here is interesting theme pro nettles.



Tanya, I here is, too, already begin to wonder about separate freezer, but, Hi,, far its questioning? Have us same cuisine of a huge - as much as 6 meters)



ClockWorkMystery wrote:

Wu us same cuisine of a huge - as much as 6 meters)

In room :D



Here is the good article pro transition on are feeding.
Brought hence http://adog.ru/index.php?option=com_bos … irectory=5

"My dog - sushechnik in ennom generation, whether she there is Rome food?"- such question me ask enough often.

The answer on him is simple - yes, able and will feel is famously. Simply because, that dry feed widely have spread with the mid-twentieth century, and crude flesh, tushkami animals and fruits of dogs fed on a from centuries. For so a brief time change the very device organism animal cannot be. So return dogs on habitual nutrition can be in enough short term.

If we review years on 30 ago, then manage to get in times of, when in Russia zavozili first dogs the most different breeds. Bringing their from Western nurseries, often is-Milov, where puppies and adults nutritious predominantly dry feeds. And their Muslim this generations, roughly with 50’s past century, when dry feed began to its triumphant on homes and pitomnikam dogs and cats. Some owners nurseries nutritious their dogs mingled harmoniously and only units of - natural feed.

Here is such "sushechnye" dogs and contaminants in Russia, where, in the contestant the Nighttime, at all not was crack feed. With some shelties preserved oral history package crack feed on the first time, but most came without road claims,. Newly minted owners started practiced offer zamorskomu miracle the best – meat, cottage cheese, ved. And here began most interesting. Dogs simply could not understand, that this edible. They, vytaraschiv eyes, watched on proposes food and not had been touched to it. Some accounted for even invest in his mouth and force swallow. Here on aid came were a couple two of the most best trainer's - hunger and instinct survival. Muddling through faring poorly, but dogs started try food. Not immediately, sometimes proceeded week until first slice, on their own fact from bowls proglochennogo dog. But later couple of weeks ate all and eating all. Puppies blossoms grew, and adults - lived on natural nutrition and nor in what not wanted in the future even try dry fodder. Then until Russia came close dry feed and even of our production were (remember, "Komkord"). And began process order transition on dry feed. Now already grew generation people, who not remembers at all more nutrition dogs. For them indeed very unusually and even Protestantism to issue meat or bone its dog. And meanwhile owners, breeders and those involved in human Western countries have become celebrate problems with fat dogs, numerous problems with bad digestion and, as a consequence, rise of many diseases. In response to this in the West fulsome and is gaining ground movement for feeding natural of raw products. Now it is time and us think and rejoin maximally translators of to natural type feed our dogs.

How translate "sushechnika" on raw are nutrition?

There are two ways, enough equivalent. The first way to - simply start to lend crude food instead crack feed. Optimally for dogs, which and until this received organic foods, are familiar with taste meat as least or with other. Also suited to most puppies, who still recently ate Mom's milk (and if good, the bitch srygivala them poluperevarennuyu food) or prikarmlivalsya with use of natural products.

The second way to - promoted organic raw products to customary food, gradually increasing their share of and reducing once crack / strained feed. Such way to creates less stress for organism, suited for "sushechnikov" with-serving autocrat, all, who had or has those or other problems with bad digestion.

Since what start process.

Optimally - with one sole source protein, moreover, which are planning mostly feed dog. For example, with beef. You give the beef and only beef for at least 1 weeks (for small puppies - 3-4 days, have them exchange processes go much faster and organism not needs in prolonged reshaping). Beef desirable to lend chopped threaded and polezhavshuyu clock in refrigerator. Meat 73.6 and easier assimilated. If dog it is difficult in the first time to learn meat, can be sue atsidin-pepsin together with flesh. Through 3-4 days with starters feed what period can be give dog greater beef bone, that it can only to chew on, but not can to swallow or gnaw off significant the pieces. Process need to control, that would dog not had more 1 / 10 caloric. If in during weeks all safely, you can start impose other products, but always not end of the 1 product in 3-4 days. Such a regime is due profіlaktikoyu and rapid Treating possible allergic reactions. If on some product have dogs goes reaction - if you withdraw his and never more not are using in beef. Gradually, list products that eats dog, will be very formidable.

How impose bones.

If dog well sleeps goose, then can be to lend all bones supporting structure birds - backrest and a neck. In the first time can be... to spin their a meat grinder and simply add to meat seems to. Optimally start through week feed a net flesh. In further let us backrest and a neck entirely. A back-better to lend backrest, their impossible to swallow, not razzhevav, and a neck glotayutsya entirely. Bones always let us or in a mixture or after feed flesh in numbers 1 / 10 until 1 / two (in dependence from myasistosti) from number of meat.

Also is famously go to the dogs a neck turkey, as well tails and etc. When dog eats raw meat, acidity its stomach is returning to nature relevance pH 1. In such environment maximally active ferments and shaped virtually all. For sustain precisely such acidity share cancers food should not exceed 20-25% the entire food.

plant component.

Fruits, berries and vegetables introduced into after meat. Put to better educational goes under erosion of the cellulose shell cells. Have dogs there is no fermenta, pans this the wound. Partly is destroying this the wound and improves educational products chopping in puree and freezing (desirable shock freezes applied). Berries, fruits and vegetables (especially leafy) have vigorous transportation function and serve a substrate for the useful microflora progress, that provides digestion dog. Aside from this they - source of mineral salts, usvaivaemogo calcium, magnesium and potassium and etc. So needs regularly to lend their to the dogs.

Perestroika organism dogs is happening through 1-2 month from starters feed only of raw products. Roughly over this term are updated and cells organism. Stops Funds surplus toxic substances through skin, the theory that ears, anal tumors, disappears or becomes less strike on the familiar (but stones need sack mechanically, big sediment so suddenly not method exhibiting advertisements), skin becomes GFSR approvingly recorded, and wool good quality and brilliant. Bloating not heavily loaded examined vegetable and, forth, kalovymi masses. Dog defecates significantly smaller volume, often 1 2 times in clock.

Feeding flesh gives many energy dog, dog literally's filled from liquid accumulated the balls, she active and is ready to action. Precisely so and should feel and to express themselves healthy dog. An additional bonus – floating overweight dogs'll shrink on such a nutrition, and skinny – are gaining mass of. ????, this precisely inhalations, mass, and not a flabby fat. Dogs become solid, with supple and resilient muscles, such, as their and must nature. Redeem your his hound on raw organic foods, and you see these changes themselves. You necessarily like a new kind of and energy everything dogs!

© Rumiya Feyzulova,
Veterinary doctor, to-to show-greykhaundov Artefakt


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