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I here is not know as this might sting for nose. Have us (think as and have all), too, were questions with kusachestyu. I Nelli Olivier used to this question in letter. Here is quote from its letters "practice biting not... Don't let. Loudly, clearly spell team Phu and under this clamp him fall so, to him became unpleasantly. Let even a bit whines from what his hold for snout. "Hope Nelli not against the publication http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/blush.gifWe helped virtually immediately, to wean.



Our aside from kusachesti for hands and heels still bouncing around like this and lack for shorts Sometimes simply impossible pass past. Tear up tick (mite), 'm yelling "cannot be", and it starts to roar and seeks to take out that slice of. When manages to let go. From it-loudly bark No okriki not help-dog entered Raj (Impossible quietly enter with the streets in apartment. Joyous leap and another failure tights in a the bucket, on pleats small holes from claws, but on sweatshirt from teeth. As wean jump? Imposing forward knee not helps. Go... I go as a bum-obodranaya, obglodanaya and in neryashlivoy of advisers)

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Production costs)
And if seriously, then the little ones are the entire so makes.
We were being conditioned to... hidden (Ideology very conveniently quality on doorpost, gender, black ass of hers and problem) and the fearsome Nooooo!
But not immediately of course, not immediately!
But and Moscow not immediately a year of the, children not immediately in institution has been going, all will, give only time. And themselves you but have patience. Me seems we already somewhere on Forum very detail discussed this would otherwise remain hidden moment "Puppy-clothespin", they truth very similar, and still on had crocodiles :)



Viki & K
Thank you. Tried a folded newspaper slightly should feel free to hit on little bum cheeks when bark, though. Now when is beginning to bark, only is worth zashurshat a folded newspaper, immediately ears we're on a clock, tail and squatting anymore. Bark the ceased, but so pity its in this moment)



Not worry! This as "babayka" for children.
Have us even have 10-year-old Bern this most ghastly word Newspaper and still Danish so: Taaaaaaaak, all, he ready through land povalitsya.
So and, and we raise all their dogs shurshaniem, takanem, by the newspaper! Ah still for nose poschipem, to not bit, ah case on little bum cheeks for particularly major crimes, but again same most often by the newspaper.
This OK better than corporal punishment. What the pugalka must be. Newspaper best.



Viki & K
Thank you! Cute, little face got pinched couple of times and "clothespin" became. Now enough stop movement and fervor distract the slice of from bryuchiny passes)



Have us pucks under meeting with my the sister from joy jumps up to from skins and have a crush lack minutes on 10. On my arrival home usually reacts very undertaken with, accepts docile pose of looks at my reaction, "well whether themselves had been" and then slightly slightly povilyali, jumped. But today apparently, that the mixed up the, decided meet on full. In a result have dissected incisions.
Podskajite please, that to do with so manifestation of feelings? Like and limit not want, emotions all ???.



Not... Don't let punch. Let us austere voice banning team: There is no, Stop and camping on Afghan
When our current reactive model--you come home have a seat to it, a bit try, uh, rubbing and all. If too pro-active, then can be at all not to pay attention on dog, as if no one near uzhom not stands at, not beeps, not chitters from happiness. Go to undress quietly, to wash it hands and only then quietly to talk to the with dog. So as they too concerts, can be a bit shock their.
Slightly later will get used and to grow up yet.



Алиска довольно быстро перестала цепляться и кусаться Только иногда, когда опаздываешь на работу и бегаешь по квартире в сборах ей тоже надо пробежаться и "усмирить разбежавшихся овец") Сейчас, когда мы с ней играем,"возимся" покусывает за руки легонько и любит покусывать одежду, как будто "выкусывает блох" у меня из футболки) А на прошлой неделе на даче что то на нее напало Рыла землю на участке с остервенением Старались отвлеч, но получалось на минуточку и снова бежала рыть Есть четыре места, где уже можно спрятаться как в окопе) Муж встал на одну из ям ногами и строго сказал "нельзя" Алиса залаяла на него, а потом подпрыгнула и выкусила огромный кусок от свитера на пузе http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_212.gifХорошо, что был тостый свитер http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/128.gifПеред тем как уехать с дачи, засыпали все ямы Сейчас опять собираемся на дачу и в ужасе ждем, что будет Может у нее инстинкт какой то к рытью и разрешить ей рыть где-то в одном месте?!



Lota wrote:

The husband has embarked on one of holes with their feet and strictly said "cannot be" Alisa barked on him, and then jumped up and screw himself enormous slice of from sweaters on his gut Yes, that was tostyy sweater

Such things in principle not are acceptable! And deal here not in Germans.

This already not fun pokusyvanie during game, and most present advocacy their things, as species, which believes itself above with the rank, than masters!

Such behavior need to prevent in fundamentally, otherwise further can arise problems!!



But as? Is to scold only A yesterday day son went gulyat with the Dog Weather the bad, was ran once, no one not fierce and did get bored, apparently one starters bark on son, then got a death grip teeth in jeans and reacted, that's torn apart, of course I been mulling, that this requirement with it play But as the disquieting, that so aggressively and even aggressively.




How many years son?

This not from boredom, and not requirement play.

You already not the initial phase.
Do the next:

Under any an attempt repeat higher built, sharply to pull the string for collar down, and strong the threatened voice, on low tones say "nelzyayayaaaa"!
If attempts continue turn dog on back, move the text to gender (earth), one hand keep from above throat, the second for Corps, if keep not you can, dope yourselves all the body. Keep saying, low voice "There"!
're releasing ONLY After takes one Appeasement And abandoned attempts to to escape!

Usually lack 2-3 times. Dog is beginning to understand, that she not the main.

This posture in them dynamite genetically. Mother so teaches their puppies. Under any indiscretion. She is pushing schenka on land, holds fangs for’s throats and regular.

So as you attempts be the main are repeated, advise to apply even several things.

1. When toxicity. You do, put dog alongside place feed. Dog must be in collar. ] - Drop a bowl, by holding dog for collar, presekaya attempt to dogs immediately start there is with team "There", wait a 5 seconds. Give team "You can" ("Eat it up, palleggi") and release.
Time gradually on 2-3 of seconds should.

2. During game with drugs, even though it from and Pernod toys. Under meeting resistance, disable team. Any dog must convoys give toys, bowls with food and camping on D. All members family!

3. Always'course there's in doors (upward mobility, porch) PERVYMI.

4. Shabby.There roll... back dog on back. Likely she will resist. But you should this do.

5. Always try to obtain enforcement ANY Filed team! Always, what would you this not cost.



Son 21 year
1. With-feeding tried to keep with team "wait", but she rises and starts avidly there is until still jigger a not vysypan fully. Is obtained only team "sit" on kitchen, when she sees, that I has closed it choked to encourage. Try for a my collar, so easier will keep
2. Toys from Pernod, too, not gives's poaching, and then itself bears to we took the, but from Pernod not rolls Team "give" not works Only if on it not to pay attention, itself puts an toy have legs and is waiting for the its been stiffed, to you for it harmless toy from Pernod only when its raise obey for were hoisted.
A bowl during feed take From can easily Of Pernod, on the street is malware likes,, too, taking out easily
3. On stroll strongly pulling for ceasing. Pret – as tank far it needs Sometimes is obtained its odernut, goes what the time quietly, then otyat is beginning to pull literally for a.
I feel, that dog starters us manage, disquieting, but until more umilyalo Now understand, that this already not toys.
We all waiting for when shrinkage of fangs and can be will go on early But, apparently, it is time themselves embark on for nurture
Thank you you large!

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Lota wrote:

I feel, that dog starters us manage, disquieting, but until more umilyalo

This, unfortunately, the most frequent mistake. Then umilenie sharply replacing panic with words: "Help, my dog eat your doo doo my family!"

Lota wrote:

. Toys from Pernod, too, not gives's poaching, and then itself bears to we took the, but from Pernod not rolls Team "give" not works

Plugins pens in fall, open your claws and when this is the toy together with team "Give it back")



Lota wrote:

3. On stroll strongly pulling for ceasing. Pret – as tank far it needs Sometimes is obtained its odernut, goes what the time quietly, then otyat is beginning to pull literally for a.

Correctly commit, that odergivaete, not suit you're pulling ago. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/yes.gif

If dog pulling (ago, forward, in side) return its in right position ryvochkami with speaking under this team "Near!". How only doggy took a right you position in space praise! Not forget!!

Under this in the next share of of seconds you can will need do even ryvochek, and again laud, and again odernut,. And so, until doggy not have the dexterity, that pull on tight leash - this unpleasantly!

Importantly violence THAT UNINTERRUPTED, And'll members of first. If all of this abide by, then habit pull passes through a few days))



Have us Puppy sometimes bites during game and sometimes gonna claw and regular not pitnu. Friends say, that need to to beat by the newspaper on gender them not likes breath and they end the put, but this not helps, he even not points out attention, only is beginning to stronger put. That us to do, as wean put?



Olja, and the that on previous pages was written, you already tried to apply?



Olja, needs distract a puppy, switch on another. And method the all-time scare, adjusted for what age have schenka, not most the right and a smart decision



Thank you


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