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MACbKA wrote:

Standard and Poor 'fails tolerate

Rica very electorally undergoes a. It undergoes a entire night is famously. Undergoes a when I the second time with it you go for a walk in district 11 morning and has moved on work camping on E. Until 18-30 normally. And on the evening and in weekend allows itself a different times inflate a puddle.



Alisa wrote:

Lika wrote (and):
We with Rica Mmhmm. You know, 2 times
Javadxan, until Lika sleeping mother in 6-30 with Rica walking) and + still on the evening.




Have become gulyat and overdue such question. Honey bark on all passers-by, even children, on distance 10 meters. Think, that from of fear)) And now its, it is understandable, no one fears! As would it, so on'll call Deputy Diaz,, explain that so to do not need to? Or the very will pass?



Ksenia I.
Disturb others with its on toy, do passers-by help patting its, a bit play, give a doodle, that you've prepared the.

Incidentally, not remember wrote or not. Very conveniently for some treats for on walks use was very clean small from juice, milk. Trim from above, you're washing, or tumble dryer, put choked, fodder and camping on D. Conveniently touted in pocket, not is staining my clothes (fatty spills in rayne pocket are often), unlike package conveniently and quickly accrues dainties, under return home so same conveniently touted in refrigerator.



Viki & K
Thank you
With toy need to try, truth, until weather conditions not allow) A on expense boxes, by the from juice - at all nice! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/108.gif



Ксения И. wrote:

Illy the very will pass?

Not think, that will pass: Distract its so as you tell, if not helps - can be and odernut, show, that you not likes such behavior. Now, until she Puppy, still nothing, and here is when, as have us, 2kh year-old their so's having fun (of course, I presekayu), already not polite not funny. http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_855.gif



NN wrote:

and here is when, as have us, 2kh year-old their so's having fun (of course, I presekayu), already not polite not funny.

This certainly! Have us, too, so was with Leo. Was "nice" habit bark on passers-by. First on all, then only on those that bear something in bags-huge. And we then, foolishly, used to summon and provided a doodle. Nourished German, brilliant, that came. And he and glad try to: "About, another goes, need to his bark at that, then tasty would give for work." http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/0.gifWhen understood in than focus, had to discourage something. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/433.gif

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Rica already long lacks on the street



Emerged question pro scale, - in networks the most different information. When can be resolve puppy climb and climb down on stairs on their own?



Dreamer wrote:

When can be resolve puppy climb and climb down on stairs on their own?

Upward on ladder can be, but not immediately on 12-Interwiev floor, and gradually, are and under control owner. Better, to is a master under this kept schenka on tight leash. And down better until on the hands of)) When slightly's grown (closer to 4 mo), then let churchgoers himself, but schenka need necessarilyto hold down on a tight leash, to not let-god not flew kubarem down



On 12, thank god, us and not need to) But basic thought realized, thank you!



Dreamer wrote:

At 12, thank god, us and not need to)

This I to example)



Dobryi day. We produce schenka walk on lovely – far from of strangers, gives to still not have made a third revaktsinatsiyu. But Alice lack in his mouth all consecutive: Leaves, flowers, a myelogram, rope land, just get the coals from fish. Poop after this all green. 'm yelling "available.Fu" and been running around take. First a?inaea, and now's the one hightailin 'and suggested a he's eating the goddamn. Can in a snood remove? Although, too, not option. In a good weather the door on terrace is open and she herself goes for us start to be in rate all events and glee times who will have plenty. That to do?

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The most an ideal option - this do for schenka a small occasionally-walking on territory Alternatively. Then and / her hosts of the safer will, and flowers on and-seam will remain whole :)



Lota wrote:

Alice lack in his mouth all consecutive: Leaves, flowers, a myelogram, rope land, just get the coals from fish.

Us 4 month and have us until all, too, most. If nothing not borrow, and pitch simply Caribbean, then will Frozen Cocktails all. So, if strolls on its –, then Las in the ball and teach team. Him interestingly and he nowhere not your. If same I need tinker in garden, the do the jimmying ceasing to iron her nuts. And pounding a hook in land in a safe place.

And at all interestingly, until no age puppies're chewing all consecutive? This the very will pass or iskorenyaetsya only training?



Of course, over time love to pozhiratelstvu just consecutive will pass. To grow up yet, and there quite other interests will appear) But all ??? question of special training, too, very is important. Need ban puppy ship types- wet dangerous things and there is plants.
Closing, but all ??? in purposes security cell and aviary gets the (occasionally-walking) very well help. And you quietly, and things are intact.



Nor when was a small not the that would all loss for. And simply tilted face, 'd stick language and used to lick the with of black asphalt VSE. I in these moments was thinking about this its daughter a small, when she moved about the street and tried to VSE eat (mothers, and land eat can be? Mothers, and stick eat can be? Mothers, and bull, isn't he, and leaf, and early production, and Vsya, and sand) Nothing, as something the very all of this passed (and have dogs and have daughter of). Now Norman (ttt) at all ANYTHING not pick, modicum on the garbage jog on, walk on, have him now other interests. Even (strolls in the forest) on places Villa's a tweeker only the availability of there dogs, but on left pieces of zero attention. ????, specifically this not taught, as the himself lacks. In sight, heredity. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/greeting.gifAt training and breeding on seats for the size some treats for the first vyzyvaemsya go, not fear on mordasyam obtain, and nor never not received http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/636.gif

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Allayou shoulders, schenka on rates of special training? Can be immediately early or first schenyachie rates?. Waiting for of the late September, review from vacation and as times by age once Phone call in club of special training, said with 5 months, when fangs shrinkage of.



But as ban puppy raising dangerous things? Banks to throw as the the most Protestantism)



On early you without common obedience not take. We first third convocation insulate, then initial course, now on early "’ il blunt." But this have us on chessboard of such a because, on other can and on Different. But in principle this -klassika. On the general obedience take and to 5 months, simply with such a little somethin 'Protestantism, there and alabai two-year-old (mother-mia http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/341.gif) and stafy not docile adults. Us on first same classes's wavin 'vicious Corso (now broken Nora side and tell Abe), we on vygulku (smotr) puppies so and toured: With a hole in it in his ear. On early have us in principle without third convocation not take, not irrespective the far you before were: Instructor must themselves to accept exam.
And how I know the most fling in dog prohibited from: Not let-god ???, that the threat goes from khozyaina- starts of the lack all and to run away away http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/609.gif