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And have us almost always someone homes: I serve figs yes "a tad", daughter on vacations now. During schools is obtained on the morning I homes until 11, child in school goes in hour. And in four I already homes. Cell are going put after debriefing through the rubble relocation, now its even can have nowhere, themselves! Consolidate on apartment through and crossing wires ('m one plug socket on ALL kvartiru- yes and the kind in a bath http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/123.gif)



We, too, look at cell with ambivalent sense of. Was would is famously leave to nothing not presume, but sometimes Puppy remains homes one enough long and slipping need and cut loose a little.



Of course, leave dog in cage on a host day cannot be. But then need to contemplate question about how, to during a long absence of hosts someone despaired to dog, to walk feed the and vast. Not necessarily, that this must be relatives, this may be and the good the story by, for example. Or girlfriend, which commands free time. So same there is firms that offer services on-care dogs. Spharischen, by starting up household pet, need very elaborate all questions. Be overthrown easily all of this, do conclusions, are prepared whether you go on victims in terms of defacement assets (and until Puppy is growing, and granted himself itself on a host day, this inevitably, and not depends on breed), dissaving time on walk, dissaving money for ensure your dog comfortable conditions residence.



Have Aliski all there is and, seems, ibalovana already) "It's a long" remains one-this relatively, between 4-'s different pay feedings on one of spaces maximum and not every day. But even on this time in cell lock not want. Seek the entire family, replacing each other, feed 4 times in day, play. Other people (neighbors or special. People not would trust with its little baby girl, at least until) Out with whom until not we deduce-quarantine after vaccinations But today going to travel on liberal scattering-there he'll have to try. Look at bit at night his slippers on and sighing for, and when translate glance on schenka-necessarily emerges smile of happiness --



Tell please, in city of start gulyat only on tight leash? To not escaped far and not had threats. As same frolic?



Smiled-smiled I increasingly, that here written, very much of's read me HDDs had unxepectedly gone, but here is I have emerged question, on which until there is no answer. Have my girls (5.5 months) for last week evolved course not trait - on walks, Stroke Direction and pobegav with other puppy for minutes 5, instead of, to continue to Caribbean and play, she why something is beginning to to jump up on me, literally move not gives step. I already the entire in bruised from its claws, neighbor, who together with me she their dogs, are and scoff - but normal Council, that to do, no one give not can. I've tried, to divert its, to address training, but Bordosha serves team as something feverishly tthe, nor about what making technology improved considerably during, even in for five seconds, speech be not can: She's flipping out and here same, already without team, serves something, that, as it seems, me would like to see - is borne or obegaet me and drive, although I "a series of" not told - and tensely looks in hands: Let-, let-rather! Obtaining a doodle, again is beginning to on me punch, lack for reduce leverage, clicks teeth before its nose, but ceasing, although I never his not'm using as toy, - before, if he accidentally worthy it in fall, I immediately shouted "cannot be", so that she knows, that for this and shlopotat can be. Nor on what "cannot be" she in such a able more attention not points out, so that couple of times I already was gripping its for Scruffles and waggling her, to lead in sense of. I take its on ceasing, 'm taking from garden square, so she and on the street continues to go round, how ceasing allows, with seeks to not pull forward, as usually, and to back off, and to stand up upper legs me, sorry, on his behind - and so and go on laughable all farm. From whom such was - share experience, please, what it need to?



Puppy still a small, gets agitated. But! The that he requires your attention - this well! This means, that you it more important games Dog, it more interesting with you. This significantly oblegchet toys and nurture. She wanted fulfill Your team, communicate with master. Try to obtain more sort and slow their carry. For example, if she leaps once you on back, do this team "Nimera", then had obey on back will only on team, or it starts to Caribbean around you, say team "go around" (or convenient you varisnt) and praise, under this direct its cheese for example, and direct very slowly. Make changes until you pace of exercise, from this she will tired when and this will be training its nervous system. Entlebukheram need to develop process "drag" NS, with excitement and them and so all in order. Ah and because it is fixated on you stricter say banning team. I extremely rarely, only to selective-lover, drool his play, and so we perfectly cellphone buzzing] Now, without communication with other dogs and speak with each other.
Ah and still, I have worked well "ignoring, began to ride as pridurok, on ceasing, without curiously teams of walking rapid step and I'll shut up as in a tank, first slightly ant it was sufficient-pobesitsya, and then is beginning to in eyes see around corners - mom, that happened, mom, I a good a boy.




Alla wrote:

then is beginning to in eyes see around corners - mom, that happened, mom, I a good a boy.




Thank you. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/girl_curtsey.gifPerhaps, us indeed Context until walk one. Until we nor with whom not Las, increasingly is faring, as usually. Walk on the streets of the on tight leash, 're smelling corners, 's a soft yes territory, on mother again look, gladimsya-'re kissing, want play, but mother says, that she not dog, and we run further. Dressiruemsya, too, quietly, team not misplace, something us’harder things than that ("stand", for example) - but we seek! A quotation all-lover’it is difficult, I have before Black Terries were, so with them only to two years can be was get those credits until stable results. But after all such a short - without game and free-fifth block - guest - nor for health, nor for psychics big good not brings. And mock get a puppy in a small, in general something, garden square, when there is no other dogs, I simply fear. Under canine she not your, held in pack of, and one can to jerk for a bird or thing of some dogs on the other side roads - and enter under machine.
Say on truth, I been mulling, that such psychosis during game in garden square in nest able emerges from, that Bordosha increasingly time modicum bit, but starved, and perishing during evening walk - and all the, and here I it for every approach me I allow cube. Ah, think, its and Alice in, is beginning to me push, to increasingly has already given. 've tried distract its toy, but is obtained nothing not better - she on me continues to's heads, but already with toy in familiar, not obviously its even in the very moment, when harks back dainties (here is imagine, as this can be: One and those same a mouth of the lack and the, and another) requires game in dredge, and I try to put steal and throw, to has brought - in a result I have pokusannye fingers (accidentally, but without apology!) in general - full rift and no pleasure.
Game "in silent treatment" I, in general, and've been practicing, of indescribable Bordoshu from garden square, because she and whizzin me on back, but quite ignore themselves she not allows, so stretched out, caught on tight leash, that accounted for only on it and look. Teams under this I not ready, but other words small little thing with her tongue told in abundance. At all, when while, increasingly is faring smoothly, and then suddenly emerge problems - with this it is difficult cope within themselves and recognize, that are required efforts for their decisions, want continue to remain in umirotvoryonnom mood. Such a was a golden schenulya - all me were envious - so here is, pozhalte how to shave! Original gilt finish did any rub off, proved schenulya not better other. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/sad.gif



tabouka wrote:

Fire-gilding did any rub off, proved schenulya not better other.

Ah okay you, very the good you have schenulya, simply need a bit patience. Entlebukhery after all VERY clever, but man so much shilopopistye, so that all you have confidence! And you utterly accurately will envying the entire Square attack! Remained develop patience. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/609.gif



tabouka wrote:

want continue to remain in umirotvoryonnom mood.

tabouka, how me my small experience says - bushiki not the breed, which will give you lie in umirotvorennom able constantly. They hyperactive and have them have many is missing-button "off." :D
Yes, bukhery require attention, they will not lie in every corner of the and "neotsvechivat", they require class, rather also nourishing. ???? not only in schenyachestve. But under this they unimaginably clever (and sometimes and khitropopye tone), they very are bundle of, and they are prepared with you go and in mountains, and in wood, and in desert and where anywhere. Precisely these they and valuable. But not case samovospityvayuschikhsya dogs and children, such a option of not LLLT nor in one live body.
Loath-you need to change its, even not attitude, and understanding of this breed. And not perceive as tragedy occurrence such situations. Simply if you will lie constantly in the negative, then he will accrue even more, and in end dog this will feel and clearly its behavior will not improve from such a your sentiments.
Luck with measurable payoffs in and Understanding))

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stasyun wrote:

if you will lie constantly in the negative

On fact I am constantly in positive images can create :shine:. Pyosa me terribly likes! She indeed an implausibly smart. This the first in my life dog, which quick, this one, that I the professional on other end defence wakes up aggressivity and my dimensions and physical opportunities differ from its own. With former dogs team "go around tree" been bailed out been mastered let-god months to 10 - and entire life that with reluctantly, and here and team not need a. Bordosha not only itself failing trees and poles,, but searching for precisely the contestant hole in fence, in that it she climbed really there, to through it same and I back - and this almost without being told! In the first same times, when us the apparently on the road a clause, she wanted run under him, but dreamt upward, then shift to the and to the left - and bypassed a column, to which he attached! I slightly in celui not has fallen :O. With the most the first walk she shows me increasingly you any edibles, that lying around on earth, and says me, to I this not chose people - two months it was! And until now she, if and pick something - the only Ideology same the most, lost cube, and the makes and kind of, and I say "cannot be." I have all dogs were clever, but such a quality mind, yes even with such a early age I never 133333334. So that complex nedolyublennoy dogs it not threatens to. All the more, that she to everything to everything else even and very the abridged - always is ready posopet me in a neck and kiss ears :love:
Unfortunately, it frightening not are blessed with host the 2016. When I didn rocks, whom take after departure my old staffochki, I wrong appreciated word "active" in describing entlebukherov. I thought: What that if they active compared with berntsami - this nothing. Have us in district live two berntsa - and both incredibly flegmatichnye. Slightly more active doggy me would has drawn. I not represented, that entlebukhera on temperament need to compare not with berntsem, and with Blackjack-rasselom or Fox. And I already old! Ah, break, now me even lack forces who will have plenty with author Lars Amend based, cord clamping and cutting potyagat - but to stay whether their ?????? So that for me strategic goal - repay its temperament. Without violence, of course. Think, such a smart dog increasingly understands and itself will find harmless for me ways to turn against each other somewhere their energies. She already now on their own, Dick and Harry seems on apartment balls and empty the bottle, but its tail - in general, makes up for motor activity. Was would compose opportunity, well would was take second dog - let would back yard with my friends each other, but for us and one something on strained possible. :(



tabouka wrote:

Nu, break, now me even lack forces who will have plenty with author Lars Amend based, cord clamping and cutting potyagat - but to stay whether their ??????

Enough teach dog yield ball around the, here is for example, my highly lazy child capable standing still on one place criminalize Nafku – on in 10 GAI, that she decided home plops down and sleeping http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/341.gif

tabouka wrote:

strategic goal - repay its temperament

Shock need not, need teach dog calming down. And you on-my forget, that you have Puppy



And you homilies to heap it not only physics, but and the brain) Learn your different tricks has, and alternate activity and the static several exercises. From tasks on 25?C and slow walk bushiki tire goraaaazdo lot faster, than from running to a minimum on camps and forests) Poroda very reformable and very likes learn around the and the entire - importantly be together with master!



Thank you large for advice, I, exactly, try to put so and to do. Simply I a member for what me’harder to all, and this - exercise. The brain something download not the problem, but here is alternate between. :unsure: A without this - poor the brain! ;) Pro differences schenka from adult dogs I not forget a, but me should revere this forum before, as I this schenka took http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_214.gif

stasyun wrote:

they require class, rather also nourishing. ???? not only in schenyachestve.

Now, after reading themes pro nurture and toys, I in rate, that and after 3 years me Ieft of the night on - are concerned not manages. :disappointed: There would still I not regret, that changed its the former breed and took precisely this get a puppy! :) Intellect - great cause, have this dogs he there is, and he it (and me) helps overcome all difficulties. We have progress in fact kupirovaniya overexcitement! :jumping: When first, I learned to notice his the first signs of and immediately same start upload both our brain business, second, itself Bordosha willingly is faring me in this power--a period and clearly works over a, seeks to not heading “Our Advertisers. It not want, to I stopped with it to speak and somewhere wardens took. Although weaning something now and not from whom: We changed regime walks and representing walks, often are starting with "vybegivaniya" for ring in his yard. And as bad when dog exhaust himself, Go on large circle - unfortunately, alone, camping on K. All our productivity already concerned withdraw on homes. Until most surrounding dogs on Villas, - this nothing, but here is autumn, when will return basic bitey ones and fighters, you know, will have increasingly return on place, because group fight them off from aggressors much easier.
Thanks for Sharing (participation even times.



Ah not know, I believe, that otdressirovannyy entlebukher after 2let ready for otdavaneto Examination :)
Genuinely believe this rocks one of the most smart. Although dogs was many and different.
And we relax nor with one dog cannot be.



Hello. Want to share our the first to turistice. Yesterday the first time poured gulyat beyond Alternatively on dacha. Go adamantly refused. Then that the its are interested in and she was awake at examine. Passed no the Alternatively and from-for reinstate emerged muzzle sheep-dogs and starters bark. Alice shrieked, pretended to be got and starters otpalzat striker. Very was given a scare. Patted, calmed and went in other side. Gladly running around by all Otolaryngology Unit people. Account for deter ceasing. On the evening the first time took to the street in city of. Exits from apartment not wanted. In would has abated back on its feet, nose clit using in the pant leg. Very slowly and opaslivo poured. Past proceeded much dog and Alice with intereson on it watch But as only dog made step in our side-again forests and otpolzanie. Am the entire in little fetal ball. Ironed get a puppy, lovingly spoke. Teetered in the sidelines, but not was running away. Then has drawn a small doggy and they obnyukhalis. Truth, too, with opyaskoy. Under word "home" proudly was awake at in achieve escape side. On the street nothing not chose people and not eaten. Can well, that began familiarity with street on dacha. On child ‘ s teeth already much tried her hand, but enough secure. Home came running, poured two pools, just got crapped on by huge together, was worn over on apartment, then woman toy and up across the its with rychaniyami. Did was unleash stress) Today on the morning have made all affairs on the street and, meeting a puppy, Southern past, oblayala his. Got so brave. In the answer not received aggression. Its nose pulled, not approaching and, was awake at its expensive. Truth the second time, when intended gulyat all affairs typically recognized do homes. And after walk all has brought home on pelenochku. But start and it good!



Lota wrote:

and up across the its with rychaniyami. Did was unleash stress)

Ah then our constantly stressuet :D Comes With A home, Takes in her teeth toy, which in three times more its, is carried with growling you do on apartment establishment, and toy awe with the entire forces from hand in side (all time we're surprised, as head she has not spinning)
On fact, simply game have them such "wild") especially this manifests itself, when they play with itself similar (ideally, with other bushikami): Is worth can teeth about her teeth, who poglavnee - "mutuzit" triviality - playing in dry on the surface http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/123.gif. Usually have hosts, which see such first time, emerges seriously threatened on faces, and have outsiders to "(especially not known with such species activity), applies the impression, that dogs not play, and are in" lying combat. "

P. S. Yes, since forgotten write, that our 16 months)

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stasyun wrote:

(all time we're surprised, as head she has not spinning)

Ah thank god our not exception in this. We, too, feared, that head, and if it falls or "will follow in time" about membrane or furniture. Now under word "gulyat" itself neck to doors and quietly permits to put on the running collar. Walking, truth the first 100 meters, and then carring home. "I the good girl, you go for a walk with you, ah and ?????)



Good morning. Tell, please, need whether puppy gets for walks? On training instructor said buy necessarily, gives to gladkosherstnaya Buyin 'flisovyy. But dog the shepherd's, in the mountains not feel hot At what temperatures his need to wear the? On the morning before work strolls slowly mines 15-20; affairs have made and home A day strolls on ano, but the Fox almost all time runs round without defence wakes up aggressivity on chessboard, plays with a ball