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Dry fodder or natural pros and cons

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Какой вид корма Вы предпочитаете?
Только сухой

26% - 5
Только консервы

0% - 0
Только натуральный, самостоятельно приготовленный

26% - 5
При кормлении сочетаю сухой и натуральный корма

47% - 9
Votes: 19


Propose a vote and speak out on subject - that with your perspective preferable - dry fodder or a naturist and why. So same very valuable will comments about moreover, any producers fodder are using, if speech is faring about of the dry options or canned goods contaminated, and so same your history about how came to this choice. http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/InscriptionSML_2/121.gif.



Have us the clear with childhood consume Ekanubu. Grandorfa, which he ate in kennel have us in city of there is no, so that decided try Ekanubu. Ate Ekanubu lamb anymore-rice for puppies, and also Ekanubu for puppies large breeds. Lamb-rice have him usvaivalsya very well. But then as something came the period, when the clear out to kormyozhke and we decided try bezzernovuyu Akanu. From Akan (had to to backtrack almost immediately, because this fodder Sean simply haven't learned our - appeared gases, chair became it. Had to almost full bag give in the Fund Zoozaschity on feed naydenysham.
Now we eat Ekanubu Jogging & Agility for adults dogs. Us grassroots this fodder, he like more than kimbap and the big ike, and because we respond with very lasting energozatratnye walk, he us suited.
Ah and except crack feed we give to Sean the low-fat (1.8%) cottage cheese with nonfat (1%) kefir. Eating down for Milah soul, about-about-very likes! http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_993.gif



We until such propakom for puppies, as recommended Nelli. Eating down for both then we, assimilated well. But here is how familiarity breeds contempt, from what some producers fodder make, so awesome Takes and so and pulling use their armrests of special offers fortourist firms. Perishing here no one will deceive a few. One as draft such ???? ????, in which would just been lacking? 's need to know + temporary costs. So is worth whether strain? Question of course rhetorical. But I voted for natural, although himself until I allow dry.



When took Nafku (entlebukhera) beginning with the pro pack, but then all-??? not, brought the composition, have tried many, and best went Akana, Russia, she on it flourished and you've become prettier even couple of times took LPP http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/dance2.gif, and then I taken Rita (boserona) and this girlfriend on drying I have feeble was, that forces there is no, 've tried different options drying, but outcome not was, so and devolved on a straight girl. Not always conveniently, but happiness dogs which eats a straight girl not to hand! I smiled on this subject, that very important, than fed on a previous generation, camping on K. There is all-??? dependence generate of enzymes. Perishing not know coincidence it or not, but I have so and it turned out, Nafke was well on drying, and here is as Rita only on naturalke became well. About drying want say, that indeed, me was it is difficult choose fodder, camping on K. I well studied compositions and in many me not suit ingredients. Here is site, which me sometimes helped http://www.companionline.ru/fanalyser.php. But terminally on the path a straight girl. Me has pushed article, in which was written about how, why we not eat dry fodder, type ramen and potatoes Noodle, but under this actively such dogs dry branch http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/scratch_one-s_head.gif.

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Here is after all as interestingly http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/scratch_one-s_head.gif
Maruse Thanks for Sharing (sssylku. People, share make more active. http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/bye.gif



About industrial kormakh.
If to believe television, then can be think, that feed, which there are advertised, are full tasty meat, vitamins and minerals, but is whether this true?
They SIRC on moist and dry. Feed SIRC in dependence from age and weight dogs. Than less organism, the faster his exchange substances, the more feed him need. Another the division cannot digest on classes: This economy, premium and superpremium. This stems with 3 kinds of his assemble.
Under designing feed economy class costs on his the fabrication minimal. From this feed many “waste. ”
Premium class fodder. Under his designing take products better idea, spend analysis ready masses, useful substances in it more and costs on his manufacturing more. “Wastes ” less.
High-quality feed very well are assimilated, i.e. on exit will less of the poop. Feed low-quality contain iaiieieoaee, for example maize. This gives dog sense of satiety, but very poorly shaped. Feeding quality products branch means, that dog will eat less.
Superpremium class technologically the most of expenses, therefore the most expensive. Under his designing is used the most a wide spectrum analysis, supplements in fodder maximally useful. Dose feed even less and “waste ” even less.
If feed dog and as a heterosexual and dry, the need to remember, that economy class fodder easily mixed with natural products, premium in one bowl mix cannot be. Can be on the morning one thing-on the evening-another. And superpremium with natural mix cannot be. But those involved in human against any and are feed.
As choose fodder? To read his composition. For example, wheat stalks, maize, soybeans, per cage and beef - the most widespread reasons food allergy. There is and other, and moreover, any dog can issuing be allergic on preservatives, contained in stern.
Ideally you would like its feed those feeds, in which many meat and little fillers. You want know, what precisely meat used, and desirable, to it was in the form of flour, modicum this and not necessarily. Sliced flour - this meat minus water. Many good feed have several sources meat products, so that not worth worry. Two first an ingredient in the form of meat or meat flour - different the beginning. You also must be in able their identify. "Bird" - this poorly, no one not known that this may be; contrary - "'m Chicken" or "The turkey" - this well. Semi products - this, too, big question. Although hypotensive in wild nature eats up sacrifice almost entirely, but "semi products" in kormakh for dogs look harrowingly. For example, bag's viralized feed - 17 kg, 20% protein, which consists of chick paws, goals, broken bones and X, and may yet be a bit liver and hearts. And can and not be, because as there could liver and other bodies also well are sold and for human consumption. Non-specific ingredients, such as "animal fat", look quite harrowingly. They can have origins from TV-- got beat cattle.
Grain bad quality, which are waste from production human food,, too, usual phenomenon. There is many components, including myasokostnuyu flour flavored, broadcast from waste, which not can be used in human food industry. Flour from corn gluten free, in which contains some number of protein, should not be on first positions list of, along with dozen such same a mediocre ingredients.
What ingredients better?
A good source of protein flour from meat bison, salmon, turkey, no. In some kormakh on first place simply meat, and for him - grain. If this not sliced flour, this means, that before you fodder, in which more grain, than meat. As the usual man can this understand? Most often - raze.
Some feed not contain grain, but contain protein more, than need to most dogs, so that talk about students. Good feed contain in itself brown rice, oats, millet, barley. Their more, this only the beginning. White rice have, he simply not is such healthy food as brown, and better if he will away from first positions list of ingredients. "Chunks are" grain or "flour" from grain -, too, normally, but avoid such ingredients as "beer rice" (Brewer '’ s not). This wastes beer production - in general something, utterly that – loose. You need not 3 forms rice in one stern. Sweeteners, too, not need. ATC code B02BA02 (Menadione) this vitamin, which good companies're cleaning up in from their-made formulas, camping on K. He can cause a health problems.

Many cannot digest for elderly dogs and dogs with plus weight are rife sorts of coffee under pieces of an. In case with dietary branch dog simply vykakivaet all, that not can for, without learn – ­ an extra $nutrients and calories. Better feed a good feeds, but in smaller quantities, and promoted low-calorie vegetables, to dog feel she wasn't desiccating. Feed for elderly dogs try to give-lover less calories. But if there alone iaiieieoaee - the for that same you pay money?
Most popular producers running cannot digest are, except this, still and known producers varying degrees products for people. A good way to secure bezotkhodnoe production - to recycle your own wastes for free, yes still and do so, to they obtained income.
Nestle - Alpo, Come 'N Get It, Mighty Dog, Chef's Blend, Fancy Feast, Friskies, Kit 'N Kaboodle, Deli-Cat, and Nestle Purina
products such as Dog Chow, Pro Plan, Beneful and Purina One
Colgate-Palmolive - Hill's Science Diet Pet Food
Del Monte - 9-Lives, Kibbles `n Bits, Cycle, Gravy Train,
Nature's Recipe, and Reward
Procter & Gamble - Eukanuba and Iams
Mars - Pedigree, Advance, Cesar, Whiskas and Sheba
Another leading pet food, Nutro, is not a multinational

Except Nutro, all these brands running cannot digest contain wastes from production products for human consumption
That contains in bag with feeds?

Hill's Science Diet (adult Large Breed)
Кукурузная мука, мука из куриных субпродуктов, соевая мука, животный жир (законсервированный смесью токоферолов и лимонной кислотой), ароматизатор куриной печени, растительное масло, сухой яичный порошок, льняное семя, глюкозамин гидрохлорид, L-карнитин, хондроитин сульфат (законсервированный смесью токоферолов и лимонной кислотой), минералы (соль, карбонат кальция, сульфат железа, оксид цинка, сульфат меди, оксид марганца, йодат кальция, селенит натрия), экстракт розмарина, бета-каротин, витамины (холина хлорид, добавка витамина А, добавка витамина D3, добавка витамина Е, L-ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate (прошу прощения? - прим. Mouse button before you hit.) (source of vitamin Since), pp on, reason it mononitrate, pantotenat calcium, piridoksina as tetracycline hydrochloride, ridoflavin, the folic acid, biotin, additive vitamin V12).

The first ingredient - maize, which very poorly shaped and is honeycomb. Flour from chick an offal means, that here at all there is no real source normal meat. This soy bean flour, which is "a protein honeycomb bad quality, used to artificially raise content protein in sub-prime kormakh." Finally, undetermined origin fat may in fact contain all that anywhere.
Purina (Beneful Original)
Кукурузная мука, мука из куриных субпродуктов, мука из кукурузного глютена, порошок из цельной пшеницы, говяжий жир (законсервированный смесью токоферолов и лимонной кислотой), рисовая мука, говядина, соевая мука, сахар, сорбитол, трикальций фосфат, вода, животный дигест, соль, фосфорная кислота, хлорид калия, дикальций фосфат, сорбиновая кислота (консервант), L-лизин, моногидрохлорид, сушеный горох, сушеная морковь, карбонат кальция, пропионат кальция (консервант), холина хлорид, витаминные добавки (E, A, B-12, D-3), красители (Yellow 5, Red 40, Yellow 6, Blue 2), dl-метионин, сульфат цинка, моностеарат глицерила, сульфат железа, ниацин, сульфат марганца, пантотенат кальция, сульфат меди, пиридоксина гидрохлорид, фолиевая кислота, menadione sodium bisulfite complex (sorry - прим. Mouse button before you hit.) (source of vit. To) iodate calcium, sodium selenite.
Another fodder, salmonella from corn. This cheap Napovnyuvach. More chick an offal, than normal meat, and more corn in still worst its displaying the (flour from corn gluten free contains less protein, than simply traditional flour). Flour from whole plenitsy usually so work, that in it almost not remains useful substances. "Ingredients in the form of powder (, luxury his) - this simply dust, left after generate products for people." And the latest from basic ingredients - this chili beef fat, which serves aromatizatorom in nizkokachestvennom stern, which is very cheap a product of.
Eukanuba Original (Adult Maintenance Formula)
Per cage, flour from chick an offal, traditional flour, sorghum, barley, fishing flour, chicken fat (zakonservirovannyy a mixture of tokoferolov and lemon by), beer rice, natural flavouring (per cage), hot dry beet pulp, dry them. Powder, dry bleak yeast, chloride potassium, where sea salt, sodium geksametafosfat, sell calcium, machine flour, kholina chloride, sulfate iron, niet-synthesized de novo by, vit.’s, b-carotene, Zinc zinc, vit. And acetate, pantotenat calcium, biotin, extract rosemary, vit. V12, reason it mononitrate (source of vit. V1), inozitol, piridoksina as tetracycline hydrochloride (source of vit. V6), vit. D3, potassium iodide, the folic acid, sell cobalt.

They use goose. But if from it withdraw water, then in separating the form of she was would moved on list for maize flour flavored. And this means, that this fodder mostly consists of chick an offal - as and previous. She contains maize flour flavored in as a cheap of filler, as and previous. Sorghum - this a good source of carbohydrates, but he very difficult shaped dogs, so this not the best ingredient for's viralized feed. Barley - this well, and here is fishing flour - very vague ingredient, and about as a can be only guess. And because this not human grade, this all was preserved and maintained etoksikvinom, which producer not owes to point fingers on packaging. He banned for human use, but good whether he for your dogs? Many producers cannot digest for animals not always point out this ingredient on packaging, but sometimes point out "E" "
Chicken fat - a good ingredient. But from all this list of only two basic an ingredient are good.
Thus, we have studied several cannot digest low-quality, and now let us for comparisons we explain one a good.

Timberwolf Organics (Wilderness Elk Dry)
Свежий лось, мука из лосося, просо, сладкий картофель, овес, льняное семя, морковь, кресс водяной, шпинат, сельдерей, петрушка, семя фенхеля, масло из дикого лосося, атлантическая бурая водоросль, альфальфа, хлорид калия, амарант, смородина, клюква, горох, инжир, тимьян, семя аниса, корица, пажитник, кусочки чеснока, семена подсолнечника, кунжутное семя, яблоки, корень цикория, spirulina, холина хлорид, лецитин, пробиотики, таурин, смесь токоферолов, лизин, протеинат цинка, протеинат железа, протеинат марганца, тиамин, метионин, рибофлавин, В12, протеинат йодина, D3, биотин, фолиевая кислота, пиридоксин, протеинат кобальта, папаин, юкка шидигера (что такое протеинат? REM. Mouse button before you hit.)

Difference markedly immediately. Elk - not the most big in weight ingredient (if to remove from him water), Number one is obtained salmon, he is different source of protein. Millet - good grain, very nourishing, sweet themselves by growing potatoes this very a good source of carbohydrates. Elk - good meat, and enough rarely meets in kormakh, so that likely will help-lover, suffering, will ever come allergiyami. Oats - well, seeds flax help digest and contain fatty acid. Want be noted, that fodder not contains zakrepiteley a chair. On good stern dog must be able on their own produce excellent poop. Too many-fiber supplemented can provoke unsustainable chair from-for bad cannot digest, in which there is more than one component-a little full control a chair (on-my there is in mind, that to transfer with feed, in which many zakrepiteley, need with prudence - REM. Mouse button before you hit.)

Spillover products - Byproducts:
This mixture of June in the process reprocessing corpses cats and dogs and other animals. Cmes is delivered firms, striking images dry fodder as "sliced flour" (Rome Dyna). If fodder contains spillover products, or not ukazyvaetsya precise source of protein (per cage, beef) - you accurately toxicity his pet of dead cats, dogs and the other live stock.
That still enters in this composition --animals - neck, heads, - Mongols, handicapped eggs, hoisted, kisheyaniki. Spharischen all!
Animal protein -Animal conformational
Mertvye, dying, sick or mess up the animals, contaminated wastes slaughterhouses operating, callused on roads animals, feathers birds.
Golets protein - fruits & vegetables would conformational
This soy bean flour, wheat stalks, traditional flour, traditional gluten (and other forms corn), rice chaff, you mean peanut butter flour and, a shell – it needs (identifitsirovanaya as "g"). To any case, this "can" protein is made from with mildewed enough, (detailing fungal toxins), not suitable for rights.
Other dangerous ingredients:
Dry fodder can contain such harmful components as nursery dyes, pestitsity, iaiieieoaee, chemicals and preservatives. Please check composition on the availability of confusing plethora of worthy names.

The reference on graph cannot digest and their comparison http://www.companionline.ru/fanalyser.php



The good article, so than same feed dog!?



Людмила wrote:

so than same feed dog!?

Not know, here is already almost 6 years we with Flatozorom series of elit Co..
Nor never for these years not was problems! Dogs always looks right on, wool sparkles most brightly, and incidentally state of wool - one of the first signs of fortune dogs.
And until familiarity with these branch have senior Bern were problems, then allergy, then not eats nothing, to continue to suffer and with as a heterosexual and with other branch.
???? a series of Forza me not likes, with elit Co. Nothing not conceivably have.
As something in crisis, when the price (and fodder are bought from in the euro, means on ruble depends on appreciation) has become immediately (all ??? three dogs not one) decided to move on the other fodder. So here is not your crepe even bag, Confectionary Manufacturers management companyare aimed his in orphanage eggs harvested, the difference kolosalnaya. And now so and the price big order 3,000 for bag 20 kg. Still and home purpose bring.
At all, not a gift say, that the best enemy good! If dog on awoke stern well, means and nothing to acquire seek and conjuring up substitutes.
Who Needs need to pro Flatozor much detail, can be in lichku write.
Choice between as a heterosexual and sushnyakom applies to perpetual issues, type there is whether life on Mars. Again every chooses on their, life. If drive in trip, ????, vystvki, [going, then unambiguously of parched, because to ride with one on another, extremely not helpful, and imeet constantly a fresh fodder in some conditions with as a heterosexual will simply impossible.
Ah and individual especially as dogs, so and rights. Need to same all in stern account for, little willing realistically engage PRAVILNYM a combination of needed seasonal ingredients in naturalke. Usually this proceed bag for with than there is and call this natural-feeding.



And I as to read to from what dry fodder make, so immediately utverzhdayus in Mind about natural. And still selling young horses is much, chtto not known that OK on fact in this separating stern been stepped on is. And'm feeding as a heterosexual.



Can whether dog "solve", that need to to move with crack feed on natural? http://s19.rimg.info/1127af8a73c62a9acf8a568b1dcc7241.gif
Jokes with jokes, but our history such a. Dominique already soon 7 months. On recommendations Nelli we nutritious his Hills. Fodder sedalsya immediately and with gusto. Health problems not was. Only I have as something fulsome doubt about the composition feed (too many corn). Dog their doubt not was expressing!
And here is yesterday on the morning after walk Dominique slow did some digging in bowl and almost nothing not you. I was a little freaked out, not took ill whether! On anyone case "fed" his of Europe's, which he you and licked his lips. Behavior normal, cheerful, chair was, too, the usual. Day after walk again propose a fodder, he is beginning to there is and harmless! About, horror!
Watch for dog: Behavior, mood and camping on D. All, as usually.
Ah, think, can fodder are tired of. Ran everyone forum, was awake at in Music, has bought "Akanu."
Put a pinch Dominique (he clearly aieiaiue), had a nibble, but without enthusiasm.
On the evening (after walk) the same history.
Today on the morning IS NOT many nor Akanu, nor Hills Bunker. And when I they child oatmeal and kefir, watched on me, as on treacherous woman.
Day again aaao in Music, bring "Bosch." Had a nibble from respect me. Spaghetti almost full.
Senior son became there is cottage cheese and we bathe you with curd, dog almost blew: "Share with me, each!"
I not weathering. Gave pack non-fat cottage cheese. Cottage cheese has vanished immediately. Eyes hungry. Gave a bit rice with prostokvashey. Ate up in moment.
Here is now think: Can cost show 25?C, pogolodal would and you its dry fodder. And then think, can he decided

donna wrote:

as to read to from what dry fodder make, so immediately utverzhdayus in Mind about natural.

In short, that to do, mind not'll do my. http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_145.gifPerekhodit on a straight girl?
Since forgotten add, that he previously has tried and cottage cheese, and kefir, and fruits different, that not seriously impair him love its dry fodder. Here is such a history.

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Mouse ,-Mouse,
He went by Bimasika! Not go ahead and spoil, then will demand pickles, every day, feeding exclusively out of the hands, with dragon and songs! We year and a half to continue to suffer!



Mouse ,-Mouse,, oops, have us the situation one-in-one. Already week Danka nose don't have the stomach from bowls with feeds. Under this lotions, which comes in as a dainties, thrush for one the breath.
Can kandidoz.I gynecologist prescribed its fodder after very intense walk, and the, not all. Will leave quarter-. Has already become to lend less.
Under this behavior usual, chair a normal, weight manners, wool glitters.
And fodder estsya with that sigh, as if makes me lend his.
Now need turn a new bag, I in razdumii. Buy 15 kg, and he there is not will become. To change? On that? In short, betray him.



Alla wrote:

Don’t go ahead and spoil,

Yes I not drove forward be pampered. At all one of the first issues, which I instead asked Nelli before-buying a puppy: Can be whether feed dry feeds,, grew. Be preparing me once.
But a member, to not is fucking starving! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/105.gifyou think, he me manipulates? Here is evil type GRAZhDANSKOY NARUZhNOSTI! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/dash1.gif

And can this all Spring is to blame? Love be can, and? http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/123.gif

But on fact, Dominique (young WRlTER: After dinner yesterday on-humanely), today resident business dry fodder (gave in a lesser dose).
Stuck alternate between that whether! http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_145.gif



Ah generally something the bottom line, that of course same naturalnі food-better. Ah this and so understandable. But there are several but, why same we, for example, Petrushe are giving mixed nutrition (that, incidentally,, too, by some vet anytime soon either is stigmatized as the wrong)
A naturist Good those, that she a naturist-ah here it is difficult to deny. But here rub in is, to under such a beef need to clearly understand, what should be volume of feed, than precisely feed. The need promoted be and minerals in nutrition for balances.
Dry fodder good those, that there clearly balanced taste number of minerals, vitamins and nutrients. But here is question-from what his make. And what extra components, type ash, there are found. On this need to to pay attention. But clearly, that feed class super premium more the qualitative, than the rest, but and more expensive.
Dry fodder more comforting us (generally something in view a certain self-centeredness, camping on K. Not need to do come. And he comforting those, that in Nalanda his much easier use, than trying to somehow be preparing a straight girl.

If toxicity drying and not are planning move on a straight girl-need to indeed tough it out in some extent. When Petrundiy in year and a half starters fan nose from drying-I made-feint ears, starters it promoted in drying canned type Rinty or rooms gastronome (golden or platinum line) - a bit, purely for taste. And it worked.
Still I been mulling, but that the so until and not come around, try fodder 2001 blood (Wolfsblut) - People seem to like as about him good reviews. Truth, there is in available and not very.



Dalla pack non-fat cottage cheese. With prostokvashey.

Yesterday found husband about how, that have majority dogs dairy protein not assimilated. Ah and on through the dog nutrition here is such a article met.

In problem selection feed we live 3 month. Hills Bunker on urine not red line of being able, Akanu not usvaivalsya at all - OOOOgromnye heap on exit :D, she not grassroots in composition. Stalled now on PRONATYuR # 25: There is no maize, there is no soybeans, almost there is no gluten free. Yes and tests, finally, KhOROShIE.

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Arkhipova Elena
After this articles at all not know, than feed!
Pronatyur not tried, at all nor never not heard.
What tests Politburo, through how many days after starters transition on a new fodder?



Маус-Маус wrote:

what are the tests Politburo, through how many days after starters transition on a new fodder?

On pravilnomu- through three months anus on it, before simply sense there is no



Архипова Елена wrote:

stalled now on PRONATYuR # 25:

I has ordered for sample. Truth he already for adults dogs, not for puppies. This critical way? Us almost 7 months.

stasyun wrote:

canned type Rinty or rooms gastronome

, too, has ordered for sample

stasyun wrote:

on pravilnomu- through three months anus on it, before simply sense there is no

If I correctly understand, then need to ensure, that dog will his there is, then 3 month try not to change fodder and pint analysis. On subjective lines on neusvoenie can indicate diarrheic, different rash, you have, current eyes and big heap?
Tatyan, and Petrousha on what stern?

Frankly, I understand, that a naturist better. Especially after, as I razmochila several stuff feed "Bosch" and has brought husband with question: "As thinking, that this such?" He looked,’ve smelt (nor smell, nor color of, on taste of try not became and replies: "So-? Bread black that whether? "
But once me be preparing, honest word. Recognized experiencing he conscience before favorite watchdog! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/103.gif

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Маус-Маус wrote:

Skyfall subjective lines on neusvoenie can indicate diarrheic, different rash, you have, current eyes and big heap?

Roughly so. Only scratching is well adequate state of organism) Nu we OK pochesyvaemsya sometimes. Here rather very a strong when he develops a rash, to brush ear and camping on K.

Маус-Маус wrote:

Tatyan, and Petrousha on what stern?

Specifically now-on Arden-themselves as (yagenok and rice).

Маус-Маус wrote:

BUT once me be preparing, honest word.

Ah, unfortunately, so it often and case



what are the tests Politburo, through how many days after starters transition on a new fodder?

Marina, we selected RELEX on analysis urine, poetomusdavali through 3-4 weeks. Us wracked tripelfosfaty and alkaline environment.
Pronatyur there is and for puppies: Rice -yagnyonok.


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