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Rules Forum!

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Respected participants Forum!

Under rubbing shoulders honor other participants.
In Forum not can to participate undocumented users
Prohibited from use vituperative and unqotable words!
Prohibited from use forum for ?????? relations with whom-either!
Prohibited from on Forum to discuss actions administrators and moderators.
Prohibited from to publish and to discuss themes concerning nationality, race and of religion.
Is prohibited propaganda violence, drug addiction, terrorism, and other things, banned CC trades abroad.

Under creating a new themes, review previous. Double-themes are removed.
Name themes should map out the crux of the problems, issue, confirming stories with and camping on D. Themes with entitled "PAmAgite!", "The subject" and camping on P. Will shifting away!
In discussing themes try to adhere to its subjects. For places pofludit there is separate the partition Forum.

Razmeschat announcement about sale puppies have the right only nurseries and individual owners that are members of club!

Administrators, and moderators always "open" to discuss work Forum!

Administration Forum leaves for a right to change rules.

Under RPF stakeholder rules, administration Forum would be rendered warning. After three warnings a participant is deleted.
Also, administration Forum leaves for a right block or remove participants without warnings!



EU Forum

(The editorial from 31.03.2014, regency in force since the)

Common position and definitions

1. Our forum is non-profit and created for communication people, that will keep breed dogs Entlebucher Sennenhunds, looking for useful information and willing to share knowledge and impressions with colleagues.

2. Under using and deploy materials with of our Forum on other Internet resources and in print editions necessarily anonymity Web references to source of information (active hyperlinks for Web resources) and behalf of or inductors author messages.

3. Participants Forum all requiring listed users Forum that can to discuss any questions, associated with breed Entlebucher Sennenhunds, and also communicate in specifically allocated sections, not associated with theme breed.
Participants have personal name of and parole for entry on forum.

4. Visitors users Forum, not akess even Chilebehalf of and password, that were to wasted the have us, they-- potential Participants Forum. Visitors not can create messages and leave comments.

5. Administrator Forum (Ludik.77) creator of resource http://entlebucher.3bb.ru/, for right his administration and development, has biggest technical opportunities on governance forum.

6. Moderators Forum permanent Participants, lured by on initiative Administrator of for ensure adherence to rules all users Forum: Cheaters swearing or they, mutual abuse and other violations norms behavior on Forum. Also can engage administration Forum and to decide technical problems.
Consider, that moderators have the right on expression of own opinion in any themes (as and other participants).

7. Administration Forum the Administrator and moderators Forum.

8. Post any message user Forum (narrative, replica, any a different information), hydro its unique Number within one themes.

Rules behavior on our Forum

9. Reasonably choose one (name of) and the avatar (picture). Remember, that about you first will be tried on odezhke . Of course, you can signed and real name and park its present image of the - this your personal deal. You always you can change its one, requesting about this Administration, - this easily, and avatars make changes until you themselves in dependence from sentiments)
Only remember, that through some time in the eyes of colleagues on Forum you start associated with way on avatar.

10. Despite one style communication, recommend you turn to the unfamiliar the interlocutor on you and only after more a long familiarity move on you .
Remember, that every has the right on own view, which not necessarily must be identical with your.
Your personal assessment - not the truth in of last resort, are possible and other opinion. Caveat always almost correctly and courteous, in including under our disagreement with point of view another user.

Remember, that different behavior can be seen as far from endorsing to Participants and Forum in a whole.
Treat other so, as you wanted, to treated you.

11. Themes, not countries thematic or different demands partition of, in which they were stationed Uchastnikami, can be closed or have been replicated by the Administrator or moderator in the other the partition, where their the deployment will better respond thematic better targeted partition of.

In exceptional cases, when created by theme initially violates basic position real Rules, it can be removed.

12. On Forum not produced a tentative censorship concurrent those and messages. As only you send message, it emerges on Forum. Administration not bears responsibility for content messages, but has the right their moderirovaniya (in including editing and undoing). Responsibility for content messages bears only his the author.

If you, that what something message violates rules Forum, inform about this newly appointed Administrator or any, a moderator. If you made a mistake, for example, zadublirovali message, dispatched accidentally the answer not there or stationed empty message, then readers will be dealt with, and The administration then going to shampoo . If very want turn on this attention, send horribles letter.

13. On Forum are permitted references to personal sites, photo albums and blogs Participants as in profile, so and in themes Forum.

14. The authors posts not it legitimate nor remove their, nor to change their sense. Participants permitted only edit mistakes spell checker, syntax and punctuation. Any other changes must be are agreed with Administration.

15. Technical opportunity editing and undoing or the absence of such opportunities not mean by default, that you will additional rights or terminates their: In any case you must abide by EU of our Forum in parts of changes, editing and undoing their posts.

16. Administration right to use information, contained in governing users within Forum

17. Proposals to improve work Forum and constructive proposals to his development are invited Administration. Your proposals and remarks you can park in section "Jobs site" or to channel directly Administrator at his sole discretion or within your in personal Summit.

18. Also you it legitimate to accept participation in discussion and decision making on major issues development Forum, for example, introduce new rules.

19. On Forum strictly banned:
- propaganda war, racial, national and religious feud;
- direct threats in worded participants Forum and third parties;
- propaganda pornography and sexual harassment;
- any actions, conflicting law trades abroad;

20. Have us respect principle freedom words, but consider unacceptable:
- disclosure personal information about the with the Forum without their consent;
- using quotes responsibly personal of e without resolution author messages;
- commercial and different advertising, conditions location which not are agreed with Administration;
- not below the to topic replicas and discussion (Flud) in themes, expedited own plan dimension, these you violating the right everyone on rapid access to information;
- nenormativnu an. Use profanity lexicon prohibited from in ordinary governing and permissible only in exceptional cases in novels. Ask you refrain from this, so as such expression can offend many Participants and guests of our Forum.
- personal Prophet in worded participants Forum, guests and third parties;
- discussion personal qualities participants Forum and guests;

- fomenting fleyma and feud between Uchastnikami Forum;
- far from endorsing to Pravil, Participants, Gostyam regardless of those functions, which they perform on Forum;
- other violations conventional wisdom norms behavior in public places.

The moderator and Administrators group to its liking have the right applied to you measures, and as well as and to remove or edit your messages (replacing an, for example, hew expression in other symbols of).

21. Under creating a new themes, review previous. Double-themes are removed.
Name themes should map out the crux of the problems, issue, confirming stories with and camping on D. Themes with entitled "PAmAgite!", "The subject" and camping on P. Will shifting away!

22. On Forum prohibited from to discuss actions Administrator of and moderators

23. Park announcement about sale puppies have the right only nurseries and individual owners that are members of the National Club Porody Entlebucher Sennenhunds!

Measures, tardily applied relative to violators rules

24. To violators rules behavior on Forum The administration apply measures impact, appropriate of gravity's interference and counteract damage.

25. Violation of points 19 ruthlessly is punishable by itself account Participant without rights PVTsBMPChBOYS and recovery.

26. On different violations to users apply the next measures: Warning, strict warning, the blockage (ban) on 1,3,7,30 days (or intermediate meaning).

27. In case if over the past 3 month to educate already been applied block access, The administration it legitimate without announcement warnings to apply more stringent measures to arrest the violations.

28. For repeated violations consistently apply more stringent punishment. Removing account user can be tons only relative to the most tortious violators, to which repeatedly enforced all the rest measures impact, under consent simple majority horribles Forum.

29. In case single violations, for which a Participant of the Forum was of capital warning, on expiration one month since declaring a this decisions it more not invoiced as special contingency and takes.

30. Requiring listed users, violate real EU under editing and greater distance posts, can be deprived of rights editing Administration. Under coating process damage Forum their account can be besieged on lasting term or removed under consent simple majority horribles.

31. In case, if konfliktnaya the situation not is described or not enough is described in real Rules, The administration it legitimate to make decisions, guided by interests Forum.

32. Every the moderator or the Administrator it legitimate alone to accept decision about blocking user or modus closing themes with those, to operationally nip violation of, but not more than on 1 clock. More lasting bany are administered and that are validated under consent majority horribles.

33. Declare all measures, sharply relative to violators, the moderator or the Administrator make official statement in appropriate topic Forum.

If you are prepared to follow our rules, welcome to forum http://entlebucher.3bb.ru/!


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