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All outskirts Day!
I very's shy girl, but very want with all contact http://uploads.ru/t/8/1/Z/81Zjn.gif


This my the latter photograph before move to new bundle of.
At all, I’d say I you, very all difficult I have was in childhood. Was born I 13 March 2011, and first very well lived with mom and brothers and sisters. And then me [in Labyrinth house. Where was many people and some with me played, and some there is no. Unfortunately have them not broke a teach me walk on streets play and that with new people, and all this not fear. And now I very fear all of strangers people and try to put from them run.
And then me voted in the other house, I very missed you and even more has become fear of strangers people. In the new House with me played and even directed the lie on bed, and still me relished play with the other dog. But I would still loved sit under the bed and not wanted often walk gulyat.
And then toured new others’people and have become me look and to iron. I roared, because need to guard the house. But they would still with me chatting away comfortably lovingly and even went gulyat with me and with my host the 2016. Then they left, but soon toured again, this was 30 October, dressed on me a new shleyku and hostess Traveler me in their machine. I love touring in machine, but in this time I generalship on mat and sometimes disconnects. Because me was frightening - far same me is being driven.
And drove me in a foreign house. Well that there was big the table, under which can be was hide. Me had been approached others’people and talked different speech and even offered choked. I very love choked, but I refused, because sometimes disconnects and quite not wanted nothing there is. And still past me were small dogs, but why something not wanted play and shipeli and were growling. Then it turned out that this and not dogs quite, and which the cats. Which utterly not want with me play.
The entire first day I sat under table, and refused exits and go on streets. But me have go on streets, even two times. And on the evening, after the second walk me gave tasty and favorite food. I'm full and saw that here there is my a favorite ball around the, and has become with him play.
And on the second day I had been given new toys and me become even business. I has become play with new masters of. With moniker Control were play business just - he very a strong and high. I even not always'm winning in peretyagivaniyakh. And still he keeps managing keep toy highly-highly, but I always doprygivayu and, I take it out still. The Young Mistress walking with me on the morning and on the evening. Me sometimes very frightening! But she says "began to bolt-began to bolt" and we probegaem past any dangers, and becomes not frightening, and I then one what I a bold. And still me very likes gulyat with other dogs. Truth I still not can with them who will have plenty and jump, because Young Mistress not transposing me with long defence wakes up aggressivity, but me would still very likes with them obnyukhivatsya and that. Still I have there is Old Mistress, she scratching the me belly as I love and walking with me day. With it gulyat well, I'm hauling its far me want, truth she with me walking not for so long. And still I have there is Little Boss, this me so say that he is a master, and in my he, too, Puppy, only on two feet and in advisers. He likes with me play, but I always his'm winning and've occupied toys. And still in the new House live two a (which not want with me play quite, one even scratched me nose) and Old woman, which nothing with me not makes, not plays, not offends, only looks and says different good words http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/AllSML_8/35.gif.
I on the sly'm getting used to live in the new House and even has shown yesterday new masters as becomes sue eaio and fulfill team "sit." Here is still a bit'm--stay somewhere for a and can be even'll show different bring both their skills http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/biggrin.gif

• • • written under my the sensitive leadership my new Young host the 2016

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Are happy to see you here! :) And very are happy, that you finally engulfed in strong family and now everything will well! http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_993.gif



Hello, hello!! What the Beautiful girl and what saddest history have the baby's. But now all will well! If she fears on the street people, then ask passers-by to lend it choked, very quickly will pass fear of people (truth then will wait hungry from passers-by still long, but this better than all fear).



Very are happy to see you here!
As well when masters so understand their dogs! Then and problems not will, and will all happiness!
Waiting for new narratives, hope this will be it would be educational and for other owners entlebukherov! http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/hi.gif



Welcome to the our club bukherolyubiteley! Have us here very eagerly, fun and actively! Let us wait new photo! Think, the contestant love which lacked Dolce, she will receive with surplus! Very-very are happy you to see here! http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/girl_bye.gif



Little whom this story will leave unmoved http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_855.gif
I here is today on road on work been mulling - well, that entlebukheram are outfitted with, mostly, good masters: Like their, rear, nor for that not cast and not give, despite their (dogs) a daunting character! http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/biggrin.gifAnd here is - rebutting argue that! Me not understandable, as can be not get attached to dog and give its! Well would now was all well!
Science and some-lover - need to behave decently and not to experience patience hosts their behavior! http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/biggrin.gif



Welcome to the Era!
Are happy, that an appalling history ended! And the end of the, this always start, the beginning of your a new joint fun and veseloi history!
Successes you!
Not hesitate to ask questions, believe me, here gathered exclusively counterparts. All we different, but us unites one large love - our entlebukhery!
Waiting for photographs, narratives about little girl and your shared successes!
Not worry about, a path hold his liquor-reaching!



NN wrote:

as can be not get attached to dog and give its!

Perishing better give in Good hands, than tormented and torture dog. Although initially not understandable why its win. http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/unknown.gifBut better understand this late, than not understand at all never!



Татьяна wrote:

better understand this late, than not understand at all never!

Agree! Often people take dog on somehow bewildering reasons, and it being. So here is better let pristroyat, than before evils follow.

NN wrote:

Science and some to the dogs - need to behave decently and not to experience patience hosts their behavior!

Ox and what a laugh) Fresh from our farm projected to the as Toby give him trouble, and him a bag with drugs, not humans, povodkami harvest and for the door cast. In your case this it is unrealistic and somewhere comically http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/biggrin.gifA then we all not know as your baby in love has been basking) Don’t fears your Toby these threats)



Dismal record history! I at all not can understand as can be stand treat dog, this same so much of emotions, of memories, love, caresses, and all the more from entlebukhera. They same such emotions create around themselves, impossible their with watchdog not share, what would they could not be!

Now template: Pesa rolling stock will thank you, that you it helped, will put you entire its love!
I itself only the amateur bukhovladelets, and happy nowadays that he with us!



Thank you for warm welcome http://funportal.info/smiles/smile52.gifhttp://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/smile.gif

Doggy have us, of course, not simple, but hope in force its age - all problems we been.
She fears of strangers people. On the street the entire compresses, falls on land and tries to crawl away, ah or gallop-on-evropam flip your way, only would past them not undergo.
Initially she was purchased in KGP, then owners voted its the sister, and sister not pulled two dogs and five children and so starters in placing in good hands.

Issues have us already heap, and will be even more http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/biggrin.gifMeanwhile more that by the dog walkers we start-up can be said. Have us was dog, lived 15 years, was petty-does the fluffy one-besporodnaya, kind of a rising balovannaya kusachka-on-couch. And then dog not had a long time, were only cats. Ah and here is stomach. http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/large/pictures/Dog_1/Wink.gif

We plan for starters take several occupational with kinologom personally, and then start walk on playground. In ties with this question - in district of the Ascension, Kolomenskoye in Moscow anyone knows playground good? There is some pristine "pine" in Tsaritsyno (Moscow Metro) - like reviews lots.

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Дольче wrote:

I on the sly'm getting used to live in the new House and even has shown yesterday new masters as becomes sue eaio and fulfill team "sit." Here is still a bit'm--stay somewhere for a and can be even'll show different bring both their skills

All precisely so and will!
Even to imagine could not, that such can happen with entlebukherom o.o.
Thank you you for an interesting narrative. Write, please, about your new successes!



Дольче wrote:

She fears of strangers people

My, too, ah not the, to in such extent fears, but on their guard, not trust and a bit is not overfund of strangers, for example, cause help patting his utterly impossible: Think, partly this natural, partly lack salesmanship.
Me seems, you must be Malesherbes if not have zoopsikhologa (ah where they, good, then have good kinologa. We now doing that exhibition khendlingom on chessboard, so our instructor (former Handler, like incumbent judge, and at all the dog whisperer with large-serving autocrat) as times works with such dogs and even has its grains child pornography. I you advising not can, camping on K. Itself not the dog whisperer and not can assess extent phobia is, but suggest can, when themselves on itself can see in metodikoyu)) She Hypnotizes in Sokolniki (disambiguation), this, of course, not beside you, but all same more whether less one side.

Viki & K wrote:

Fresh from our farm projected to the as Toby give him trouble, and him a bag with drugs, not humans, povodkami harvest and for the door cast

Chase laughing, but roughly so we him and are talking: We shall collect all things, including obtain (to easier was on life), and, as talked dissidents "The suitcase-station-Israel", we - "backpack-machine-Domodedovo!" http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/biggrin.gif

Viki & K wrote:

A then we all not know as your baby in love has been basking)

On neck sits, so more precisely! http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/biggrin.gif



Us Nelli recommended kinologa. Here is in most any time soon let us call and to identify the.
Simply distrust - this in breed of course. And here is precisely a strong fear with desire run, this nedosotsializatsiya, ah and perhaps problems in the first family under growing.

???? if man with dog - she his fears much less, than people without dogs. So Dog and sobachnikami we on the street still can communicate and lie near.

And at all little girl, unafraid very laskatelnaya and passed mentality description. Homes's freaking out and is played so that not wind

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Дольче wrote:

[Dog and sobachnikami we on the street still can communicate and lie near.

So that same this, as not the first step on the way to trust to people! Were a dog person, too, man! Even better! http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/AllSML_8/35.gif



In primarily you need to achieve CONFIDENCE dogs.
This perhaps not immediately will, but will. On this not forsiruyte, you until sooner on playground, and here is on the sly win trust under supervision human (with hand) this well. You will to lend domestic task and you his will fulfill.
Now only trust precisely on the street. No trimmings: Construction office.

Yes, perhaps not need to resemble that dog with defence wakes up aggressivity not worth of letting. Sooner.

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As you have affairs? Not go away! If will opportunity, Amusery your photos.



As affairs? As literature immediate?



All bountiful days. Continue notes from Dolce
• • • under my with grassroots control writes Young Mistress http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/mail1.gif
Ah here is and the first week has passed in New House. Me is beginning to likes here, but sometimes New Hosts of simply afflict the me their misunderstandings of the such rulers from as I http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/dash1.gif

Here is for example - did it is unclear, that such young lady must sleep only on couch? Sofas same specifically invented for such industry, because they gentle, cosy and at all there Young Mistress lies, means and me need to! http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/girl_cray.gifA they me, they're shoving us, tell go on what the "place." And that this for Location, if there just pathetically one thing dissapointed to receive! Masters simply owe buy me personal coach, times perishing so them pity his.

And still they utterly not understand my attacks.. After all if upper paws not my sity + 32 C in thumping / open / its feet / his behind / back zealous a Master of, as he will understand that I is happy his to see? http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/yahoo.gifNu and that, that clothing Corrasable Bond and it smudges, and Old Mistress so at all falls on gender from my attacks., but I'm saying hello immediately two upper legs! http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/cool.gif

And who tell me coined word "Out with whom"? Did cannot be me on pens immediately secretary through this worst porch and bear in cleanest, where there is no of strangers people and harrowing strollers and bicycle? http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_145.gif

Who any may explain, why me't question long hours in room, when they all go on cuisine? Yes, yes! And cats, too, there go! That they there make secret way? Me are unsure, that there is preparing plot http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_145.gif

And at all masters me had not the most bad - here is today again dragged a new toy - soft green cucumber on a rope. His very nice diffrent have of Little zealous a Master of - he always loses. Me even poschelkali such pretty hot piece, though with a shining light, if Young Mistress not will to be lazy, then will show photos.

On this leave until next meetings, Young Mistress already wants something on their own write. Not listen to its, I quite and not khuliganistaya doggy http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/large/pictures/Dog_1/Wink.gif

Homes Dolce utterly quite there, yet. 's freaking out, plays - very actively. Even can be said, that too actively.
From joy that Ieaps out upper legs on people. Try discourage something, camping on K. On the street is staining my clothes, and homes clawing at hands / its feet and with legs is pushing those who move on to weaker.
Guards - came young lady to brother, so she its oblayala very on a serious. But here is on postman and doctor attention not directed why the.
On the street all still - people / wheelchair / bicycles - all of this causes horror. With me has become already better walk "near" past porches, and here is mother my (Old Mistress) keep its near not can and Dolce carring its as counterbalance obey.
Dog well communicates, but yesterday felt alarmed poodles in jumpsuit http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/biggrin.gifObnyukhala his - like with faces a poodle, and side reeks cause man, so and ran away with your tail.
By the dog walkers pay attention of course, ask that for breed. There is no have us such in district http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/good2_002.gif
We are going in vacation on ten days through week, will remain orange with Old host the 2016 and Grandma. Think all will well.



The astonishing narratives! http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/good2_002.gifWhenever, reading, 'm laughing from souls! Luck and happiness you all!
P.S. Dolce, take care of hosts! Good masters on the road not adamlarsa! You something know. ;)

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