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On fact allergy not arises simply so - not was and suddenly there is! I itself'm allergic with-serving autocrat (asthma, allergic konyunktivit), mean his hound and on debt services’ve worked with other-did special tests, mean be allergic virtually on all-drugs, plants, domestic dust, cats, but on dogs reaction almost there is no.
So can all ??? do these the most tests child above than dog in placing!
And not fact that after 5 years communication with outdoor tennis court have child not can be allergy on cats-open secret I 38 years with cats not speak, and allergy there is!
http://www.inim.ru/otdeleniya-instiuta/ … jtativnoe/

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ELENA wrote:

She's on New year Maiden has brought two beloved pits of and couple of toys.

Thanks to, exhilarating to, hairs then or its so zhalkoooo was. Hope, that now a pretext spare no not will!





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