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Discuss standard entlebukher Puppies,

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And have us walking chocolate Sennenhund! I.e. instead black brown and collar the right zennenkhundovskiy. This dogs already there is no, but now have them raznoglazyy Sennenhund.



Finally the RKF Champion addressed truly. Aa?ania for transfers and star status by the standards.
Me poradovalp phrase, that standard should be transferred with of the original on language the homeland breed, in our case this German http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/yes.gif



This a compelling news!



Nice! Very is happy! Is happy, that RKF Champion finally the reshilnavesti order in this issue and prvesti all to one only right denominator. And the in many rocks by such you'd always pit meet)



If that help with laggards, so I can. I the interpreter, German know, English, too,, with Canine terminology of am familiar. http://i.smiles2k.net/hello_byby_smiles/1_011.gif
Can organize collective read more, if who still wants.



Mavra wrote:

If that help with laggards, so I can. I the interpreter, German know, English, too,, with Canine terminology of am familiar.

Fishing you on word, work yet to much http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Girl/85.gif



Ah that perishing here perishing. Know, on that asked for it. :-D



In Wikipedia about our breed wrote with a mistake. Weight dogs 8-14 kg, as would this correct? People and so simple trick works quite, for whom only not accept, and now who wants to know much detail will quite muddle, isn't it. "Entlebukhery — very strong, clever and're temperamental animals. They always on the lookout, so as before were transferred for pastushestva. Have black with yellow until rzhavo-brown podpalom and white spots coloring. Weight - from 8 until 14 kg. "

http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%DD%ED%F2% … 5%F3%ED%E4



mila, I not know as correct.
But? In 8 kg this strongly)



Me seems we so much in 4 month weighed so much http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_145.gif



Seems, I's correcting. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/0.gif



On site RKF Champion have standards breed, in including, on our breed, in their official the diversion:




Thanks to, Natalia! Let us now cite on the official read more. On an unguarded I "leaning on people" already 10 years.



nelin wrote:

celebrate Ligo now cite on the official read more

And here is inaccuracies not very diligently there there is: Alone name Swiss alpine dogs http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_325.gif
Read more, interestingly, with of the original?
RKF Champion all-???.



All Hi!
We long are reading forum, but first time had registered had and decided write about itself. So, me name is Anna. Have us girl entlebukher, on passport Zeya, and domestic de-leveraging nickname zyuzya, through in informs: Celebrated kennel "Corona Russia" in August 2014 Was born in April 2014. On walks and looks - well itself entlebukher, I and transmission watch, and derzhitsya other, one-in-one our Zyuzik.
But the problem is, that she too petty - now it already year, and weighs only 15 kg, and on standard, as I understand, 25 need to. First we thought, that she even Puppy and will redial its weight, but here is already perhaps six months weight not expands, Pitzi is in heat the first has passed, and can hardly be hope on further growth.

Question to workers skilled: That this may come to mean? That we its poorly nutritious and; raised, it any genetic especially or departures, or that this is not quite entlebukher? Or this at all not the problem and sometimes the case, that dogs not become addicted until standard? 145,000 activities we not practise and not plan, us increasingly would still its sold with along (tail crocheted apentsellerovskiy), in household cleansers even feel more comfortable a minor ’, but increasingly would still interestingly, in than deal. Suddenly we not have rights on, the proud title entlebukhera))

Even nuance: In childhood (3 and a half month, virtually immediately after, as [have zavodchitsy) was trauma: Fractures right-wing’s front paws, in the joint space and over him. There put distinctive strings of DNA design and increasingly safely succeeded, pillar already strapon. Could this influence process growth?

Thanks for Sharing (answers!



Anna, of course, have bushikov such weight in year 15 kg, this more than strange. And you girl examined, it, tests and etc. Have made? Fractures accurately not under than. That this may znachit- say it is difficult. I would in Belante or have good, tested doctors new Doctor would with Zeey.

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Bentannushkacome on closest plemsmotr. Likely he will autumn. There and dog can be show and questions ask.



Bentannushka, as you correctly have advised higher-come on plemsmotr. Then and voochuyu can compare its bushku with other. And questions ask.

P. S. But purely so for understanding of-weight in standard, say so, the concept of usrednennoe. My nevertheless bushka weighs 21 kg, not 25, but this not makes its not entlebukherom. Need to look on the overall health of dogs-wool, teeth and camping on D., its well-being, its behavior, because. -This is hell .-the case, that the reason nenabiraniya weight dogs lies in a plane health problems, and the case, that simply here is such a Economics. So that not be upset before time, come on plemsmotr.


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