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KGP Evrik!

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Today us 3 years old! And here is was having a flashback me as all began.


For window chalk a snowstorm, the angry wind aspirations fought in window. The sky take a shoving all was a on is homes. Temperatures and a mood. Lying down in bed with your arm on a thermometer it under your armpit there sites offer freeroll tournaments subwoofer from viewing, trying to find modicum something life-affirming. Stayed on one of channels, chipping an eyes a handsome landscape – green velvet grasslands, transparent Cai heaven, agritourism crested mountains on the horizon, Switzerland … Alps … wow, beauty what. And here … I saw his! He was cause handsome, 'm a buoy and smart. Me admire in it all - grace of in blindingly fast movements, take a lot force under enough space growth, industriousness and neutomimost. In his the eyes of that an endless dedication, an endless as alpine grasslands. And I understood, that loved. Loved with first glance terminally and irremediably! I'm magnifying breath, trying to hear, as name is my husbands,. About there is no, be remembered this impossible. Grab Burrito he and on a piece papers'm – ENTLEBUKhER!
Ended transfer of, has passed disease, and zamelkal neural montage days, events, meetings and people. And a golden dog with trudnoproiznosimym entitled breed continued to live in my heart of. I again and again was taking out the from little hiding corner tickets will a leaf of and in all experience systems global web with entire fucking life smiled all, that about it written. Looking at things around photos, watch video and she has dreamed … And it is a timely the very moment, when within themselves I understood, that is ready to his emergence of in my life.
Out formality. Train, taxi … My dog! Under meeting he success zavilyal tail and licked me in nose, and then slept entire the journey Moscow-Peter, when in a train only for, to ensure water grab a diaper and again feeding my nose. “He who says, that happiness not buy, never’schenka. ” (with)
And here is in our family lives the most is a clever, the most a handsome, the most wily, the most a dedicated … endlessly the most-the most for us it is a watchdog. Entlebucher Sennenhund! Kingdom mountain slip the dogs Evrik!


Here is thus Martin arrived home)

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Daniel wrote:

Today us 3 years old! And here is was having a flashback me as all began.

Super, World ``to!



Ox, as well! Increasingly narrative it's kinda draughty with happiness!
Congratulations with http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/441.gif, Estonia birth



As same this Kisslinger! I even 4000m2 as well as'm getting teary-eyed, honestly! Still times with day birth!



Of light! Super wrote, very movingly) And you and Martin I congratulate, you accurately found each other! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/give_rose.gif



Congratulations to! http://wdesk.ru/_ph/18/2/906298064.gif?1406921708



Of light, yes you simply readers! Congratulations to you with Martyushey!



With Dnem birth, little brother :-)



All huge Thanks for Sharing (greetings and assessment of my modest creativity! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/give_rose.gif

Архипова Елена wrote:

Ox, as well! Increasingly narrative it's kinda draughty with happiness!

We indeed happy from what we have such a remarkable it is a watchdog!

Alla wrote:

you accurately found each other!

Yes! This truth! Martin - my dog :-)

Nell wrote:

World, yes you simply readers!

Thank you! This filologicheskoe past contemplated not gives :-D



In St. Petersburg zharaaaaa, and because celebrate Day birth we traveled on liberal scattering!

Here is he my a favorite he!


We're listening wishes and charges


Poedaem festive taken the treat)



Daniel wrote:

Listen carefully ? listen to wishes and charges

That you him there you vibrate, that he so closely listening anymore)



stasyun wrote:

What you him there you vibrate, that he so closely listening anymore)

Yes all as usually - I confess in love http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/609.gif

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Oops, and I only now drew attention, that have Kurt, as and have Martin, had a on right-wing half of breast :)



To sozhalenyuyuyu, Day rozhdenyayaya only raaaz in year.


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Daniel wrote:

By sozhalenyuyuyu, Day rozhdenyayaya only raaaz in year.

You got him drunk child :D



stasyun wrote:

you got him drunk child

And hungry, and drunk, and nose in tobacco! Here is in sight, that fellow well! :)



This he a fitness fanatic, went swimming, 'm full delicious treats for everyone and already forces not was even wriggle :-D

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Uhhh. Went through the stuff here in computer, okay) and nabrela on their little notes.
As we swim learned :-D.

Came the first in life our dogs Spring, and we with Martin have become regularly travel very for city on liberal scattering. He with exhilaration was whizzing on territory, I was nuzzling flowers on and, tilting head, who was watching on dragonflies here and bumble-bees ,-kind the birds, arriving on the assistant, tried to to capture intrusive flies, zhuzhzhaschikh him under the ear. Not can not to mention about how furore, which we produced the first their the emergence of in village. “Ah! What e?anaaao! ”, - such cliche us would read and waved off neighbors, familiar and simply vacations, they passed past. Some asked, that this for breed, but little who could software “entlebukher ” even with the second attempts.
When the first dog passions after an, we decided stroll to the pond. Proudly prodefilirovav to community bathing, I'd settled in on the grass for a and with on open display interest waited, as will themselves to wage my it is a watchdog, first time look at greater water. Martin liter V8 up front ran a 100 on the most edges only slightly, as in a puddle of, namochiv hoisted. Stood up, thought, sudden Truckdriver pulled my sleeve on me with question in the eyes of: “Che to do something? Can be? Not?. ” “Take a walk ”, - the trawler I his and has become watch further. Cautiously and neatly he penetrated in water on knee was and gets with interest not bottom. Tried to't to capture proplyvavshuyu past a small fish, surprised podnyavshemusya from his movements, sand. Was in sight, that all of this his amuses and scares simultaneously.


The next calling was on thumping. , after standing several seconds, he again released on (Isaiah 11, and sat on Bank. There is no, he not refused from ideas conquer water space, he as if contemplated their further actions, weighing all “for ” and“ against. ” On the, to in his anybody established architecture plan, it took literally couple minutes. Having looked on me still times and obtaining silent approval, he decisive steps penetrated in water and … alighted on the same point, where and in past calling. Rollback before than something interesting and exciting not in character my Dog! , after standing any moments, he rallied spirit of and swam To Her! Himself! Swam To Her so, as if has passed before these course young swimmer! About, how many fame only was in his the eyes of, when making a small circle swim, he jumped on Bank and ran me! The entire kind of his simply yelled: “You seen?! There is no, tell, you this seen?!. ” Wariness regarding has passed, and now he without any sign was timid stage will for small waves, which emerged from committee meetings past boats, 'd spank legs on the surface and with be described as puppy relish tried to to capture window on the sun tank.


Authorities are became one of the most favorite entertainment. But! He after all not simply any there dog, he entlebukher. And entlebukher, I’d say I on confidence, always keeps managing of well-assess situation! Martin somehow, only him wingman, sense of realizes, that I disgusts I swim- I swim, and he never will float near with me further point, that himself itself described. And here is with husband, which that loiters just downstream there as a dolphin, he without curiously while overcoming in water utterly incredible for me distances. Now under, bathing have us is happening almost ritual – until husband warehouses towel and absolves shorts, Martin the first goes: Diving, makes a small circle and, yelping on Bank, reports all their guise of, that test held, water a golden. “Sail away, is a master!. ” And I each time with entire fucking life'm, as in rays sun perspective of near man and his staunch and a dedicated each - entlebukher Sennenhund Kingdom mountain slip the dogs Evrik (our a favorite Martin).




Light, very it seems on my pesu! Recognized my words wrote! With one only backyards, that I itself well I swim- I swim and Stivka gladly] swims with me. Very grassroots your narrative, "in rays sun perspective of near man and his a dedicated each" http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/108.gifhttp://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/flag_of_truce.gif



Breathtakingly written! Simply read and prichine! And you random books not write? Smiled, even 4000m2 as well as all bed very! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/108.gif
And Martin Well done-a brave man! We here is even greater water even not saw. Ah still all ahead, what our years)


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