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Very am asking Council!

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Not want write in his topic. Think, my question Bud applies to this the Frost. If not, moderators transfer far need to.
Have us in city of're getting something movement dogkhanterov. Dogs Palestinians in all areas. A few days ago died it is a watchdog from of our podeza. Hostess old woman every day would still goes of habit gulyat, truth now one (
And only when died it is a watchdog the famous artist, Yuri Galtseva (10-fringes year-old labrador) media have become to speak about this votkrytuyu.
Question exactly in than - as to confront. As wean dog of the lack the pieces with land? I go... I go on streets with a rattlesnake with a jar of. But after all in one day not wean. Can muzzle what? Now have us by the dog walkers on the street only about this and say.



Options many.
1. Clothe muzzle. Pick a convenient for dogs.
2. Exits with starvation dog and feed its all time from hands, not giving snort nothing on earth, except trees, for popisov.
3. Managed by (there are many methods) not borrow nothing with land.

Ah and the last, to agree in slow. Clinics, the short, an operating 24 hours a day, to have them was kit funds to save everything (precisely everything) dogs, in unforeseen situation, to about this knew all doctors, to was written this in map. Me this go off in deposit on in size 2000 rubles.

Ah and here is:
That to do, if your dog travanuli izoniazidom. This drug not is poison and is trading freely, and for dogs in some dose - is lethal.

For this drug there is specific an antidote (the antidote): Easily available prepapat PIRIDOKSIN, he same - vitamin V6.
Under suspected on poisoning of our his can and should be use preventively, camping on E. Until consultations with vet (time costly). This vitamin non-toxic even in large doses, so even if then checks out the other poison - worse not will.

Under any suspected on poisoning of our in primarily mere 0.5 Bada cooking oil with coercively. Then, Transcarpathia, in dependence from size animal. Piridoksina as tetracycline hydrochloride in dependence from size animal, I have groups, them am entering 2 the vials immediately. After all this milk, razvedyonnoe in half with water indefinitely. We already 6 being terrorized survived, and us it deliberately. ”

Milk can be replace on any liquid combined with category: Diuretics.

Algorithm the next:
1. Trigger with bone (for example, get a little booze in ghazal the solution - dining room spoon on the glass water, oils (but here was intent of on liver)
2. After started vomiting Adsorbents.
3. This cleansing enema + relaxants of salt
4. To lend as can be more fluid + with diuretics, are possible spazmolitiki.
5. To the vet.
Caveat Be careful what you post! Hold homes supply vikasola!

I would even recommended to lend periodically small doses of vikasola, so say, for prevention.

Action kumarinov vіdsunuto on time, from moment eating poisons until of clinical manifestations of passes from 7 until 20 days, so if in this time in organism is mired vikasol, until action yado will modicum partly, but inaktivirovano.

Unfortunately, as shows practice, under hit small doses of poison can not evolve typical academic even bleedings, but includes hepatic inadequacy push him aside will plague long and stubbornly. DOCG level well, have a guess, that except the rest of the need to include in course the most chief an antidote (the antidote) - vikasol. Strictly speaking, he the and there is the most chief drug around the treatment.

So, if your dog without an obvious on the causes suddenly is beginning to to tear, (with she can even in the early disease not a bikini, not shorts), expressed dullness, the lack of appetite, chair can to purchase sunny charged, running and language vividly-red, with easy otenkom lividity (sometimes on them visible vascular Figure), veins - as pipes, krovenapolneny, - not discarded, that have dogs poisoning of our drugs groups kumarinov but faint dose. And, that very characteristically, even most intense treatment, but without vikasola, NOT helps. In this case it is difficult put diagnosis, but treated for 3-4 days.

On its nature dogs extremely lyubopytny- they like to hunt on property game or examine dumping, ins in storage sites products, shrubs and other seats, stripped interest for people. Thus, they can contact with insects, anonymous body bags animals, toxic plants, and, that most dangerous, can try toxic purposefulness for destruction rodents. On today’s day there is a huge number of deratizatsionnykh funds.

The most effective against rodents, of resistant to rodentitsidam first generation, are such drugs, as: Protekt-B parafinovaya puck (bloc) for destruction rat, Protekt-B the bait for destruction mice and rat, rakumin, remain (storm), barracks, lanirat.

Farmakologicheskoe action.

Under hit in stomach dogs yadov, existing substances which (bromadiolon, kumatetralil, flokumafen, difetialon) are antikoagulyantnymi rodentitsidami, they known treatise on carnivorous in blood, under this not is undertaken biosintez vast array-karboksiglutaminovoy acid. Are formed proteins (factor VII, konvertin, protrombini other compounds, uchavstvuyuschie in the system clotting blood), not containing remnants of vast array-karboksiglutaminovoy acid, as rezultat- not with koagulyatsionnymi properties. Arises heightened propensity to domestic ugly scars.

Clinical symptoms dogs, otravivsheysya rat poison:

Dullness, the lack of appetite, spirit-slizistikh of seedcoat, dyspnea, tachycardia, pet groans, temperatures until 40 • Since, bleeding--has from direct intestine or a bloody diarrheic.

The first aid zoo, that can exert is a master before arriving veterinary doctor:

The first, that need to do – this trigger with bone, putting handful of salt on the root of the language dogs. The second - wash stomach and bloating with the help enemas with warm water or easy Mortar margantsevo-sour potassium. Third - softly rub until 10 tablets activated ANK coal, Mikoton with water and give zoo drinks. However remember: Should not this to do, if pet very lukewarm response, zatormozhennoe, in some coma able, not can swallow or there are spasms.

Subsequent treatment should pursue veterinary doctor.

Are appointed antidototerapiya. Under intoxication rat poison antidote coming along is vikasol (vitamin By). ???? fauna injections mortars: Glucose, Ringer (disambiguation )-'s Locke's, December 9 2004 Substance deoxyribonuclease. Apply prepare means, persons with a, drugs iron.

Dog (10kg)
Rp.: Sol. Vicasoli 0,3% - 5 ml
. D.t.d. N. 2 in ampull.
S. I.M.. On 2.5 ml 4 days consecutive
* * *
Rp.: Sol. Glucosi 5% pro injectionibus 200ml
Sol. Ringer-Locke pro inject. 200ml
Sol.”Trisoli” pro inject. 100ml
D.S. Administered intravenously a drip. Alternate between every 4 hours 2 days consecutive, on 3-nd – 3raza in day, further - though on team animal.
* * *
Rp.: Sol. Furosemidi 1%- 2ml
D.t.d. N. 2 in ampull.
S. Administered intravenously. On 0.8 ml 5 days consecutive after the drip) • • •
Rp.: Sulfocamphocaini 10%-2 ml
Pro inject.
D.t.d. N. 2 in ampull.
S. I.M.. On 0.8 ml on course treatment in 5 days
* * *
Brovaferan on 1 ml in for 5 days I.M..

Measures precautionary under work with drugs for destruction rat and mice.

Maintain and putting purposefulness try in places, beyond for children, animals and birds; densely close entrances and exits in exposure, where are shelved poisons.

Under work with drugs Koristuytes spetsodezhdoy and 2 gloves. Forbidden cannabis food, water and quit smoking during layouts bait shop.

To work with spinal toxic substances are permitted people, not younger than 18 years, which over a special moreover and not have diseases blood.

The remnants of purposefulness and corpses rodents harvest in polyethylene packages and planting the on depth not less 0.5 Dam.

Under hit poison on skin or wool animal, wash off his large number of water. If appeared signs of poisoning, immediately same don to vetvrachu.

Poisoning of our arsenic. Dangerous white arsenic - white powder, which
Applies for cyberbully harmful animals, for mordants seed and so he
Is available. Arsenic - this capillary poison, vessels become paralysed, expand,
Polnokrovie organs, fall pressure owing to what happens
Overflow blood cannulas belly (abdominal cannulas), and heart of,
The brain remain without blood, so is happening loss of consciousness, spasms,
Palsy. Poison can act directly on heart of. Funds
Arsenic fumes is happening slowly: Dishonesty, dorsal, then, milk, slyu-
Noah, have two forms muddles methyl: In-an intestinal (vomiting,
Diarrheic, is declining, with an annual urine, voice of the husky, cyanosis, coma). If arsenic
Facto in blood or under skin, then comes another form of - paralitiches-
Kaja CNS (dizziness, head pain, spasms, loss of consciousness, pa-
Ralich breathing). Death comes through 4-12 hours or by the end of days.
The lethal dose of 0.1-0.2 gr. In forensic ? medical practice the most
Interesting a chronic poisoning of our arsenic. Distinguish between the next stage
Chronic methyl:
A weak form of: Loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea.
Palsy skin and mucous membranes of seedcoat: Runny nose, hoarseness, pigmentation changes zhi-
Vota, descent of hair.
Defeat CNS: Palsy, blindness.
Ultimate stage of: Dyspnea and death from rebirth hearts.
Diagnosis on live man and on the corpse impaired, under forensic ? meditsins-
Victory, examination needs account for what arsenic quite long sokhra-
Nyaetsya in liver, and under chronic my autistic son in hair. Data prepa-
Billy Wrath on bass guitar enjoyed in Russia in 19 century, when in during a long the clock is
Meni with goal methyl in food dobavlyalsya arsenic.

The most widespread substances, cause methyl have dogs, and the first aid (name yadov directives are on alphabetically)

Part of 4
Ad- (ephedrine). Symptoms: Anxiety dogs, jitters in the body, dyspnea. Running shell pale. Pulse have animal initially is, then elevated. A strong Associations.

The first aid: Provide bashed dog rest, to impose body, limbs warm grelkami, ghostly. Inward give Papaverine, dibazol. Urgent our general aid.

Azotnokisloe silver (gemstones of). Symptoms: The mucosa shell of oral fat dogs it acquires a gray or White charged; dog sits all hunched up, groans; are observed vomiting white masses, which quickly whitening, and diarrheic, under which kalovye masses black color of. Can celebrated spasms bodies or individual limbs.

Aid: Give dog care solution and cooking of salt, cooked from calculation 1 / 2 tea phytosterols of salt on 1 liter of water; in saline care solution can be add small pieces of ice; copiously comes milk; touted Cathartic-Vrbov enema from milk. Urgent our general aid.

(Thorazine). Symptoms: Dog all time is in able sleep, at times its grown sick, are possible spasms.

The first aid: Wash stomach, give solevoe a laxative. If pet in the consciousness of, give to drink guaranteeing warmest tea.

Anabasine. Methyl have dogs seen in year period, in period processing liquers and bureaucracy cultures drugs, predisposed anabazin. Methyl arise have dogs, trapped in zone processing plants. The oil liquid well remains on wool, paws dogs. And when pet is beginning to try to build purity on its sherstnom landscape and paws, poisoning of our becomes imminent. Drug very crossbars in foreign environment and extremely without. Death dogs medium-size sizes cause even 1-3 breath, rounded in its organism.

Symptoms: Dog continually's tearing up, she all time lies, even not tries to rise. A strong Associations. Language, running lips, age sinyushnogo color of. Consciousness quickly zatemnyaetsya, dog ceased to identify the close it people, not react to nickname –, dainties. Death animal comes owing to paralysis respiratory muscle.

The first aid: Movie lavage stomach with activated English, then solevoe a laxative. Urgent aid veterinary doctor.

Analgin, piramidon, fenatsitin. Symptoms: Dog grown sick, she leisurely; pupils broadened; breath difficult, can be spasms; on the skin belly perhaps the emergence of a rash.

The first aid: Dog need to give cold, but not ice water with activated English, movie number of milk, its robust sweet tea.

Industrial production of aniline (chemistry he and etc. Symptoms: Have dogs quickly emerges vomiting; she leisurely; visible cutaneous integument belly, running shell initially pale, then greyish-the Blue; pupils greatly expanded, breath more difficult; temperatures bodies table on 1-2 ° Since; urination difficult, often in urine present blood; in dire cases methyl - spasms.

The first aid: Needs learn dog on fresh air; give inward its robust cold tea, milk; to anybody first adhere bubble with ice blasting or cold a compress. Urgent fertility centre aid.

Antiparazitarnyy collar. In the last time many owners dogs adopt as a means, otpugivayuschego parasites skin: Fleas, lice, ticks, - a special collar. This antiparazitarnyy collar, which was prepared after in various overseas countries, cities go bid, lure fosfororganicheskoe compound (for example, 2.2 dikhlorvinildimetilfosfat). After wearing antiparazitarnogo 2002-have some dogs marks picture methyl: Dog is done sluggish, appetite deaf, are observed incessant drooling and vomiting, gait is becoming insecure (shaky). Also through 3-7 days on neck dogs, in place contact 2002-with skin, evolves hot dry or moknuschaya eczema. Pet is experiencing anxiety, is grooming his stricken seats.

Indispensable UN aid: Free dog from antiparazitarnogo 2002 and consult have veterinary doctor.

Apomorphine. An emetic a means, which usually facto for arousal gag center. Symptoms: Dog humming's tearing up, she is experiencing weakness, from-for which not can rise.

The first aid: Give to drink dog warmest milk, give activated coal, to warm grelkami and quickly deliver in go to vet the sanitarium.

Atropine contains in plants family paslenovykh (Demoiselle crane, carotid odur, it's henbane, jimson weed). Atropine - a strong a poisonous a substance, which acts on nervous system dogs, causes motor and mental arousal, spasms bodies and even auditoria and auditory ZhIVU.

Poisoning of our most often there is summer, when owners are being withdrawn their legged friends on bosom of nature and, seeking to remedy the lack of vitamins, proceed kissel and the herbs of Saint Roch from of leaves and fruits Polish plants.

Symptoms: Vomiting; pupils sharply broadened; barking all of the husky; constant the thirst for; skin belly, damage in. Pulse frequent. Dog'm horny. Spasms bodies, resemble for epilepsy. Death animal comes through 3-12 hours.

The urgent aid: Have repeatedly wash stomach water, give activated coal, relaxants means. Give to drink guaranteeing sweet tea, coffee. Is necessary urgent fertility centre aid.

Boric acid. Symptoms: A multiple vomiting; temperatures bodies reduced - 36-37 ° Since; decline cordial activities; on the skin belly can emerge rash.

The first aid: Dog otpaivayut milk, it: 00 A.M. slushie from starch, give zhzhenuyu some Milk of Magnesia.

Veratrin (hellebore white). Poisoning of our often arises under tank dogs in solution chemeritsy with goal struggle with their fleas and in other parasites skin and wool.

Symptoms: Incessant drooling, thirst, vomiting, diarrheic, can be spasms; running shell eye, lips pale; process breathing upset.

The first aid: Inward - care solution tannin, its robust tea, yodnaya water (on 1 the glass cool water - 2 breath yodnoy adjust our).

Gases and couples. The greatest the danger for dogs represent toxic gases and couples: Chlorine, bromide currents, iodine, Ufakhimprom warehouses, khlorpikrina, Rudraksha oxide, sulfur-dioxide gas, nitric acid, oxide carbon (a hysterical gas), anilina, nitrobenzola, myshyakovistogo hydrogen. All enumerated gazoobraznye and paroobraznye poisons, except myshyakovistogo hydrogen, destructive act on running shell, it comes in organism dogs through respiratory path and sherstnyy shelf. In household cleansers also seen methyl as people, so and dogs carbon monoxide gas (murder carbon), which reprisal under unseated combustion of wood, coal, kerosene, of Jump and another fuels.

A hysterical gas, as known, easier air and initially he failing have ceiling and only under big concentration becomes toxic for dogs, usually depressed in the lower parts of exposure.

Meet also methyl dogs, caused by efficiency exhaust gases automasinas. This is happening under distant traffic dogs in closed body car with neglected an exhaust system. Easy gas pervades through schіlini gender and in the absence of proper ventilation car body causes poisoning of our in animals.

Symptoms: Watery eyes, incessant drooling, sneezing, pristupoobraznyy cough, vomiting with blood, abrupt dyspnea, visible running shell eye, cavity blue. Gait be, unsustainable.

Indispensable UN aid: As can be rather to remove small insect which was followed dog from the atmosphere toxic vapors. Movie lavage mucous membranes of seedcoat 2% the solution food soda, prepared only from calculation: One nohat spoon soda on one the glass water. Inward any-cough the remedy, under need - artificial breath.

Mushrooms toxic. Poisoning of our arises under skarmlivanii to the dogs soups, welded from toxic wild mushrooms. Toxic mushrooms for dogs are considered: White or Treponema grebe, Red the fly agaric, false greyish-Royal Armillaria, false white mushroom. Toxic mushrooms or their the alkaloids have (house) Toxic action on heart-' cardiovascular system, central nervous system, in-intestinal firespace, liver, kidneys, camping on E. Virtually on all vitally important organs dogs.

Symptoms: Dog constantly grown sick, 's tearing up, she groans from-for pains in his stomach, diarrheic usually a bloody; heightened the thirst for; temperatures bodies table to 36 ° C; pulse is, grapple ulavlivaetsya; consciousness under dire states zatemnennoe; dog not learns owner, lies, on nickname – not reacts.

The first aid: Wash stomach water or pale-rosy the solution potassium manganate (; introduce in stomach activated coal; give to drink guaranteeing sweet tea, coffee with milk, then inward inject some castor oil from 1 tea phytosterols until 100 grams in dependence from masses dogs; only briefly first adhere to anybody cold a compress, a hot water bottle with Cold water or bubble with ice blasting.

Iron potash. Symptoms: Vomiting, diarrheic (anus black color of); dog groans from-for pains in his stomach.

Indispensable UN aid: Give to drink dog large number of milk, the the mucous otvarami, an "egg protein, the bore dining room soda from calculation on one the glass water one nohat spoon soda; give a laxative a means.

Iodine (yodnaya tincture). Symptoms: Movie incessant drooling; vomiting brown or blue masses (in dependence from content in food starch); diarrheic; the mucosa shell of oral fat and language lignite color of, otechny; are possible said from nose; rash on his stomach, spasms.

Indispensable UN the first aid: Movie lavage stomach water, then dog comes milk, activated coal, it is a liquid both complex C6H12O6, running the herbs of Saint Roch.

Carbolic acid (kreolin, Lysol made from and others. Poisoning of our arises under tank dogs with adding drugs on the basis of with carbolic acid in purposes struggle with parasites skin. Symptoms: Under the impact mortars high concentration at the body are formed bubbles, canker, eczema; under hit of a toxic substances inward - vomiting, narrowing the pupils, a sharp decline cordial activities, lower temperature bodies.

Indispensable UN the first aid. Under lesions skin - impose compresses with-neutral oils: Plant, olive, vazelinovym; if poison fell inward - ganged give dog of burned Milk of Magnesia, water with browned ice, them. Protein, activated coal, the slime-half or, glauberovu where sea salt (10 g of salt on 200 g cool water); to warm dog.

Castor bean plant (seeds, zhmykhi). Poisoning of our evolves under skarmlivanii-lover food with adding zhmykhov, which contain silnoyadovitoe a substance - toksalbumin.

Symptoms: Through 3-8 hours after eating of a toxic feed have dogs begin vomiting, diarrheic. Pet is experiencing pain in his stomach, groans.

Indispensable UN aid: Wash stomach water, give relaxants means, to warm dog grelkami, ghostly its. Aid veterinary doctor binding.

Margantsovokislyy potassium. Poisoning of our have dogs there is under hit inward of crystals substances or of lasting mortars. Symptoms: Decline cordial activities, edema mucous of fat cavity, larynx, pain in his stomach.

Indispensable UN aid: Wash stomach milk, water; introduce inward activated coal, them. Protein. Under decline cordial activities give dog kordiamin - from calculation 5-40 drops on 1 poisoning or force canteen spoonful of water in dependence from masses bodies. Aid veterinary doctor binding.

Arsenic and his compounds. Poisoning of our evolves in case abuse any his use of or bringing storage and use.

Poisoning of our manifests itself later 0.5-2 hours after embody poison in organism dogs. Dog is beginning to to rub snout paws, are commemorated turbulent bouts started vomiting, diarrheic with kalovymi masses color of besseyi herbal tea. Barking all of the husky, rolling in silent. Dog with hard moves, mostly lies, are observed spasms limbs. Poisoning of our ends death, if aid forthcoming belatedly.

An emergency dovrachebnaya aid is to give to drink dog water (250 g) with adding one tea phytosterols table vinegar or three-four grams lemon acid, then down dog warmest milk until the emergence of started vomiting. Urgently turn for veterinary help.

Prevention biosafety have dogs arsenic and his connections should attract very importantly attention.

Dog should discourage something from eating feed with land, from reception feed from of strangers people and camping on D. Given, that arsenic and his compounds there on external mind with flour, salt and can accidentally be used in food, flatly forbidden their storage among other foods.

Under processing plants against bugs-pests or destroying rodents dog should isolate.

- Naphthalene. Symptoms: Heightened thirst, vomiting; pet shivers, brought; is possible diarrheic; in dire cases are observed, the lividity mucous membranes of seedcoat, an involuntary urination and otkhozhdenie feces; in urine can be blood.

Indispensable UN aid: Movie drink water with pale-rosy the solution potassium manganate (or activated English, through hour - solevoe a laxative. Fats and food, few any fats, to lend dog in for days flatly it is forbidden.

Nicotine. Poisoning of our usually arises for puppies under eating the turned cigarette butts. Symptoms: Movie incessant drooling, vomiting; pet lies, limbs tremble or podergivayutsya; pupils constructed was narrow at, pulse is.

Indispensable UN aid: Lavage stomach water, then inward - activated coal, solevoe a laxative.

Paportnik male and his drugs. Poisoning of our is the result of crass use protivoglistnykh drugs. Symptoms: Incessant drooling, vomiting, diarrheic with blood, violation of breathing, temperature increases bodies.

Indispensable UN aid: Inward - activated coal, running the herbs of Saint Roch; to deposit dog in zatemnennoe ????; 5kWh bodies; milk and another food, few fats, in for first two days to lend bashed dog flatly forbidden. . Zidler has to supply ostuzhennym guaranteeing sweet tea.

Foods methyl arise have dogs owing to eating products, detailing toxic substances. Symptoms: Thirst, vomiting, diarrheic, temperature increases bodies until 39,7-40 ° S.

Indispensable UN aid: Give dog pale-pink care solution margantsovokislogo potassium, activated coal, then a laxative a means, put a filtration an enema from water.

Satonin, or tsitvarnoe the seed, - drug, which consumed for treatment askaridoza. In case his overdose have dogs are observed oppression breathing and weakening of cordial activities.

Symptoms: Vomiting, diarrheic, dog mostly lies, are commemorated spasms front and rear limbs.

Indispensable UN aid: Lavage stomach water, solevoe a laxative, cleaning enemas, mochegonnyy tea. Fertility centre consultation.

Saltpeter Potash (nitrate potassium). Symptoms: Diarrheic, vomiting, pain in his stomach; violation of breathing; end stage; are possible spasms.

Indispensable UN aid: More many stomach the solution food soda (one nohat spoon on gender-liter water), to lend activated coal, booze for water with browned ice.

Geschmackssache poisoning of our (take water for Daniel frye leaked). Symptoms: Vomiting belovato-on Grayscale masses, thirst, dealbata painting mucous membranes of seedcoat oral fat; diarrheic; anus initially black color of, then - krovyanistogo; breath heaviest; pulse sharply elevated; moans from-for pains in his stomach; are possible spasms and burning consciousness have dogs.

Indispensable UN aid: On opportunities quickly wash stomach water or the solution food soda (one nohat spoon soda on one liter of water); copiously give to drink dog milk, guaranteeing sweet tea, coffee with milk, give it them. Protein.

Soporific effects are increased drugs. Symptoms: State of of sleepiness, revolving EU in deep dream; Raging Bull (1980) mucous membranes of seedcoat; impaired breath, weak and a rare pulse; temperatures bodies dogs table; running shell oral fat and eye pale; breath impaired and superficial; pulse grapple got any pulse, a rare; in dire cases running shell and language are turning purple Is, dog is lapsing in unconsciousness state of.

Indispensable UN aid: On opportunities wash dog stomach water with activated English and give to drink any so a means, then guaranteeing tea or coffee (cold); to warm pet, give warm the medicine - 5-30 drops kordiamina (in dependence from masses bodies dogs).

Solanin (pozelenevshiy or prorosshiy themselves by growing potatoes). Symptoms: Vomiting, diarrheic; dog sits all hunched up or lies, groans; breath heaviest, pulse uneven, - is erratic.

Indispensable UN aid: Lavage stomach; relaxants, enemas, kordiamin in drops of (5-30 drops in dependence from masses bodies); cold its robust tea, coffee. To warn such poisoning, to store themselves by growing potatoes should in keep for dogs place.

Strychnine. Symptoms: All muscle bodies dogs stressed; periodically arise spasms; pet lies, zaprokinuv head ago; pulse weak, but frequent.

Indispensable UN aid: Wash stomach water with activated English, or the solution yodnoy water (10 drops on 0.5 liter water), or pale-rosy the solution margantsovokislogo potassium. In no way case not to lend zoo tea, coffee or other southern means.

(II) chloride (kalomel). Symptoms: Moderate swelling all mucous membranes of seedcoat with sling-white with a taint of; incessant drooling; possible vomiting with blood; diarrheic until 10 times in clock; anus of greenish color of; temperatures bodies sharply reduced, pulse sluggish.

Indispensable UN aid: On opportunities wash stomach water with, its energy activated English, of burned Milk of Magnesia, milk with whip an "egg protein; give to drink dog water with browned ice; kordiamin inward: 5-30 drops on poisoning spoonful of water (in dependence from masses bodies).

Sulfadimezin, streptocid (sulfa drugs). Symptoms: Refusal from food, dullness, jitters, vomiting, dog hard Day; temperatures bodies several raised; possible jaundice.

Indispensable UN aid: Stop to lend dog this the medicine; to apply there was an oil a laxative, give to drink the solution dining room of salt from calculation: 1 nohat spoon on liter of water. Under posinenii mucous membranes oral fat give to drink dog firmly zavarennym, but ostuzhennym tea or coffee; give kordiamin: 5-30 drops (in dependence from masses bodies).

Pesticides, or yadokhimikaty. Are used in gardens-ogorodnom and agriculture for protection cultural plants from multiprocessor grass, disease, and other pests or in household cleansers. Pesticides share on: Most - means struggle with harmful insects; herbicides - means to destruction multiprocessor grass; akaritsidy - means to struggle with broken, preying on the Plant feeds; nematotsidy - yadokhimikaty, employees for destruction worms in soil and on plants; destroy - means to struggle with animals and birds in purposes protection crop.

Currently there is more two hundred various systemic pesticide on the basis of pesticides. In agriculture, in particular on courtyard box, most often adopt fosfororganicheskie compounds - khlorofos, metafos and others.; oei?i?aaie - geksakhloran, gektakhlor and others.; rtutnoorganicheskie - merkuran, granozan; drugs copper - a potash, bordosskaya liquid. Are used also drugs chlorine, iron, of hydrocyanic acid. Data drugs they are produced in the form of emulsion, powders or dustov, aquatic and oil mortars, paste, pellets.

All these drugs are toxic. On extent toxicity pesticides share on four groups.

The first group the most toxic and, therefore, the most is dangerous as for dogs, so and for rights. In it includes drugs, which even in small quantities cause a strong poisoning of our and demise animal. To this group belong pesticides, containing mercury, khlorpikrin and other compounds.

To the second group belong vysokotoksichnye pesticides: Gektakhlor, metilmerkaptofos and other.

They cause a strong poisoning of our, while leading dog to downfall.

To the third group belong drugs, with sredneyadovitymi properties. E.g. geksakhloran, khlorofos, karbofos.

The fourth group - this pesticides, toxic for dogs only in large quantities, camping on E. Drugs copper, iron, sulphur.

The most dangerous for dogs and human are pesticides the first and the second groups, so turn with them need to with special caution.

A poisonous impact pesticides on organism depends on many causes. Than better is sprayed onto drug, those he more dangerous, so as rises his content in vdykhaemom the air. With other hand, than higher temperatures air, those some bloodsucker drug. Not less an important factor is fortitude drug in soil, water, on the grass. Drugs, with resistance (even in small quantities), can to stay linger in body dogs and trigger a chronic poisoning of our.

Above than to move to izlozheniyu as a premedical aid otravivsheysya Pesticides dog, needs stop on Prevention this species biosafety.

Work with Pesticides, authorized by for sales population, on Primorsko Holiday Village – or in household cleansers must to be conducted with observance all measures precautionary. Need to remember, that pesticides should to store in places, beyond for dogs, as well as and for other animals and for children. ???? powdery substances needs to store in hermetic requirement for the polyethylene huge.

Before opryskivaniem or pollinating plants from facilities or with gardening Alternatively needs to remove dogs and other animals. By products, tableware, bowls with water, objects arm (dog leashes but also, shleyki, a muzzle) also that Spain learn. Tara from-under systemic pesticide not must be used for dogs nor in any purposes. After processing Pesticides facilities in them should not immediately impose dogs: First ???? the airs and washed floors.

Signs of poisoning by have dogs can be various, but the main picture such is: Dog shakes a ears, sits all hunched up, keeps clogging up in dark a corner, is possible diarrheic laced with blood. Often poisoning of our is accompanied by podergivaniem individual muscle inflammation bodies.

The first aid should be operational and held in dependence from pathways revenues poison in organism dogs. If it was pesticide fell through respiratory path (under work with aerosols or poroshkoobraznymi substances), then dog needs learn on clean air or in well on the ????, to lift with it collar and muzzle, cautiously has to put to nose for arousal breathing 5 minutes and, moistened nashatyrnym with some alcohol, and if breath has stalled, then try to restore his with the help a twitch or language or artificial breathing.

If it was pesticide fell on sherstnyy shelf dogs, then needs quickly continue to have his Cold water with toilet soap. If zone embody on sherstnyy shelf limited, then, to not spread poison, his first must be eradicated a piece of cotton wool, cloth, and then wash that place Cold water with adding drinking soda (1 nohat spoon on 1 liter of water). Only after this can be fully buy back dog.

If poison fell dog in eyes, their needs carefully wash the solution drinking soda, of boric acid (one nohat spoon on liter of water) or conventional water.

Under hit pesticides in in-intestinal firespace dog needs urgently injected into his mouth pale-pink care solution margantsovokislogo potassium. If dog's tearing up, this procedure repeat several times, to to qualitatively wash stomach, then dog only water with, its energy activated English, after what give solevoe a laxative.

The quinine powder. Poisoning of our on quinine evolves have dogs, when during of special training with goal otucheniya their from reception feed have outsiders faces animals routinely fed meat or another providing a decoy, nachinennuyu on quinine.

Symptoms: Be gait, electrified, revolving EU in belligerence,, the lividity visible mucous membranes of seedcoat lips, age. Pet ceased to respond to nickname – and team from-for "deafness.

The first aid: Movie lavage stomach water with activated English, inward a laxative a means, 5kWh bodies grelkami, wraps. Aid veterinary doctor binding.

Source: Health everything dogs

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Alla, thank you!
Thank you you huge! Very useful information! And the directly in such a disarray and displeased (
Tomorrow'll run for namordnikom and in the Veterinary Surgery please.



Sorry, that so many, but me this gave veterinarian. Have us in Timiryazevsk park and in the oak copse being hounded regularly, was even rally, collections of signatures and representatives police and Fortunetelling, when died many household dogs, including dog purveyor, and on TV in Vestyakh showed, so that for me this very as relevant.



And very well, that many!
Explore vnimatelneyshim way. Have us today, too, rally was. With TV. Only monarch these continue their affairs black make (



Thank you! Very financially-engineered and useful information



Thank you! And dogkhantery this simply monarch!



Large Thanks for Sharing (information! http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/good2_002.gif'll copy on other forums have. Such a information need to spread everywhere, times perishing these bastards (dogkhantery) quite not hide their methods. After all most ghastly, that under desire, any man can going in and-there is no and to know, as poison dog. http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/sorry.gif



Yes perishing http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/sad.gif
And at all, here is witness, these (even people their to call not want) have united and act.
And that prevents reconstitute owners (especially otravlenykh dogs)? Here is organized rally, was invited TV, and further? Perhaps this gathering need to turn in powering animals, and so same, as nor seem strange, in Committee on human and protecting children, in intently. Guess why?
Right, because be poisonous can child, stumbled, fell, and in this place poison rassypana, and this already a felony..

Truth I in our politsayam with some since not believe, if not say more. But, if will public resonance, then politsayam will have to raise their fatty selling asses-classist and that the do.
Still times closing, focus to do on ugruzu life children!



Muris wrote:

exhaustive information throughout most ghastly, that under desire, any man can going in and-there is no and to know, as poison dog.

And human



ШАНТАЛЬ wrote:

still times closing, focus to do on ugruzu life children!

Yes, agree.
I have was case. I taking photographs dog on pristroystvo.
And literally through week its poisoned during walk. Poisoned in own yard! And this sleeping district! There children constantly with the mommies walk. And that prevented would child adapt grab this poison? And there is such children, who increasingly in his mouth dragged off.



An appalling theme. We here is recently survived poisoning of our. Hope, that this was only zagnivshiy slice of, but and have us dogs being hounded.
Fortunately, now have Sean already increasingly in order.



ШАНТАЛЬ wrote:

be poisonous can child, stumbled, fell, and in this place poison rassypana, and this already a felony..

A felony. And relative to animals: Article "brutal treatment with animals" still no one not revisit it!

Viki & K wrote:

dogkhantery this simply monarch!

Hope, and they soon can get really sick (will fall in hole, that other alive creatures °), here is would watch on their spasms - me personally pity not will become!

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NN wrote:

Ugolovschina and relative to animals: Article "brutal treatment with animals" still no one not revisit it!

But only on fact she and not works, unfortunately. And as rule, prove something very difficult for this article http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/unknown.gif

NN wrote:

I hope, and they soon can get really sick (will fall in hole, that other alive creatures °), here is would watch on their spasms - me personally pity not will become!

And here is so, too, not need to. They something, of course, monarch. But and the, that you say,, too, inhumane. Not upodoblyaytes them.
Personally I would shower, when wanted, to such people was tried across austerity of law. And unforgivable the, that in this direction nor law, nor law-enforcement authorities not work.



Muris wrote:

And unforgivable the, that in this direction nor law, nor law-enforcement authorities not work.

They zacheshutsya, when children start poisoning yourself, and this will happen sooner or later, because as territory about homes poisoned.



NN wrote:

"brutal treatment with animals"

Very specific article, poisoning of our under all desire, unfortunately, under it not is mired.
On fact in AOC "was lucky", that, the food poisoning very ill labr-guide and dog contractor traffic, so now gather testimony and can something tickles. ???? both these dogs not select with land nothing, and after walk of licking poorly laundered hoisted.



Today have us still one victim (
Me here is afflict the media! Why? Why to publish name drug, which these monarch enjoy? Inadequate people around pond he! T. E. Such a nelyudyu even not need to crawl on forums, to intercede in these community. Heard and of pooped nelyubimomu neighbor with dog!
I in work policemen, too, not believe. On meeting in our city of they themselves talked, that ??? ?? ? ? people kill, and you want, to we have sought nelyubiteley dogs.
I have already internal Hysteria. Gremlyu pesu on the street on any about and itself themselves for hands tugging at ', to this not to do (and not turn dog in hysterical.



Muris wrote:

A here is so, too, not need to. They something, of course, monarch. But and the, that you say,, too, inhumane. Not upodoblyaytes them.

Sorry, a bit it seems on demagoguery: I not urge to kill!! I, too, for something, to was tried software ZAKONU! But personally me, closing, under comparison extent mercy as to these those who aren't human and to innocent defenseless animals (with a poisoned and tortured young man) always unambiguously will more pity animals!!
Incidentally, recently on our televisions showed Newsweek about how as one freak out to the tortured a homeless dog: Ah this was no-man's-dog, and if would have the dogs was is a master, then desire to had overthrown with born this well understandable for any loving YOUR dog! And, I assure, no amount would "the right" talk about "not likening" would dikes failed!



Alla wrote:


Sao?? And began all with Southern Administrative Okrug. Expand on Moscow (



Yesterday entire night crawl on connectivity in search of the big info. Nabrela on Safaris forum. There men serious, have one, too, rotted away dog, that two never nothing not chose people (licked her hoisted). So here is there they simply spisalis and themselves declared witch on these bastards. And understand their What you!


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