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In this subject write on useful advice and copy posts with useful cable from other those



Perhaps need to start temku fill in.
Below set generalized and often asked questions owners and my short answers on them.

question – Wrong answer

My Puppy he's sawin 'Wall and Alice in there.

Make sure, that Puppy receives sufficient number of vitamins.
Apologize patience. Wasn you not have observed as small children, sitting about Wall, they-- And finger at poorly pasted-on there, and then with exhilaration look, as had a outstrips Wall. Puppy the same child, homilies him a hammer is always, that he not rights, porugayte his. Better block up this Wall with plywood or netting. This temporary phenomenon.

My Puppy he's sawin 'shoes and Takes all, until what goes someplace.

Will have accommodate in primarily to order themselves. Unbind shoes.
Not leave remote from television, lens, thermometers on to magazine spent and Catharina Joss, remove all degistirmek. Marginalized work, make sure, that all deleted. In return leave puppy toys, insurance bones, distributing vitamin wand, are ears. These same objects should leave and in the preceding case.

My Puppy shits each and roughly through hour after walk.

Smaller are asleep. Try discern, in what time this is happening.
Nothing not on advices, will have to stand up meal for, even if this will be 5 morning. As only Puppy will make their “affairs ”, necessarily applaud his and
Leave the center home. The last time take a walk as can be later.
The main mistake owners in such situation, this early transition on dvukhrazovuyu walks, often. Homilies gulyat 4 times, 2 short and 2 long walk. Spying on those, to Puppy made their “affairs ”, and other dogs him not inimical. Not't forget praise his. After this he can to continue their game with other dogs. Most importantly make sure, that Puppy well.

My Puppy poorly one enjoys listening on the street, his not was large home.

Take always with a dainties. Periodically podzyvayte schenka to itself, but only in the very moment, when he not plays with other people handling, let us him dainties, praise and now, let him go Caribbean. Podzyvayte schenka jovial few voice, even if in this moment you kipite from anger. Not show me its weakness, will quell in itself anger. Will learn how feel his hound. If Puppy timings.... while playing and not points out on you attention, vyzhdite convenient moment or you line up his attention, for example, knock on the door for stick about tree or do kind of that running away from from him. In any case any podzyv schenka on the first stage nourishing should be stems with enjoyable taking. Another advice, if you have little time, take a walk with puppy for on longest tight leash.

My dog poorly reacts on team “available.Fu. ”

Particularly to be sure couples to team: “available.Fu ” and“ cannot be. ” Most owners use team “available.Fu ” in any, even inconvenient for this case, in end dog little points out attention on owner. Hold team “available.Fu ” portrayed in exceptional cases, and requires from dogs full ending the all action.
Strolling with puppy for, you should monitor him and foresee undesirable actions, warning their team “cannot be. ” Team “available.Fu ” on an early stage nourishing must 38,322 only in is case, if its can be reinforce physical impact. For example, the pull for ceasing from one left on gender dainties. And if Puppy was detached from dainties, applaud his and give him dainties from its pocket.
On this Koristuytes mostly team “cannot be ” and only in serious cases team“ available.Fu. ”



Very helpful for up, joints and muscle inflammation dogs:
1. Walk rapid step on hard the surface (best pebble).
2. Really in a pickle now U-turns: Dainties fill around the circle to the tail with full unconnected to dogs in one and other side (team any have us "circle" and "round of").
3. Dog in position stand and dainties on it, on level faces right off, to dog commanded ago. Can be start about narrow seats (the walls, reinstate), to not was seats withdraw in side.
We this do every day and not one times, all experts write about khorooshem a balanced movement.



Viki & K wrote:

for undoing smell urine. Although for this we ispolzum its robust solution potassium manganate (, which adding in build water and already light rosy the solution behind our laptops in our, that need to. Smells eliminates the authentication on times. Why in advance dear: So VSE crystals rasstvoryatsya and dog not gets burn from accidental embody-to-mouth kristallika.



Bought a new cell-perenosku, soft, but like enough a strong. Is worth open in bedroom, I'm putting out the there dainties - lack quickly-quickly and somehow this from it. Ever read any Poe staff, nothing substantial about toilet not has found. Very hope on your advice.



Not won't be you pushing events. Let first simply privyket to it, and will cease to think, that this something non-standart and not right (incidentally, following sama ga Miteru), pack there delicious treats for everyone, toys, he will get used, then which we can every day on slightly-slightly his there turning a blind. The first time at all have closed-opened, the attaboy, gave NAKU. Then are developing time stay. To not bored was are giving dlitelnozhevatelnuyu a doodle. Over time he its very even will love, on krayey least will get used.
I, incidentally, before so same negatively snubbed to cage. Been mulling, that I never his hound there not'm gonna shove. But it is time and I understood what this [kayf]. In road, in an exhibition, and we and dogs all a calm. Dogs nor with whom not beating each other up, and having slept, we not let us nervous: And who there obey, not - Step on on tail the little dog. This not cell, this of cards, protection, comfort. And now have us different might: A small plastic boxing, a huge Iron cell, a large tryapochnaya cell (truth in it already occurred window, whose something khuliganistoy't). In general on any taste of, color and naznacheie.



Olja, thanks to, is worth this new cell, let us, as can get better, to it getting accustomed.

There is piggly wiggly card, on all tests in giving you a chance to (vetlab) 10%, there make test on PRA.

In case, if sobiku need to anything put a bandage on, and man, too,, there is cool bandages, which sticks...... themselves to itself, there is no knots, and there is still such bandages with "tree. The", helps, to not sdiralsya use a catheter from veins, for example.



Alla wrote:

which sticks...... themselves to itself,

Can you have box, its would photograph and posting in teie?



Viki & K wrote:

a small plastic boxing, a huge Iron cell, a large tryapochnaya cell

Anyone knows cells, which dog break the not can. My French Shorthaired Shepherd dog Rita, hacking into cells on times. Under than under me quite he's sleeping in cage, but only we for threshold (Wu us a huge Iron cell) and in House "purity and order"!



Маруся-Нафуся wrote:

can you have box, its would photograph and posting in teie?

Packaging - this simple any plastic wrap, there even nothing not written, and bandages color, in my temke on the photos in sight - yellowy-green on one another's feet and Red on okorochke have Beam. Stuck in 120 find.



Here is such have us use a catheter kept, under all efforts to remove his with hoisted have Beam not broke a, and the usual white bandage for minutes crashed bridal.



Маруся-Нафуся wrote:

Who any knows cells, which dog break the not can. My French Shorthaired Shepherd dog Rita, hacking into cells on times

Some entlebukhery, too, are at to split cells) I in such cases metal cell from all angle, in every street corner securing rifles. Carabiners buying in construction stores



About veterinary and Shans Bio, if from whom questions there is or help with than need to, blood take, the drip's put, drugs find, tests send with good steep discount-don. Always is happy help http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/smile.gif



Alyona, and you where worked at determined whether territorially?



M. Vykhino (Moscow Metro) http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/yes.gif



The other the end of the Moscow) Alan, me derzhitsya draugi ir with bushikam ah very like!



And me as like. http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/girl_tender.gifIt later'll post an in one of those their http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Girl_1/17.gif



Think information will useful all indeed from whom puppies: until change her teeth no games in manufacturing of all! Otherwise can improperly stored biting. Experienced owners - confirm, so whether this. Me today in vetklinike have taught, and I and not knew - tyagayu its bezzubku afield for good reason (http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_855.gif



I would told on Different, until dog is growing, nothing pull not worth, because as dogs developing as ways and from such a "gymnastics" can suffer jaw. Know such cases. And so same not worth to lend a back-an eye an effort wicket keeper, goes to the lower jaw, and not worth play with plastic bottles at.



Самарская wrote:

until change her teeth no games in manufacturing of all! Otherwise can improperly stored biting. Experienced owners - confirm, so whether reality

Yes, play in manufacturing of all indeed cannot be