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www.addic7ed.com, someone uses wax "Ida gulyat", but I not uverenna, that word processing managerial long faffing around on reagentam. Someone shoes or sneaker-socks uses special - but have us protecting their pitch to Smash immediately, not likes it in them gulyat (



stasyun wrote:

but have us protecting their pitch to Smash

Have us, too, most, lying around, he's sawin ', until not snimit with seats not steal.



Nata wrote:

“I don’t here even by the dog walkers prisovetovali posibility to set gruziki,

Expressly NO! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/433.gif

????, on any place! Izuroduete dog!



Ludik77 wrote:

expressly NO!

Yes I, too, as the hesitated, so and wrote.



Alla wrote:

Dogs in free I might go virtually not tire. And here is if parading around their, then tire literally through 15 minutes slow walk, Caribbean them easier, than slowly go.

And I the all thought. That this event glyuchit- ah not can he exponentially parading around: If I slowly of walking. The he is carried forward-me, forward-me. Even 4000m2 as well as in the eyes of snow and feel nauseous from this box is beginning to, account for me on the streets of the is carried slightly not running. And times so: Let us learn slowly walk on a tight leash (that would modicum as the alors http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/609.gif)



Алла wrote:

Caribbean them easier, than slowly go.

And I the themselves already being boxed, to pace of support, and it turns out contrary need to, slowly. The the after walks I no, and Ruslana me even and with toy neck :)))



Me in August 11 on Plem show have advised with Bimom walk, what until this need to say we not did, and was whizzing he have us on camps-will-the grass in svobolnom I might go. Have become with him walk on tight leash, changing pace of from quite slow until rapid (my) step, he became lie down first minutes through 15, then headed back to in Moscow and I "used to walk" with him on Dmitrovskomu highways two stop in one side, two until homes, then also but already two times. Vacation several times represented a him man on radio: Pereryvchiki - he simply Prix, as ochumevshiy. And on chessboard, when were,, I have observed that from exercise on 25?C he running out of steam, and here is on all bullets ready is carried without curiously teams, him in [kayf]to fly.



Yes-and-and-and a quotation and have us limping http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/609.gif. And prevents there booms-scale ,-barriers can be even not teach. The main thing is, landing before these



And we with the most childhood walk gulyat in cleanest. And cleanest - in twenty-minute walk. In end - twenty-minutes on tight leash there, then short in park, and - twenty-minutes back. ????, I always on-good was jealous of people living alongside its kind. And it turns out - in vain! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/cool.gif



Yeeees. And have us and cleanest and wood in 100m from Owl in different hand http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/126.gif(http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_150.gif)



Hello all.
Please help us. Have us Puppy 1.5 month. He in House already 5 day. 3 of them at night already not cries. And not ?oieo a day to. All happy with. Here is only quite not wants walk in toilet there where we his try teach. On pelyonke he sleeping. And sand he eats. And most the main thing is, not it. Shouts each time when's been asking to in toilet. With and across a large and small. Here is only he is beginning to run off and seek each time new place. And increasingly higher that caca specifically failing. Please Podskajite that to do. Walk with him on streets as I think sense there is no. So as he not in able himself down with 20 marble steps and I simply've stood his. Although when've stood he in during 1 minutes makes their affairs. Could you tell me who can as us be. We strangers and nothing in this not understand. Although want to believe that with puppy for us fortunate. And even he today at night at all not of pooped. And only heard my steps in clean immediately began yelling in toilet. D grateful to all who responds. Moreover. Am asking all who can help us cable-until we a bit not learn how. So as now he McCotter on ceasing but he not rises from him quite. These we commemorated something his space. Simply as only he are getting away in toilet we abide his on hands and Las. Fear to nowhere not of pooped. Have us two children and he with them very amiable. Thank you all!



alexandra rodi wrote:

here is only quite not wants walk in toilet there where we his try teach.

And you have children there is? They immediately on pot were
And that you want from lyalki, you themselves think puppy 50 days one. And only 5 days he you have. Leave his in alone, ogranichte him space one bathroom, when leave one. If you noticed that Puppy shouts (and why shouts, can that aching) when wants on Affairs, then this well, take his and bear on streets, I so understand you in House live.

alexandra rodi wrote:

so as now he McCotter on ceasing but he not rises from him quite. These we commemorated something his space.

My God my, ah there is head, spinning such a puny on "chain", for that you pregnant so?
Ah even if'll poop on gender, ah and that. Hauled away. And thus your behavior you're going to ruin your baby.
Did there is no opportunities insulate his space other way? Check a tick Eww... Put the tailgate, close your in room, corridor.
Times Puppy (Zeni, means soon will be easier.
And that for sand he you have eats?



We when Ruslan brought, bought a special spray for priucheniya a puppy to the toilet training front and on them the center, with first times Ruska making the connection, far affairs to do need to, and through a few days we them already not enjoyed camping on K. Doggy realized far walk need to. Homilies, we bought on site Fleagle Beagle. Ru



Yes, I think that there all normal, simply people others lost their heads.
Nothing, all as an ensemble of virtuoso, have pani there is positive moments http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/609.gif



Флэшка wrote:

Skyfall about veterinary and Shans Bio, if from whom questions there is or help with than need to

Hello. Have us recently emerged Puppy and questions, of course, arise. (For example, yesterday had ear plugs-thank god poured, but nervous had to. And to flee in a clinic each time not then become) We, too, live on Vykhino (Moscow Metro) How with you can be contact? Sometimes very need one phone call znayuschemu man. Question-the answer and we a calm)



Podskajite, please, pro adults for transportation dogs for city in machine. Now sleeping in feet in machine, but soon it there will become closely.



And that specifically suggest the? A hammock very convenient pleasant thing. Accented with bortikami, accented without.
Have us here is such http://www.kurgostore.com/dog-travel/wander-hammock/, comforting those, that in a part of, which mounting your to front seats, though can be to unzip lightning and half lower for passenger. Also we use a special belt security for dogs.



'm joining Daniel. Use and the, and another. Photo there is in my topic pro the last journey in Europe in May. (With's go. Cell phones not can insert or exile give)



Girls, Danieland stasyun, and tell dog on a belt security can and sit and lie, but under this not can is carried on machine, correctly I understand?



Javadxan. And lies, and is worth, and's crawling as wants, but here is abrupt movements this belt do not will give. Ah and respectively under tormozheniyakh dog remains on the back of a.