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Lodka simply L already, Angelin! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/give_rose.gif



Dobryi evening all-all-all! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/greeting.gifLook out for all shelties on Forum and only that self, and for their grown a with folders) http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/kiss.gifEveryone as native! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/636.gifonly here is podzabrosili write about themselves http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/331.gif. Our Lodinke founding 2 year, live - are we doing remarkable, as all normal entlebukhery - dirty little slobbery ball around the - our "ALL") also as and all puppies can play endlessly, but wasn that have become a little better behaved a bit) A way out of homes have us is obligatory "a serious conversation", pro the, that need to walk near and not bark on, pff guarantees excellent passers-by) And after all if I shall forget to talk to the, then and uskachet from me and could maintain someone. ???? bark she so - first be appropriate cautiously, smells the, looks at the man in eyes, and as only the relax and starts admire deep beauty dogs, as she a long it was a rant betrays him all, that thinks about him http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/shout.gif. And in the rest of the we live very small and love to talk to the on category http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/186.gif. I have raze not is obtained do with people beautiful photo (my helps convenient autofocus function not has time so quickly of a much on helpfulness) but, to a bit seem, uploaded photo with of last walk.

For starters, in a badge of welcoming, artistic wagging tail)

And those variables photo, where Lodi not favours to a lens "lily")



Yes, grew already aaoea, already girl squarely on of marriageable age) http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/give_rose.gif




Kakae cool summer fotochki! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/108.gif

Самарская wrote:

Wu me raze not is obtained do with people beautiful photo (my helps convenient autofocus function not has time so quickly of a much on helpfulness)

For entlebukhera this in order things! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/105.gif



Viki & K wrote:

already girl squarely on of marriageable age)

now will rent all tests, and let us married asking to come)

Ludik77 wrote:

To entlebukhera this in order things

yes-yes) but here is there is same talents - immediately several entlikov critical taken pictures of! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/girl_claping.gif



Nice, that you materializing finally! Me very been of use list, which you constituted in its time and questions on Forum you were supposed to answer those same, that and I asked would. And so answers on many questions were already are prepared. I even and, far you family.

Самарская wrote:

but here is there is same talents - immediately several entlikov critical taken pictures of!

In! We with Lena, when walked with three entlebukherami,, too, understood, that thus people need to questioning a monument! Have us so nor one decent group derzhitsya and not broke a, although both naschyolkali more 100 cadres each.



Rarely, but happens, that on the field simultaneously go gross, Bern and we. I already 8 times tried to photograph this the paradigm together. But if big horse lie and pose, then from Danki either tail, either the brink C., either melded blot. So and not broke a nor never. It's a shame!

Samarskaya, envy your waters open spaces. From our small river can be tractor tank-.



akoma, thank you large! And we think - appeared new remarkable bushiki, so interesting to see as are rising malyshata, ah and have us without special events life flows, here is and priumolkli. But without Forum - nor days! The most a favorite the partition "familiar" - VERY interestingly to read pro all and look photos!

Екатерина wrote:

envy your waters open spaces

yes, place very beautiful) we go to do family photo session with Lodkoy on backdrop of water. Contrasted. She immediately same swan dive there, and then has become Caribbean to us and back, in end, all my luxurious children have become dirty to boot and wet, and their white sneaker-socks had to simply sweep) in end - Lodi Lies separately, and children had to to do exclusively the portraits)


You are here » Entlebucher Sennenhunds - Forum NHL » Familiar! » Melody