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Cattery "Corona Russia"

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Yes God with them, who that said and thought - bullshit this. Simply cannot be zabaltyvat this subject. Better silently something to do. Is ready the organization in on services lawyer.



I have today relatively freely at work: Meddled, there foolishly, not need to was, here is rights proverb. http://s16.rimg.info/1377de4f44c9895d8482ea0211a556be.gif

All the more, that zavodchitsa simply "puts an" on all these debate and perfectly themselves feels.

Here the truth is, that distressed act need to: Collective lawsuit in Court, on fizlitso (on cattery, as understood, is difficult, yurlitsa there is no), the court, Netimer all, would benefit, and further in sight will.

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How I know, in the Crown Russia this not the first mezhporodnaya-knit. Were bernogrossy in 2012. Truth, then immediately all knew, that they mongrels.
I simply taking photographs then a puppy from this accumulated. And lingers ocharovakhu.

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akoma. Is ready the organization in on services lawyer.

And I is ready, question only in is, where take such a literate and competent lawyer?

Natalya, why foolishly? Quietly silenced ("puts the"?, not quite agree! At least, forum BZ more edifices, and means, that such "zavodchikmamigonyan" known now all visit this forum! (http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/332.gif

Muris, such a sense of, that we dug up nest aspida. Than further, the worse (



Me still on Bern Club together of references in lichku nakidali on posts not an esteemed the breeder. So all launched.
Have Mamigonyan there is no property, won Court, went ksudebnym to the marshals and again nothing. Operates it EGF advertisements - most ghastly. To pay she not will, otherwise long would already this made.



JakIv, ah, then, how I know, dogs so and were sold (or may - this I not in rate), as mongrels. Chantal not masked this offered. So that not can say, that in the situation she as something incorrect approach themselves had been.
Another matter, that after the first same "unsanctioned" always need to was would to take all measures moreover, to such a more not occurred. Although me it is difficult judge, how this realistically in kennel with large number of dogs.



I, too, not understand (i.e., than more dogs in kennel, those mess more? (Then at all all poorly, more dogs, more responsibility for their content and departure! Ah and pro money, if to speak, "reported revenues more"! Responsibility noted only expands! As in business, a small reported revenues-a small responsibility, a large reported revenues - running respond on an adult (
And the entire horror, that spread it shantalskikh dogs in kennel she developing, and for the quality of respond not wants (



And in 12 th year puppies on bernoklabe at all not were sold. Stopping by in the partition "Dogs on sale" - in this year puppies as something at all not of spawned that way.



http://bernclub.ru/forum/90-5120-1 this theme pro moreover schenka, which through Bernospas perepristraivalsya. Why perepristraivalsya - already not remember.
In this same topic here is here photos other puppies from this accumulated: http://bernclub.ru/forum/90-5120-5
And perishing were selling their initially or so ordered - this I not know. Know accurately, that about how, that mongrels stated initially, without catch (at least in case Sharmel).

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Alla wrote:

Wu Mamigonyan there is no property, won Court, went ksudebnym to the marshals and again nothing

This yes, the court win not the problem, here all clear and light as day, and here is obtain with fizlitsa - already harder, not venture same, accounts not clog up and in bezaktseptnom order not you completely reject http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_855.gif

Alla wrote:

operates it EGF advertisements - most ghastly.

With this I would had just waited: She has like puppies now (centimeters themes about sales puppies) and gross of and bushikov (hope, this not two in one http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/123.gif), there is opportunity with sales foot the bill, like should will have to on all. And here is, if and then "in fool" - can be will regard all of this zloumyshleniem.



Has passed even 1 month.
Nothing! Ah except abuse on BK

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Яshmaand other affected.
I'm so sorry for.
You for good reason have been waiting for from this human things, appropriate universal norms.
Go in Court, with better do collective lawsuit.
This the only chance, for recovery justice.



I congratulate all NEentlebukherov and minigrossov with the first day birth http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/girl_claping.gifhttp://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Girl/17.gif
All-lover - health, and bundle of - patience and decency http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/give_rose.gif



Sobakinam our greetings) http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/636.gif

Decency only "her breeder" (http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/45.gif



I congratulate! Take the best from two breeds and you raise a beautiful and parties’smart on joy expectant-' mommies. http://s16.rimg.info/b3cd17f3c7b82912eac47f7fde070dd3.gif



Congratulations with Daytime Birthday, there was particular dogs! You raise a healthy and beautiful! Chief gift you already received - you have remarkable masters! http://s16.rimg.info/b3cd17f3c7b82912eac47f7fde070dd3.gif



Tatiana, can, and here to duplicate the, written on Bernoklabe pro make Plyushi?
Yes, Chantal here more not emerges, but after all our forum reading many potential owners entlebukherov, itself theatre sat here long before the emergence of its lovers. And pro exception of the Crown Russia from NHL to mention would. And the, like as, increasingly zamyalos and to normalness.



Yes, perhaps produbliruyu here
Here is this on BK BernKlub

Little moreover, that Puppy proved besporodnym, but have him has surfaced trauma, derives precisely from in quite tiny... Iittle age. About than, of course, zavodchitsa, too, didn't bother telling us.
First we thought, that simply even sooner and make not typically recognized assemble in clump on’s front a white one another's feet, but in 3 month with terms of a set of weight dog has become already very markedly have a limp. Have become seek reason. Us have advised turn to very good a doctor Alesashinoy O. And. Before. I, have made several rentgenov and figured out, that have a puppy in very tiny... Iittle age were, they're all broken make on one another's feet, they have become grafted upon wrong, veins excess sustavchiki, and make instead of, to look kogotochkami down, contrary watched upward, camping on E. Were are bent in other side. In age 3 months operation pursue was cannot be, have recommended that wait and look 98th, and warned, that perhaps fingers will have at all to amputate over time.
To our happiness after another visit to a doctor and X-rays, was allowed to do operation. 4 April, exactly in Plyushiny six months old, Alesashina has carried 2 hour operation, make raised on 4 spoke. 6 weeks plaster, 3 weeks tight gnomes, heap injections of, medicines, the nerve and camping on D. And camping on P. Final verdict waited until the end of August. And Hooray! All succeeded as need to. 3 spoke managed get simultaneously with sterilised at the same time, and one had to to leave in coroner launches an investigation, camping on To she, Rhodes in a bone a blister and again toting his make we not have become.
Now plush virtually not limping, is carried as from. Limping only after long sleep couple of minutes, camping on K. Apparently is falling asleep's foot. Each time, when I see its after sleep a goddamn rocking me on three paws heart of compresses.
Test my narrative simply, can be call in a clinic Altervet (+ 7 (812) 293-1663, + 7 (812) 602-2520) and ask have doctor Aleksashinoy Olha Scientific - methodical problems pro entlebukhera Plyushu
Anticipating questions immediately buck why I not told this history immediately. Been mulling, ah far perishing until heap even and this, and so the situation extremely freak.
Why write this now? For completeness paintings, camping on K. Believe, that Chantal simply's mocking me and making miserable need to me.
Want, to people understood, that here not only podvyaz, here absolutely devil-may-care and irresponsible attitude to themselves a back-.
Why we with husband not turned attention on's foot when take Plyushu? So she walk could not, she crawl, clinging to gender. On our question "why she so strange churchgoers" was answered, that its the first time from zagorodki learned. We thought, that so and should be, camping on K. In 45 days never puppies not take. Previous puppies Beate taking in 3 and in 4.5 month.
That told me breeder, when I it wrote entire history with toe episode? Verbatim: "Pro fingers, I stunned, but has long ceased be surprised, yes and puppies pranced around and no one had a limp." Increasingly.

So that respected future buyers puppies in the kennel Corona Russia have Mamigonyan E, I hasten warn you about how, that needs vet all limbs and at all a puppy squarely on place purchases. So as even if you suddenly lucky and your Puppy proves from announced in documents parents, then have him can supreme health problems.



I in negotiate yet another of shock! This that OK with malyavochkoy did? On some paws were their huge weight! Themselves puppies and Mommy hardly would be able knowledge make - weight not the. And after all as it painful for was! And even not helped no one, so and have become grafted upon unremarked (and as same Noel-Antoine Pluche are blessed with masters of! Health you, girl! Let's foot heal quite! And after sleep you regulation just run up to mommy on all their four paws.



Well, now have become do different constructive proposals on BK: Apparently, people began to understand the scale of the problems.

akoma wrote:

A the, like as, increasingly zamyalos and to normalness.

This raze should not happen!


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