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Frisbee-related-we Nauchim your a dog flat-footed!

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Welcome to coaching received graphic to-Frisbee-related club "Arkhangelsk Lovchikh Dogs"!

Our club "Arkhangelsk Lovchikh Dogs" vkontakte

Coaching received now pass on Saturdays and Sundays with 12.00 subway examine alternative treatments for river station, cleanest "Friendship."
Additional coaching received for all willing to throw some as with dogs so and without on weekdays on the evening on the bargain.
The cost of classes 200r.
With a need ceasing for s and water dog.’s can be to purchase on train,.
Willing to engage in constantly and would in this game, always willing to accept in Club.
Coaches and chief club multiple champion Russia on graphic to-Frisbee-related PR Sergei.

Scheme map for:
Cleanest "Druzhba", subway "River Vokzal", regbiynoe field.

On subway:
- His last donation trolley from the center, are now moving beyond on streets and rightly move right, to park. Minutes 5-7 on foot - and you on place. Are looking for their shopping - category: Rugby gates (two high iron stick with rung in the middle, as he or "N") on miss glade in a ditch, below "level ????." Further for our battlefields is several the ponds.

On machine:
If to go from the center on Leningradke, Sobir right in St. Lawrence Street Festivalnaya to subway, are passing subway, bus / Walking Square and orange engage. Complex, closely are looking for turn right in cleanest, but on turn on fork take further left than that, you park next time. You exactly contrary field through the lawn ????.
If Tatranska with hand Moscow Ring Road, then Sobir on Belomorsk, on intersection with str. Lavochkin turn right, Tatranska until intersection with the festival, again right on International Film Festival. Tatranska directly, as their shopping - are passing Church (from Left). As pass, are looking again with leftist hand avtob. Halt. There can already be creating (before reversal), either wind back left on narrow path in cleanest. Field immediately down, in get the foundation, not miss.
So same classes pass on bratislavskoy in park Ripeo Borovika http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_993.gifhttp://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_993.gifhttp://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_993.gif

Our club regularly conducts contest on Frisbee-related and Peach Mr-bisexual go!


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Thanks for Sharing (info! This indeed very suited for entlebukherov!



Here is Sweet-Iooking've tried! Another entlebukher albums on contest-Abu -Dabi seems name is!
Frisbee-related in principle malozatratnyy sport in terms of value of occupational and competition, the cost of professional compact disks, whom we are clinging from 300 until 700 rubles,, too, well the real. All the more that under impossibility of shipping dog, in our club can be move into and without dogs, for training chucking. So that mercy of ask in our Frisbee-related-family! http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/yes.gif



9 March 2012 the Coalition contest on Dog-Frisbee-related "in March will resolve Wild Dogs 2012."

Place conducting - Moscow, cleanest “Druzhba ” on recent decades station.
Time starters ban -11.00 9 March in Friday.
Leading the: Moscow graphic to-Frisbee-related club "Arkhangelsk Lovchikh Dogs" VKONTAKTE
Scheme map for: Map

Contest will hold its in categories: "Strangers", Progress "," Outdoor "class. Rules RADF
The seedling class: Progress
Contest "an open" class will rating and ???? in two disciplines: Throws on the accuracy of (2 round), throws on expanding (women, men).
The cost of participation in the: Strangers, progress 150r. Open class 200r.

Sponsors these competition:
Arden Grange - super premium feed for dogs
TiTBiT - feed and dainties for animals

On for competitions can be to purchase’s for dogs.

Registering the a tentative on Khaled el. Mails or in this topic:
Bid write on here
Or may send you, on discdog @ mail.ru
In damages needs point to: Graphic to-Frisbee-related
F. I. Athlete, city residence
Rocks -klichku, age dogs
Name and-in disciplines, in a. Are planning act.

Preliminary the applications are taken until 7 March (environment) inclusive. Registering the participants after 7 March, and so same registering the on place = premium for participation + 50 Br

Tournament will undergo fully on sitting rules RADF, lovers of dogs and Frisbee-related welcome to the Era!


You are here » Entlebucher Sennenhunds - Forum NHL » Nurture and in » Frisbee-related-we Nauchim your a dog flat-footed!