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A small to his new play Oh particularly intended for breeding

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Male the dwarfish apricot poodles in line for family and is a master in House. A stout-looking poochie five years, not with experience sensual comfort.
Bitch the dwarfish devoured poodles, growth with nekrupnogo small five the Virgin, quite aggressive, in line for family.
Pope stala a serious strict a man, in conceals souls adoring his the dog a and fervently a compassionate soul him on issues sex.
Mother stala a small quivering woman.
Pope has presented to a car mechanic, affectionately call hardworking its girl.
Mother has presented to a major woman, Damaged to compare in trepetnosti with mom stala.
Son parents has presented to a normal twelve years doofus.
Instructor on vyazkam woman-the dog whisperer undetermined age, a major and tumultuous, very positive.

Action the first

Male, bitch and their owners gathered homes have owners has presented to. Animals represented each other. People intensely sit on couch and at and await, when nature accorded its.
Male (heartedly): Okay, that's--. And that here have us? Girl? O. Girl. (Boomerang on mother again, wags tail) with! Here girl! But I a good a boy and know that girls evil, and there is no one own than the you! (One here jumps up on hands mother).
Bitch (from-under seat sofa): So! I not realized, this whom here created cornered me in house?
Pope stala, podbadrivayuschee: But-but, i?eyoaeu, you that this tushueshsya? Other, what happiness you o 'luck meself!
Bitch (from-center under a sofa): I living not is to drag me out!
Mother has presented to (spaces has presented to): Expensive and you am confident, that they can under us?
Pope has presented to (while wiping his sweaty hands about trousers): And truth! Need same give them contact Uh. To communicate. Let's go until upcoming nice cup of tea!
(People go. Male life poskulivaet, trying to open the door and withdraw for them).
Bitch (looks out of-under seat sofa, with the threat): Only Vestiena you should! I for himself not 7.10!
Male: Not painful for the and like! Razvonyalas here on the whole house its heat! I all pro this know! Pitzi is in heat evil!
Bitch: Nooo! This males evil! If would not you, honest has presented to in heat lived would quietly and should not were would fight them off from the packs anxious idiots!
Male: If would not you, we not intended would in also the packs!
Bitch: Aaah so? Get! (Catches on him)
Male: Maaaama! UBIVAYuYuYuYuYuYuYuYuT!

Action the second.

Those same, there same, two hours later. People have mostly by kind of. Pope has presented to something shocked recording in notebook for instructor on vyazkam, which advises his on the telephone.

Pope has presented to (with horror): She said that need wasbad luck girl to boy home!
Pope stala (tthe): Have us renovating!
Mother stala (simultaneously): Have us grandmother it's an oldie suffer!
Pope has presented to (continues to to read): She said that bitch need hold!
Bitch: Chivooo? Living not is to drag me out! (Lurks under a sofa)
Male (with my mom's knobs): Need a you painful for, a psychic!
Mother has presented to (comes on actors offstage between their exits before a sofa): Muuusichka! Walk to mommy! Ah Walk here, my the good! Ay! (Vigorously here...... bulges out from-under seat sofa, shocked future together on the, uh, bloody hand).

(Fifteen minutes later)

Pope stala and Pope has presented to primary are raising sofa. Mother has presented to tries to tighten an a jacket on bitch. Mother stala in horror is witnessing for a stage, unsightly opening his mouth and firmly tossed on the hands of itss jewel. Finally, bitch captured. Mother awarded its spaces. Pope uncomfortably Takes its for collar. Bitch charming and designed:
- Shut'm gonna tear! Morrrgaly! 'll poke claws morrrgaly!
Male (shocked): And that you from me want?
Pope stala: Ah, whether same a man!
A dog: This as? Here is so? (Tries to do sadku on head, bitch here same tries to expect to his for )
Male (in horror): Mother! She wanted, to bite off me the place, which I'm peeing!
Bitch (fiercely): Only approach the still! A pervert!
Pope has presented to goes spots: Mommy, can better you its hold this, will you? Can have you she will quieter?
Mother has presented to accepts keeps watch from. Mother stala nervously keeps fiddling with a snot and looks in side. Pope stala tries to to channel itss jewel with grinding halt after hand. Male something suspects and to not suited. Pope stala tries to show personal example. Stala is beginning to feel nauseous in street corner. Mother has presented to from abound pitnu bitch. The kind catches on stala and takes into put his everywhere
Action third

Those same, on next day, at home have stala. Signs of repairs or grandmothers not there is. Bitch churchgoers establishment on room and, promisingly regular.
A dog (with seat sofa): Nooo! You me not you gonna make! , too, me, found pleasure! She a psychic!
Bitch: Yes, I a psychic! And I you so'll beat-up! Only try!
Male: Yes I and try shall not pass.
Mother stala, raised a: I raze not can understand, in than deal Why Uh (index,) call of nature speaks out?
Pope stala, shocked: A doughnut! I thought, you the guy!
Mother has presented to: Musichka, ah whether same good girl! Here is, other, what a handsome a boy!
Pope has presented to keeps fiddling with in the hands of mobile: Can, still will call instructor?
All a sigh of relief heads nodding.

Action fourth.

Those same and instructor. In room butting in son hosts has presented to, which they drove with a. Mother shugaet his on cuisine, motivating those, that this is not for children.
Instructor (with bitterness reviewing The field battlefield, around on drawn mothers has presented to, down-at-heel stala): And can, not worth?
Mother and Pope has presented to: But we so want to she has modicum times were puppies! We read, if bitch one more time not will give birth, it will have this How its Pimitroma? Pitrioma?
Instructor, defeated: Endometritis. Not will. I you I promise.
Mother and Pope stala: But a boy so wants, this horror simply. Have us heart of is torn on him look!
Instructor, ominously: This he still not knows, what wants! And here is if learns castrate would his .
Pope stala, in of shock: I even to hear about this not can! And we intend take itself from him schenka! To the two of them was business.
Male: That? Still dog? To she Slept on my of myself? Eaten from my bowls? Yes no. No Way! (Climbs under sofa.)
Instructor, realizing distribution of forces and degree of resolve participants: Okay, let us try. Means so bitch will need keep very firmly. The two of. And not let us it to escape, it can damage themselves and stala. Now I'll show, as need to.
(Cleverly Takes bitch, as something it is unclear with its amelioration mismanaged and perfectly holds its one).
- Boy, Walk here!
Pope stala, still create advice about castration of, a bit stiff: His name is Doughnut!
Instructor, meek: A doughnut, Walk, other, that I have for you there is!
Male from-under seat sofa: 42 tooth? I already given, know! Themselves its noses in.
Instructor awarded bitch parents and cleverly's fishing for screaming stala under a sofa. Awarded his owners. Again captures bitch and requests has to put stala.
- Doughnut, a good a boy! Smell this!
Male (heartedly): And nothing
Bitch (pridushenno): 'll fucking kill!
Male: With other hand. Its her teeth No, not d.
Instructor awarded bitch owners, diagnosis keep. Affectionately call's trying to persuade stala approach the, then sniff. Y his encourages a guy to jump on bitch. Through 30 minutes effort Doughnut, finally, feels interested and confidently and agrees do first sadku.
In this moment is happening several things:
Bitch (designed not their voice): Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Owners has presented to (razzhimayut hands, bitch here same makes the flip on stala): It painful for!
Owners stala they grab stala: A doughnut, you was?
Bitch (still designed): Priduuuumal! Iiish very polished coined? In living bitch pisher click! 'll kill!
Instructor, owners has presented to: Why you its have receded! I same told, keep firmly.
Mother and Pope has presented to: But she so shouted, it same was painful for! We thought she dies
Instructor, razdrazhayas: I believe, these dogs enough gave you understand, that multiply not want. You insisted on vyazke. I with large hard has persuaded stala try. And you that? Think, he now agrees try still? Yes him on entire life your listen to hysterical ?????!
Mother and Pope has presented to: She not a hysteric!
Mother and Pope in bull: Think, him loosely try still?
Male, heartedly: And, can, its still anyone gets to hold? Without teeth she well itself nothing!
Instructor: Homes there is someone still, who can me help, and Inee releases the hands in a decisive moment?
Son hosts has presented to (ceased to duck for gateway room): I can!
Mother has presented to: There is no, you still a small!
Son: Ah mother!
Instructor: A boy be appropriate. Go-pay all, a stroll. And not our current reactive model--you come even if hear cries, forests and incited cries!

Adults, weary effort, go on cuisine. Men mention fine cognac.
(post #2)
Action ADR.
In room instructor, a boy and dogs. A boy accepts participation and makes all, that says instructor. With faces his not are getting away plutovataya smile. He vows that not razozhmet hands. Instructor trust him to keep head has presented to. One hand covers the his, the second helps dog.
Bitch (pridushenno): I heave has warned!
Male (self-righteous, too): I quickly period! (Makes sadku for sadkoy, with each time, acting all encouraged)
Bitch: Grrrrrr!
Instructor, boy: And carry its firmly!
A boy, bursting with flamboyant blossoms, eyes: Of our protection!
Bitch: Whoo! Yuhh! UUbivayuyuyut!
Male, accelerates and makes a decisive jump:
Bitch: UBILIIIIIIIIII! And! And! Yes! Yes! Will give emblem great. Fantastisch! Still! Still!
Male: Ohhhh! Geronimo!
A boy: With steeply!
Instructor, dog: Wait, wait, wait drooling something monetize. Let we you, expand!

Hanstvo added (and) 12-2-2009 in 18 :38: 06:

Action sixth.
Owners cheering made purely from and theme or doggies, da on couch in s very veils and tie the bowtie. Bitch smiles as who. Male licks it ears. Instructor and a boy a wink is each other.
When in move goes the second a bottle of, all forget pro dogs. A dog and bitch are, hump under table.

Action the seventh
Two months later. Bitch has given birth to seven black puppies. Owners stala refuse borrow modicum one them need was apricot. Owners has presented to in of shock all wishing to on puppies has vanished have them renovating, babies, depends
Male (has consistently snoshaya a couch the cushion): Babu would! Babu would! Babu would!
Bitch (licking newborns): All men towards!


(C) Maria Skatova aka Gvadalahara

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Thank you! Humoring me! Very realistically http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/biggrin.gif


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