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About exhibitions with irony!

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Brought with By-9

Guidelines Governing-modifier for the beginner

This or surveillance from Chris McLean (let McLean) applies to the US, but can be applies also and to United Kingdom needs. I am confident, that all can recognize this by some of described characters. The author proezzhaetsya on all, so that not take offence. Miss Llewyn (Ms Lewin) divides people on exhibitions dogs on two categories: Those that Dog, and those that without.
We grateful Miss Llewyn for what she 786 has shared their condemn and one wit has amounted to this adolescent reference book. Miss Llewyn lives in Falls Church, VA, where its can be also meet on the exhibition in role noted-Zritelya, environmental Owner-Khendlera, the Justices or hardworking another.
For the beginner exhibition dogs can prove pretty formidable experience. The first impression with hand often is, if many people with they took officials antics with a number attached in the hands of and dogs on povodkakh, and where, if judged by expression these faces, only one of twenty on fact receives pleasure. Below long list the most often result to trade shows dogs characters and directives are recommendations about how their determine on opereniyu, temperament, walks and voice.

Professional khendlery ('nglui)

Professional Khendlery ('nglui) this those who flaunting dogs for paid, thus, owners dogs exploits without crawling on spine on dirt in business suit or tears in the of last couples tights on the second day a ten-year programs speech. 'nglui can be distinguish from other visitors in several ways. One - on their peculiar official and stereotypes manner to cling in the ring (that it is difficult demonstrate with vymazannymi with my knees and / or ripped with some spanx). Outside ringa'nglui rarely welcome someone, except judges (with whom are familiar personally), other'nglui (with whom are familiar personally) and own aides (with whom they rather are familiar too, either with those who arrived from other countries and wears neproiznosimye names, either with them all). Incidentally, aides this those kinda sexual young men and girls, which skitter from zone of grooming to ring and back, as comet, diverting dogs to'nglui for exposure and by taking her already that--at defended back in cells in endless cycle.

Owners-khendlery (VC)

Owners-khendlery (VC) this those who flaunting own dog or dogs instead of, to hire'nglui. They share roughly on two groups of experienced VC (OVKh) and primer VC (nvkh). Will discuss their separately.
On first glance, OVKh case it is difficult distinguish from'nglui. Their the plumage it seems, their competent external kind of, his nerve and coolness are uniform. Differentiate between their can be outside ringa. OVKh always drive dog with a, because that they have no aides, that frightened would dog in defended. Also OVKh say with humans and usually move to or form its own Saver other OVKh almost with ever since, as profits on exhibition. (Truly which met OVKh - usually a distinguished breeder, and they often arrive on exhibition with own loop communication, camping on BC supporters ). OVKh know all, from whom there is dogs their breed, and also all dogs in breed on a names, nicknames, house to nicknames, pedigree, outcomes exhibitions and rewards (which they constantly criticize). This allows them naturally chatting, buoyed by rare terms, about the most past pedigrees, triumphs, canine and humans so, that newcomer at all will not have views, about than goes speech. (Contrary, 'nglui in any moment can even not remember name of dogs, which have him on tight leash.) If marketed at knock-down unknown a participant, OVKh catch a glimpse are suspicious on dog, and then are discussing its behind. OVKh never buy catalogue. They arrive on exhibition in huge homes on wheels with six cells, pridelannymi front, even if cast one a-hua in this day. However, they cite his hound and bring a small a bag with equipment in defended. Formulate goes: You can me on a minute your catalogue?.
Novice VC (nvkh), with other hand, easily distinguished. They arrive on exhibition for three hours before, as them to dissent, with senbernarom, slipped his dick on rear the seat next family the Toyota. To ring they the captain dog, its cell, a bowl, supply water, package's viralized feed, greater the horse blanket, three a chair, original VGA, of four children (two fully the walkers, one in wheelchair and one baby), wife and portable TV. Have them there is always gnomes with number on cuffs for three breed before, as start judge their, and they always buy catalogue (which encounter OVKh). From-for all preliminary of preparation the nvkh often find themselves the latest in ring, because, when, finally, proclaim their class, they already have burnt out. Nvkh usually dressed either too easily, either too warmly and are being withdrawn their dogs on zatyanutykh collars and supply. Under all this they usually never AGAIN, sincere, and their a stupid temperament one of the best things, with whom will collide recent on exhibition, although, when after on 8 times one of them easily be late on its class, it begins to irritate. Characteristic cry to, usually is sent same family through the entire defended: Hey, costly,. And, look we rightly move fourth, in! After all this same great?!

Youthful khendlery (juche)

Juche can to be shy, first, aides'nglui. However, this only from-for close age and a rich charming facial expressions. the plumage variously. In the time, as club aides dressed in white google with consecutive paws and in clumps wool, juche - far more spectacularly, than all the rest in an exhibition, including judges, chairman exhibition and representative ACC. The average juche looks, as only that rebuffed appointment in embassy Britain, and a host class, filled they, reminds opening the sessions in Congress, only even more both noble. Expression and manners juche are unique in dog-world. Standing still in lines, they concentrated way are suspicious down on challenges in struts dogs with [guise of, Kurdish-: I very medular syndrome from underlying cause, and my dog, too,. This effect is a broken only during penetrating views upward on a judge, when expression of is changing instantaneously on sbivayuschee with bribery and manic rotovoe hole, proiznosyaschee: Everyone better!. Juche - the only participants exhibition who congratulate each other with victory, although this may be done through so strongly task of a claws, that sometimes manages see kidsbrackets. Juche not possess clearly certain shout, so as rules prohibits any reaction aloud at all. Noises belong to competence parents juche, which are in the ring. (This they covered by consecutive paws and in clumps an wool.) Those cries range from high frequency th meet (when child wins) until penetrating , but priglushennykh Andrew! Get this dog here! (when child not wins).


Judges this those officially their people in the center of the every ringa. Their external kind of widely ranges, but, in general, is somewhere between athletic and informal, in dependence from weather and seats conducting. On some exhibitions breeders the plumage can be positively roskoshestvuyuschim, including payetki and on men, and on women. Regardless of seemingly clothing proven indicators way their identification is Red badge, which they wear. This badge critical work for judges, so as provides them is donated nutrition screening, free room in a hotel, free delivering and a check from klubnogo Treasurer in late days.
Exhibition judges usually can be see in the center of the ringa with file in dogs and khendlerov, which skitter around the circle, trying to under this to do kind of, that they receive pleasure. Judge closely views their all standing, with slightly spread with their feet (for equilibrium), stseplennymi behind or cross on breast hands (to stripped from exhibitors) and of eyes (to have perceptive kind of). Judges senior age are known for their reflection close in this pose, so first Presidency in an befits a obtain stance clear instructions, when should stop Caribbean around the circle in the ring. Voice exhibition judges usually not ?????? outside ringa, because they give only short instructions nearest podvernuvshemusya under hand Presidency exhibition. More young judges can be more too talkative, than senior. Some elderly judges over time tend to to cut instructions until a combination of jabbering pisses and showing off finger at, that a participant should correctly interpret and fulfilled. This prowess.
Judges on will look, as educators Zambo in senior mortar, only without whistle. They tend to be more atletichnymi, than their counterparts, judges on oil standards, so as they must to follow every stakeholder in ring, when the serves several exercises. They everywhere wear with a order them and he, and can be hear, as they give team participants, which, in turn, get bossed around their-lover. This makes ringi obedience much more interesting for viewing, than ringi on oil standards, where all looks more privately and almost inexplicably outside (and sometimes and from within). From-for such activity external kind of judges on obidiensu is shifting more to convenient / glitterati the edge of spectrum, than have judges on oil standards. Judges on obidiensu very choosy how to its ringam, meryaya their steps, wandering around the the surface on subject as they will deter dogs pieces of, personally setting standards jumps on own to understanding and by measuring all own roulette table (which all they wear with a), to be impartial to each Presidency. Judges on oil standards, for comparisons, known those, that lose half list of in schlini ringa and note all quoted there dogs as missing, until not t notice, that all was not so. Judges on obidiensu also have experience losses all related leaflets with-sum game, number of which is expressed dvukhznachnoy figure, for five or less seconds.

Insider lobbying

Either face, an ingrained at the table about entry in defended, not stayed judge or stakeholder. As almost always the case in life, precisely this very modest people in the most dull of advisers makes greater part of work. Either ringa on oil standards betrays narukavnye gnomes participants, distributes their on classes, pulls Turing and reward on the table judges, causes the trash and photographers in case need. Insider lobbying of the ring on obidiensu make all the same, plus are worth on spots for several exercises 8 , jump around with by fork and crusades gallop in various catastrophic on apportirovke, readjust jumping and in a whole watch, to judge adhered to temporary frameworks, and in ring all resisted smoothly.
Insider lobbying dress exclusively a tough, because them account for work a host day in an exhibition. Of course, in rainy or cold day insider lobbying can be the only, from whom facilitated common sense to put on the running boots or appropriate overcoat, while the rest are concerned, to look gracefully. Usually they wear with a quite large size bags, and in these bags there is objects on all cases life, from lorries, to continue to strangle Turing in time day and spare couples bar, until fully in the first-aid kit. Work who is to be prepared to any eventuality that can happen with them, their judges or participants exhibition, and good insider lobbying to this are prepared. Have decision makers there is role their the cry, and one of the most highly Lotila qualities in good rasporyaditele this resounding voice. In ring on oil standards PHRASE consists of name breed and class, for example, Dalmatians! Puppies! , used to trigger in defended participants for passage before judges.
In ring on obidiensu they quietly cause participants on numbers narukavnykh Rebellion. (They cause quietly, because participants on obidiensu to point offensive their waiting lists usually are already in ring, ready to start to dissent. Participants ringa on oil standards prefer to wage incredibly important talk with whom any and not to pay attention on the, what class in ring). If caused by a participant not withdrawn by the, either'd wave...... the name board, chanting threatening Number. If dispersed a participant IBS took narukavnuyu around, but not one in defended on its class, either would still to shout out his Number. Then he or she clams up, tide is turning to Judge and shrug their shoulders.

Official photographers (Europe ? Vorgashorskaya)

The official the artist (Europe ? Vorgashorskaya) looks, as a party safari, only without luggage deposit (gun. The typical clothing: Pair of men's slacks, catch shoes and shirt, atop which a distinguished jacket with multiple pockets. Equipment consists of big cameras, outbreaks and accumulators with pile black wires, not all with all. Reform also wear set of plastic signs in one drawn and sometimes an apple box. Despite these disadvantages, they miraculously prompt and can hop through a high the fence of the ring one great leap. As caused by, they can calculate a corner fall of of light, throw on land pack placards, put board in kadr to mark the winner, establish a judge, khendlera and dog best, reconnect on its knees, prompt cell, ottsentrirovat image of the, throw toy, start pressing hard on The folding, burn Number stakeholder in notebook, rewind well, to stand up and run in the next the ring for thirty and less seconds. This with their! For behavior Europe ? Vorgashorskaya are typified by periods lush activity, peremezhaemye periods of full contemplated, during which he based with themselves all equipment and sits near with him on the table for training dogs. Have Europe ? Vorgashorskaya emerge wrinkles in corner of the eye from glyadeniya all weekend first in the viewfinder to trade shows, peremezhaemye for weeks prischurivaniya in the process Counterfeit-Department in the darkroom,. Characteristic cries can be different in dependence from situation, but usually they vykrikivayutsya strident, otryvistymi user type Zadnyuyu pace! Your side! Ago on an inch!

Breeders-viewers (ZZ Top)

Zz (forget acronym for) experienced by the dog walkers, which on no matter what reason in this day not strut, but came on exhibition watch. Usually they in civil (nevystavochnoy) of advisers and are crowding about of the ring, outside tent. As and OVKh their often can be to see in small groups, stolpivshikhsya around one the catalogue, which someone bought or loan his have nvkh. However, the hallmark of ZZ Top is lack of them narukavnogo numbers and dogs. The most easily their determine in field on behavior and in vocem, of well-choosing time: Zz tend to Fuehrer identifies their behavior only then, when judge demonstrates his or her choice. In this moment they There eyes, as freaking hot horse, and shouting out: Yes you joke! (Other option bitter: Oh, was my! ).

Viewers-nezavodchiki (ZNZ)

(T. E. Other Publika): Such same, as nvkh on external mind and number of arm, except absence of dogs on tight leash. They fill hollowness in life, asking participants, can be whether their child help patting, a little dog. This request is done unkind immediately after, as child graduated there is hot graphic to and covered with mustard, but a participant flaunting Islands of Malta, Malta Pekinese, on aligning in exhibition kind of which he only that spent six hours. ZNZ Netimer just can be see more was picked up while hanging out from one ringa to another or around stands, along about ringa.
When they are determined by with it a ring, which will look, they and their clan usually are crowding about entry in the ring, not giving, thus, enter in him participants exhibition. Adults ZNZ often look, giving mistaken ukazuyuschie comments their indeed, type Look, costly, what never AGAIN these poodles! (Ukazyvaya on defended with Portuguese watermarks dogs). Day, conducted in companies with pile ZNZ, can be very unpalatable for all, whom this concerns.

Transfer with English Natalia Orlova, 2008






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Viki & K wrote:

first-time VC (nvkh)

This bluntly pro us http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/crazy.gif



Viki & K
Olja! Thank you! I smeyala especially over Europe ? Vorgashorskaya! http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/biggrin.gif



Me, too, Europe ? Vorgashorskaya more all grassroots) Today still times make our move in reality just reader)


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