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Puppies I'm freezin '!

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Маруся-Нафуся wrote:

At Forum of our of the village, all actively tell,. And all will become easier.

As awful people!
Girls, what you good fellows, me even ashamed that not know than can help.



Viki & K
Make your dreams come true derzhitsya to do tres gorge! Such the Ken dolls with hands torn from my body)



So I same not becomes (Yes fotik have us not ice



Yes, I here is the entire such a charity tends, and nothing not do) Wu me Atas full, have child climb immediately 4 tooth, temperatures 39, all time on the hands of. Not sppim, not eat. Themselves realize not until puppies. The story by on over our village their feeds regularly. I puppies in house take not can, honestly I’d say because fear. I have have the most and puppies and kittens and child a small. Yesterday bit with roommate, they, too, are not prepared on this) beside Show puppies,, too, is difficult, camping on K. I now bezloshadnaya, husband works, sesedka, too, works, and we all-??? from the club (60 km.) Well vskarmlivaem brings. Know that The administration of the village searching for information about the sum for kill shelterto be put down animals. Are prepared is able to spend financially on human which will address arrangements puppies. Question of course in price. Tried to in 120 find, but time little was and nothing not has found. Wrote a letter on Yulinomu contacts, can she something will recommend.



Tomorrow get out on work, I can on our banking Forum to place information about difficulty whelping, but, think, desirable derzhitsya better idea, about this talked already.
Puppies still small, time there is a bit. Also aren the, that tomorrow the latest cold day, and further reduced the end, will I feel safer.


You are here » Entlebucher Sennenhunds - Forum NHL » Give,? Puppies and adults dogs » Puppies I'm freezin '!