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We - sibiryaki!

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Yungaru six months. In it 14.5 kg weight, 40 centimeters in strong pasterns (against 50 Anvarkinykh) and 38 centimeters tail (this with brushed). Number of lush energy measuring not ordinarily – implements are spiking.
He keeps managing sit, lie and to lend eaio. It turned out, that Yungar are left handed. If anything, eaio he gives left, and here is Anwar always Reserve slip right (brown).
Yungar likes to ride on snow – and not very likes team "me", likes play with Anwar in dogonyashki – and until him quite not interestingly to flee for a plate / ring (here is for Anwar – with gusto. When occur reduced the, Yungar saves the Suit and neatly bears all their's it hanging home. He was convicted in the theft cheesecakes from the table, on his ultimately three the spoiled gloves off, plane and cover slips read magazines under the bed.
Entire autumn he he was screamin 'on the whole porch, when his waged gulyat, he was screamin' on stroll, on the sly stop talking to mid-– but he launched again, if saw someone.
But Yungar – a serious it is a watchdog: He polices the birds, and not on earth – in I might go and on Oximetholone pills; pochityvaet old newspapers; with interest looks TV, especially transfer of pro animals – and replies all-lover in them. On evening sneezing of our gromoglasnogo neighbor now are both Dog. They friendly Good-natured, two restless baron, especially in issue "extort a doodle" - and very recourses: CPU us.
Here is they, beauties:




Until Tears was laughing hysterically over your, hopefully hung, men-sibiryakami) http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_150.gif
Very Yungar they`ve, the many-sided, sureznyy and, importantly, love how thrifty) http://s16.rimg.info/1377de4f44c9895d8482ea0211a556be.gif



Reread entire history Anwar and Yungara - until now sit at work and smile) So you nice wrote pro them! Excellent guys! Old newspapers and sneezing neighbor http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/108.gif



About, our neighbor - this something! I itself not immediately understand, this "woof" or "kerchoo."! And perishing bukham, yes not to answer.
However, they brave guys: Nor hairdryer, nor vacuum, nor's very not causes them special of emotions. Here is on a mop Yungar still get, but this will pass (and let us'.

Because they still and maritime dogs, on New year them was made gift: On pro lifeline his vest. Anvarke - as wire which, and Swedish still grow. But he promises by the summer of pіdtyagnutsya.

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Всем добрый день!
Хоть редко, но мы появляемся. Вот сегодня повод есть хороший - Юнгару год. Он считает себя большим, но на деле - еще совсем щеняка. Так и осталась любовь к тапочкам, оставлять днем нельзя, спасибо, хоть ночью перестал жевать. Вообще второе имя у Юнгара - очумелые зубки. Если по зиме он сражался с сухими травинами, то теперь-то выросло много новых и свежих! Надо успеть все подстричь - и Юнгар старается вовсю; часть съедается, часть изгрызается просто так.

Вот любопытный нос смотрит телевизор:


А тут оба по-хозяйски разлеглись на любимой кухне!!


Кажется, что Юнгар дорос до Анвара, но это "оптический обман" - он все-таки меньше. Хотя 20 кг веса набрал и ребра уже не торчат; ну а мы гадаем - подрастет еще или нет?



С именинником Вас!)


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