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How many is worth entlebukher

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irra1 wrote:

Plem. Marriage on to dyeing or the tail.

Think, plembrak you can find for 650 - 700 the euro, why would and there is no? Of course, entlebukher with black snout (without white) or, for example, with fully white legs, or, for example, with zalomom tail, perhaps, not can cost 50 camping on Rube as'm pedigreed..
Here same speech about both true-breeding.



Thank you! Let us seek :)
And wait his happiness.



irra1 wrote:

A me, if honestly not understandable, why this breed of have on is worth more expensive, than its can be buy in Germany or Poland for example. There entlebushki from 400 the euro (http://www.haustier-anzeiger.de/hunde/r … 68286.html http://www.haustier-anzeiger.de/hunde/r … 04349.html http://www.haustier-anzeiger.de/hunde/r … 14724.html http://www.quoka.de/online-einkaufen/en … er-welpen /) Perhaps those, that "for themselves", perhaps not show. Or podroschennye. But can be find and not for 1,000. And have us something already and for 1,000 not certainly. We want dog this breed, we have no cottages and gold small fish, life tonus it's an oldie, apartment in mortgages, a small child - so I in offers manufacturers without income. But find for themselves dog for real money not can We are prepared under schenka (but), engage let us, with enormous attention and love (dog not the first). Can and sterlizovat if Plem. Marriage on to dyeing or the tail. (Frankly, without puppies was would even better - I same already know, what this labor!) Nu explain me, why in Russia dogs more expensive than in Germany, although level of income Russians significantly below Germans?

you indeed so think? Or price’re trying for themselves whip?no money, take from home, only such a dog, too, feed need to http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_145.gif
And then at prices. In Europe, too, there is variables people, and that? You for entire us believe that Europa may not write. Times there cheaper, take and buy there sobaShku, who you prevents. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/49.gif
Here is not love, when people is beginning to pribednyatsya. Or you think that we here all on RUBLEVKE, wife or's widow millionaires?
You raise a better child, and then, when on rabutu going, buy dog.



I when request dog, included FOUR YEAR been mulling about breed. Character http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/609.gif, beauty, as feed, nurse the, gulyat and camping on D., pursued the your baby on roditelyam- ah grassroots me Aladdin- and all here. Under all this before I have were dogs (in childhood (German Wirehaired). In teens my vozraste- kennel). All time, when thought you-- NO head not thought: What that costly. Hoard with child began to for gender-year, on the sly (for approximation a happy days) bought bowls, your collars, dog leashes but also, combs, loungers. We simply stupidly reveled that small miracle will soon with us.

BECAUSE HAPPlNESS is NOT available for measured DENGAMI!



irra1, first, there is such a thing as "hoard." Second, always in than the themselves can be to slash, if perishing so want dog. Think themselves - in month on dog will stray grand to my name 3 (you same will have their where the borrow, here is and hasitate on 3,000 every month. Plus - minus for year nakopite.
I have at all dog this gift on evening and DR, because 40 hiljada, too, money heavily, but if perishing so want lead the itself passionate friend, then account for than something sacrifice.

Yes and can be take podroschennogo schenka, in noble House autumn was crossed bishop says to and was he cheaper.

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After all HAPPlNESS is NOT available for measured DENGAMI!
So is identically wrote! Absolutely agree with you!



irra1 wrote:

We want dog this breed, we have no cottages and gold small fish, life tonus it's an oldie, apartment in mortgages, a small child - so I in offers manufacturers without income.

Strange any demands. On income and consumption. You after all in no clothing left not cry for any goods, which not you can afford. Here is and dogs accented different on value of. Entlebukhery, note, still not the most expensive. Tibetan assumes, for example, are worth 120 thousands of. I itself such a dog not can allow. And entlebukhera can, and even in Moscow was flying for puppy for on jet (and this still plus 15 thousands of) and not was bidding on a trunk under this. And income an extra $I have, as and have many on this Forum I have no. I, too, not’ve worked.

NN wrote:

plembrak you can find for 650 - 700 the euro

Here is you and option! Coloring dogs, the right he or not, not affects character dogs and its to you attitude.



Masha wrote:

Yes and can be take podroschennogo a puppy, in noble House autumn was crossed bishop says to and was he cheaper.

Here is not is true you write.
At all such approach in our country arikhi not staunch. Hence and... have buyers.
And why Puppy, which fully all up to date, roasted and until a certain age, have which made tests should cost cheaper?
It is one thing if have him PRA-Since, or he the thin and a catchy, or tail with zalomom, or coloring not in standard, ah or what still a kooka-dooka in health comes out. Then of course, he cheaper, as house darling.
And if this glorious, healthy dog, why? After all this already not a in bag.
Spharischen mintalitet people not ordinarily logical naprimer.
And still question, which often ask - why Puppy remained the latest? http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_145.gif
Yes pAtamuShta, someone is born the first, someone the latest, always who the sells the first, and someone the latest http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/scratch_one-s_head.gif



You truth think, that they realistically are worth these money, I mean cheap overseas puppies? And that same then we THAT is what costly for privoznykh paid? Girls, not in those places taking :) Believe, little moreover, that decent puppies are worth more expensive, so throw up still for call. Goes virtually in two times more expensive than have us.
Then you write, that you would without puppies, because know what this labor. So here is, every it legitimate himself to set the cost of his labor. We know, that don`t worry owners. As these puppies kholyat and leleyat. And why someone can assess are worth my writings or not are worth. Have human there is always choice, agree or not with price. You not agree, so this means, that you this dog not need a. Are looking for in another place, another rocks, options with pristroystvom.
Here is I want buy everything, but not the contestant that can, but rather the contestant that want. Me in no clothing left scandal ambush? Wages has fallen, prices rose, dogs there is want, mother on pensions. Apparently this the cry souls you, but think, as you would derived on place breeders.



Colleagues, why on human jumped? She same not wants on were herdbook bitch, to on difficulty whelping earn, clear same told, that is ready to plembraku! And that, there is only 3 options: Super show, from home or at all nothing? My neighbors on old apartment took corgi - unscheduled-knit, how realized, at all without pedigree, for 12,000 rub, but corgi as corgi, like his the hugely, removed any in life case!



Yes no one not lashed out, people in awoke tone is asking question, him in this same tone respond.
PS: I personally at all not love: Me for themselves, why so costly? And her breeder that need to do: Even break a tail, paint in Indian president, eat lineage while aspiring. After all no one not plans to plembrak, need a dog cheaper, ask as can be its obtain and breath, not zadavayte issues how long. There is the price, with it can be agree or not, and this right of the buyer. But the right seller of to set their prices,, too, no one not revisit it.
The same can be was would express in other words, and Hua appropriately option, necessarily would have proposed.
And so as something for first familiarity not strongly politely.



NN wrote:

She same not wants on were herdbook bitch, to on difficulty whelping earn

Here is hate such talk. Or you not read the? She immediately came with pritenziey to price.
As times such and want take on were and then earn.
Wants marriage, let writes buy plembrak, ailing, kosogo.
And talk pro children and that we must their zhelet, are weary already.
Has found in Germany and flag in hands.



Viki & K wrote:

A so as something for first familiarity not strongly politely.

Of our protection, resent form of and an issue.



ШАНТАЛЬ wrote:

here is not is true you write.
At all such approach in our country arikhi not staunch. Hence and... have buyers.

I same not write, that need to give podroschennogo schenka cheaper
I write, that give cheaper in some cataries - from me facts and only facts, under than here mentality and other peg to logic?
And perishing why nurseries give such puppies cheaper absolutely not my deal, is a master the Barin



And you read the?
Here is its words:

irra1 wrote:

Can we and sterlizovat if Plem. Marriage on to dyeing or the tail.

As here earn can be??

Perhaps, the problem is, that you, breeders, in principle has unnerved such talk, camping on K. Want sell dog for normal money and marriage you not the planned http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/scratch_one-s_head.gifand I arguing against with positions, God God, not noted and visual, that can be different options in life.

But on expense tone - ah yes, can and of hectic was posed, but perishing such recognized claims not saw, although, you best.



Apparently you simply not accounted for to face with such willing to fund. I not contend, that this the author belongs to categories buy cheaply - sell costly. Simply indeed very are often extremely unpleasant cases, and begin they precisely so. With issue, and why so costly you have, right over there much cheaper. The answer emerges himself a, buy there, where consider please.



NN wrote:

Probably, the problem is, that you, breeders, in principle has unnerved such talk, camping on K. Want sell dog for normal money

Nope, we mazakhisty, want all hungry http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/136.gif

NN wrote:

marriage you not the planned

He as the himself sometimes can arise, and believe me, such dogs cheyto not willingly take, modicum and cheaply.



I about purchase schenka abroad! Me to example "overseas" breeders already times betrayed! And Puppy stood not cheaply, chosen was one, and in end quite another have sent. With zennenkhudami can and easier will on photo differentiate between. Have all puppies white on the torso different. But and the can be so nafotkat, that and not'll understand what Puppy you second the best or the most a small and a lightweight. To why and on value of: - even if Puppy "its overseas" is worth in two times cheaper, than have us, then you better count those the cost of his delivery! This plus still roughly 20-30 thousands of rub! And if Puppy not quite such somehow you his expected see! And if have him in further will encounter problems on health. To whom to flee to complain, if your breeder "disposable" sold and has vanished. Personally my advice: - "international jewelry puppies in tested cataries and have tested breeders, where can be tracked all lines producers, where incisions tests on genetic disease. After all most importantly buy healthy a puppy. And if not need a dog show class, then can be wait precisely your at a discount, for irregular coloring for example! "



Where you saw aggression in my governing?
You are right, that such questions indeed sick for breeders, only not because that you wrote and thought. Into in the details not d, only ????? noted there is puppies with's minds sad, the fates. And often this begins precisely so as you.
Still times closing, start speaking the with such a tone and away assessments is misplaced. Wrote already, that all you that, could be in the other interpretations and then perceived was would on Different.
The seeker yes obraschet. Perhaps and Vasha dog you necessarily will find.
Yes, and look at Forum, there is the reference where child earns itself on dog, because very wants precisely this rocks. And that he learns about it. And you that know about breed, except references to sale abroad?
Can on closer faced with breed, you find that this is not for you.



Viki & K
I about breed already all that can be on photos - know.
And met personally
And certainly not of those who sorrowful fate provides blending
Even not want nor with whom debate and something to prove to
You same, too, pro me nothing not know, so why start to suspect in all death sentences sins, and in incompetence, and in poverty and in irresponsibility, and in ­ ate deception in purposes earn?
Simply not expected that question pro price tweak so heavily against me, question destabilized (my the second post his in general something and dismantled, Plem. Marriage well would me, brought the)
Honest word, sit and crying before computer as girl
If honestly I with some from you already on the telephone was in contact, give a one-negotiations about one dogs
For me this theme such a same-ailing already, perhaps, as and for you
Still times sorry, that "dare" offense its
Husband not wants to buy expensive dog - no, there is 25 on dog and all
And I "deferred" not mean opportunities
Already write and fear again each sentiment of trigger flurry of resentment and charges
Specific, - thank you those who normally responded and managed to to answer precisely on my question
In general something, the answer I received (that and have us can be find cheaper, if wait and find, that far - not always reliably)


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