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How many is worth entlebukher

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Wrote, erased, wrote, erased.
I not know what you're trying to do, but pardon, that daring your adopt hurt organization offense.
This I write in your-style. Likes?
Know on humanely always better is obtained.



Viki & K
Wrote in three governing - then combined the in one
Yes and to the infliction can be excess write, however
Nothing not seek, kemosabe
Like attempted to on humanely
Organization I have well itself simple, only such posts as # 52 - any would certainly hurt, I think

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irra1 wrote:

husband not wants to buy expensive dog - no, there is 25 on dog and all

Want have more news husband?
Can offer schenka, not bukhera, but 100% Puppies,, for 10 camping on R.
Here is and consider about vashm sincere desire buy, plembrak http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_145.gif
When I wish schenka, no husband me not hindrance. I seek, kemosabe his, I take credit on missing amount.



irra1 wrote:

organization I have well itself simple, only such posts as # 52 - any would certainly hurt, I think

Nope, any not bugging.
And this but those who konyuchit.
Was I have such a couple, one in one, and husband price even such a appointed for my better a puppy, 2 weeks’gnevnymi texting http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/302.gif
This accidentally not you were 2 year ago.
You came on prof. Forum, here not avian market, not poochie, not tails. T. P.
Here the qualitative dogs and puppies, honor someone else's labor http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/175.gif



And me seems, that engage, if he ???, should occur between seller and buyer of private tuition-but-of private tuition, not in public. Itself I not breeder. As and you not’ve worked. Machine, too, it's an oldie. As something're taxiing in. Cope. Under purchase, honestly I confess, asked the Nellie pro deduction. Received negative the answer. But us with son this not stopped. But now we've been friends. And I is happy, that I have after purchases a puppy entlebukhera appeared many remarkable known. Beautiful people! With whom me VERY likes communicate.

"Guys! Let us to live small! "(With) Ivory’s King Leopold. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/186.gif



Татьяна wrote:

And I is happy, that I have after purchases schenka entlebukhera appeared many remarkable known. Beautiful people! With whom me VERY likes communicate.

And us as pleased, your team - one read pozitiv! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/0.gifhttp://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/186.gif



Dobryi day), yesterday didn't speak up, today decided afford to, too, base. Even times increasingly reread, to try be fair. Even telephone conversation sometimes utterly distorts tone, and that there to speak pro the text?) yesterday the first time I've given post from irra1 and, too, heard in offense fruits with claims, to reproach me, pique, which and summoned such a wave of indignation. Sometimes even very sharp indignation. But today, a new day, I have a remarkable mood and've given this question on-a new, not investing the in him emotions. The usual question with amazement, can request Council in situation. Not VYKLЯNChIVANIE what-thread cheap)

Irra1), I you understand in is issue, that you very likes this breed of, she not can not like, I itself the first time saw entlikov in the past year, year reflected, not knowing, how many they are worth, simply was just admiring and she has dreamed.
And understand, that in the financial issue this a serious step, pardon me, you themselves described its situation, a decree, mortgages, a small child and no one you in poverty not accuses, but on dog any breed, if for it well keep arise additional heavily dissaving, I for example, was in of shock and in unrest (for life a puppy, of course same), when after purchases "a decent" means from ticks, me had to give for treatment my rodnuli 15,000, to this husband will ready? (Not let-God, of course. If honestly, my not was

And even, I have there is experience, in my life were, royal a poodle, tax. Already utterly my dog-the, which we brought in rent-controlled, a one-room apartment until not built house and not have retreated for city. Here is – my personal opinion) I would entlebukhera not ’, if would now lived in apartment. Here is even the-yes. Entlebukher-there is no)



Can be, too, couple of words I’d say not can’t wait) Perhaps unlike many owners dogs, rocks didn not long – can be said super-, at all never been mulling until 34 years, that I have will dog. Yes, in childhood she has dreamed, as and all children, perhaps, to was shaggy-haired each, with which can be was would gulyat late, play, feed and train, but parents were another opinion. In end experience koshkovladelstva since come of age and an independent residence from parents, khomyakovladelstva and morskosvinkovladelstva (this already children qualified). Talk about dog zavodilis, but so same quickly and gasli, camping on K. Very many BUT, from “who will gulyat, when you in trips ”,“ engage ”, “whom leave on time vacation ” and this far not the entire list. Husband I have more a practical s innermost circle, than I, he have us in family “the mind ”, and I a kind of“ madness ” in good the significance of the words! When I him has shown dog breed the beagle has landed happily, and told, that here is it, I seen schenka, he such a remarkable … and timidly since looking in eyes asked – can … yes, let?! He immediately responded as cut off – no! This No! Why not became into in the details … I wlfe's in Internet, for arguments, to convince and here realized, that we such a dog not can afford that, not on financial, namely on inclusive parameters too, camping on E. Children for walks, often will already creepy entrust, camping on K. They slip away, there is no strong peg to family, hunting instincts is very strong … BUT, camping on K. Mechanism I have in psyche already was launched, I has become seek … and has found, immediately) ???? not on means Forum, and at the other ;-) hostess Erika told pro its girl, has shown photo, I its zapytala questions and Twirling, and I-haters … the evening of has shown husband, which said – here is this another matter! And I this not expected, preparing to long believing the, displays and beliefs. The price … my the second half of was ready to price for the reason, that me always “bad luck ” in these issues) and on other prices we not have counted. And still apparently me helped the factor, that if I something must, had, decided – me back not reverse not unleash “I don’t still“ was lucky ”, that in moment when me “experienced ” most breeders were on Championship World and again same fate named Alyona she responded to my electronic letter and we already in weekend aoaee“ only watch ” … and look MA – It saved situation prepayment and opportunity accumulate still couple of months, until moment, when can be to occupy little baby girl home. But all these two months we on the sly prikupali that portion, and have us while, was apartment with whistles for dogs, but the most dogs not was) Skyfall about further spending I agree with all counter-narrative, camping on K. This, too, nor never not cheaply, ranging from unforeseen spending – we podvernuli eaio almost immediately same, as are trapped home, and approach exhorts a doctor culminated in a certain amount, and to this, too, need to be prepared, camping on K. Theme “oops, quite money no ” eaio us not fixed would … pro fodder, toys, training packages not d to speak, camping on K. This not only to our breed applies. In general, not possessing “pocket security ” need to think as should, how now you are prepared. Although I's a crazy freak, so far not been mulling on the very moment, but have us so incapable, that in critical infrastructure unintended moments “modicum from under land'll get, but money will ” works thank god. And now I already plan on prospect when on that will need still money from cannot digest until exhibitions, whom we suddenly for themselves were carried away by when borrow vacation, where pursue holidays, yes and joy here, had prepared wardens arrived – senior son finally “'m mature enough ” - goes gulyat with Angie one, stopped fear and this aren!
If not in the topic – sorry, respected moderators, 's burst, huh me http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/blush.gif



Two days discussions told itself: "Keep quiet, Daniel, keep quiet!" No! Not hold raze!
've their five kopecks. I already wrote, that purchased dog on sofa, not bargaining at all! Correctly girls pishut - all Context so much, how many Context.
I exactly, that wanted add. Dog - this after all not chair - has invested one times at a discount, put in a corner and'm just admiring. By buying dog you will have discovered another member family, in all manifestations of the, with all stemming consequences. That I mean. As and other members family dog are needed such things as personal space (and cell for entlebukhera - this not cell a hamster), personal things (bowls, your collars, floor), any tools available of for transportation dogs in these (our Daniel makes it on behind the seat next, but in shleyke with belt security). As and other family members, dog sometimes want and pamper shmavouries, and please a new toy, and to dress the in a new collar. And dogs, yes,, too, fall sick, most often unpredictably with the need emergency immediate aid. To what I this? Yes to what can simply husband Irra1 still simply not ready. A small child, mortgages.
And I closing, that neither never not sorry about uplachenykh money! And still times I’d say thank you Nellie for our dog!

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There is no, not we
And I nor in one of messages not kanyuchu
And through husband until step over not can
About Puppies, but not bukhera - I want precisely bukhera
Came on prof. Forum and received some prof. Answers, well levelheaded and essentially. But unfortunately, not all were such
I would, too, is happy was friends with one another, and if in the first post I have can be was read annoying (ah truth, was question), then in the second - already nor a trace
That such contain dog - we know, I have happily have lived two well serious psinki, one 16 years, the second 10, and puppies were, and win the championship, and disease old age - so that deal here not in is, that content not can afford that. Part of payment of until now on loggia deposited. As times the reason his caution in the is, that understands, that dog - this would still risk, that became ill, backup, steal. Apparently so and defined for themselves "comfort" amount. As try to change it - d to think, your opinion - me in aid. Can, and indeed, need to still think and povzveshivat, but question these be all over not now, already with six months zreyu, like would all for and against know.
Why not in apartment? Apartment two-bedroom, near - wood.

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Let us start with sheer folly.
I think, that in this topic all were excessive a bit, but "what not do you say in shuteynom conversation."
You join to us, look at local inhabitants, about itself tell, and there suddenly and develops a all.



irra1 wrote:

Why not in apartment? Apartment two-bedroom, near - wood.

Absolutely agree! Have us Sean homes nor in sight and not heard - sleeping itself greater part of time. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/194.gif
Another matter on the street, here he immediately is beginning to clear the air every once zaryadivshiesya "batteries." http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/128.gifAnd Neighborhood forests here quite not surplus! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/girl_in_dreams.gif



And we and on the street gallivant as larks (grade to Corso and malamut give Norman heat) and homes immediately as drawn to all Jessup after you: Type "not plays with me no one, Piazza me- Until then pogonyayte me- Until then can be with toy. Yes fasterjoined in. " But when to us children small in Visitors priezzhayut- I letting her make me insecure: Dog getting fast, children faiI. On personified by battlegroups scratches leaves. And the and yanks simply with legs. So I would 10 times thought win such a all right. Dog, if in House a small baby you have my the 11 Anniversary do remember crying the first months large revom- Nor fought tooth. Back on its feet perceptible air. Play not knew how. All, became, 'll save from him nowhere not was



Алла wrote:

and homes immediately as drawn to all Jessup after you: Type "not plays with me no one

So you perhaps still small, and our something already 2.5 year! :) ))



Viki & K
Let us http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/flag_of_truce.gifhttp://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/give_rose.gif
Can be, is worth in the other topic to continue communication?
About child, of course, there is fears (he have us, too, he's fast too, 2 year), but first, I always homes and near (than and well now, until in offers manufacturers), second, let us nurse the, ugulivat. Think, virtually any schenka need to nurse the. And we like shilopopye.



And who will with child, when you chase with a puppy gulyat? On't with him same often need to exits, winter child dress half an hour of exercise, nenaodevaeshsya.
Simply I have, too, a small child, only slightly conservative elder statesmen remain defined - 2.5, but there is grandmother, which can with a child sit. If would its not was until about dog and speech would not commanded.



I have still the elder mija there is, it 13. On the morning until husband homes - any of us can withdraw, in 11-13 I with child get out, after 14 - mija with schools comes. She with brother to remain can, and until he sleeping - can be hours and a half gulyat. Ah and on the evening, when husband with work returned.

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Wish you luck http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/give_rose.gifin -owned a new member family, was zdorovenkim. Obedient and brawny animal, that would he independent you many years! --



Thank you!



Then at all well as!


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