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Exhibition SED 8.04.12

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Alla wrote:

I now can find the money come Beam in "super, Volga hotel reception! With so has striker and include on his the Frost.

Let us)
Unsuccessfully is worth there, yes?

Us, too, in the ring Shvaytser said - is worth poorly impossible to consider pleasantly.



Alisa, come Beam arazmestila in "his" a tree. He there is worth as times "aptly", his Handler has put in stand. He simply on fact was "twisted."



All with the participation and victories for!
Very-very pity, that was little dogs! Shvaytser the expert, which is worth show dog. Although would once, and better in different gaps time. Unfortunately on SED he not was able to lend many people to comment, so this was on mono. But what is written in his descriptions, again same compared with mono quite small, would still can and should be work with dog. Ah sees he all. For him there is no little things. Until now ashamed that when dogs brought on mono, they not were prepared (bears, her teeth), so from collective farm in defended. Nothing not was slipping from him) Good half of experts not notice and 70% the nuance.
Very hope, that entlebukherskaya public will make more active, The on exhibition under expertise indeed challenges experts!
Yesterday honestly, was in resentful from number of dogs. Us that show nothing to acquire?
All we the hugely love their dogs, but need to same understand, and realistically assess their dignity and shortcomings. Well, if under tribal work owners jury zavodchikami. But so case not always. There is shortcomings, which placed, and we all want the most or toddlers. After all children must do so their parents.
In general wrote many, even more want say)
Hope, that our ringi will more, the quality of dogs higher, we all could crack it!



All Hi big! Ah, where same results and modicum any pictures? We, of course malicious're all playing hooky (ah not typically recognized do on time Nebezyzvestnyy), but very want watch, who as has excelled! Like from of the Crown Russia someone albums, as you?
P.S. Wanted without dogs to come, but in that day senior child "fail" on for competitions on club. Their team took a Monika: 3rd place. ((http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/blush.gifType'm making excuses)



Ox, and results the and truth, not wrote. All results not I’d say fear... faking it to. Write the main:

Kingdom GORNYKh slip the dogs IRZhIK - BEST BABY

Dania PORAZYNIANKA - Best Junior, LPP

Kingdom most Dogs Russia Tobias - Best Male

Crown failed Russia Ariadne - BOS



Judging by the, that dogs was not so many, this deystviteno basic results, THANK YOU. Can anyone and a few snapshots of'll brag to! Good fellows VSE!



Viki & K wrote:

MA – It-very pity, that was little dogs!

But would still, attendance, compared with usually Otolaryngology Unit exhibitions SED, enough high!

Berta wrote:

Sort of from of the Crown Russia someone albums

Was liners, very a handsome.



Derzhitsya will, there is a bit, process need to.
About attendance, it's a shame of course, here is personally me, there are good dogs, and sit for fenced. People from St.-Petersburg arrived, and here closer there is and sit. Pro Moscow and II at all I'll shut up. Very want have describe from Shvaytsera. Ah yes god with them.
Well modicum liners came, last time on mono so and not arrived finally in.



And, yes.
Crown failed RUSSIA liners - 1 BEST, YuSAS, LKYu

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Ah here is several photo. Fotala not I, on this that there is http://i.smiles2k.net/hello_byby_smiles/1_011.gif



Crown failed Russia liners
Crown failed Russia liners

Crown failed Russia Ariadne
Comparison on LPP
Comparison on LPP

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ШАНТАЛЬ wrote:

several photo. Fotala not I, on this that there is

Yes perishing. Toby at all on themselves and close not look like, fierce it comes - not learned http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_145.gif



Yes, to be sure that many dogs "kozlili." It is time waking up, this already to bundle of, and pro themselves favourite http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/136.gif


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