German regulation TO PODDERZhKI TESTIROVANI walk the-affiliates

Dog-June 1753)



Dogs all breeds and sizes can to participate in this as.

Minimal age dogs should be 12 months.
Judge himself defines, surrendering whether what this test or not, so as in this asscores not consideration.

To be exposing to partition "In", a participant test should fulfill least 70 percent exercise in
Section "A." Judge himself defines, surrendering or not surrendering dog the partition "In."

On contents about tribal exhibitions and Kerunge title CAVU, winning electoral majorities dog, not is workers doctorate for tribal exhibitions. For ceding the CAVU dog must be trained yet and came later directly with owner or man, living in the same House, apartment and. T. P. Between tests there is no term expectations.

The partition "A" - TENDER POSLUShANIE.

Several exercises fulfilled the on coaches field or in natural conditions. Maximum
Number of contingent key - 60. Every rubber begins and ends in core positions "Near" (dog sits alongside leftist hand from khendlera).

1. Rubber "Near" on tight leash - 15 key.

Team voice "Near" (Fuss). After team "Near" dog is beginning to its movement with core positions and must demonstrate Passage with desire and unsere.

Initially Handler passes without stops on direct lines 40-50 steps and makes leftist domestic reversal. After 10-15 normal steps Handler coursing through least 10 steps. After this Handler Crosses without stops on a normal step, during
Which he should demonstrate least 1 rightist and 1 leftist twists, 1 leftist domestic reversal.
After coming Handler should pass least 5 steps and stop. During stop dog must on their own without intervention khendlera sit down near with him. During stop great not permitted move and to change basic stance. Dog must always go alongside leftist knee khendlera, a spatula dogs is on one level with knee khendlera. Dog should not get ahead of ourselves forward, deviate or fall behind from trainer's.

Great permitted use team "Near" only, when he is beginning to rubber or, when changes the speed passage. Ceasing should be in leftist drawn and freely to sag. Judge then volunteered khendlera with dog to go through group least 4 human, where Handler should to circumvent least 2 human on figure "8" and pause least 1 times within groups.scores vychityvayut, if dog runs forward,
Deviates in side, has lagged or, if Handler ill-serves twists.

2. Rubber "Near without defence wakes up aggressivity" and demonstration of indifference to and safe - 15

On signal judges Handler kicks up to ceasing and hangs his through reduce leverage or eliminates the authentication his in pocket. After this he headed in group together with freely-reaching near dog and demonstrates least 1 times halt within groups (see Rubber # 1). After exit from groups Handler briefly ranks basic stance, after what serves rubber modeled on several exercises # 1.

When Handler and dog demonstrate rubber "near without defence wakes up aggressivity", manufactured least 2 shot being fired (but not then, when Handler with dog pass through group). Under this dog must remain indifferent to sound shots. If dog demonstrates uncertainty and fear of to get to the, it immediately destabilized with tests. If dog demonstrates a certain aggression to get to the, remaining under this under control
Khendlera, then this rubber is considered partly performed by and is happening return net key.

Full pass've counted only the dog, which showed themselves absolutely indifferent to get to the.

Remain: Remain must be produced with distances 15 steps with 5 fringes-second massacres at regular intervals between the two with. That Spain use a pistol with 6-9 mm caliber. If dog your under "shots fired" call, it destabilized with tests. If have judges emerge doubts, then him permitted produce additional remain, to test dog on remain.

Remain can be produced only in vremyauprazhneniya "Near" and several exercises "Down on the ground under otvlekayuschikhsya circumstances"

3 of Application "Sit" during movement - 10 key.

Team voice: "Sit!" ("BOLT!").

With core positions Handler and a dog are beginning movement forward on direct lines. Given least 10 steps, Handler gives team voice "Sit!" ("BOLT!"). Dog immediately must quickly fulfilled team, and Handler, not serially speed, passes another 30 steps. Handler does freeze and pivoting face to dog. On signal judges Handler is returning to dog and ranks basic stance (dog sits alongside
Leftist hand from khendlera).

To 5 fringes key deducted, if dog instead team "Sit!" Is borne or comes.

4. Rubber "Down on the ground!" During movement and "Ko me!" 10 key.

Team voice: "Lie!" ("Platz!"), "Ko me!" ("Hier!"), "Near!" ("Fuss!").

After team "Near!" Handler and dog are beginning movement forward with core positions (dog sits with leftist hand from khendlera).

Dog must demonstrate Passage alongside desire and unsere. Given least 10 steps, Handler gives team "Down on the ground!". Dog must quickly fulfilled team, and Handler passes another 30 steps to direct lines, does freeze and pivoting face to dog, After mark judges Handler beckoning
Dog team "Ko me!". Dog under approach must show interest and speed enforcement team. Under this team dog must go run up and close sit down directly before it the challenges khendlerom.

On team "Near!" Dog must quickly fix themselves in core positions (dog sits with leftist hand from khendlera).

To 5 fringes key deducted, if instead team "Down on the ground!" Dog drive or does freeze in stoyachem position given, that the second part of several exercises - team "Ko me!" And "Near!" - diadem correctly and without mistakes

5. Rubber on 25?C "Down on the ground" under as they will deter circumstances - 10 key.

Team voice: "Lie!" ("Platz!"), "Sit!" ("BOLT!").

Before, as the other Handler with dog prepare start rubber on will, the first Handler gives dog team "Down on the ground!" In place, the indicated judge. After this Handler moves away from dogs on 40 steps, not leaving near no primary (ceasing and others. Handler should quietly stand its back on dog.

Dog remains in supine position, until another dog not has several exercises # 1 - 4. After the end of the several exercises # 4 on signal judges Handler is coming to dog and ranks basic stance, after what gives dog team "Sit!".

Handler should not move standing, in the indicated place,, until judge not will ask his take From dog.
Movement khendlera, disguised to aid dog, and also had dogs with speed bump position are viewed judge as mistakes, and lead to is tax deductible key.

scores is subtracted, if dog drive or comes with speed bump position, under this remaining in the indicated place.
If dog exits more than on 3 Dam from Tibetans seats before as another dog has rubber # 2, then is happening partial return net key. Until 3-'s key deducted, if dog comes with speed bump seats during approach khendlera to dog.

Least 42 bala requires, to a participant was admitted to partition "In."



Several exercises must be met on open place, where also present road connections movement and camping on P. Present only judge with secretary and a participant with dog.

So as the partition "In" ranks more time, then maximum number of dogs, participating in CAVU, can be in day not more 15. Despite a large number of participants, several exercises should not be changed.

In section "In"scores are not awarded. The general impression judges on behavior dogs in urban conditions is the decisive factor in determining exploted whether this the partition or not.

1 Behavior dogs in urban conditions.

On signal judges Handler with dog on tight leash for routing the street or on road. Judge should for them on a certain distance there is. Dog should go alongside khendlerom (with leftist hand from trainer's, alongside knee), Zitch dog should not deviate or get ahead of ourselves forward.

Dog should not to respond to movement machines, pedestrians and camping on P.

Man an ant could escape past dogs. Then the cyclist moonlit past dogs and it should not to pay attention on these people. Passage a pedestrian in and road tolls, a cyclist of breadth with hand dogs. After these exercise what is coming to Judge, he's shaking him hand and speaks with him. During conversations dog can sit, lie or stand.

2. Behavior dogs in complicated by urban conditions.

On signal judges Handler together with dog move through a strong hiking the flow of. During passage Handler should twice stop. The first time dog on team drive, the second time dog on team is borne. Dog must fulfill these team. During this several exercises must be heard various
Urban noises, such as noise objecting trains, cars, set, sirens and camping on P.

Dog must to follow khendlerom and remain a quiet and assembled by.

Appropriate place for this several exercises can be Mediterranean rail transport the station, a bus halt,
Sports arena and camping on P. (takes club can simulate urban conditions, using cars, parking playground, domiciled alongside of the Masseria Incantalupi battlefields).

3. Behavior dogs, left behind one.

On signal judges Handler together with dog go on road or on pavement as well. Given a slight
Distance, Handler pegs dog to this video, a wooden post covered and camping on P. After this Handler is withdrawing and is outside
Field of view dogs in for 2-'s minutes. In this time the other Handler with dog pass for the same road past tied dogs on distance 5 fringes steps from it. Testiruemaya dog must remain a quiet and assembled by (undergoing dog should not be aggressive relative to other-lover).