Here is sometimes come by rifopletstvom and want to share!

Prime ministerial your congratulations 2012

This at night novogdney
I want you wish Sea happiness and health,
Not to be bored, not pessimistic!
Let will chocolate, ow! Dragon on all svershenya you struck,
Wish you in year ahead lot more of light and heat!
Let miracle-Hey dragon You cheerful and vivid dreams ausubt and gives gifts!


Greyhound as English dandy in my turtleneck up over my White dressed
But there is no in it barskoy volume laziness, semblance of connected- aviazione and rezv.
Greyhound-this the Irish first-there is red foxes and tiger over, too, there is,
There is snow white and spotted-glitters on the sun A Velvet wool
Greyhound, is recognised for more posture, dignity their and scenically,
But not despite thisaviazione and with a knack-in fields - Gallopin 'power the dart
And on the evening he will be borne have the fireplace and will listen to sounds of a ceasefire
And I selling young horses is much Oh my God! What happiness - there is Greyhound came I have!

A poodle

My favorite pudelyushkam

I have there is poodle -kudryavyy black loving
Himself as soft plaything, but with soul lion animal boy
Elegant and smart, on all hoisted master he
If Im-heals a, if frightening-would protect,
And hunter a poodle passionate -krysa from him not backup
If America it you melancholy, then buy pudelka
He you true friend will, never you not forgets
Will with you he always dog-kitten with the heart lion

And this the tryout with have laggards

why not use o circle-doodle
when you make curly poodle
poodles full of fun and pomp
are always ready for a romp

Squiggles in a second and curls
And compliant we in round things at
Four on paws, on its tail, aw, too,
Luxurious mane in gum is stowed
A poodle ready, navedya the beauty, in
Feature a funny with you volunteer game

If there is than to share-spit it out!