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Advise good surgeon

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Again only ask that for Council to over- bundle of bushikov. Podskajite, please, us good Dr.-surgeon, to solve problem with nabolevshim claw. Have us he already more month not through this after damage. Traveled in Belantu, there Dr. one watched, said, if not it'll heal, need to talon, huh cut and stitching phalanx from. But himself Dr. as something confidence not summoned ((Perhaps, who operirovalsya already in Belante or in other clinics and remained exasperated the result. Let us very grateful!



I operated on to a nail have Gross's in Belante have Medvedev, this my Dr. which I later. Nothing he us not I stitched up, to a nail then again grew.
You can to ereminu, but have him people many.



Leave Karlovy Vary to Eryominu, not you do make a mistake. He knows its deal. People have him and truth always many, but now he accepts not only in Belante, and even in Zhulebino (Moscow Metro). There people much less



In the latest data and in Zhulebino (Moscow Metro) many. Can be in weekdays to 10 morning.



But can accurately say to whom in belante not worth constitute, this to "mordatomu" Ionovu. Why so write? Because their there two and both Sergei, only one Alexandrovich and the other nikolaevich. Hu there is hoo always forget a, BUT high, Thicknesse, lysyvatyy and chubby - bastard. You can his calculate on photo on site belanty.



ШАНТАЛЬ wrote:

in Belante have Medvedev, this my Dr. which I later

Yes, us he, too, grassroots, treated to him with papillomami.



Thank you large for advice! Do crash to Eryominu. He as times in weekend accepts.

But on anyone case not spit out everything Medvedev, he as roughly looks? We simply already contaminants on legal to two surgeons to in Belante. One Dr. us in principle grassroots, his surname I memorized the - Tatarinov, as in "two's" :) He us trolley onto a side talon, huh cut off not big, and have us increasingly healed and a new growing. And here is with this claw, where have us pillow was spewing from Ouchies and already month not through this, we are trapped to such a young stroynomu svetlenkomu doctor, he increasingly not knew that with our't to do, thought-thought, then in a result made prick in this phalanx from, stirred up some with a scalpel and said 10 days Levomekol impose. Have us already and longer she with cast churchgoers, but raze not it'll heal's foot. To this doctor I would not wanted again enter. But perhaps, this not Medvedev http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_145.gif



This not Medvedev. Still times, YOU CAN SEE ??? ON SITE BELANTY 4 through use IS and photo http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/yes.gif
Medvedev no one not'll trade you everything on worry to. Pro Tatarinova listened good.
And at all we, too, first he treated with unguents, BUT, in life case so, that this on helps and account for begin operating, means you have such case.
In these vykhi Medvedev works.


You are here » Entlebucher Sennenhunds - Forum NHL » Increasingly about health » Advise good surgeon