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Rules accession in NHL ez

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Enough many questions on shagovykh about accession in club.
So as would still virtually all write on e-mail, decided immediately on Forum write instruction
That must be done:
1. Read Charter NHL (are reading here: http://entlebucher.ru/cntnt/o_klube/ustav_nkp.html)
2. Fill statement. (Being here: http://entlebucher.ru/cntnt/dokumenty/zayavlenie1.html)
3. Send turn away from the statement and a copy of pedigree by registered letter, on address:
111672 Propulsion Moscow, st Novokosinskaya, d.14, korp.6, kv.142. My mom's Olga.
4. Needs pay Kiri and annual membership premium in size 1,000 Br Every (in the sum 2000rub)
Paying produced on map Sberbank’s. Number maps on request sending in lichku
5. Scan cheque request send on this e-nkp-entlebucher @ yandex.ru after pay.

So same on this-can be deport any questions on work NHL.

take this case recall, that in conformance with Charter NHL p.3.6 needs until 1 on May pay annual membership premium!
On the basis p.3.9.7. Not paid annual premium members will automatically are excluded.



For pay annual payment needs immediately move to law of and 5



Recall, that all, who not paid annual premiums for 2012 Mr., must be done this until the end of on May. Otherwise membership in NHL will you lost! The reappointment's accession will on shared founding.
For aid and any issues request write on address: Nkp-entlebucher @ yandex.ru



- Hello, Podskajite please, owner of our bushika is husband, but am with author Lars Amend based and floated here I, who should to join in club, I or husband? And you better subtract please requisites far'll take your money to send. In advance thank you.



In club enters owner dogs. Think, for you this nothing not changes, after all you same family) print with site NHL the form statements, fill his. To hand need Olga Mum's - our Secretary. Premiums accept on map Sberbank’s. Entire a detailed the intel with phones wrote in lichku.



Thank you.


You are here » Entlebucher Sennenhunds - Forum NHL » Announcement NHL » Rules accession in NHL ez