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Advice for breeders

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Advice are borrowed have breeders German sheep-dogs
And me scratched off with Bernklaba, with by courtesy resolution topikstartera.
Believe, that in data councils are collected very valuable moments in life breeders.

Not - Here, take for deal, if you not bet before a goal learn to
To do his better other! You are prepared to this? Then you have chance
Someday to garner 100 points in this as and thus become
purely the breeder!

Just, abandon personal life, because henceforth you will have
Sacrifice by many, natural for other people, things: The main
Exhibition breed someday can having with someone day birth,
Giving birth have has presented to with meeting New Year, and cultivating litter with
Suddenly proposed hot was a free trip in house vacation.

Orphans as to what jeans, sports a suit and shoes you
Will need now significantly more often, than evening women.

Buy bert itself mobile phone, and's just suck it up with those, that he will
Call 24 hours a day, and sometimes in the most increasingly inappropriate policy moments.

Abandon sleep, because now you, certainly, not tickles
Lie down sooner, and waking up when wanted.

The Internet
Budget family, valsti with spending on content dogs. Feeding,
Departure, veterinary care, participation in exhibitions, in,
Cultivating puppies must become primary consideration articles spending.

Recording name kennel, think about how, that henceforth this
Your trading DM, Vasha pride, your with the signature a badge of, on which
Will learn you and your dogs. It must be resounding,
Memorable and have smyslovoe significance. Your task now
redesign your his, do so, to it was on vengeance have all
Places breed and to, most importantly it otozhdestvlyalos with
Quality your dogs.

DVCAM about how, to provide worthy content dogs in
His kennel, carefully Consider establishing held,
Especially departure for dogs. You should be not ashamed show
Its cattery friends, familiar and future buyers puppies.

Feed for their dogs, focuses not on price, but on the quality of!

How many
Would not was dogs in your the kennel, not't forget about how, that this is not
Only tribal material, pipelines dedicated to meet your
Aspiring ambitions, and above all, this living beings, which
Experiencing greatest need in rubbing shoulders with favorite master, in
His the attention, in his ever feel unwanted and have trumped. Find time not only for
Occupational, but and for communication with each dog!

Not destroy from old dogs, faith and true service people its
Age, especially if this dog agricultural grown you with schenka and never
Knew another homes! Search for it the odd a bowl porridge, and this
Pay you back.

Not hesitate to learn! Code for this any possibility in
During their entire lives. Remember, that process of knowledge and
Professional growth is infinite!

Learn to look more
To think and analyze forestry knowledge! Not't forget adage
Henri of sets: There are two equally cushy positions: Either to believe in
All, either around the to doubt; and the and another abolish from
Need to think.

Not stop on the limited progress! Let someone the motto of will become words
Andre Jew Go for those who searching for truth, not you should trust those who its
Already found.

Like to share with ill-considered knowledge! Remember, that
Professional level of practitioner is determined not number of
Philadelphian, and number of cast knowledge.

Start your
To collect personal library on Assisting, art collection films and compact disks.

Execute a
Fully on specialized magazines, try to acquire all
Information materials on breed, to be in rate all news
And events.

Must--risk write letter someone from known breeders, ask
Questions, ask photos dogs. If lucky arrive at still
One opportunity learn and adopt experience.

Themselves would known the breeder not Halls the regularly with
Newcomers, suspicious mail pretending on their letters, help advice.

Don't give up from contacts with zavodchikami other breeds. Often such
Communication gives a new and useful information.

Dealing with
Entails the dogs, interesuytes attendant sciences of genetics,
Biology, etologiey, of pregnancy.

And open an
As can be more useful contacts with experts from other spheres of
Activities, related Assisting.

Learn your chosen
Foundations veterinary: Do vaccinated, process wound by or peel the
Anal tumors have dogs must be able every breeder.

Will learn
German language, although would within moreover, to be able read
Nickname , titles and description of dogs.

Try under aid dictionary on their own translate although would one
Article about German ovcharke from foreign magazine.

Homilies sketch dogs (with nature, with photos), even if you
There is no to this natural gift.

Computer, although would within moreover, to fill in personal base
Data achieve escape information, communicate-mail traffic with friends and
hanging around in chat rooms and forums, deriving achieve escape and useful information about
Your favorite breed.

Wear an
Site his kennel, to to tell world about their advances and

Buy bert photo camera, will learn how photographed, wear an its
Personal fototeku German sheep-dogs and constantly its popolnyayte.

Portrait (picture in hotel reception) his first dogs and putting a his over
His workers table.

Portrait (picture in hotel reception) its better, on todays day,
Dogs and putting a his near. This a picture of an yet to once

Portrait (picture in hotel reception) better dogs, the spoils in your
Kennel, and putting a his near. Also, as and previous, this
A picture of an make changes until you on least need.

Portrait (picture in hotel reception) dogs, which in your representation
Is close to ideal breed and putting a his alongside three by previous,
Let this the contrast will always be you before eyes and suggests on

Learn your chosen
Terminology! In world German sheep-dogs you yet to communicate on
Particular view language, to be widely understood and understand other.

Learn your chosen
History breed! Remember, that without knowledge about its past there is no its

Learn your chosen
Genealogy include breed! Genealogical dogs must become for you not simply
Terms of a set of A.K.A.S, and bear information about as a and heredity
Everyone animal.

Learn your chosen
Standard! And not simply name and location articles, and their a deep
Correlation with functions organism.

Podkreplyayte theoretical knowledge standard practical
Condemn for dogs. at every opportunity case try
To do description of exterior, movements, analyse the of new

Time from
Time celebrate for themselves a small Academies rack 'em up
ringi from photographs dogs in hotel reception, robt description of each dogs
With (star status about its virtues before in other.

Dog try assess objectively, with positions standard.
Will learn how have their dogs to see shortcomings, have of strangers dignity.

Learn your chosen
Theory a view! Above than begin to practical work, you
Must freely navigate in matters selection and selection, in
Notions lines and families, in peculiarities use inbridingov
And krossov.

You must
Know declare all known genetics anomalies and inheritance
Diseases, result in breed, about the causes they arise,
Ways identify and methods struggle with them.

To tribal work, composing its program a view.
Decide with number of dogs, which you can contain in
Kennel, schedule ultimate goal, path and means its achievements, and
Further step for step, year after year go confidently to this goal.

An optimist and never waste confidence in achieving goal!
Remember words Francois Guizots: Mir belongs optimistam, pessimists
just only viewers!

By buying dogs for his kennel or leaving puppies for
Further tribal work, aspire to improve breed, always
Guided by three performance origins + exterior +

The heading on
Principle Those dogs my, because they best , not contrary
Those dogs best, because they my.

Stereotypes! Remember far not always dog from Germany better
The, which was born in your kennel.

Not go on a deal with their own consciences, using in intended for breeding dogs
With hidden genetic defects, carrying diseases
Or simply with were origin. Sooner or later covert
Always becomes clear, and one thus gesture you can forever
, snuffing all their achievements.

That the German Ovtcharka this labor dog and, dealing with entails the
This breed, you should support and develop its workers quality.

Dressiruyte their dogs, honestly deal the tests and realize the
Picking the producers adjusted for their psychics and workers qualities!

Collected and punctual! Will learn how plan its day, to all
Always 1855!

Consistent and goal-oriented! Plan a also their jobs on
Week, on month, on year forward.

Individual stages of his work and life vortex concrete goals, and
Through all obstacles and difficulties aspire to their achieving!

Stake are! Take itself for rule, that each again
Through dog must do so by the quality of their
Predecessors, every received droppings, droppings should be better

Try not use in intended for breeding producers, expedited
Problems, on this stage common for the entire breed. Currently
This shortcomings character, large growth, weak; and jangling under unnecessarily
When expressed the corners rear limbs, the bright eyes, weak ears.

Partners for always, always vortex before a specific goal
That you want obtain or improve data selection, whatever see
Future dogs from this litter.

To risk! For achievements goal sometimes is worth send bitch on vyazku
In Germany or to apply quite a close the puppies. Remember words
Frank Act Doby: Luck this constant willingness use chance!

Not choose your partners for always on the principle of take a closer and cheap ,
Or on the principle of because, that he sits I have in the yard (though such
Option not excluded, if he not contradicts interests breed).

Forget, that povyazannaya bitch requires to itself attention lavished and
Care, she more, than in another time, is experiencing permanent
Need be alongside master. Who knows not is whether
The absence of such a attention one reason prokholosta sook?

Are under birth have their prostate problems, in this moment them especially need a
Your support! Moreover, these surveillance will bring you nor with than not
Second experience.

Puppies under Female of, pay the attention not only ????? for them,
Nutrition, and as exposure. Not't forget about really important respect
Socialization and privitii original skills that in further
Would relieve process nourishing and of special training puppies.

Be chintzy with the time for observations for growing people handling this will give you
Opportunity over time learn to determine their eksterernye
Quality, especially character and unmistakably choose best puppies
From litter.

Are among in good faith to cultivating litter! Never Usetrete
On kormakh, on vaccinations into the town charter, on glistogonnykh medicines. Never
. You can sell puppies before 45-day age. Qualitatively
Grown, a healthy Puppy to point sales this face your

Puppies from litter always. You can sell in least! And only
Then, when make sure, that someone of them not is thereby,
Beneficial's lottery request, able bring glory you and your

A puppy on cultivating, by keeping a some observations, in which
Write down your all until little things promery and parameters his development on
Months, especially behavior and formation character, process
Generate skills, the results training. If their surveillance you, to
Addition, proillyustriruete photos, then arrive at domestic
Materials for further analysis.

Are honest before themselves themselves and before buyers in determining
Outlook for every schenka. In any, really best poo, usually
Is born 2-3 indeed prominent a puppy, the rest same become addicted
To ordinary representatives breed. Given this, slug and their
The real value of.

Zadavayte question bidder for what him dog, and preparing to target
His needs, consider recommending moreover or conjures schenka, honestly
Telling about all his pros and minuses.

You not
Should be indefinitely in what hands end up your Puppy. Always
Interesuytes seriousness intentions of the buyer and his opportunities
Provide a puppy necessary branch, conditions content and
Cultivate their, training. Courage deny in sale schenka, if
Originated any doubts. Better do this immediately, than in the future
Face with the need in placing somewhere adult dog,
Which got to his strange host.

Maintain relations with all persuaded, kupivshimi you
Puppies, help cable to market, a, training and breeding,
Prepare to exhibitions.

Breeder not insured from obtain puppies with various
Genetic defects (the wrong biting, kriptorkhizm,
Dlinnosherstnost). . You can sell such puppies for purely symbolic
Prices, never obscuring the from of the buyer the availability of these defects and
Explaining, that they nor lasting way not prevent dog be true and
True friend or bear for security and service.

By keeping a
Accounting and statistical analysis Philadelphian in your pometakh genetic
Defects, this will help you in further work.

You value your
A reputation his kennel! Aspire moreover, to you not
Controversial of legal conflicts with buyers puppies, persuaded
Producers, which you are using in intended for breeding, with of
Or the landlords dogs, with people who work you in
As a animal trainers, coaches, khendlerov, and in case
Arise fall, always try resolve their peacefully.

Maintain relations with other zavodchikami, always interesuytes
Results their work, their dogs, will learn how rejoice at their

In rubbing shoulders
With colleagues not't forget sophisticated adage: If two human one
Profession always agree with each other one of them glee. If
Two human one profession never agree with each other they
Both excess .

In disputes
Otstaivayte its opinion, but always robt this correctly!

Flexibility, your relative to their competitors! Not qualified
Opportunity glee times congratulate their with high place in an exhibition, with
Birth of prospective litter, with successfully strengthened tests. This
Will give you not a small advantage before them!

Than to criticize his opponent, recall words Henry Torah: When
Someone goes not in pace, not rush to denounce his; perhaps he hears
Sounds another March.

Not let itself incorrect of expression in worded of strangers dogs! You
It legitimate have its opinion about any dog, but a public his
Goes should be compelling and extremely also a valid.

Take offence on criticism, treat it filosovski, seeking to extract
From it any favor. If you not consider its fair let
This will be not everything problem, and problem your opponent.

Not let itself be engaged in any intrigue! This nor lasting
Way not goes on favor of everything reputation!

Root down until thus focus on: Who said? , Why said? ,
Why said?. Remember ancient adage: If you cite
You already someone, if have you steal you man a distinguished, but
The real thank begins only then, when you are beginning
To attribute otherswords.

By keeping a
Some, in which detail write down your results of his work,
Their thought and surveillance. Perhaps, once he will become basis for
Your future books about breed.

You to return
Exhibition than more, the better! As in as a stakeholder, so and in
A spectator. Write down your and analyse the results and their
The impression.

Dogs, by keeping a themselves correctly relative to other participants, to
Experts and to viewers. Never vyskazyvayte discontent assessing
Or place its dogs, not 2009 in dispute, not now, let him go replicas of in
Worded their competitors.

Thank expert for work, even in those cases, when you not
Agree with assessing dogs.

Not make dogs under an expert, with whom you are in
Friendship or business relations this incorrect approach, above all, on
Toward him.

Dogs, remember, that opinion expert, his assessment and place in ring
This still not the truth in of last resort. Much more strict judge
viewers from number of such same, as you breeders.

Outcome in an exhibition should not you upset, he must reinforce
Your drive to victory!

Victory always divide your with friends and Test Ban! Nothing not
Brings together stronger, than filled with champagne and-assignable around the circle
The Asian, received dog in an exhibition.

Famous izrecheniyu Better one times see , modicum once
Here, on Zigere and arrive at not ultimate nor with than pleasure!

Even if
You not interesting since sports contest, you to return their sometimes you
Must be in rate all trends development breed!

By buying its experience, above analyse the someone else's. Remember words
Marisa Kerlena: Experience this a lottery ticket, Kuplennyi after

Its own style in of advisers, behavior, manner communicate with
People. Caveat of orders we receive and interesting since!

Although would
Once in life have his P.O. meet New year in the forest, under the snowy fur-trees,
In circle friends like-minded states and dogs.

Although would
Once in life collect close friends, take backpacks, buy
Tickets in a deaf place and take together Dog, to at night
Sit have a fire, resist the under guitar, listen to interesting history and
Think about eternal things

Dealing with
Tribal entails the, not't forget about how, that in basis of his lies
Love to brothers our less, and that in this moment on earth
There are thousands of homeless dogs, which need a the most smallness of
Padnee over head and Spaghetti food, outstretched good hand owner. Although
Would once in life you warms whose something unhappy soul give shelter to
A homeless dog.

Once about how man, which led you in the world German sheep-dogs,
Drop to him with colors and cake tomorrow. If his already there is no Visit his
Grave and put flowers.

't forget those, from whom you learned! Legislator postcards to
Crashing with warm words gratitude not zatrudnyat you, and them
Will drift nor with than not ultimate pleasure.

Vospitayte in his fact pupils who can achieve greater,
Than you.

And remember
not Teacher defines who his students, and students call his
Teachers! And if once you one can have this hear, means, you
Held, as specialist!

And now caveat
Are honest before a figure out number of points,
Which on todays day you already you can be noted.
This and will an indication, how percent you
Meet thereby present noted!

If someday,
In for his life you can although would
Approach measure 100 you can be confident,
That name of your kennel outlast you and Your



Hello, I the first time on Forum. Have us is growing, indeed do already grew a compelling girl Jessica 2.5 year. Favorite family. Have us embarked question about vyazke. With what start and as to approach this issue? There is excellent estimates on exhibitions, "a swell." We not professional breeders, simply very love dogs at all, and in this rocks on ears fallen. Live in Magnitogorsk, here entlebukhov there is no. We traveled for it in Ufimskiy cattery. Hope gets professional advice.



Hello! I on breeder! I have male. But with his "kobelinoy" perspective want say, that start need to was with moreover who parents your dogs, what she has test on eyes, test on all areas, test on urinosindrom, closed whether least - champion trades abroad. Ah and several issues, can be?
Why you puppies? When taking dog, talked whether her breeder, that beret for a view? Why 0100 about always not to her breeder?
Ah and P.S. I would not has become knitting bitch from Ufa kennel, even if would me with this request turned very respected me noted, from crucial considerations - in this kennel headgear of bitch with PRA - Since, moreover itself personally seen an announcement always this has presented to with male could with PRA Since, that for me not permissible, and says, that in primarily in this kennel is worth question "money", not obtain and cultivate their quality regions of the dogs. Ah and dog pity, so as not known, as always are reflected on and so sick the eyes of dogs.