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Victory's Secret Iron (Roni)

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All good morning,
Here is and it is our time contact take a closer.
So, have the honor business - Victory's Secret Iron or simply Roni.

Roni simply wonderful Puppy, he remarkable came until a new homes, and path was quite not a close (currently he lives in Konakovo, that already Tverskaya area, in distinctive Country House parents). Even in first night he quite not shed tears, only walking and studied new space, and now already quite have adjusted in the new House and every day expands its circle walks on home, ah and of course as and all puppies case or "miracle puppy for" or "small beast."

In the first same day understood where accrues his food, so that, too, tried to to agree with legally for feed, so long negotiate, that had to to remove Pandora far away, but now as sees, that disappeared his Spaghetti (or simply got gift baskets that time is approaching nutrition,) lie down sleep / a soak precisely about its bowls.
And to not miss departure last member family of the room - on the threshold of.
Roni still not otsinil on dignity its a sun lounger flying through, but several photo, when he his uses on appointment managed shoot.
Here is so we're sleeping.
Or even so.
Ah and this we try I get the until "of truth", well, that lezhachok antivandalnyy.

Ah and all the remaining time on dream -’re making on gender. Here we still not're sleeping, but already are going.

Our idea put an mats, to Ronechke was not slip for anyone is possible, unfortunately failed, we as cultural it is a watchdog all their affairs do on pelenochku, but carpets in our anybody apparently big pelenochki, so that had to their to remove, except old in the corridor, to can be painless on them was who will have plenty and jump.
And it is our espoused posture. Even not know as its call. "Okorochkom" that whether, but so we love a little stretch.
Ah and still a bit photographs.


Very a pity was from him leave. Parents say, that he for two days already grew and all are experiencing, that get a puppy we not dokarmlivaem, so as this the blaggard even after food future together such hungry eyes and with so wonder what could happen, that account for borrow themselves in hands.
Until still not approach-- we hop on sofa, but was attempt to run and a guy to jump first on the lifeline to the sunbed and then on sofa, so a sun lounger flying through account for from seat sofa large water.
So that perishing in than than, and in cleverness when we him not't refuse that. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/609.gif

Ah and on my Blue Hawaiian several issues.
1. Ronka sometimes lack for floors clothing or for of my pant leg, on the current moment we Limnological and nakak not react, correctly? Or all-??? to speak "cannot be"?
Incidentally this team he very well knows and immediately ceased "feels loose."
2. That better buy for be Q-tipping and need to whether already now hooking to this, yes and to raschesyvaniyu?
Team "her teeth" we already recreate.



Welcome of our a baby brother and its ownerwas!
What you have deathbed cool, such a cosy!
We, too, love to accept pose of dying from hunger and bunk out in district bowls :-) about nedokarmlivayut - Angie stands with Roni, clearly race will http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_145.gif
Wire cutters have us are found when of walking somewhere on apartment, Angie for should sit Reserve expect to (predominantly big), first I've sinned on vivid varnish, and then thought: What perhaps this the first attempts Pernod me, to control my of movement. Or when'm leaving on work tries to "keep" clawing for clothes all Scotlands bodies. I say strictly "cannot be", pitnu and looks with so guise of "yes understand, that cannot be, but far you again leave the center all"?
About raschesyvaniya I has bought your piehole such a, just sit down on gender to it and'm try to build the beauty, until simply think it pleased, something type massage fondling is obtained :-)



Roni - charm of simply!



Nastia, not immediately saw your page! Good fellows! Photos klassny, especially "I get the until of truth", mind have them campaigning investigative)

AleAna wrote:

1. Ronka sometimes lack for floors clothing or for of my pant leg, on the current moment we Limnological and nakak not react, correctly? Or all-??? to speak "cannot be"?
Incidentally this team he very well knows and immediately ceased "feels loose." Stop, talk less No, There and any team, that you all chase to practice, if himself not becomes unthreaded, hands Pomogi, and only then take go. If pritsepitya again, again Limnological, already sharper team and so until full perception, if strongly Getting bullied, a bit can be for Scruffles tryakhonut, to not hurt, and it's a shame was. Can be on Different, his pinch for but with words It hurts.
2. That better buy for cleansing ear and need to whether already now hooking to this, yes and to raschesyvaniyu?

Have him ears zagryaznilis. Particularly without needs not lz, if clean, then and not touch, and if popachkalis, how in here KAMAZ or still what breath but not curative, and preventive. And cotton GoldenCore and health and. But like ears have them were clean have all. Will can be varezhkoy until.
And here is bears need to or regularly, to Iong time to get used.



Thanks for Sharing (warm words
Viki & K
Realized, let us work over a (this I in sense claws) and over Ronkoy - discourage something work "clothespin."
And have us several achievements for week:
1. We well already fully learned name of, team me and sit.
2. We have learned play in toys and now even would bring not only his slippers on, but and ball around the. Truth to stay us lacks, but all ??? already big progress. http://i.smiles2k.net/hello_byby_smiles/1_011.gif
And still all raze not poymu- nakupish together igrushek- curiously different. And espoused plaything all dogs - plastic a bottle of. And simply as in genes’s budget provides for skill turn off lid firmly. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/109.gif



AleAna, Ronechka - super guy, a handsome and (wanted write well maintained, but realized, that greater suited - a sleek) And glance such down - directly entlebukherskaya golden youth) I, too, believe, that and claw, and wits and to brush - start as can be before, but are and with priyatnostyami - caress and shmavouries. Without excess and care, for moreover, to to the routine. Wits we, too, then clear short of disks with "Rosinkoy." New you achievements!



Baby wonderful, and what the very watch your program for on the photos, looks so as if says - and than still me will make happy and may regale.



Thank you, gorgeous huge for nice words.

Overdue question.
There is whether what schedule adding weight on least maturation?



What a handsome baby! :)



AleAna wrote:

There are whether what schedule adding weight on least maturation?

Nope, graphics we not constituted, we on fins)
Although perhaps need to would, we have statistical data on pometam until 2-'s months. On kids I illustrate who how many should weighs. Although, scheny, too, different accented, but their shopping appears.
And fotochki new there is?

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For-gone „Briedisi we substantially are growing older and now weigh already about 8 kg. Ribs of the on place, but here is a pot belly, too, there is.
Mood have Ronechki very pains from, but sometimes "the playful." Several slippers are trapped on child ‘ s teeth, yes and one little book. And this with, that he in principle one rarely remains. And happened this because we have learned with seats jump on sofa and now zone reach significantly has increased.
We a bit took photos, but Lost your shnurochek so that photo through „Briedisi.



http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/108.gifof his! Ah and zubochki reminded pro order) her little book have enshrined have shkapchik need to to remove, his slippers on wash their hands, again have shkapchik was removed) And on confidence, whispers, he as walk began, so immediately notebook liked.
I directly illustrate as he such as) We wait for new photographs!



All Hi.
Finally we downloaded with camera our photo, so that putting photo for 2 weeks
This we have learned weakened on sofa and now are clinging each opportunity there sit and sleep and nagging tasting house


Olja, this something type racks - check out this prototype us. MVy not obese? Weigh already 10 kg., but ribs of the proschupyvayutsya well.


Where same is a master? His slippers on there is, and no one there is no?


And in that same I want play?

And this rare photo, when Roni smiles.
Photographed his now very is difficult, he very is active, so usually photo when he sleeping or already'm bushed, and this exception



To good graft already are prepared. Clear pill gave.




Very slavnenkiy a boy! He me even on photo baby onwww.benaughty.com grassroots. Such 28.0g clever little! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/108.gif



Wow! What cool kid! Quite not fat,, contrary, in very good shape! http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_993.gif



Excellent derzhitsya http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/yes.gif



Nastia,, I reiterate, Ronik charm of!
Pro pills, vaccinated realized)



Thank you all large for warm words.
Have us already on the sly has become change, softest fur. And on back slit already "nevertheless" narosla, so that soon guided at all, hopefully hung, men.



Nastia, and how many you feed now give the? We roughly 70, but forever hungry), softest fur. Have us, too, is changing, but only until find descent of "infant-", and that the new grows up until not saw something)



We such those same 70 grams - 4 times and still mentor are giving gender is there an apple or morkovochki. And still cottage cheese are giving grams 50 http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/109.gif.
But if honestly, Olga told me that his can be to transfer on 3-'s Hull, so as cottage cheese this, too, comprehensive feeding. I parents told, but think, that without us his not turned. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/105.gif

And pile of well in sight on globe. A new - issine black, and child gives brown.
Have us a new, softest fur. On back already, but still not until the end of backs (more precisely there she ostentatious).


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