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Pulp gifts owners and the internet

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A fable Prometey in Georgian school

Odnazhdy God sent hooded crows piece of choked.

Ah, Parmesan. And he his theatre robbers, dunking.

One, as guerrillas. Sat itself on line –

Rendering funds - And robbers, dunking, and robbers, dunking, and robbers, dunking!

Netimer-Netimer, schtob someone not stole.

And past schyol fox.

And sausage - there is no, choked - smelled.

And, too, immediately serve diary.

Recognized even the entire're sweating!

Recognized even reception desk made, as dogs. Here is so!

And says: "Greetings, hooded crows! Wah!

Let-me watch from all sides,

What same you Krasiviy the disobedient became,

After all I you long, two - no! - three sutka not professorship!

What same you now not ordinary!

What face! What figures schikarnyy!

And as you goes your black color!

Flushed st st! Naomi Campbell, searching, Houston, there is no?

I recognized quite you not discover!

Forgive, schto near long so would stand,

I simply distract the eyes not in forces

From your face - what same he Krasiviy!

With you portrait need to write, the picture,

And dispose vsemirniy a cobweb.

With you near even Mona Lisa Don’t looks.

And, so itself, Ogrizok.

With you near himself Sophie Lauren

As alongside a rose - ogorodniy get.

By the the upper hand your and by the an effort!

And let mad can get away from envy Boris

Here is this - as his there - stage!

Your pushed an effort - much more beautiful.

"So says foxes. And quietly-quietly.

Suited closer - Khitriy, bilyat, dudette!

Hooded crows - speaks out, but kuschat stopped.

And proudly looks down - as Lenin with the pedestal.

Foxes slightly-slightly nemnozhko rested –

And again: "Hey, hooded crows! – to? Not spisch?

I here say you still wanted to,

Until you in Hollywood not had fled,

Schto bow pre with your mind.

I themselves feel, ah, simply poor schmuck being,

When'm on your Mechanics their.

You - genius! Your ideasand, as antelopes,

Is borne came charging in, ahead of booming time.

You naiee mudriy between us all!

On your on their written here is here,

Schto you graduated Hauptbahnhof (central institution

And schto with medal you zakonchisch academies.

I a tooth I allow, schto the Nobel bonuses

You annual, ah, maximum, in Saturday –

For mathematics level work.

I eye I allow, schto smart in this world

Just two: You and too 4!

Thank you, God, schto you allowed me be born

In one epochs with this the great bird! "–

So says foxes. And closer, closer to hooded crows

Their pododvigaet skis. Hooded crows –

Speaks out. Nadulsya, as a turkey-.

Even 4000m2 as well as belly vipiraet from-under trousers.

Such recognized an important became, as if nigit.

As the general bird-sekretar.

Foxes same khitriy, time without slightly,

Had included already such a establishment,

Schto even himself itself nemnozhko udivilsya.

And says: About, my God! Neuzhto I Vlyubilsya!

About, my prekrasniy dream! About, my hooded crows!

You dovedesch mene until funerals!

There is no without your love me life, aaoea!

Now poveschus! Here is on this line.

There is no - 'll poison myself! Here is this the fly agaric.

About, my hooded crows! My lav! Cherie! Geneva:!

As painful for know, schto you mene not love that!

Schto my husband you never going to!

And not snesesch me a small egg,

Some totally imagined in some totally imagined a similar on my face.

Ah, poorly me! Ah, Oh! I dying of!

Cardiac!’s stroke! Graphic! Ah, I not know!

Ah, heart of my! All! Forever freeze

Ah, schto same you molchisch?!

Shout Netimer zero three! "

And - he fell - hand to breast prizhatiy,

As if only schto his had a heart attack Kondratii.

Hooded crows - and schto hooded crows?! He beaks he do it,

Pro choked rang - from his mouth his not vinul

And quoth the so, schto here same podavilsya.

And together with choked he with tree svalilsya.

Schto dalsche? Esophagus. Stomach.

Fox golodniy beat - bastard!

For polchasa hooded crows. Overcooked

And became The Crow perishing not such, as beat.

Morality: When do choked - Cote d’Azur and kushiy,

And no one and never slyushiy.



ENTLEBUKhER Sennenhund.

Lived-were in the forest Screwy and Josch. Settled they in old raskoryachennom oak. Hey, a squirrel lived in hollowed-at the top, and Josch in a hole inter roots. Summer and autumn they harvested couple's Godparents, cardiac, mushrooms, and winter cold, read the and were to each other in Visitors. Spring same, at night, friends were for obey schavelem and the first through on a fine spring colors.
- Listen, Josch, - as something asked Screwy, - and, why we spring only at night are now moving beyond?
--hye, - grinned at the. - All types child knows, that until light, in the forest get dire Entlebucher Sennenhunds.
- A who this? - all shivery the mustache Screwy.
- tailed not know, who, but better him in hoisted not get caught.
However, when it became getting light soon and and Josch fell asleep in his a hole, Screwy cautiously looked out resurfaced, smelled it and fearlessly zaskakala on branches increasingly further and further from homes.
On the evening Josch has awakened and with fear found, that his each has vanished. Zametalsya he around oak, while looking for traces Belochki, and went to on the search in wood. Sought entire night, but so and not has found. Returned home, tried to fall asleep, but so and not was able. Embarked, cleaned up the place in a burrow, flowers watered, Windex'd. To do nothing to acquire, need to go, bailing out friend from evils. Seceded from homes and only has just departed a few steps, future together, power--a period him enormous ’.
- Good to meeting, - says the. - Lielisks spring morning, not find?
- MA – It pleased, - replies Josch. - models today, simply surprisingly.
Are grateful about variability, then about types of on summer, about fishing, about fungal places.
- ’, God sake of, - says ’. - I, after all, so and not gained. Entlebucher Sennenhunds.
Limit for so and were from horror. Died! And, importantly, it's a shame, that here is so on-jackholes. Friend not helped and not for ponyukh act himself breezed in and out. However can get overwhelmed by all its fear, raised eyes-the beads and says.
- What OK, here is and otbegal I rezvymi was coming out feet on forest paths, palleggi me draconian Etlebukher.
’ from astonishment even coughed deliberately.
- Don’t gather additionally in any way, a respected. What liveliest legs? Why me you there is?
- But you same Grozny Spring a Hunter! And not you whether ate my beloved friend Belochku?
- Ah, here is in fix deal, - more Entlebucher Sennenhunds. - Yes, what same I a Hunter? Simply ’, and himself a Hunter now analogy. And, I assure, that no for "belochka's" nor I, neither he not ate, and just catching and have been in cell. Hilarious, will report back you, the creation. Prezabavneyshee. Incidentally, if wish, then you can run, obstacles block shall not pass.
- Don’t gather additionally in any way, - says Josch. - A you something all of this why?
- Just entertainment, - replies ’. - New familiarity, fate, drama, adventures.
- A can be, - wondered Josch, - me, too, in cell?
- A this, sorry, not me to decide. , he'll like you hunter - mercy of ask.
Not managed Entlebucher Sennenhunds say was hello these words, as emerged a Hunter. Saw he hedgehogs, and slipped in bag. Carried home, has milk and has lodged in box from-under sardines.
Upon us night, Josch made it out from boxes and followed seek Belochku. Looks, sits his each in cage,’s tears spite.
- Screwy, - whispering Josch. - I for you came. Run hence.
- or did me,, my friend, - a lament a prisoner of a. - The ornamental holy, and depends not chew through.
Ran Josch on yard, stirred up Entlebukhera Puppies,.
- Dear, not business whether us to flee?
- Zanyatnaya thought, - smiled the. - Night, Craxi, staunchest friends, the chase! I like!
Opened’cell and put friends with court.
- Run in side forests, and I through half an hour of exercise The Deer Hunter I'll wake you up. Not, a pity thunderstorms there is no. And the, imagine. Outbreaks the lightning, announced shots, barking all dogs, vymokshiy rotten Viktor, carring on itself injured friend! Ox, and are we gonna have fun.

Quickly jumped Bazzer with little squirrel in wood from all legs and under morning already were homes.
- Don’t such and worst this Entlebucher Sennenhunds, - told once Screwy for a cup of tea.
- And Party Planner what, - pokival head Josch.




Who of us not knows, that the first to cosmonauts were dogs. Names Squirrel and gat man so same firmly remain in our memory, as either and Tereshkova. Two sudbu pretty face off ages ago - one white, another with two black spots. The only, that me always stuck - why same in space, represent our a great country dispatched two, let darlings, but mutts? Why not sheep-dogs, not crossing or not boxers get? If from-for sizes, i.e. same, in late all, fees and pugs! And suddenly, autumn past year, on first channel TV, in program heralded anniversary Korolev Rocket, say, that Squirrel and gat man - yet another Mystification Soviet era. And the first in flight traveled not this couple, and personal’academic Olega Rudenko bernskiy zennenkhaund nicknamed Ruprikht. And it is this fearless tryokhgodovalyy e?anaaao served precedence clock on orbit, returned alive intact and only then appetite. And here is further happened the, that and should was happen - finally proved "ideologically left overseas", simply put, not fit in there nor breed, nor that in editorials newspapers. Broke a so, that under preparation for politics, some KGBshnyy style, by penetrating held first also, in graph breed wrote not Bernese Mountain Ovtcharka, and of Bryansk. Apparently so quite hear. And so as, Ruprikhta the entire Baikonur long dubbed simply turnips, then and in proceeded he became simply "of Bryansk Ovtcharka Repa." Need to say, that in "Truth", far were cured of the first photos turnips, sat people with-serving autocrat work even Stalin's since the, which immediately keen on so the strange breed. The secret with akademіkom, and the, confirmed worst suspicions polittekhnologov. You can to imagine, that the first Soviet female Zennekhaund Ruprikht!

Not before until information of this gets out, in Politburo, from Truth the secret with Baykonurom and already through hour on Baikonur flew the artist,, carrying in cage, two svezhepoymannykh near drafts mutts. Darlings and politkorrektnykh. Vpavshiy in stupor September long could not solve, whom of these dogs plant in cabin missiles for photo sessions, but in a result was sent, as always, wisely. First shot a bunch of Squirrel, then Strelka and, on anyone case, all together. Further we already increasingly know - postcards, photos, postal Mark and bust on homeland hero.
And the poor man Ruprikhta your score hastily slightly was not he had been drugged, but us braved, they sealed and gave quietly make it its age on dacha have academic.

Source: http://zhurnal.lib.ru/o/olifant_o/pios.shtml



Not, a pity thunderstorms there is no. And the, imagine. Outbreaks the lightning, announced shots, barking all dogs, vymokshiy rotten Viktor, carring on itself injured friend! Ox, and are we gonna have fun. :D is accurately pro entlebukherov.



Yes perishing all truth! Precisely such Entlebukhery! http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_150.gif



Here is, scored cleared up in 120. Sought on topic, for close) Unfortunately, not memorized the where and who the author. Think, that will many understandable. In general ironically)

, however, Oh pregnant “!

In world there is no more complicated science,
Than pregnancy have has presented to!
Who modicum times faced, the –
Us, of course same, will understand!

Heavy fate noted –
Them always puppies want!
There is such myth have people:
That all will make nature …

Their, you would listen to – that's hilarious.
And in deeds something cry want …
All in theory clear take,
And in deeds – have all differently!

Here is, to example, ovulating:
As same with it be determined us?
Toll, consumerism has presented to themselves?
We to go surrender tests?

As decision to accept?
Can blood from veins pint?
Watch progesterone –
Say, that precise he!

Ile – stretch of “uriglyuki ”
A roII in loop have has presented to?
Ile strokes of shabby.There borrow,
To with days to guess?

Choice stala for has presented to
, too, a whole science!
After all clear to all, that stated
In world there is no Princess our!

Very difficult us to address:
With whom same all-??? knitting?
Where find us stala,
To directly “zhyttja-la-la! ”

To was its Regrettable
And with different pedigree,
The entire in regalia, in as display aid …
Blood, to became as need to …

If its the bridegroom under through,
Can be their, without zamoroki,
As are prepared – takes a year:
Times and two, and three, and five!

But usually, trust – not trust:
The bridegroom – for far, far away land.
And account for a damsel
Pulling us abroad!

Auto, train, jet …
In the euro: Visas, call …
Help all muster have time,
With please day not overshoot!

Brought on vyazku daughter –
Here their there is devices:
To male not readings are correct,
Immediately, to were picked up by!

To actively did our marketing,
And with castle, to all in order!
Together in mind keep:
How many times still knitting?

All! 're-- You're bound Angelin!
Managed us with this cope!
But! For happiness this little us:
Waiting for – pregnancy upon us whether?

Not! Know would the answer immediately!
And time – if has slackened …
The, otchaivayas, waiting for, then through,
Very closely to “a quick glance!

Like has become safer smallness of,
And yesterday – there is with morning refused!
There is no happier us in a whole light of,
When the first “snot ” note!

Here is a room already okruglilsya!
Appetite quite has changed!
And breast is are sticking out and all swole up!
And noose already strongly was spewing!

Like only recently And non devemos …
And today – puppies zatolkalis!
Means, was all in a timely!
URRRAAAA! Our's the bitch – a pregnant!

Ode To TO expecting giving birth!

Long already all ship the on list:
Glucose, and calcium, and oxytocin.
Scales, under hand are close.
And a thermometer in House - thing Number one!

In ryadochek lie on tray namytom:
The center and gauze pad, skirts all flowers.
And alcohol, and cognac - nothing not forgotten!
All in full order - breeder READY!

Understand a and here for records shoes
Take a closer lies, to more convenient with InternetCELL of the lack!
Here is only lack of already of nerve cells:
When OK, finally, 's the bitch will use?

Hostess is ready - all time on lookout.
Ah where same puppies? I await the – not they’ll fix it!
I some gloomily to trudge for dog on home,
Tverdya une cherished TPRUS!

And bitch all churchgoers, could without forgot,
The hard-breathes, then sleeping on side.
Here is honestly, already lacks should be very patient!
Go, that whether drinks already to cognac?!

Dog long already like is ready:
There is snot and cork, and rugged open.
But all repeats again and again!
And clock, other, and night running all!

And I perishing want you, guys, admit:
Opportunity me if was would struck,
The than so walk, expect, to doubt -
I it comes these puppies has given birth to would ? I want you to!

But fortunately - ALWAYS - this accurately we know:
In late expectations - happy outcome:
"Already! Began! We're having a baby! 're having a baby!
Ur!! Finally our first PUPPY! "



Not can not to share:
Some dogs.

8 :0 0 his food! The most espoused food!
9 :0 0 going in machine! Adore!
9 :4 0 International equestrian centre in park! The most a wonderful short!
11 :0 0 belly was scratched for ear! Adore people!
11 :3 0 Dali a bone! My espoused food!
14 :0 0 StarCraft in garden! – my favorite place!
14 :2 0 wave at tail! Favorite attractive opportunity!
17 :0 0 his food! The most espoused food!
18 :0 0 StarCraft in the ball! My espoused game!
20 :0 0 - TV! My favorite attractive opportunity!
22 :0 0 Asleep on it just once …! My favorite place!

Some a.

956 day my of captivity for.
My the jailers tschyotno tried to cheer to me with odd the subtle
These big old floppy the objects. Then they wasteful were devouring meat, in the time
As I and other cellmates gumming their dry feeds and other lawyers refuse.
Despite what I in full least expressed its contempt for this abject
Food, me account for its cannabis lest support force.
The only
Thought, which forces me substitute such a poor existence this
Thought about the escape. To hit them, I pobleval on a new carpet through dubious theatrics can. Later I
Have decapitated mouse and deserted exsanguination body to yet hosts. These
Gesture I wanted to trigger have them animal fear demonstration their
Opportunities, but they only former something like the "Xoroshij a small
Hunter. " Rule of!
Today I have almost broke a kill one of
Torturers obviv thread around his legs during walk. Tomorrow need
Will repeat at the top scale,. Me seems that the rest okay, Johns -
Commission in the sycophants and whistleblowers.’clearly works for idea - his
Regularly issue, but he himself is returning. Apparently, mentally retarded.
A canary - an informant, the agent every my step. Constantly something
Tells people. My the oppressors even placed its in a special
Cell, to obsepcheit permanent protection. Only briefly






Me, too, liked http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_993.gifhttp://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/biggrin.gif



http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/lustre/pictures/GoldSmile_1/2.gif   http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/lustre/pictures/GoldSmile_1/12.gif



"And with castle, to all in order!"
History from life.

Castle and neznayki.

The end of the on May. Warmly. Barbecue. I, husband, daughter, my parents, brother, his wife, Ofitser amerikanskoy armii all small Las with Bimom, toss? Toss him balls, toys-the Plippers, periodically giving small pieces of cheese.
, been happy, so much attention, all on one listens, in brings to collect not need to, and choked. More nothing for happiness not wish. Bimasya is borne on back and are flailing little paws, him already 4.5 month.
And suddenly I see, something a terrible - below testicular appeared another two "testicle." Intends to of doctors. Version of - a hernia, mochekamennaya disease, ah and cancer until heap.
You funny? And I night not Slept all has seen, and "it" the disappear, then will emerge. Bimasik thought, that mother have him any a pervo) In 6 morning's rushed in city. Until evangelism, thought, of course, about really the chilling, but all time itself told, that would still'll heal.
Dr. us "healed" explained, that so and need to and all correctly. Is growing a boy.
P.S. Before fees generated by new schenka need to, apparently, minimum a lecture about physiology to read for bozos to.



Alla wrote:

P.S. Before fees generated by new schenka need to, apparently, minimum a lecture about physiology to read for bozos to.




Судейские ляпы .

Прикус ножницы, но похож на недокус. Даю САС

" Слабо выражено коленно-плечевое сочленение"

"вульгарна вторая треть хвоста"

"при движении широко открывает голову".

"Зубы комплект, конечности комплект"

"Линька затронула некоторые жизненно важные части организма".

" Не хватает нижней челюсти" -

"Односторонний крипторхизм правого уха"

"Какая голова! Какая спина! Какая девочка!" Хозяйка так робко: "У нас мальчик!" На что эксперт (уже в полном восторге): "Да ты еще и мальчик! На бест! На бест!
"Слишком большая голова по отношению к крупу".

Описание дословно - "жирная сука, с отвислыми сосками. ЦАЦ, ЦАЦИБ, Бест оф Брид"

Российский судья на выставке за границей - "плиз... туда сюда"

Позравляя счастливую владелицу суки, ставшей ЛПП на областной выставки, эксперт пожала руку и с чувством сказала: "ПОздравляю! Вы - лучшая сука области!". Та ответила: "Спасибо! Пойду мужа обрадую".

" отличные движения в стойке и вне"

"Иноходь передних конечностей"

"Отличные движения, обезображенные хвостом"

Фраза в описании суки малинуа: "Семенники в норме"

Выходят в ринг, эксперт:
- это кто?
- сука, юниор
- ох, сучище, юниорище

Диалог в ринге:
- Это у нас сука?
- нет, кобель
- Возраст?
- Три года.
- Значит, маленькая сука...
- Да нет же, это кобель!
-? а так на суку похож...
-??? чем?
- Глазами.
.-У него 44 зуба, значит у него должно быть три яйца!

"какой породы Ваша собака?@

эксперт:-Сас дать можно....,но у вашей собаки что-то с головой нетак...
владелец:-Что не так?
эксперт:-Вот в профиль смотриш....всё так...,а ванфас смотриш что-то не так...
владелец:-Так что именно нетак?
эксперт:-Ой девушка не морочьте мне голову,идите я вам лучше ЛПП дам только идите и ничего больше не спрашивайте.Ваш ротвейлер всё равно один!

Спина мягкая, в движении линия верха прочная, прямая.

собака голая без зубов как у собак!!! (китайцы)

Шерсть красивая порочная (это у вестхайленда)

Слишком чистая собака (имелось ввиду что слабо развит уборный волос)

Кобель маленький, темпераментный, большой член

"Слишком острые углы скакательных суставов"

."Крипторхизм в норме"!!!!!!!!!

"чуть мягковата голова"

"передние ноги - норма, задние - не очень"

"очень большой самец"

"прямая поясница"

"желает лучше цвет хороший"

А ещё на одной из выставок российский эксперт выдал "Я смотрю на собаку - шея короткая, щупаю - длинная. Значит, запишем - короткая"

Из описания шнауцера: прямовато плечо -- пытались скрыть стрижкой.

У суки йорка-яички в норме. Хозяйка объясняет,что у нее сука, на что судья спрашивает-А что я нащупала?

На выставке в Молдавии.
Эксперт из Черногорья спрашивает у хендлера, глядя на китайца на столе "кто это?"
хендлер "китайская хохлатая"
эксперт "вижу что хохлатая, а почему бритая?"
хендлер "она не бритая"
эксперт "вот и я говорю, почему к выставке не побрили?"
хендлер "так кожа ведь чистая"
эксперт "ну да! выб ее еще немытыю привели, липкую и в прыщах"
" я даю вам отлично но у вашей собаки потеряна нижняя челюсть"

"отличный верх, отличный низ, отлично держит на ногах"

"голова норма и в норме с ушами"

"красивая шерсть но не летящая по рингу"



Яpatstalomm http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/lol.gif



Thank you! http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/lol.gifhttp://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/lol.gifhttp://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/lol.gif



Tatiana! I is happy, that pordovala



ШАНТАЛЬ wrote:


I there same http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/AllSML_8/31.gif



And Aha, me owners have sent, is called "Thoughts aloud":

Bored. Want company. Ah very want company. A good oil company.

Want house, unlimited ATM)

A man should be as expensive cognac -- longer inaccessible and inopportune for all. His fortress and taste of should know units of; if know his on taste of many, then this already not cognac -- this beer draft.

Want vodka, men and money. Vodka and men can be money)

Expensive men! Importantly in woman not thumping, and eyes. Believe me, woman without eye looks much frequency!

On sigaretakh write: - gets a rak legkikh. On liquor: - Vredit health. Why on muzhikakh Users do not play write – PI # @ ets nervnoy tracking?

Positive man - this the, whom sent the fuck, and he made there returned rested and with magnitikami.

Than more wood mess in early life, those warmer to live in old age!

Before I wanted kill better a mistress in world!! But then realized, a suicide – this not the exit!

Scientists argue that human organism growing only to 25 years, but about this, likely, not know nor open, nor ass.

- Honey, that you provide on a new year?
- zhyttja, yes would still that, importantly – to box machine gun and system navigation.

With hangover frightening look on 3 things: Face, might and emanating challenges)

Only I could, having got drunk shattered, yell on entire streets:
Stars, make the desire to, I has fallen!.

. Wearing. Manicure. Pedicure. Epilation. E khkhkhkhkhkhkhkh! And in childhood
– 'm done a bow on anybody. And already she's beautiful!

- Peel? - Millllaya, I ssssyonya not saws! - Then why oh why tell: "In the ground
Tundra otters in my spats on shafts, in Buckets core Arolla pines "-. Saws.

On the results of verification school Sonnin "How I spent as a child summer" was
Automobile: Three of plunder, two terrorist and found murderer John Kennedy.

The Young, the Beautiful, edifice, delicate with fine Greens eyes, well restricting, head not aching. No one not't seek. Simply'm bragging!

All, that after 5 th becoming, – this leaked information)

Laughable And sex is renewed LIFE. Stake sex, A good for a laugh What you And ON PENSII.

All GAIshniki ask: <<Ты пил?>> Whilst would one asked his assistant:
<Ты ел?>>

Here is life! Until 30 have been determined to prove, that you already nevertheless, after 30 – that you even the Young.

> (True a man the, which goes from machines and says: - Darling,
You perfectly'm parked, and this Lexus already was dented, and a already was a dead, yes and tir here the fuck not need a was …



And here is still sure we:

> Shirt husband - face wife! Fur coat wife - face husband!
> was going through some of our family the first-aid kit. Judging by it, have us 2 goal in life -
> draw comfort from and not shit yourself)
> Why days, when housecleaner neither, you cook and doing laundry, are called output of the?
> The husband with work. Homes a Pogrom, child the entire greaser, all from wardrobes on gender,
> the entire cuisine of in mess, actually, lunch not boiled. Wife on couch looks TV.
> The husband - What happened? Wife - You always ask about, that I a host day
> do. Here is today I NO I did that … It not did!
> Dinner's: I - soup, a - sausage. I put it right the cat ?????????????? in a bowl slice of no from
> soup. See, that him tasty. Get out from cuisine take phone, return and
> find in his soup. Eeugh cube sausages are made.
> the evening of released on balcony 15. On cornice walks warily neighborly a - clearly
> devastate vorobinoe nest. I lurked and as qoinna fuckinq scream: "And ah, scat hence!
> What you here, bitch, one takes! ".
> At place remained only a! With seats collapsed aaaea, sryvayuschaya what the
> seeds with flowers under a balcony; the kid, the beer on pipe - of you with
> it and to flee; wench, veshayuschaya announcement on the entrance, instantaneously I ditched out.
> .. A continued slowly to sneak around.
> - My a on team "KUDABLЯ!" Fully changes trajectory his
> movement.
> In trolley enters a pregnant. Seats are busy. No one not trails. She is coming to
> right. The kid. Slightly knocking his bag on hands. He uncovers eyes,
> girl with severe guise of nodding is points him on open. Guy looks at
> it with horror:
> - This is not I! I you at all not know!
> If you call in speakerphone and that lunatic looking question: <Ты дома?>, not
> get riled about and quietly answer it: <Да, а ты где?>
> “I don’t now spam came" I live in House contrary, here is my the reference • worded
> exile •. Let’re familiar. " I responded, that live contrary the morgue and me
> scare such familiarity.
> Friend drove and his "clicked" camera a locking misdeeds. He not understood!
> airfoil 60 km. In hour! He At Chabysh 2005, lowered the the speed and again have driven
> past. Again his fotkayut! He have driven even times six, Fund already until 20 km. In
> hour. Through week him comes 7 fines FOR NOT're strapped belt
> 'm negotiating an on the telephone with representative-plus contracting about meeting have subway, he
> describes themselves:
> - Nu, I such high, in the black suit. (Suddenly announced, noise fall of)
> .... !!!
> Through 20 seconds secure voice:
> - Nu, you me easily will learn, I have bruise under eye.
> How something food home on taxi. Night. Dark. Going to Saleh ’
> home-a high-rise,. And here I have been toying around in head an idea, though:
> "A not duck out whether, not paying? House big: In porch just popping and look-[ Whistles]disappear!
> A that with me, drunken, take? "
> It is told - done! As's wavin 'from machines! First he struck set a bad-ass head about
> stand. Then stumbled about ornated and 'M on the bench.
> As been run over by, 've torn right through trousers about nail, sticking out of the corner from benches.
> half a tried to open unpolarized the door with a code castle. All of this time
> taxi driver watched on me oshalelymi eyes from machines and active action not
> sector has.
> "He in of shock!" - thought I.
> Everyone it turned out easier - already in the entrance I suddenly recalled that has paid him,
> when sat in machine.
> always think it sounds girls-blonde a, which just tucked the entire car service:
> - I when I allow in strong loin, I have not is ablaze springs.
> engender phrase priemschika, from which all opisalis on place:
> - I see, I see, and with machine the that?
> Forgot feed the a. Lesse on kitchen than something Clattering. Preparing perhaps.
> That's an interesting all-??? thing - speakerphone. On today: Not missed in porch
> two Trojan in overcoat, grandfather Pikhto and Agniyu Barto.
> Coming I home on court yard. See - I would've kept years 10-fringes is thinning - and, with
> documentation, possible the - swoosh! On hood performed well car.
>, signaling. From windows 8 th building strange protruding Campaign a man’s
> face's. I would've kept slipping back with recalls and shouts:
> - the popes, can be I even a bit'll have a walk?
> that will in love kill a foreigner Russian go and tell Masha:
> - Maria! I twenty years had desire to wishing you. If you and on this time
> 't refuse that, I simply not know that I will wishing do with themselves. I simply or
> 'm gonna kill in themselves, or'm going to cast itself in hands!
> In magazine was test, on date birth shaping Lebanese whom you was in last
> life. So, Mom - worked from Nigeria, I - kaznennyy an ogre, ah and Pope -
> Chinese a geisha. Z. Family!
> - A as you understood, that she drunk?
> - text from you came: "Call me, and the I cannot find phone."
> Life in House commanded quietly. Until wife not have observed, that our the story by washes
> entryway cell my cowards.
> - Well, the entire from themselves draconian, a day without a shave 2 weeks, sat in Electric Train.
> contrary boyo such - ah recognized ador. On the tank top written: "Give me a smile, if
> like it or me. " Me bored, I sit smile, and he as saw me -
> 're sweating.
> 'm on myway in a route taxi, sit about windows, near sat Chinese, mood good,
> decided spruce you up a bit. On my stopping say:
> - I exits, your my issue?
> He on purely Russian (without emphasis):
> - Immigrants here prevents.
> - Che young’s bleak such a?
> - Yes, slightly child the Matinee not soldiers.
> - “How?
> -, under, a the kindergarten teacher, told me to all parents be in
> masks.
> - And that? They same after all in each mark.
> - That all such clever and were! One I, as its procedure: In mask, like, a bunny!
> deprived of sleep from bags triviality on bed. On the morning embraced, of walking, and from acute
> coin challenge. Golden the antelope, fuck!
> - I there salad crab has prepared, Walk you have something to eat. Only mayonnaise add, his
> rice has been soaking up. And where sea salt add, rice nesolenyy was, where sea salt he, too, has been soaking up.
> ~ I'm gonna belly Frozen Cocktails, until rice not has been soaking up crab wand and maize.
> In chat:
> - Everyone, Zay. I sleep. Whole, love, embrace, murlykayu and governing the boogers out you in
> ears.
> - Hmm. And for that the boogers out something in tell Abe?
> The real phrase women, primchavsheysya in Music auto parts for
> benzonasosom:
> - “I don’t this. Ah, to not drink, and hands pinch, pinch and the very
> flowed out.
> unfond of men for the counter are gone in timeout to stay.
> They turned it off hot water, want pomitis, give huge pan with water
> now bask, await the, when boils, solyu,, you know, bung bay leaf leaf, - Perchik, wlfe's in
> refrigerator for potstickers, and here. Me it dawned on.
> It’s on the morning on phone SMS:
> "I after yesterday's the evening not can you forget!"
> Yoyoyoyopt, and I cannot recall!
> It was in 80’s years. Of walking with work. Recalled that wife asked take From from
> repairs an alarm clock. Followed - took away. Of walking further, recalled that homes large
> there is no - progressed in Music, and there small matchboxes, there is no, only
> predecessors for - big (on 1,000 ?o, ah okay - bought. Already about homes
> suited the guy and says:
> - Prikurit not there will?
> contest. grabbing the huge box - the guy, ukhmylnuvshis, lights up.
> lasted, and asks:
> - A time not can give us some directions?
> And here I what do you want BUDILNIK!



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