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Pulp gifts owners and the internet

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Comes Commission in madhouse:
- Nu-with, that here you have, show me!
Dean of Medicine gets the their in first house, there loop the portraits noyabrya, of the Order, VolgGASU of ratification of
- 1425 have us lie patients with megalomania
Go in second house, all patients under slashing lurk
- 1425 have us lie patients with mania prosecution.
Go in a third, there no one there is no
- ??
- A here have us lie by the dog walkers, but on weekends we their are on exhibition.



We then lived alongside timber. In one thing fine and well usual morning, our the story by Galina, as usual, went on work. Unusual was that on road she has found on earth frozen a squirrel (we then so and not figured out, with what goal she its independent. Can on's largest stuffed, can on collar or same on the principle of "in items increasingly'll do for now"). In general, Interior she a squirrel home, and itself then departed on work. Son by the time already was in school, and husband in this day from destined hidden.
Through couple of hours looks in, in department chief of and tells us, that ringing from husband with whatever something with odd questions, nourished German increasingly whether with his wife in order, not noticed whether we what any the bizarre and requests urgently send its home.
In general, proved the kind protein is by no means left for dead, and very even living. Otogrelas in apartment and decided, that she here hostess. And Galya our, itself on prophesy, with morning pancakes I made way and note to husband left. Protein those pancakes across apartment on season and has hung. Especially took to you in the corridor on butchered elk the horns of. Ah and when the door in apartment has become see the - found.
And now imagine state of husband: Homes week not was, goes, and there. Pancakes's absolute and clearly the "Dear, this for you!"



Nell wrote:

A here have us lie by the dog walkers, but on weekends we their are on exhibition.

Rzhuuuu, words there is no http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_150.gifhttp://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_150.gifhttp://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_150.gif



I crying) http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_150.gif



This Nela for you!













Yesterday mostly by strolling through on open spaces the internet nabrela on wonderful blog entlebukhera Alfie from London (truth he on Inglishe http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_145.gif)
Very entertaining - other country, it's unfamiliar dog, and writes as about my said get http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/609.gif
There same there is shop souvenirs with bushikami and hard time delivering in Russia.
And witness what still girl may! Ah miracle simply!

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Thank you, very interesting please. May very liked!



Viki & K wrote:

may very liked!

Oops, I at all its on blog posts simply was reading young! As its to loshadkam were being conditioned, as she elect, as they traveled in London as like, on exhibition, where vtrechayutsya different breed and on porodnykh stands can be walk, that with different dogs, masters respond on questions and simply show their anticipate! As they take on weekends! Very interestingly!
And this come saw?
http://bellasdogdiary.com/2012/12/19/wo … ty/005a-2/
I in delighted and from Bella's and from pani!



Man: Aaaaaaaaaah, what charm of!
Me they already, too, like very-, super! http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_993.gif



Potyreno with trade mark for luxiory:

LLC "what are People construction firm in Krasnodar.
LLC Ooh Moscow supplier the rubble and contained sand.
LLC AA FORLINE cleaning company in Perm, salon in Rostov-on-Don charges of, and also with a concise name producer cords LLC Aktivnost Alternative Avangard in Chelyabinsk.
LLC Yeah in Propulsion Prices Hypnotizes retail trade.
LLC Baby health-consultative center in Novosibirsk
LLC Luci supplies the textiles, from Ivanovo
LLC Aaaaah A7 process of center in Novosibirsk is developing software
LLC Vladimirskii central 3 Volgograd area, kind of activities: The hotels, cafes, restaurants
LLC Diablo there is in city of Rostov-on-charges of.
LLC of the House of of the House of works in Moscow.
LLC Tudranktufak (too drunk to fuck) was copyright in Tomsk

LLC Ded KENNEDIZ copyright in Moscow
LLC nah in Propulsion Grozny Hypnotizes production foods.
OJSC the funer , Khanty Mansi Autonomous Okrug autonomous ????????
LLC OBNAL , Tulskaya area, zaregstriroannyy kind of activities trade childrens products nutrition.
LLC roll , Tambov area.

LLC Weak Yes there is in of Ulyanovsk area.
LLC dear this God hairdresser in St. Petersburg.
LLC chko Moscow traded tea and coffee.
LLC Khomyachki network Irish pubs in Irkutsk.
LLC Skinnamarinky yuzhnosakhalinskiy distributor useful and funny things for homes and vacation.
LLC Deputy Comptroller no recorded in Moscow

LLC Chest World , LLC hellop , LLC Bear data, changes made in a flat public Register of legal faces Antimonopoly trades abroad, provide inexhaustible supply gems varying degrees marazmatichnosti.
And even a few until not existing, but very funny companies, in which acronym LLC blagozvuchno merges with entitled organizations in familiar ear phrase.
LLC Zelenoglazoe Taxis LLC
LLC Oh Slow down, slow down!
LLC my God that I carry !
LLC Nli defective
LLC an eighth grader
LLC Nana nana on
LLC Panki
LLC I I, naturlisch!
LLC Fuck is, darling
CJSC Although no
CJSC Beschyoki
LLC goodbye America
LLC Which big!
LLC How pleased
CJSC The you mountains here is such height of
LLC Morroco as the dollar

PS: Not all, but selectively I has tested units five, they truth, such there is)
On its experience, from memorable me companies: LLC In principle, CJSC A crib Saturn and still LLC Fairy tale with glavbukhom Kascheevoy)



Very, me seems, it seems on our attitude to favorite dressed in!! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/105.gif

You you my the old slipper shoe,
Ate my panama.
You soon so gonna leave
And without clothing mother again!
And that sticks out from Pernod?
Yes this OK my mobile!
Ah as with you fight,
Dogs you my a favorite!
You than khrustish there, in beer hall?
My rightist shoes outlet?
Yes I OK for these am informed.
You'll fucking kill, you are a Kaiju.!
Forgive, overreacted!
Forgive, forgive, my sad!
On, here is, try, leftist!
He, too, very delicious!



JakIv wrote:

You than khrustish there, in beer hall?
My rightist shoes outlet?
Yes I OK for these am informed.
You'll fucking kill, you are a Kaiju.!
Forgive, overreacted!
Forgive, forgive, my sad!

Oooh! This bluntly pro us in childhood! Only was still crispy from tuflem Loriblu http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Girl/17.gif
But, to be sure, this was the first and the latest being mulched by a shoe.



Not! Evoked the resembling boots Fabi http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_150.gif



Whisked away by with my fake Facebook account)

This an interesting QUICKTIME & WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER bolshoy!

1. Sick in seven morning bury all (announcement in eye grounds Decoupling hospitals).
2. In ties with repair hairdresser laying women would be produced in male spied a.
3. In seven the evening in environment in the third the entrance will mark assembly. Agenda: Elections house-elf.
4. In view cold in giving an X-ray office do only urgent fractured.
5. You arrive at bio-toilet on any address in Moscow within one days. And together with him instruction on Russian language and skilled demonstration.

6. Girl named Lena, which I met 12 October nearby from station "Big." Your such beautiful blonde hair and red overcoat - all, that I have remained. Am asking respond. Igor.
7. Do polyethylene bags in size-plus contracting.
8. Children are fathers only in sober able.
9. Children until five-year age pass in circus on the hands of.
10. Tomorrow in 9.00 have retailer be held sell-off survivors chickens, on mucus on rights.

11. Her teeth? Our dentists would make all, to you forever forgotten about them!
12. Konditerska factory of invites on work two men - one for wrappers, another for toppings.
13. Stall "recyclable materials" accepts it society shot and fishermen in the form of broken bones.
14. Elevator down not raises.
15. Organization searching for accountant. Reward guarantee!

16. From Moscow searching for work on specialties or accountant.
17. One phone call, and you sent evidence of about death, can create to!
18. Is transparent the movers for interesting work.

19. Sells the German Ovtcharka. Inexpensive. Eats any meat. Especially likes young children.

20. Sells Russian blue a. Without documents.
21. Prodayu stroller for newborn baby pan-blue color of.
23. Are sold three pork, all motley gender.
24. Are sold four Golden Goose and gander. All the Saltenfjord.
25. The restaurant not works, Brockovich all check.
26. Today in beer hall the hotels will mark lecture on immoral themes. Reads militia.



nelin wrote:

for sale Russian blue a. Without documents.

Here is this announcement very liked) I only not realized, this about his breed or nature .lyublyu? I have the Russian the blue kitty-this its breed! http://funportal.info/smiles/smile21.gif



Could not hold. With the dog or something:

I not master pen, but stuck describe situyovinu.
Flowed in 2 has presented to, always not there, and homes young and's fast. Woh male.
That to do? Went for cable to all familiar dogcatchers, conclusion was one - nor what not helps, only turning a blind. Were cases having generalised seen abroad and through cowards and through pampers. On stala acute there is no, belt "fealty" subsides, yes and reliability there is no soffsem. And here comes advice from human, which dogs in life not kept - clothe stala in body. "Walk, says, in mainly, there Sea curiously body for lyalek" I of course t in mainly, there I buying gentle toys for dogs, but not one, and with husband. One I there walk'm too shy. Husband in business trip, had to borrow with a son. Son naturally nervous, I get embarrassed about anything, but condom zhizneno is needed! And here is our dialogue near the table with old piece of junk, need to was dig units 5.
I - see, this him as times?
With - as I can say, he same hairy!
I - ah you same his groped!
With - yes real fine as any.
I - and if eggs pressed will?
With - normal people eggs also divert and not in hut, on sekandam not, snooping around!
I - Fu, he same with a skirt!
With - him the what the difference in than walk!?
Some as navybirali several units, of you, turn stray. For us is worth elderly couple with open a mouth, in the eyes of have Outlook puzzling, and have women horror! Even a few man passing and hearing us, to stop my mom, with starters we even and not understood, then just laughed week!
Faces an elderly couples need to was to see!





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