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Pulp gifts owners and the internet

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Five key! http://s19.rimg.info/1127af8a73c62a9acf8a568b1dcc7241.gif



10   http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_150.gif  http://s19.rimg.info/1127af8a73c62a9acf8a568b1dcc7241.gif

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: Lol, PodStAlOM

Itself recently only from under the table was able and I! http://s19.rimg.info/1127af8a73c62a9acf8a568b1dcc7241.gif



Was laughing hysterically so, that had to rush dogs discover, that happened



15 issues to sobakovodu:

1. What car choose? Multi-purpose device, crossover, SUV, a minivan?
- of Mark is unimportant, is important volume of aaaaaeieea and ability to rear seats appear.

2. What apartment better buy?
- What the fuck apartment! Need house, what no matter, importantly to the assistant 4O GAI.

3. What toys buy child?
- what are the still toys, not until toys him, have him bake young Handler as his assailant through 3 days.

4. As conduct weekend with family?
- How and all normal people, take little picnic set of, skladnye chairs, the table, the plaid, food and to go the entire family. On exhibition. Terms of global all of this around of the ring and on truly have a good time.

5. Costly, that provide you on anniversary of wedding?
- Honey, you I have the most the best! Karatu as times need a new labor shleyka, and dti torn apart its gets HURTTA.

6. That forces you even more be proud of its children?
- When on family stroll with dogs undergoing Ahjumma asks have child pro helpfulness: "And this have you a boy or girl?", and baby with serious guise of says "'s the bitch!".

7. Ah and than same still differ children dog-person person?
- They not fear sleep in darkness in separate room, after all with them there always Carat and dti.

8. Why programmer your child on you sure looks?
- Because your hide the trespass of thine with so same sobakovodcheskim on their favorite child on change aloud discussed plans having generalised seen abroad on the coming 2 year, purge paraanalnykh glands and treaty property.

9. Why you have homes there is no carpets?
- What for question. And why on zero share cannot be?

10. Why women sobachnitsy not buy am informed on heels?
- Why not buy? Very even buy. Buy and wear different things.

11. Why some people, living in your district, can on you first year of the?
- Because you can hours gulyat with this man in park, if will meet walking dogs, but without his dogs you his simply not will learn.
Although there is no, he on you accurately not it, he you, too, not learned without carats and's sourpuss.

12. Why you are standing in such the strange pose, when have been waiting for, until your dogs naigrayutsya?
- This is is called "prisyad serfengista" - the only posture, permitting the preserve nevyvernutymi have his kneecaps-capping, if suddenly Carat and dti in gaming a tangle of will collide you in its feet.

13. Why you have leftist hand looks such drugged, unlike right-wing?
- Ppfffff. The who is asking this question, never was a dog whisperer.

14. Why have your dogs Red braided this simple with brushed on neck?
- To you, kazlina, not jinxed!

15. How many you have children?
- Four. Anja, Dima, Carat and dti.



nell, Len, super) In many discover themselves)

And ??? I always she feared sleep one in apartment, I have always light in the corridor has visited China's included or a night-light. And with Petrundiem the two of us nothing not frightening)



Why dogs better, than wife

Than later you come, the more dog you is happy.

Dog always forgive you the, that you he was playing with the other dog.

If dog is magnificent, other dogs not hate its.

Dog utterly not points out attention on the, that you called its name the other dogs.

Mood dogs not is changing within a month.

Dog likes, when you you leave your on gender many things.

Parents dogs never arrive 75-.

Dogs not hate its body.

Dogs agree with the fact, that sometimes for, to ensure she you realized,
Needs raise voice.

Dogs like scour on the street, not in your pockets or in your

Dogs rarely live longer, than we.

Dogs not can to speak.

-lover likes, when their pleasing shiver goes through under all, on the street.

Dog never need to wait - she is ready on the exit 24 hours in clock.

When you drunk, dog finds you surprising.

-lover likes walk on witch.

Quite rarely happens so, that s dog removes the other the guy.

If you you bring home another dog, your huh, big dog with relish just going to play with
Both you.

Dog not will become cool you among night and ask: "After my death you
You going to start itself another dog? "

If you'll pretend to be the blind, dog may lie in your hotels
Issue utterly for free.

If have your dogs will appear children, you quietly can give announcement in
A newspaper and were to sell off their.

Dog allows to wear the on it collar and under this not thinks, that you
A pervert.

Dog not will censure you in is, that you from it, you demand, until,
Until you not buy it a new the coat.

If dog she can sniff out from you smells the other dogs, she not's gonna freak, and simply
May be interested in.

During trip in machine dog never argues, that need to would include
Airconditioning or oven.

In decision-important decisions dogs not govern journal

If dog moves away, she not-half yours assets!

Brought with of our nizhegorodskogo's viralized Forum



A small play about particularly intended for breeding
Male the dwarfish apricot poodles in line for family and is a master in House. A stout-looking poochie five years, not with experience sensual comfort.
Bitch the dwarfish devoured poodles, growth with nekrupnogo small five the Virgin, quite aggressive, in line for family.
Pope stala a serious strict a man, in conceals souls adoring his the dog a and fervently a compassionate soul him on issues sex.
Mother stala a small quivering woman.
Pope has presented to a car mechanic, affectionately call hardworking its girl.
Mother has presented to a major woman, Damaged to compare in trepetnosti with mom stala.
Son parents has presented to a normal twelve years doofus.
Instructor on vyazkam woman-the dog whisperer undetermined age, a major and tumultuous, very positive.

Action the first

Male, bitch and their owners gathered homes have owners has presented to. Animals represented each other. People intensely sit on couch and at and await, when nature accorded its.
A dog (heartedly): Okay, that's--. And that here have us? Girl? O. Girl. (Boomerang on mother again, wags tail) with! Here girl! But I a good a boy and know that girls evil, and there is no one own than the you! (One here jumps up on hands mother).
Bitch (from-under seat sofa): So! I not realized, this whom here created cornered me in house?
Pope in bull, podbadrivayuschee: But-but, i?eyoaeu, you that this tushueshsya? Other, what happiness you o 'luck meself!
Bitch (from-center under a sofa): I living not is to drag me out!
Mother has presented to (spaces has presented to): Expensive and you am confident, that they can under us?
Pope has presented to (while wiping his sweaty hands about trousers): And truth! Need same give them contact Uh. To communicate. Let's go until upcoming nice cup of tea!
(People go. Male life poskulivaet, trying to open the door and withdraw for them).
Bitch (looks out of-under seat sofa, with the threat): Only Vestiena you should! I for himself not 7.10!
A dog: Not painful for the and like! Razvonyalas here on the whole house its heat! I all pro this know! Pitzi is in heat evil!
Bitch: Nooo! This males evil! If would not you, honest has presented to in heat lived would quietly and should not were would fight them off from the packs anxious idiots!
Male: If would not you, we not intended would in also the packs!
Bitch: Aaah so? Get! (Catches on him)
A dog: Maaaama! UBIVAYuYuYuYuYuYuYuYuT!

Action the second.

Those same, there same, two hours later. People have mostly by kind of. Pope has presented to something shocked recording in notebook for instructor on vyazkam, which advises his on the telephone.
Pope has presented to (with horror): She said that need wasbad luck girl to boy home!
Pope stala (tthe): Have us renovating!
Mother in bull (simultaneously): Have us grandmother it's an oldie suffer!
Pope has presented to (continues to to read): She said that bitch need hold!
Bitch: Chivooo? Living not is to drag me out! (Lurks under a sofa)
Male (with my mom's knobs): Need a you painful for, a psychic!
Mother has presented to (comes on actors offstage between their exits before a sofa): Muuusichka! Walk to mommy! Ah Walk here, my the good! Ay! (Vigorously here...... bulges out from-under seat sofa, shocked future together on the, uh, bloody hand).
(Fifteen minutes later)
Pope in bull and Pope has presented to primary are raising sofa. Mother has presented to tries to tighten an a jacket on bitch. Mother stala in horror is witnessing for a stage, unsightly opening his mouth and firmly tossed on the hands of itss jewel. Finally, bitch captured. Mother awarded its spaces. Pope uncomfortably Takes its for collar. Bitch charming and designed:
- Shut'm gonna tear! Morrrgaly! 'll poke claws morrrgaly!
A dog (shocked): And that you from me want?
Pope stala: Ah, whether same a man!
A dog: This as? Here is so? (Tries to do sadku on head, bitch here same tries to expect to his for )
Male (in horror): Mother! She wanted, to bite off me the place, which I'm peeing!
Bitch (fiercely): Only approach the still! A pervert!
Pope has presented to goes spots: Mommy, can better you its hold this, will you? Can have you she will quieter?
Mother has presented to accepts keeps watch from. Mother stala nervously keeps fiddling with a snot and looks in side. Pope in bull tries to to channel itss jewel with grinding halt after hand. A dog something suspects and to not suited. Pope stala tries to show personal example. Stala is beginning to feel nauseous in street corner. Mother has presented to from abound pitnu bitch. The kind catches on stala and takes into put his everywhere

Action third

Those same, on next day, at home have stala. Signs of repairs or grandmothers not there is. Bitch churchgoers establishment on room and, promisingly regular.
Male (with seat sofa): Nooo! You me not you gonna make! , too, me, found pleasure! She a psychic!
Bitch: Yes, I a psychic! And I you so'll beat-up! Only try!
Male: Yes I and try shall not pass.
Mother in bull, raised a: I raze not can understand, in than deal Why Uh (index,) call of nature speaks out?
Pope stala, shocked: A doughnut! I thought, you the guy!
Mother has presented to: Musichka, ah whether same good girl! Here is, other, what a handsome a boy!
Pope has presented to keeps fiddling with in the hands of mobile: Can, still will call instructor?
All a sigh of relief heads nodding.

Action fourth.
Those same and instructor. In room butting in son hosts has presented to, which they drove with a. Mother shugaet his on cuisine, motivating those, that this is not for children.
Instructor (with bitterness reviewing The field battlefield, around on drawn mothers Sookie, down-at-heel stala): And can, not worth?
Mother and Pope has presented to: But we so want to she has modicum times were puppies! We read, if bitch one more time not will give birth, it will have this How its Pimitroma? Pitrioma?
Instructor, defeated: Endometritis. Not will. I you I promise.
Mother and Pope stala: But a boy so wants, this horror simply. Have us heart of is torn on him look!
Instructor, ominously: This he still not knows, what wants! And here is if learns castrate would his .
Pope a dog, got in of shock: I even to hear about this not can! And we intend take itself from him schenka! To the two of them was business.
A dog: That? Still dog? To she Slept on my of myself? Eaten from my bowls? Yes no. No Way! (Climbs under sofa.)
Instructor, realizing distribution of forces and degree of resolve participants: Okay, let us try. Means so bitch will need keep very firmly. The two of. And not let us it to escape, it can damage themselves and stala. Now I'll show, as need to.
(Cleverly Takes bitch, as something it is unclear with its amelioration mismanaged and perfectly holds its one).
- A boy, Walk here!
Pope stala, still create advice about castration of, a bit stiff: His name is Doughnut!
Instructor, meek: A doughnut, Walk, other, that I have for you there is!
Male from-under seat sofa: 42 tooth? I already given, know! Themselves its noses in.
Instructor awarded bitch parents and cleverly's fishing for screaming in bull under a sofa. Awarded his owners. Again captures bitch and requests has to put stala.
- Doughnut, a good a boy! Smell this!
Male (heartedly): And nothing
Bitch (pridushenno): 'll fucking kill!
Male: With other hand. Its her teeth No, not d.
Instructor awarded bitch owners, diagnosis keep. Affectionately call's trying to persuade in bull approach the, then sniff. Y his encourages a guy to jump on bitch. Through 30 minutes effort Doughnut, finally, feels interested and confidently and agrees do first sadku.
In this moment is happening several things:
Bitch (designed not their voice): Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Owners has presented to (razzhimayut hands, bitch here same makes the flip on stala): It painful for!
Owners stala they grab stala: A doughnut, you was?
Bitch (still designed): Priduuuumal! Iiish very polished coined? In living bitch pisher click! 'll kill!
Instructor, owners has presented to: Why you its have receded! I same told, keep firmly.
Mother and Pope has presented to: But she so shouted, it same was painful for! We thought she dies
Instructor, razdrazhayas: I believe, these dogs enough gave you understand, that multiply not want. You insisted on vyazke. I with large hard has persuaded stala try. And you that? Think, he now agrees try still? Yes him on entire life your listen to hysterical ?????!
Mother and Pope has presented to: She not a hysteric!
Mother and Pope stala: Think, him loosely try still?
A dog, heartedly: And, can, its still anyone gets to hold? Without teeth she well itself nothing!
Instructor: Homes there is someone still, who can me help, and Inee releases the hands in a decisive moment?
Son hosts has presented to (ceased to duck for gateway room): I can!
Mother has presented to: There is no, you still a small!
Son: Ah mother!
Instructor: A boy be appropriate. Go-pay all, a stroll. And not our current reactive model--you come even if hear cries, forests and incited cries!
Adults, weary effort, go on cuisine. Men mention fine cognac.

Action ADR.

In room instructor, a boy and dogs. A boy accepts participation and makes all, that says instructor. With faces his not are getting away plutovataya smile. He vows that not razozhmet hands. Instructor trust him to keep head has presented to. One hand covers the his, the second helps dog.
Bitch (pridushenno): I heave has warned!
Male (self-righteous, too): I quickly period! (Makes sadku for sadkoy, with each time, acting all encouraged)
Bitch: Grrrrrr!
Instructor, boy: And carry its firmly!
A boy, bursting with flamboyant blossoms, eyes: Of our protection!
Bitch: Whoo! Yuhh! UUbivayuyuyut!
A dog, accelerates and makes a decisive jump:
Bitch: UBILIIIIIIIIII! And! And! Yes! Yes! Will give emblem great. Fantastisch! Still! Still!
A dog: Ohhhh! Geronimo!
A boy: With steeply!
Instructor, dog: Wait, wait, wait drooling something monetize. Let we you, expand!

Action the seventh
Two months later. Bitch has given birth to seven black puppies. Owners stala refuse borrow modicum one them need was apricot. Owners has presented to in of shock all wishing to on puppies has vanished have them renovating, babies, depends
A dog (has consistently snoshaya a couch the cushion): Babu would! Babu would! Babu would!
Bitch (licking newborns): All men towards!

Curtain was hung
Is dedicated to all proved having generalised seen abroad "for health."

Copyright with pudelinogo site, thank you them for this



Not know, "eye" whether this video here,
To the issue: Is worth whether all-??? try to wean dog its from human bed? http://s16.rimg.info/1377de4f44c9895d8482ea0211a556be.gif

Look necessarily with sound! http://s19.rimg.info/1127af8a73c62a9acf8a568b1dcc7241.gif




http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/108.gifvery liked! Type: Nezzzya? Javadxan, schazzz, here is you, here is) and on muzzle from koshaka received. And in window-beauty what bodacious) http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/0.gif



Very availability of! But more just for "! :cool:



1972 Propulsion. Summer, we with t'lads were in approach with a-a sleepover, and with
A took only necessary. As they, tent and Maria Larisa Ivanovna, please.

Died M. Mainstream Lermontov on the Caucasus, but liked he his not so!

The hoarder took a dump have themselves in street corner whole together and every day there
'd been planting.

Lensky released on duel in pantaloons. They have diverged and breathed

Dantes not cost according eggs Pushkin

In yard entered two horse. This were sons Tarasa Bulby.

Oneginu liked Byron, so he and Gwinnett County his over the bed.

It put on gender a saucer, and became click in him face on it.

Have Onegin (ballet) was hard within, and he came to wife Tatyana relieve himself.

The French quickly jumped started running like crazy, not surviving a challenge spirit Russian army.

Dubrovsky had an with to Masha through based treatment old oak.

Andrei Bolkonsky often traveled get out, see the oak, on which he was
Look like as two breath water.

He obmanym by has marched girls to itself home and committed underfloor
Communication with wallpaper.

Lermontov was born have grandmothers in village, when his parents lived in

Czacki released through pushed Passage and podpyornul the door stick.

It poured mume schey.

Poor Lisa she ripped up all my flowers and these they its mother.

Khlestakov sat in brichku and shouted: ", you, cough up, my dear fellow, in airport!"

Father Chatskogo died in childhood.

Pierre was secular man and so peed spirits.

Under old age years his prikovalo to bed cancer.

Suddenly Herman he heard creaking of springs. This was the old Princess.

Kabanikha've located have Catherine soft place and every day had on him.

Have Rostovykh was three daughters: Spurn, Sonia and Nikolai.

From all Genital warming have Maria Bolkonskoy were only eyes.

Anna was shacked up with Count Vronsky would quite new, unacceptable to countries way.

Taras sat on horse. From droop, and then has laughed.

"Modicum one peepholes'll take a look on Paris." - that was Kutuzov.

Denis Davydov turned to the women striker and mark two times.

Soul of Tatiana? Is full love and and fulfilling not it rains on, as would hose Ideology

Behaved supposedly overpowered the French and Kutuzov.

Onegin was the rich man: Each he sat in-air outhouse, and then drove in

Peter First Leapt with pushed out and ran for Evgeny, loudly tsokaya

Nose Gogol the document profound & non bones of.

Deaf-and-dumb it not liked gossip and spoke only truth.

Anna has rushed under train and he long lived its Crescent existence.

Turgenev not satisfy nor fathers, nor children.

Such girls, as Olga, already long are weary Oneginu, yes and Pushkin, too,.

Grand duke Oleg predicted, that hed die from of the snake, which other way from his

Pushkin move in highest light of and was twisting there his wife.

With Mikhail II of Galicia Lermontov I met in kindergarten instructor.

It ate for of four, and worked one.

Pechorin to the Kinet bela in a fit of feelings and wanted to through its love approach
People. But him this not managed. Not managed him this and with Children Maksimychem.

Onegin drove to its police state uncle, Comes and says: Tell-pay
As during, after all nedaremno, Moscow, spalennaya worked.

Markets liked different bugs and did them vaccinations.

On the field vituperation were heard moans and cries dead men.

Lev Tolstoy, was born in 1828 year among forests on clear miss glade.

Pugachev two chaps everything and horse with his leverage.

Have Chichikova many positive traits: He always-shaven and reeks.

Markets died young man and sbycha his inner dreams not occurred.

Pugachev helped Grinevu not only in work, but and in love to go and tell Masha.

Gentle, such beautiful blonde the locks of were out from under its coverlet needle apron.

Markets liked analyze this matter frogs and pomeschitsu Odintsovu.

Sons toured to Tarasu and have become with him that.

Play by drove in carriage rides with thumbs striker.

On road in Bogucharovo Andrei Bolkonsky, as the old oak, flourished and

Famusov condemns its daughter for what Sophya with the most morning and already with
A man.

Thus, Pechorin is carrying Bzloy, and Kazbich - Karakezom.

In the second half of days Pechorin liked to drink coffee with crema society.

Tolstoy, and Marya Volkonskuyu made mother, and in this his of the credit.

Spurn was truly Russian kind the, very loved nature of and often
Has gone to yard.

It deserted repented (on and contacted with apocalyptic world full.

Grushnitskiy carefully forward was-on, bullet grazed knee was.

And poets and gurus live nineteenth century were legkoranimymi people: Their often killed on duels.

Here he first time learned conversational against Russian speech from nurses Ginyuu Rodionovny.

During second act Sofia's college and Molchalina have them under there sat Czacki.

Onegin, as and all the landlords still, was born not in Birth, but on bregakh Neva.

Tolstoy, several times was redone by "War and the world", to us was easier its

The first successes Pierre Bezukhov in love were bad - he immediately married.

In a result from but I grew not a man, and the most real a sheep.

Dealer) waggled me antiquities.

Kateryna has rushed in the river over the personal trial.

Language have Bazarova was dumb, but then for in disputes.

Czacki and Sophya grew together, but rose in different hand.

Me like the, that with so talent Pushkin not be afraid become
Popular poet.

Troekurov was although not was stupid, but a bit with weirded.

When bomb have become be torn in leaves soldiers,, especially Pierre suddenly
Opened domestic the world ordinary Russians people.

Czacki was very is a clever, and from mind all sorrow.

So as Pechorin - man glee, then and write about him - fact throwing good

Kirsanov sat in Oximetholone pills, but all, that not need to, saw.

Have Natasha did "small with Andrey Nikolayevich Bolkonsky was novel -" War and the world. "

First Tatiana ardently loved Onegin (ballet), and he its in eyes not saw. But
When she sound incredibly bleak, Yevgeny decided to start increasingly again. Was late.
A bonfire'm cold and doesn't burn fossil fuels zakocheneli.



Metamorphosis tends zooshiz

Blog Lialia Love Vanechku
34 year, the manager, Moscow, married.

12 martobrya 2011
Sit at work. Melancholy. Netimer would vacation. On the evening with Lenkoy shall go shoppingovat. Lenka my the best girlfriend, she me as sister, all understands with not too shy. Adore you, Lenusik!
Have Leki a charmer-lorek.)) This kind -Loverboy! Lenka told, that when have Masyanya will puppies, she Oxygene me one. I adore animals, especially yorikov!!
Vanechka, like, not against. He I have the most the best!

14 martobrya
What horror!! Saw a picture of an dogs, that be for hoisted and they fell off!! My God, what nightmare!! Sit and crying!
Has found forum, where all written about this a poor the little dog. What people!! Tears from eye such there LUDI!!
Had turned the little dog Upon a 5 thousands of all, that remained on a map until salaries.
Nothing, I have there is Vanechka.
What same fiends so bullied over - be author Lars Amend based!!

15 martobrya

In topic pro an Award me said thank you!! The astonishing people this I them must say thanks to, for what they make such great cause, not they me.
Lenka, too, had turned Upon a money and, too, crying. What same she brilliant!

16 martobrya

Came on work and immediately opened site clinics, where treated poor baby Bonus. 'm on him in he-more money you'll save and crying. He such sad!!
Took have Vanechki 10 thousands of and had turned Upon a. Let only convalescing.
In his topic we where turn him dentures. I for America. Let this costly, but perishing would make well. Our nothing not are at. Our only dogs are at crippling. Bastards!

17 martobrya

Je devrais envoyer with girls-zoozaschitnitsami. What same they do amazing! Itself kindness and mercy!
They were in cleanest and sought moreover of. I would, too, went, but I in Moscow. But I think, that his in networks can be calculate. Only not know, as.
Had a fight with Lenkoy she, see whether, is tired from talk about a bonus check. Not expected from it such a. She has have the most dog Although, she has lorek, highly fashionable breed of, not hapless courtyard.

18 martobrya

Not's sleep, had you.
Was scandal with Vanechkoy. I in of shock he on me yelled! He! Most a terrible from-for what!! I had turned Upon a money, pending on vacation. Ah and that? That more important life live beings or our entertainment?
I so crying! Vanechka, of course, apologized, but on psyche poorly. He not understands! Perhaps, because he a man them not given so feel another pain, as women.
Girls on Forum so me and said bear with it. Misunderstanding surrounding our used.

1 June

Received salary and not has become sack immediately) sent our Bonusiku.
Chief of -tard. Got drilled by me reprimand for what I 'm using Internet in personal purposes in the damage work. Now on an Award I can look only homes. Thatgirls on Forum they supported. Only they me understand and support. We team with one big the heart!
And timers in their sites on past DR ethos had been given. Understandable, why he so's been seizing up he hunter. And can and the dog catcher. Such, as he, not capable on compassion.

3 June

Vanechka on me sulking we intended to go on picnic, but I not was able. Yesterday on the morning girls have sent me exile on community dogkhanterov zhivoderov. These the creature promoters proclaim--and their fascist ideas in respect dogs. Ah perishing we them staged a! Will know!
I would their ???? has shot all!

5 June

On work not went. I.e., went, but in the yard saw hapless washed up Dog. Could not pass past.
He, you poor thing, in stress, me not wanted to approached only. Asked janitors '-Tajiks help. Together we his painted in porch, and then to us in apartment.
Girls with Forum write, that this normal, now he will come in themselves and will few and grateful for saving.
And the he get back a little me bit tight thtough the hand, so that print one hand.
His spasenysha-the orphan with panel called Boney, to on an Award was it seems. He such a handsome, big! Sits in room and not lampooned me growls and catches, when I the door open. Girls with Forum write, that, means, have him in life was stress, associated with gateway. Perhaps, earlier masters beaten his about doors or gateway.

6 June

The user replaced the one Lialia Love Vanechku on Lialia Love Bonika and Bonechku

Vanechka is gone. Even things not brought together, because they in the room, where lives Bonechka. Only now I understood, that married for stale, a self rights. Crying, but not regret. Better so, than to live together with so heartless entity.
Bonechka pees on bed, and poops about doors. Girls with Forum say, that, means, have him was stress, associated with waterbed,. You poor thing, as same he through enough.
He good girl lampooned me in room. Only under bed is withdrawing and growls. Girls say, that this from stress apparently, his masters his was tortured.
From-for Bonechki even less speak with my discrete bonus. I with himve spent through screen was set up sometimes me seems, that hears dogs after all much thinner feel positive energy. So write girls with Forum.

16 June

Have Bonusika soared temperatures. Need to praying for him.
On work not went, not until it. We with girls sit and pray let convalescing!
Ooh! Soot all understands he so life howls. He entire week howls, and I only now realized, to what He - feigns nervousness for an Award. My God, as same they all-all understand!!
Bonusik, not afraid, we you not give finance, we you otmolim!

17 June

Where same justice? Bonusik is gone from us With the necktie us alone. As we now without him? Screen was set up empty there is no my passionate Bonusika. He taught us all and mercy and love. He us drama example souls!!
Tears not stop. Girls, too, crying. There is no human, which not shed tears would on Upon a. And those that not crying the creature, humble mortals in designation rights. Bastard and scum.

Came Lena. Trip. Starters to speak, that work will be losing my with these dogs. Man without souls. She little moreover, that sake of hip it up taken itself who, so she its still and knitting gathered! Ah perishing I it all has set forth, that think about such, as she, amateur-hour dogs. Only is accusing on mind. Dog for it a subject, thing.
She pro my Bonechku told: Why you the rogue a dog? What I over him mockin 'you and better his issue. He seceded from room, until we on kitchen sat, and you its a bag. So she and need to. Girls with Forum said, that, means, have him was stress, associated with bags. Perhaps, his beaten bag. Bastards! I would their at all killed for Bonechku.

Bonus, Bonus, return to itself to! Pray, to God reinforced us an Award! Russia without him sobirayutsya!!

20 June
How many same creatures in world! Girls are fighting with them and vkontakte, and on soaps. I zhivoderov define immediately, girls say, I have on them nose. On the first between ministries all immediately clear this aren't human. Then are starting deal accurately aren't human. Dogs homeless, deficiency, them prevent, see whether. And what have dogs something rights more on life, than have these of rotten they not can understand. And for bad word about a bonus check at all kill can.
Again print one hand Bonechka again bit for hand, when I him collar tried to put on the running. I wrote girls, that, means, have him was stress, associated with collar they agreed fully. Poorly, that he not walking. But without 2002-and defence wakes up aggressivity he backup, stupid. Not understands, that I his'm saving. Neighbors from below were roughhousing have them, see whether, ceiling wet and reeks urine. And than should smell like, paved? Dogs, at all something, you know, peeing urine. As and these goddamn bastard-lickin 'neighbors, incidentally. Yes and a leak quite a small. I would and not have observed. Them not ceiling is important, them it is important destroy unhappy dog. Not can they shifting, something alongside them makes good.
Has presented to you mumping.

20 Narrator: "Yulia

The train of Bonechku on perederzhku. Oops, he all perekusal and me, and girls with Forum. Have been in aviary gets the his I so crying. And that to do? In apartment I his to leave could not flowed Manyasha, yes and puppies much time . Especially difficult keep, to they not crawl in room to Bonechke, because he their wants to eat. Silly boy.
Girls in topic Bonechki wrote, that I hero. Has caught such a a complex dog. Was very pleased. I this, too, feel that made very good deal.

20 Noyabrina

There is no, what OK Synthet this Ninel. That she makes on Forum aid animals. See whether, I has challenged the Bonechku on perederzhke. I, see whether, 'm a lifeguard without brain drain. Here is Synthet! Whom I has challenged the? And what me to go until halfway house need to two hours this is nonsense. I, apparently, must their 11 dogs homes throw and to go! And what debt I have for perederzhku this at all no one not concerns. I from debt not refuse, incidentally, I his openly admit. And perederzhka could would me his forgive, incidentally. At all, that for Brad commercial perederzhka. Lack conscience their on destitute bezdomyshakh and destitute handlers!
Me same still and use keyboard, ostensibly, for crude expressions and transition on personality. What here personality, where there personality? Moderators soulless brutes.
And what on me 20 animals no one not worries. As I on them money d to collect? Me that, from its pocket perederzhku for them pay for? Who their feed will? The moderator 13? I not Abramovich contain 20 tails!
On such a Forum and this attitude!

21 martobrya 2013.

) sent in Germany five. Here is perishing had to on Forum tears Grand Marnier liqueur, to money muster. Strangers quite poorly have become to lend. We before not such were all are prepared were give poor zverikam. What they at all then in a comprehensive dialogue between the come not understand.
Manechku repatriate. Pens bastards! Ah and that, she leaps once on curtains, and then on them shits? Ah, he's sawin 'all. She dog, not soft plaything. Why that I can year and a half this tolerate, and these freaks immediately ready ,-, healthy dog give. Modicum at all not pristraivay loop brutes.
Find would someone, like an Award, all would debts turned a blind. Alas, about this only dream remains


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