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Grossy abroad

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Muris wrote:

“I don’t simply seems, that Private of the buyer not going to convince, that this gross.

Who not knows the can be to issue and for Gross's and for “Waldhorn ” -estate. Who Needs as more like.



Only that saw, that now here there is theme pro gross of.
Will repeat its appeal.

Me need male gross, adult or podroschennyy.
Autumn in age 10.5 years died our senior Bern Richik, which lived with my senior son and more 6 years was his other.
I offered son chikhuashku. But he would still until now is experiencing. Him lack large friend.
Son 27 years, lawyer, virtually is married. Both work, schenka will vyrstit is difficult, so like would adult, but with normal character. Son like g-happier dogs, large and active.



Robin gross in kennel Gansewiesen (Austria).
In kennel live two "the ginger man."
Me flag of like more



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