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Russia-2012, 3-4 November

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On site RKF Champion paste catalogues.

Check the availability of their dogs, who goes!

ENTLEBUKhER Sennenhund
Males / to:
Class: Baby / Baby class
SchK,, the stigma: OKP 535,
Class: Puppies / Puppy class
SchK,, the stigma: Tru 134,
RKF Champion 3315809,, the stigma:, human, 62,
RKF Champion 3303371,, the stigma: TQN 397,
Class: Juniors / Junior class
RKF 3303600,, the stigma: Chip,
RKF Champion 3168307,, the stigma: OKP 496A,
RKF Champion 3194229,, the stigma: TQN 338,
SchK,, the stigma: TQN 389,
RKF Champion 3230398,, the stigma: TQN 372,
RKF Champion 3176872,, the stigma: OKP 503,
Class: Promezhutoch. / INTERMED class
RKF 3017156,, the stigma: Chip,
RKF 2924155,, the stigma: TQN 303,
RKF 3000894,, the stigma: TQN 314,
RKF Champion 3060886,, the stigma: OKP 445,
Class: Open / Open class
RKF 2144562,, the stigma: Chip,
RKF 2728909,, the stigma: TQN 256,
RKF 2660348,, the stigma: OKP 331,
RKF Champion 2972897,, the stigma: OKP 429,
Class: Champions / Champion class
RKF 2760335,, the stigma: TQN 270,
RKF 2794302,, the stigma: OKP 375,
Has presented to / Females:
Class: Baby / Baby class
SchK,, the stigma: Tru 136,
Class: Puppies / Puppy class
RKF Champion 3303373,, the stigma: TQN 399,
SchK,, the stigma: TQN 401,
Class: Juniors / Junior class
RKF 3176878,, the stigma: OKP 509,
SchK,, the stigma: OKP 510,
Class: Promezhutoch. / INTERMED class
RKF 3150287,, the stigma: OKP 439,
RKF 3017700,, the stigma: N335,
RKF Champion 3060379,, the stigma: TQN 328,
Class: Open / Open class
RKF 2836008,, the stigma: Up 154,
RKF Champion 2924273,, the stigma: OKP 389,
Class: Champions / Champion class
RKF 2578224,, the stigma: OKP 305,
RKF 2519551,, the stigma: Chip,



Maestro there is, Shell there is!)



We, too, there is, only with class a bit misdropped, can be already in, please was. Today stuck and reschedule http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/scratch_one-s_head.gif



Olia, as affairs in RKF Champion, made changes?
Our, too, all in the list. Not, potusim! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/0.gif



About changes said approach the directly in an exhibition --and politely NA as I with one the only dog and so can be quite inconvenient http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/blush.gif



We there is, already're getting ready --, only that packing not are, and so already in panic, after all it is our the first with Norman exhibition such a rank http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/128.gifand judging by mark, we the only from brothers-sisters, and wanted again see little sister, hmm Nardin



Not it, already long not the first exhibition, and here is would still monkey, Russia and Eurasia for me INCIDENTAL, INDIRECT ad-.
Adore their!



I already oektiv nachistila) 'm going to go necessarily.



Question from bozos to.
Posted timetable on 3 / 11 / 12
# ringa Expert time breed
10-00 Berner Sennenhund
11-30 Grand Swiss Sennenhund
12-30 ENTLEBUKhER Sennenhund

Question. First all beybikov and all puppies all these breeds look, camping on E. With 10-00. Or us, beybikov and puppies bukhov -nachnut look in 12-30?
And exhorts racking up how many then better come?



12-30 ENTLEBUKhER Sennenhund

Start in 12-30 look precisely entlebukherov. Start with bebikov Samoyede.
Come for hour perhaps as least.
Need to will pass registration and Animal Control, and if will turn.



Can be question about vetkontrolya - a clean can be in advance do or they there strictly only its Animal Control recognize?



Shulakovna wrote:

a clean can be in advance do or they there strictly only its Animal Control recognize?

If it comes I knew. On Russia themselves the first time shall go.
Like as certificate binding every year, and Animal Control still on place Hua Help. But every year write, that half of comes without verifications and passes slow. Control on place. I, perhaps, I get there until mental hospitals pick up volumes K a clean.



About vetkontrolya, now not was able find on site RKF Champion, but there wrote, that only with appendix B1, type in an exhibition not will vetkontrolya. Justice sake of to be sure, that so write often. But to risk something not want. We plan to go, borrow a clean. But as tickles closer to trial, not know. At all the in clinics even be cheaper. Only s patients need a public and need to accurately know time work, camping on E. Attend in advance.



Viki & K
Olja, and public this for the district (giving) or as? "Nightshade" for example this what is considered or as this to know? ., thanks)



Here is giveaway accurately there is no)
Here is helpfully on to areas.



You call in a clinic and vnutrivlagalischnye funds a clean form of # 1, Crocus this not Moscow.



On sites vet offices sleduyuscheyuschaya information:
"Forging veterinary accompanying documents for participation in exhibitions (vetsvidetelstva sovereign. # 1 and sovereign. # 4)."

What scrolling the? # 1



Hello, and I have question emerged, certificate what forms need a, # 1 or # 4. Like I've given, that for exhibitions - # 4, but so as exhibition in Moscow, and Propisana in Lobnya Urban Okrug, then is necessary # 1. And here same even, who accurately already the first letters and accurately knows, as prepare dog to this help. And what accurately vaccinations must be. And the in Internet seek, what only not write, slightly whether not worms need necessarily lift the for 3 days before exhibition!



Called in Akatovo, said can be for 3-5 days (without exportation animal in another terrain of). Work on weekdays with 10 until 16 (suddenly someone need to) http://i.smiles2k.net/hello_byby_smiles/1_011.gif



As I already wrote, Crocus - NOT the MINEX!
Siviglia package # 1 - because Crocus - NOT the MINEX!
Those who in area configured by a webmaster, package the, that on area been paved, because Crocus - NOT the MINEX!
In passport must be vіdmіtka about pissed, for 30 days.
If in some clinic are beginning still what either demand, and their problems come down, find another http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/81.gif



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