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Exchange be described as puppy cards on lineage while aspiring

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A bit need to to talk to the and about this. So as many consider puppy card pedigree. And this not so. Consider this.
Start first: Were born puppies, in 45 days is happening their aktirovka, camping on E. Litter officially is formalized.
Breeder (cattery, club) owes in for 4-6 months after birth puppies to hand documents on litter in its the parent organization: RKF Champion.
Under purchase a puppy you ceded puppy card, - metric does a puppy. In it identifies a data on dog:
In the most be described as puppy card are specified in have order:
- breed dogs
- nickname
- coloring
- date birth
- Number stigma
-? Mushing? Parents schenka
- surname and worded noted
- notation in "Owner" optional empty until the emergence of a permanent owner a puppy, and then there preconceived his data.
Puppy metric does this the first document your dogs, numbers' Brands' must conform to (bond - dog). Puppy card, is formalized on everyone schenka in poo. There same incisions mark
Forth you TOostizheniya 15 months must to exchange puppy card on lineage while aspiring in RKF Champion.
How to do this:
Tatranska in RKF Champion. Worded: Moscow, str. Hotel, d.9, 5 floor
Regime work: With Monday on Friday with 10 :0 0 until 18 :0 0 hours.
Visit, vnutrivlagalischnye funds where you internationalist lineage, follow in given this cabinet (their several, so not write far specifically), sit in waiting lists, give the documents. Forging rodolovnoy is happening order 2-'s months, something became very long. Can be and longer. There is option accelerate, do affected option, ready through 1-2 hours. Is worth in two times more expensive.
Warn, that most often in RKF Champion very many people.
Can be take advantage of services of our club, when we centrally send documents, so same're taking their.
If you are planning touring with its, table on vystvki for lines our the homeland, you in have orderneed to do exportoption rodolovnoy. Do immediately export option bypassing the Russian, cannot be. Accelerate can be, if you immediately check two options (or-some one) in known huge the form of (recall, that this more expensive in 2 times).



Viki & K wrote:

recall, that this more expensive in 2 times

And how many initially being conducted (neuskorennyy the tariff) -1000r?



400 rubles. But is done even longer 2 months, have us and a half passed, so said still through and a half decide. Sorry, that not she passed her on urgent first :-( well, that not "is ablaze."



And not forget to leave itself a copy of sdavaemogo you document. On anyone case



Respected friends!
Am asking you help me Council, as legally correctly to do in current situation. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/103.gif
In late 2011 I has bought in Irkutsk schenka English bulldog nicknamed EDIMON ESTELAR (gender: A dog, date birth 28.10.11, the stigma KFN1196, coloring a red-white, father: La Fleur ESTELAR ARISTOKRAT, RKF Champion 2309623, mother: The blonde Olivia, RKF Champion 2559440, breeder Trufanova Tamara, worded: Propulsion Irkutsk, so Mr the May Day 92-88, bodies. 8 inostrannoy 176 84 32) have owner has presented to, mothers schenka (on the very moment owner has presented to was not Trufanova Tamara, and Mikhail, which Tamara placed control its bitch). Owner has presented to provided me puppy card with print club Artaud (Usolskaya called voluntary Public the Organization Amateurs Animal Artaud Governor area, Propulsion Usolye-Sibirskoye Urban Okrug-Siberian, problem-gives chemists,. 4, bodies.: 8 (39543) 7-46-40, e-mail: Arto65 @ list.ru, usolie-arto.ru).
My a dog, EDIMON ESTELAR, participated in the exhibition in Irkutsk and received assessment of is famously. Scan Diploma in ofChina.
Spring 2013 I turned in club Molos (Propulsion Irkutsk), to to exchange puppy card Edimona on lineage while aspiring. Documents were relegated in Moscow, where through six months came the answer, that lineage while aspiring Edimonu to issue not can, so as club Artaud not were provided the necessary documents: The original of the Diploma with seedlings certificated exhibition father my stala (LA Fleur ESTELAR ARISTOKRAT, RKF Champion 2309623) and an act of always.
I turned to Secretary's viralized club Artaud , ages Eugenia Vladimirovne, with question, on what basis club betrays cards a back-, not possessing full package needed documents from owners dogs. Yevhen Vladimirovna declared, that owner has presented to not produced calculation with owner in bull for vyazku, in ties with this owner in bull refused provide a necessary package documents on his hound. However owner has presented to paid club Artaud puppy-dog cards, so club has now issued a back-puppy-dog cards with blue dark secret that one might, not possessing on the hands of nor act always, nor Diploma with seedlings certificated exhibition father puppies. Yevhen Vladimirovna also declared, that club not owes inspect deals between masters of dogs, and buyers puppies owe to mess with club and specify, indeed whether all documents on puppies in order, thereby by declaring, that the documents with blue dark secret that one might from club are not official guarantee of purity deals between persuaded dogs. Then I turned to abject club Artaud , Belikh to Valentina Vladimirovne, which still times confirmed words ages Eugenia were about how, that club not owes demand with owners, thereby dogs, all necessary documents and inspect these documents.
I turned to strange host father my stala, asked understand my situation and provide a necessary package documents, on that received the answer, that I must pay the cost of always, then all necessary documents will given. With this proposition I turned to abject club Artaud , motivirovav this is all the, that precisely irresponsible attitude club has led, that my an excellent a dog remained without pedigree. Valentin Vladimirovna Belikh answered refusal on my request and told me to to complain, far want, declaring, that this is not its responsibility and not its the problem.
Am asking your Council, as me behave in this situation. I Belarusian with lawyers. They counseled turn in Court and call actions club Artaud fraud. Want to know, correct whether this wording, and can be whether as something solve this problem without court. I is ready go in Court, if this the only way out of current situation, but like would, of course, solve this problem peacefully.
Thank you, that found opportunity to familiarize themselves with my letter,. Was would very one you for any aid.
Of excellent you days and only honest people around!


You are here » Entlebucher Sennenhunds - Forum NHL » 're getting ready become champion! » Exchange be described as puppy cards on lineage while aspiring