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Beauty for you and your zvezdulek :)

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About Forum me told my costly Krasnoslobodtseva, for that it thank you http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/kiss.gif

I do bracelets from natural of stones or various beads, and also ringovki with ball bearings on top.
Come by here, on leisure http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/girl_bye.gif

Stones there is prevents - agate, coral, and aventurine, cat eye, brindle eye, afternoon stumbling, turquoise, Jasper (mineral), eyes, amethyst, hand, nephritis, quartz, are those Korina uses and vast

Ringovki, incisions from a lasting material,, measuring in 5 mm.
Color of - white, black, the beige is, brown.

Ringovki bear not only aesthetic goal, moreover they very sturdy. Personally I audited on thermometre. Bule, and orders were for Cane-Corso, of Leon, impressed, a white Sri Visnupad. Sheep-dogs and vast (not remember already)
Weathered tugging, not torn.

They enjoy such khendlery as Vitaly Bielski, Sergei Lozin, Anastasia Prometey, Alexander Яvorskaya, Olesya Sakharov, Masha Afanasyev and vast.

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Now much detail.











Daaaaaaaaaaa) That they! Very talk!
P.S. I itself already a couple zakazalaaa http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Girl/17.gif



And can be much detail at prices and that there is in available!
Thank you.



The flash drive's
My you chicken http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/girl_in_dreams.gif

On's wristbands now there is:
Charcoal Grey underwear-black shungit and flickering blue and aventurine - 900 r

Service package
Agatha, shungit
1,200 r

and can be and separately (on 400 r)

(is famously for hairdresser or grummera. Or Edward Hands-previous round total bet amount)


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And "In old Arizona", "Not afraid", and "K.Korovin elf" not the planned? And site you there is no?
Thank you



Now I decided to do New Year gifts http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/136.gif
Super theater)
Any equipped ringovka on 500 r!

Gorgets or vodilki under chain of (ah or classic, if whom as relevant)



Shulakovna wrote:

And "In old Arizona", "Not afraid", and "K.Korovin elf" not the planned? And site you there is no?
Thank you

Site there is no, time there is no http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/shout.gif

Order and case http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/108.gif

all orders in lichku



Pro interesting!
Afternoon stumbling

With longstanding since the afternoon stumbling use for attract love. People, afflicted from solitude, must wear brooches with this mineralom with leftist hand. Stumbling not only attracts love, but and arouses this high sense of in his owner,. Afternoon stumbling on leftist drawn “pivot ” corrects feelings human, helps avoid conflicts, absolves stress, makes his a little more tolerant and it'd be kinder. On right-wing drawn helps fully relax, arouses out a fantasy and creative impulses.
Specialists argue that meditation with, clarity stumbling helps disclose subconscious, and also hidden ability to and talents.

Afternoon stumbling — talisman people creative occupations: Writers, musicians, artists. He uncovers their talents, gives inspiration, encourages to creative gales that are now blowing.
Stumbling is considered allows happiness and highly regarded in as a gift to commemorate beloved, so as he promotes self-awakening gentle feelings and gives opportunity to read the future. Stumbling love and harmony with the environment, afternoon stumbling have many peoples tsenilsya more expensive gold and was considered sacred.
Peculiar force afternoon stumbling is filled with during full moon. His light effect but in humans mechtatelnost, as soft, tenderness, absolves tensions, eliminates anger and incentive assertiveness.



missile defense shingle

and aventurine- one of specific talismanic stones, creating in man raduzhnoe mood, emotional claimants heightened and cheerfulness spirit. He inspires optimism and confidence in itself.

the Rose quartz- stumbling love and joy - symbolizes full health and youth, lofty, cheesy love and friendship, allows to gain joy life; - reassures nervous system, improves dream and mood
Quartz strengthens memory, developing imagination, makes a stark and colorful speech, promotes active thinking processes. Brings happiness and joy.

turquoiseuniversal a talisman wealth, of plenty and prosperity, breakdown favor ruling persons. Believed, that if in patch of EIVILENTI “to capture ” and see Young moon, this will bring happiness and welfare in coming month. This stumbling, breakdown power and authority, stumbling fighters and winners, which gives immunity and unconditional positive outcome any battlefield. She helps focus, deters from suetnosti, guards from trouble, points, in which direction move further; moreover, turquoise is inexhaustible source of vital energy, zaryazhayuschim his owner as if bible canons. However remember, that use The Gem can be only people, strait-, casual and the evil owners turquoise not undergoes a. For travelers turquoise, too, use to anyone – she will allocate the possible dangers, will make a path easy and comfortable. Not forget, that turquoise, write home about gay man color of – still and a remarkable assistant in love, she reclaims the world in family, uberegaet from infidelity, boosts attractiveness, brings mutual love. All peoples consider turquoise to the most happy stumbling. She reconciles enemies, extinguishes anger and owner, and aimed at him from outside, reclaims the world in family, mitigate discontent did. This mineral possesses surprising characteristic of the to change its light under weathering the storm, before an impending misfortune, he pales in the hands of lethally sick man of. This stumbling fighters, leaders, brave, decisive and independent people.

Cat eyecapable maintain love, could from treason, assassination attempt enemies, guards health. He arouses creative impulses, reinforces talents and placed on charisma and eloquence in the flesh.

Agate- Schitalos, that agate helps preserve loyalty beloved each other, so when them confronted this, they exchanged perstnyami with agatovoy 207 mph. Agatha pripisyvalis properties improve vision check owner, to do his High, prozorlivym, even a bleeding psychic. In as a mascot agate helps the storeowner open deception, reveal foes tends, warns about of Jorg Haider woes. Mineral inflaming public attitudes his owner on wave of perception delicate world, makes his a bleeding psychic.

Amethyst were doing just- stumbling, which helps develop domestic ability to human, open doors in top spheres, to grasp up wisdom. About specific talismanic properties this stone states in drevneshumerskikh tablets, which B.C, that amethyst capable trigger love to daritelyu stone, even if rebuffed his in gift man until this was in love with in another, so a married or an engaged man people in no way case cannot be to accept in gift products with this samotsvetom from outsiders people.
Have many peoples amethyst is symbol of Index, chistoserdechiya, sincerity and virtues. Owner this stone can be am confident in fealty husbands, (or our) and in sincerity his feelings. In engineering Greece regarded, that amethyst contribute to rejuvenating organism, smoothing irregularities wrinkles, lifts freckles and pigment spills. Stumbling incinerate on night under the cushion, to prevent\ u0027s Nightmares, to cure insomnia, trigger nice dreaming.

It- Oh specific talismanic properties pomegranate tell real the legend. Above all, this made linked to ability to to lend to his the storeowner power over people. In some countries jewelry with flash grenades wears each girl, so as is considered, that stumbling draws better love.
In medieval Europe hand wore only men, so as regarded his the amulet... otherwise..., which preserves from injuries and by.
But the most the main characteristic of the pomegranate have all peoples is considered skill to inspire strong passions have his owner. Vibrant, passionately, with a huge emotional women empowered people this stumbling brings happiness, fortune, success, causes creative rise. If owner pomegranate fell in heavy circumstances, stumbling will help him coolly and decisively cope with any trouble ahead.

Яshma- Since oldest since the Jasper (mineral) was used in specific talismanic rites. It pripisyvalis truly magic properties, for example, that she guards home from on interesting and wrong kind eye. In some premises and even temples of devotion floors from Bruneau jasper, to undesirable Visitors failed to penetrate in carefully the protected rig up concealments. For various specific talismanic practicing an in many countries specifically were crafted tableware, chalice, vases from Bruneau jasper. The magical tools were stored in shkatulkakh, only strapped from Bruneau jasper. Veduny always argued, that Jasper (mineral) is capable protect from attacks aggressive animals.
Have long known, that Jasper (mineral) is capable fuel human positive vigor, so very helpful wear on itself products from this stone. To in House, the world and harmony, need decorate ???? izdeliyami from Bruneau jasper. They act as trade, protecting home from envy, wickedness of and other negative influences surrounding world. In many countries is considered, that Jasper (mineral) draws in house fortune, happiness and affluence.

Malahit- In absent regarded, that are those Korina uses stems with forces view of the universe and is their vehicle on Earth. About this uh were the legend: If would he can do human an invisible, and if to drink from malakhitovoy chalice, then regulation understand language animals. On Russias are those Korina uses regarded stumbling, Sheredekin desires. Mineral supports and reinforces spiritual forces his owner. He would harmonize his domestic the world and the world around rights.

Coral- In engineering Greece it was thought, that coral chambers are for long life. In medieval Europe his regarded symbol of of purity. Mexican Indians until now argue that the wearing coral beads drives away from human evil spirits, nasylayuschikh the fever. Here is that wrote as Pliny Senior in “of Natural history ”:“ The inhabitants India value coral so same highly, as and pearls. Their priests and diviners attribute coral reef itself even something sacred, arguing, that they possess with soul force protect from dangers those who wears under itself coral. ”

three— one of most popular minerals, in use in religion and magic. In China since the earliest times is considered, that nephritis possesses five the main merit. He is stumbling of Heaven and Earth, of Wisdom and of Eternity. Ancient Aztecs have used jade knives for human of sacrifices. Buddhists consider, that precisely from Jade made heavenly throne Buddha. Priests Hohol form this two used jade objects as the magical tools. Ancient Mongols, which have won such a a strong country, as Russ, decorated its clothes and weapons Yangzhi jade. Moreover, nephritis — stumbling mind, good realizations intentions and virtues. Grand sage Confucius was believed this stumbling symbol of common humanity.
This mineral people, who were born under signs Virgin of and Libra. These people he grants fortune in the affairs. TheJade bracelet, nadetyy on right hand, brings virgins either Family happiness, and Wesam capable prolong life.
Nephritis — talisman scientists, symbol of mind and more allied courage. Man, the Mimo under itself a small jade figure, will more successful than and belly other go to trusted goal. Ring with white Yangzhi jade is talisman who, allows success in professional activities, it also guards Family happiness. Trade, elaborate from Jade, best suited the. They case protect owner from injuries, emphasize courage, drive to victory.



And the thickness of the what have vodilki?? Us would a little stronger, and the sometimes strongly drag, as would thin not it's torn



The flash drive's
In the first post all there is :)
And breed are listed, there tyazhi there is much more cooler bernov) pro your busy during the at all I'll shut up http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/drinks.gif



For example Leon

Or Corso

Ambul (garrote)

Ambul (vodilka)



AZstyle wrote:

pro your busy during the

We birds horrifying) and strong)



I admiring) --

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Beautiful ringovki!



Viki & K
http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/441.gifthank you!

To request






Butterflies did fly in! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/greeting.gif
Are sold (:




DWlGHT: Whoa! What beauty! Want a little bracelet! And have red of bracelets that for stumbling? And brown with "X" grassroots!



And me interestingly here is that:
Tree elf tourism should is worth and from what he?
Can be the, that shimmery pan-blue avantyurna show on more bright backdrop of, want connotation pan-blue watch?
And that still there is was blue, not turquoise?
And'm joining counterbalancing former the speaker about red brasletika.


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