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Regime nutrition schenka

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Utterly agree with stasyun! Hour cut loose a little with a ball - this simply cut loose a little. Download it head.



stasyun wrote:

Chantal, lawyer (fish), and what you fodder to the dogs give the? We am uniform Ekanubu for large breeds (1-6 years). There specifically on packaging written, that daily dose for dogs 20-25 kg in average 250 grams.

Ekvilibrio for large or overall. If dog thick in the body, I allow not full the glass from under flatazora, and so full. If dog tends to to obesity, I allow of Dona Ring of, from the same firms. Name idiotic, as and an artist which this has created for grew. Market, in Europe this is called leader chip.
At all entlebukher should not be thin. On rolled the exhibition was 2 dogs, ah frightening was look, and expert this pointed out, even laughed over those as they there have themselves say, that entlebukher this - Weenie on legs http://s16.rimg.info/1377de4f44c9895d8482ea0211a556be.gifah if compare with other zennenkhundami, then yes http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/scratch_one-s_head.gif



Fodder are giving "Altea Hills" for medium-size breeds, for puppies My ribs proschupyvayutsya But me, as his caring "mother", seems, that the baby comin 'all time aieiaiue, skinny and want's feed those)', that bounce weight much harder to, than to garner Send us on a smaller dose feed and Alice again starters lick gender on kitchen glancing at all and dumaesh- "starved girl, is growing, and it lacks" Poop has become not 5 times, and three and number of for times has declined apparently was many feed and stomach not Mersch
Pro burden on the street with poslushkoy very difficult try mines on 15 fulfill team, but from this I exhausting strongly, on greater me lacks) At chessboard of on train, on Sundays and a half hours otzanimaemsya and both're going down sleep on arrival home http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/194.gif



lawyer (fish), is famously! Importantly - around the abide by balance)


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