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Salesmanship schenka

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ШАНТАЛЬ wrote:

and ???? participation in events, which directed on nurture and derive entertaining Dog! Ah and with takimizhe persuaded bushikov http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/186.gifhttp://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/609.gif

A what arrangements, except exhibitions? I about such not know http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_145.gifhttp://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/119.gif



Ah we have there and pionry in such discipline as possible http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/yes.gif
There is proposal from donna about the training..
We are happy you all support, but perhaps need to here express desire to and willingness visit arrangements that can prove not alongside your home. Us after all little not only here, but and around the world http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/scratch_one-s_head.gif
Truth our Russian love to buschikam, in soon will internationalize us in leading power on to-wu all this signaled http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/136.gifthey moreover are worth http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/609.gifhttp://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_993.gif



Have us accidentally broke a accommodate Beam to the vet and vetklinikam. Have him not backward fangs, and "krispy kreme" already in entire grew. Were to different doctors countries, the past, all with Bimom (ah represent 6 month entlik) played, I was with cheese. After any mnipulyatsiy poluchakh praise and choked. Then already one Dr. have us became communicate Bimom, always plays with him and gives a doodle, vaccinations, fixation account, all between affair in the process of the game. When Bimu tell Abe torn apart by and it became as the ball. Tell Abe was opened, treated a human and all this, too, with game and cheese. Wounds -pokusy still several times was processed and treated, one times seam included. Beam have food poisoning, in a clinic as on work, here without some treats for, but all were very fragile and except (indistinct) with Bimom. He quite not fears doctors and clinics, he glad to the vet, have him with them nice associations, us not need muzzle, can be to do any manipulation he not shows aggression. When aiceee Dyushu, then our Dr. minutes 15 with him on the stage aquintance, then his long stroking, gave choked and beefsteak. Dyusha his now, too, likes.
From whom kids bushiki, do doctors spend time on, a little dog, help patting, play, give cube, so in further will easier. Husband met in clinic in August ve completed girl entlebushku, she were squealin' sitting in waiting lists, I battled and ploughshares, when it ticked prick.



And we in the Veterinary Surgery please traveled fingernails or, so on doors was it's glued down a poster to that is in Rome magnitude and our Paul decided to trigger his on battle! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/433.gifAnd until not’ve smelt not calmed down.



Not, ah Peter ??? ?? ? ? before looking on reflected in the mirror - tried to prove him, that "he not rights!"



АллаВика wrote:

on doors was it's glued down a poster with that is very in Rome magnitude and our Paul decided to trigger his on battle!

Here is you clot) http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_150.gif



Alla wrote:

I specifically "taught" his love people, I very tried, to from people he waited only good and not feared their.

And here is have us with Dominique another problem - excessive love to all farm. Children, adults people, janitors with activities.Their, muddle about their machines, an old granny with string bags - we love all and are prepared lunge to death. If Dominique on tight leash, then he is tearing to people and-lover with joyful potyavkivaniem and povizgivaniem. If suddenly him met Elisabeth prove without defence wakes up aggressivity, then he flies, headlong, to the object its love. Perhaps, that for socialization this and well, but here is "the object love" be zatselovannym, soiled and obodrannym. Be can, not very pleased. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/441.gif
For Help: Dominique now 3 month.



About, and I something and not remembered, that World subject on socialization still year ago opened) Since other hand, that be surprised - most practical knowledge in terms of communication and nourishing dogs we received precisely from it :flag:

Mouse ,-Mouse,, Marina, such behavior Dominique most the right! Precisely thus should be Puppy. Simply try his not mock in the free flight, until he not controlled by well teams. And this question I and itself was asking all jester, creating a 1.5 year ago subject ona schenka:D So that you are not alone in their issues.



Yes, incidentally precisely World me warned, that Puppy can fear just on light of. So I was even surprised by, that he nothing not fears. Apparently, he already, October sotsializirovalsya! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/636.gif
And your temku I has found, now d to read. At all, reading this forum, can feel special unity souls with many persuaded.
Here is now are going questioning the Christmas tree, d seek subject pro Christmas tree! :jumping:



Маус-Маус wrote:

Yes, incidentally precisely World me warned, that Puppy can fear just on light of. So I was even surprised by, that he nothing not fears. Apparently, he already have Nelli sotsializirovalsya!

Na-a-ah, sense Svetinykh words was in another. There importantly word "can." T. E. Need to understand, that Puppy can defecate what anywhere, even moreover, that like would for us seems not a formidable, so needs very closely on outset to pay attention on all manifestations of schenka. Ah for comparisons is as quite small children, which have simply is missing still in body sense of of fear-fingers in socket shoved at, and already overgrown frat, which preventively can start something fear, what on ideas never and not saw and that not looks dangerous.
So that not want while understandably frustrating, but if now nothing not fears Dominique, then this not means, that he suddenly something not cares slightly later.



My in my opinion, was objectively nothing not differ in this issue from other dogs, Puppy he and there is Puppy. Agree with Stasyan, virtually around the) http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/175.gifAnd still important question, on my view, precisely for cities (soon evening) this with izmalstva hooking not fear shots, salutes and camping on D.

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This accurately. My fees, contrary, seek to there where heard clapping from curiosity



laki wrote:

And still important question, on my view, precisely for cities (soon evening) this with izmalstva hooking not fear shots, salutes and camping on D.

I and with Leo, and then and with a run at shell directly specifically has gone 9 on May on salute to on Vorobevy mountains. Maximally close. Now salutes we can particularly not to fear. But would still looking during New Year holidays, to from abound not yanked anyone of them in blue distant spot. Too bright memories until now (more 15 fringes years have passed, and remember, as yesterday was), as 31 December in 9 p.m. got lost my the first dog. Thank God, its led neighbor for half an hour of exercise until battlefield chime corresponds, but osadochek remained.



We its, months with 6 were being conditioned cotton, on tight leash + choked). Gradually. Together cotton now signal, if otbezhala on 50! Meters, running back) Now on remain reacts very quietly, was case a firecracker made for bushes metres in 10 suddenly, so embraced as frozen and through pausing zabrekhala, and then some time involves some))

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Girls and boys, and so same their parents http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Girl/85.gif
Blizyatsya the most macabre holidays, macabre on to-wu of Iost, injury and camping on P.
Nurture their dogs, hold their on povodkakh, from sin away. Not think that your dog sotsializirovana on 100 poods. Take a walk on popis and pokak while the total mass sits down at for the table accompany the old year. So you uberezhete themselves from losses.
And caveat imperceptible with myselfjust a-person shooters. Have my the former Continuous Improvement Process, own dad, own daughter in eye a firecracker launched. Eye grapple saved. So that as says Shubina - nurture themselves and their close http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/175.gif



????? schenka, and in thereafter dogs, there is their own cockroaches in anybody. They all on ways react to stimuli. , not fears, ah here is quite not coward. And one enjoys around the a new. But here is where the in 6 months he became fear umbrellas, with ordinary, big umbrellas his already not interested. I his to them priuchala. I was just arranging some on among the umbrellas on dachnomu vote, playing in dry under them delicious treats for everyone and toys. Now he from umbrellas not rest, but he their "sees and's lurkin '." Man with a suitcase, wheelchair, crutches, any remain, without reaction, zont- sensitivity attention and wariness regarding) and still, he very quietly and even happily applies to people, but the bride - cake meringue - oblaivayutsya) precisely tort- meringue, calmer dresses and fata reaction, too, not cause)



Have us a similar nastorozhennoe attitude to simply (va valida urmatorul mandat man not on path or the ground, and, for example, in the center of the lawn, under this man not makes nothing a bit reprehensible, simply is worth) caution is that she does freeze and closely on him looks, account for even sometimes it resemble, why we took to the street) in the usual able past people simply passes, not exist their. "In focus not sees") as and small dogs, if even they behave aggressively relative to it.



laki wrote:

"in focus not sees"

And have us chudushko all is tearing with all play until now) ah the child in the and there is the child in the :D




"Glance Rottweiler of") :D
We OK sheep-dogs!
About games. In the last time as something very izbranno, led to on big, aaneaou, I OK, too, a serious dog)) and before -luchshie friends Rassely and. Bigley)

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laki wrote:

in the last time as something very izbranno, led to on big, aaneaou, I OK, too, a serious dog)) and before -luchshie friends Rassely and. Bigley)

And in our life passes under the motto of - "the size of the not matter" :D ???? in both sides)

Oops, remember as it was somewhere 4 month, we rested have friends for city, so there almost in every yard serious dogs (???? it seems natravlennye) - old dacha dweller, Owczary, Gorlice County different stripes. Well, that they for fenced. But this not prevents them from try to bark at that all through fence.
And picture oils. Rightly move past one of homes, suddenly with the hand as from under land runs out kobelyuka and starts istoshno bark and to paint, that now through bars leak into and eat you us. Kobl all a saliva in district another dna deposit, and girl Petechka embraced such a interested, start namakhivaet, and go that it'm interrupting only I stilted until emphasis a leash around. And so each time... who it comes not oblaival - no would size not was - our devochkO wants to play)
But if honestly, then having matured -igraetsya better with studs, and here is with bitches of can start share territory. Especially with those who in childhood hurt (here is after all memory, all remembers)


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