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Salesmanship schenka

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The dog whisperer you will tell absolutely the same! Need to try to get over it stress with the help moreover, that can engage a puppy. If puppy "pischevik" - the with the help food, if him more interesting since toys, then - playing games distract. Can be and the, and another together apply. If refuses from food, do starvation pausing before walk lot more. Or take on streets "Yumbers" from which Puppy accurately not refuses.
Have us was a similar the situation, but not in really the early (here we as times utterly quietly began to gulyat), and in three and a half month, in period schenyachikh fears. Schon scared conflict pochve zhanr dogs in park (though he was very far) and from all paws right home. All attempts call his, stop not brought outcome. Helped to capture his passers, I his catch up with not was able. He then miracle remained alive - Kolkevich two roads, one of which - a major urban street.
After consultations with psychologist decided on this problem precisely with the help food. Taking with a fodder and has been going deliberately in the place, where occurred seriously threatened. Ate he there reluctantly, constantly kept looking out, but ate! Home with walk were very strongly, but if he launched pull, we 1816 and has been going in contrary direction. And so - every day! Gradually we beat this fear. So same priuchalis to public transport - of cheering up and, first-class! This same very powerful incentives, need to only systematically their use. Luck you!



Elmarty wrote:

Today fed the last time in 12 days. Has withdrawn in 17 - fodder not Takes. Homes not they. Waited for 21 - fodder not Takes. Balls, flying dishes and simply dances with FIBPlus those more not work. Ghastly place have us increasingly, except apartment and bezlyudnogo is much about homes.

In separating phonecalls made - personally zero, loop only stress.

Very await the meeting with kinologom, although understand, that rapid and simple prescription not there is.

She your belly was fed) its not need to feed so much, to in its the eyes of was question: LlNDA: Mom, you rolled off mad, you me decided hunger starve. Through 4 hours after food she will to respond to stress, and not on food. On, feed its in 8 the evening, and then in 18 on next day, she nor on what irks whether cryptic not is)



Thank you all - d try. Is obtained Puppy some period will there is virtually 1 times in day.: ((Once apparently although would need to increase. Yes?

Nell wrote:

Schon scared conflict pochve zhanr dogs in park (though he was very far) and from all paws right home.

If would its frightened or she she feared something one particular, then yes - walk there, such. Have us a puppy no one not labouring people. Dogs around walk adequate, people, too, all calmer, go on their Affairs.. And under this Puppy fears just on the street. Here is this the and puzzling. So I and in displeased.



Elmarty wrote:

fodder not Takes

And can all OK not fodder, namely a doodle to lend? Meat otvarennoe, for example?



stasyun wrote:

and can all OK not fodder, namely a doodle to lend? Meat otvarennoe, for example?

And meat, too, not Takes.
Now I'm organizing different the store-bought kind dried. Can can find the money the, for that she is ready "soul sell")
But something me suggests, that deal not in is, what yummy, and simply need not it nothing when frightening. And under this apparently not enough starved.



This there could the liver, filum terminale last summer, hearts, a Kobe beef heart of, otvarennoe and then podsushennoe in dukhovke- not is staining my hands and easily LMT Riga on small pieces of, pause in food least 12 hours. Ah and are looking on situation in some cases need to simply go rapid step and not to pay attention on dog, and in some better feed and "cheering-to be recruiting,." Beam quite sustained male, slid Teterivka T1, shots not, afraid of, ah as the with fear problems there is no, in this year in May toured in Dubrovnik, weather a lousy,, rain a strong. Bimasik decided to, that he all, in including and me fears, ah I on him not less obsessed with attention, have bypassed exhibition, planted in cell, ah he and forgot, that he what the feared.


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