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Skin, mazoli, lysinki. My experience and advice slow. Doctor.

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This is what I was responding to question about zarashivanii lysinok in lichke.
1. There is such a means, which improves growth hair, structure wool Dermoscent Essential 6, this a means very helped Bimu before Eurasia winter, have him were should around eye - 8 Inn JFK on snout in would from jackets have girls fell.
2. Silver dollar ones we was processed so: Kaninovskie be - kanilette 5 tab + biotin 2 ?o, human be "Aevit", capsule subsequent and 6 courses mazoli 3 times in day with massazhikom, somewhere month, on the next month I has bought retinol (crankshaft care solution vitamin A) spread on them two times in day and two times in day oils grape Machine, and still to this one times fruit that oils. Aevitom is obtained costly, and effect I think such same as from retinola and butter grape Machine, accented still be A and E in – Headofqualitycontroldepartment,, too, can be try, their not was in mark, when I buy. And still sometimes yolk spread on - there, too, vitamins many. Ah and Dyushane on gender lie not are giving - only on soft, to not got cleaner wool)
Vydrannuyu sherst size of with games on the a coin, see on strong pasterns have Beam (there recognized bald's the right look) zarostit not managed until.

And here is recommendations, which I learned now, so as have Beam there is lysinka on strong pasterns and have Dyushi on one hands until the end of not overgrown mazolka coat.

For softening point dense, chronic corns need apply fragile drugs — ronidazy or lidazy (has bought in – Headofqualitycontroldepartment for injections of in human mark, this natural drug from cow You can use, with more weak effect, popular receptions treatment corns applying to it piece of raw meat, rotated hair bulbs. These procedures ???? 2 — 3 times in day not less, than on 30 — 40 minutes. Especially quickly outcome being achieved cheredovaniem various ointments by and trains for softening point corns.
Harness now own Italian and the alkaline or: Acid otshelushivateli orogovevshego layer for human faces. After softening point corns and undoing orogovevshego layer need to continue to lubricates cream for dry skin, ointment on with lanolinom or letsitinom or same water the solution vitamin A (better tetravit, containing effective complex vitamins A, D, E and F).
To accelerate growth wool on place corns can be use natural reflex, abnormal reaction hair follicles on cooling. 'm using the ice in bag, do massage on 1 — 2 minute until 7 times in day.
Still in stimulation growth wool me have recommended that "rub it in" some castor or kamfornoe oil.
To everything to everything else I have there is darsonval - 'm using for faces - improves blood supply and pronikanie cream. 'm using his two times in day minutes 4.
Think, that whom any this may use to anyone.



Have us, too, a blister on one of elbows - likes Shonya sleep on bare gender, nothing with this do about it not can. But I until not strongly on this expense anxious, ah a blister and a blister. Rehabilitate his to slept only on-litter bedding would still not is obtained. But if? Let's hold keep hammering on a blister, we your methods accurately will come in handy.


You are here » Entlebucher Sennenhunds - Forum NHL » Increasingly about content of and care » Skin, mazoli, lysinki. My experience and advice slow. Doctor.