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Championship Europe 2013 Switzerland

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Предлагаю собрать  чисто энтлебухерский автобус. Предварительные переговоры с организатором поездок состоялись. Давайте начнем писать список, потому что август время активных отпусков. Гостиницы, автобусы и т.п. надо бронировать заранее, да еще и предоплату попросят. Поэтому записываемся. На днях будет более подробная информация. Пока такая:регистрация на европу стоит 170 е на две выставки до 6 апреля, потом будет дорожать.   полблока в двухместном размещении 1000 е
блок при двухместном размещении 1400, плюс виза (кому нужна), при наличии шенгена, швейцарская виза не нужна. но шенген должен быть мульти или минимум двухразовый.
Вопросы, предложения и запись  пока ведем здесь.



A good idea!



donna wrote:

, but I suggest that muster purely entlebukherskiy team bus.

I always about this say http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/108.gif
Only have some, sorry and other khundy there are and they, too, go http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/yes.gif
So that I FOR!
Possessing its company, we can do individual program http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/0.gif



Site organizers of http://www.eurodogshow.ch/page05_EN_E.html Environment Program will such a - 29 August CACIB all groups, 31 August CACIB-championship Europe 2 group, 1 September -klubnye arrangements.

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Correctly whether I understood, in the cost of enters road tolls, living in a hotel, visa + insurance. And how many days in road and the very arrival in Switzerland http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/119.gif.



Olga! Cyrillic speaking organizers of to answer, to all accurately was.



Here is that until answered Natalia. Because she now not in Moscow, then will come on forum on footprint. Week.

In the cost of enters road tolls, the deployment in hotel in double rooms (This is means, that to live on two rights), Swiss visa. Separately being conducted shengenskaya visa for transit. If there is multishengen, then Swiss visa need not
Route - Moscow-Poland-Germany-Switzerland with Pomorski on path (place overnights,, likely this will be Germany)
Sending of an in Schveytsariyu for day before exhibition, departures home in the latest day exhibition on an end to the all contests
Separately being conducted the deployment dogs in hotels and veterinary documents



Generally they me in little bum cheeks substantially decrease. Sprinkle head by ash, and itself I dress in scarlet robe)
Your research on I theme monoporodki in Geneva (and the all pro it heard, but no one saw infry).

First I wrote directly in Svycarsky Entlebukherovskiy NHL. Poslali they meresponded they me specifically the next (answered, 's reabsorption, Vice-President Club) - not the planned no monkey nor in late August, nor in early September (nor within Europe, nor itself). On my question - and ca when in another time (can ssylochku on calendar exhibitions completed) - the answer an unambiguous "NO"!

Ah I poduimla, that can not like they questions from ordinary death sentences, Ali English language them not attracted.

Put out some feelers still. Has found on site Swiss Berntsev infru about winner 1 / 9 / 13, statement on participation and requisites for pay. Illusion you have done for them. (We'll feed in Petku anabolic steroid and do we sprout wool-going to travel with berntsami compete)

And then you got cookin 'site Austrian NHL Zennenkhundov - there, that conveniently, there is the entire infrared about exhibitions monoporodnykh in different countries. Ah and wrote already them. Responded me President NHL, which sent photos my question again same Swiss U-17 ('m laughing), truth, broke little new ground on German. Him quickly responded.

Outcome, not plans to Entlebukherovkiy Svycarsky Club NO monoporodok on 2013 year!

Aw, that's sad.

I here is think, ca simply still sooner. And closer to trial they "'re due."



stasyun wrote:

There is a, not plans to Entlebukherovkiy Svycarsky Club NO monoporodok on 2013 year!

, too, me emphasises seasonal breed (http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/433.gifhttp://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/45.gif



Ah why same so? They work according to their plans and nor under whom not poddelyvayutsya http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/yes.gif
And the entire information about events have them hangs on site http://i.smiles2k.net/hello_byby_smiles/1_011.gif



Chantal, honestly -i on site entlebukherovskogo club not has found have them plan exhibitions. Can of course not there watch.



Ah means not will monkey - of weathering!



donna wrote:

That that until answered Natalia. Because she now not in Moscow, then will come in a comprehensive dialogue between the on footprint. Week.

Lightyear, today already 25.02, Nitty Gritty there is no. Who recording on exhibition?, What for unerringly, team bus? Want clarity,



I will putting answers Natalia.
She recording on exhibition.
Money and documents can be surrender me or to relay on mail s Pandora organza-dogs @ yandex.ru, also money can be translate on map s. Numbers carte post in lichku.
Who intends to to go, desirable pint prepayment 500 most know In March, camping on To need to pay for unerringly.
Unerringly 3 stars, with all convenience (souls, toilet, breakfast)
Name hotel will reported after, as will made prepayment.

Money surrender in any currency on course central bankers + 2 percent or in the euro

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The cost of registration on 2 exhibition (there Europe + Tsatsib) until 1 April 190 the euro (both exhibition)
2-I dog one owner (without property) - 175 the euro
Puppies veterans 140 the euro

Documents - for puppies possible schk
For adults dogs and juniors - replicates export pedigree

For class champs is the replicates export pedigree + replicates champion any country

Team bus 50 seats Setra, toilet, glance, minikukhnya,
Is deducted Keyless, teach (on desire) also a sleeping place

Every day transfer is unerringly-exhibition and back (at the end contests)
In during days team bus has the opportunity electrify willing on ?



документы =фото 3.5 х 4.5 заграничный паспорт, справка из банка о доходах или наличии фин средств на счете, справка с работы с указанием заработной платы. Поможем в оформление документов



Incidentally. Natalia invites in Turkey - 5.6.7 July there tsats + 2tsatsib
And in just as debilitating.



donna wrote:

-platform 50 seats Setra,

Reality made sitting to go, as Ukrainians, and dogs in pass?
Usually in bus ride 10-11 blocs be satisfied with, and such a 4-1-1 skeezy some.



donna wrote:

bloc under double deploy 1400, plus visa (who needs), Hua of, Swiss visa not need a. But Shengen zone should be multi or least dvukhrazovyy.

But in the first fasting about blocs, written, not about seats, I so realized, that speech about size bus goes.

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50mest in avtouse say about his size


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