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The Danaides from "of the Crown Russia"

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у нас, когда Нор что нибудь утащит- цокает тихо-тихо. Когда просто бегает:ТЫГДЫМ-ТЫГДЫМ, а когда сопрет:цоооок-....-цооооок-..... Так что чем тише и медленней идет, тем круче вещь ухватил



Alla, Danka's the one hightailin 'from all the clutches of the. Gallop, proudly carring on their litter box, to already there deal, that to do with prey of. But to flee need to quickly, because as get caught and they'll take it away. He even hoko tried to running carry away, but not was able in familiar keep.





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Until so, one shudders to think, that soon this all begins to flow and will morph into a sand or mud! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/103.gif

Danka on nature bystander. Only substantially decrease under tail not gives him in full least enjoying the beauties surrounding world. Today 7 minutes (I have a stopwatch on!) with jiggly-face or the jaw watched for guy, which handled on tacky amusement have-spoiled.
And then still three minutes, as and doing chores flock with rivers. Sat on little bum cheeks exactly and watched. But then were overcome by the double besilki with willingness to break on me a jacket –, for that got smacked a leash around on ass and returned to staring natural beauty.


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And pyoska you all time only on tight leash walking? There is no opportunities his to float, to he vybegival its substantially decrease? A good it is a watchdog - embattled, it is a watchdog. Wore would go fetch or simply for snowballs in've been running, is content, came home and sleep this wedged. And there is no forces and time on hooliganism prevents. We, making renovating the other summer, were forced to keep their in a limited space. Cell unleash have was. Motto was: "Came, eat, became and until the evening about itself nor words." So us pulled bicycle paths walk. Wild Dogs so grew tired, that their at all not in sight was homes. Slept under a sofa without rear legs. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/128.gif



Tatiana, I quite not am sure, that it is a watchdog will come on call. He now, as the beagle has landed happily - is carried its nose in snow, took footprint and modicum not rassvetay. And climbs to all an opposing-powders to, people. Beasts. Birds - would still. Yes and for the lady of the he me until not holds. So. Apparatus for the Imperial food and awake. So that for him until freedom is determined by-the leash. .



Can be hockey box? , uh, dog's gathering spaces that offer universal? In general, something a hush-hush space, on which can be run not on 5 meters, and away. And to no one was distracting vypleskivaniya energy. But then can be residue already guide in peaceful direction.



Tatiana, there, alas. The entire district was lnspected on subject walks, but except reserved zone, until still free from developments, nothing there is no. Transport we have no, so that only paws. And, incidentally, not in measure retivye enforced services all boxes (three their, seems) have us again that the under rollers. On Ice not very lot to go on, yes and placard there immediately are hanging --walking dogs banned. He now almost everywhere banned. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/dash1.gif



Until there is no contact between master and dog ,-walking without the leash risks.



Chantal, fear, that contact until there is no. Or there is, but not on how level, to he returned in my sheepish. On a doodle still be appropriate, and the, not am sure. So that we until on tight leash. Both.



Норман у нас бывало( да и сейчас бывает) не реагировал на зов, так я пристрастилась отпускать его на шлейке с поводком (2 м.) Пес просек, что я его в любом случае поймаю и перестал убегать. Сейчас знает:раз не подошел, в следующий раз будет бегать с поводком, поэтому команду ко мне выполняет на раз-два. Но косяки бывают, особенно когда слишком много людей проходит: я его при людях беру за ошейник и мы ждем. когда пройдут, на 3-4 человеке собака перестает подходить: типа "хозяйка. эти люди мне на фиг не нужны", не понимает, что его просто боятся обойти,и я его беру для успокоения людей



My they - my hero! Today behavior simply an ideal. Truth, not go off without injuries. Jumped out of one for toy and sticks teeth in the table. I she feared, that a tooth has - nor fig! Alla us told - too many calcium. Accurately! The table suffered more. Truth, child 15 minutes lay, quietly poskulival and blood licked your. Then embarked and jumped of, as nor in than nor: Let.

And Iicaa. 're just lying on couch, Danka he's sleeping I have on its knees and suddenly's flipping out with seats, to doors and roar. -deaf so. That such? It turns out, in that airlock for over electricians lamp change. Danka never nor on what sounds not reacted: Nor on door stoppers pattern, nor on phone. (Likes one a melody, that is worth I have on phone napominalkoy, because immediately after it I of walking to do itself prick, and then his feed. So that improvisation is Jeremy Renner's have Danke in Ama!) A here I nothing not listened, and he grasp rustle and's wavin '. Is worth and regular. And stood, until they not are gone. Margalit my!

Today received the first lesson communication with feminine reproductive. Found itself friend, equal by age and shile-in-poposti. Livretku 5 fringes months. Wow, as they back yard with my friends on snow! Very prevents ceasing (L in free rude), but I not risk Danku of letting still. L modicum and easier his, but uvertlivee. My something ” compared with its provolochnostyu. She his in snow povalyala! Suddenly in the midst of game she has the establishment mood. And Danka here same got smacked. Sat and excellent. As we with its host the 2016 just laughed!
- Take a lesson, - are talking, - with us, women, always so.

Home behaved reluctantly, but hunger can get overwhelmed by all - time lunch passed.

But all affairs made on the street. Good girl my.




Not, you would to address fristaylom or agility (dogs), but first on early.



Chantal, need to! Very need to! Because as mom refuses with him gulyat, until he not learning to a. And I cannot his to float, because not am sure in regaining the.
So that with the short salaries d turn to be people for Council in appropriate topic, who can advise practitioner, programs Malesherbes schenyachkoy on home.



'm photo our fellow brethren and sosester on breed and envy. Floors not closed, being shelved not moved, sofas not their houses tented. This my only such all-on-a tooth-with nothing? In the first month were cleaned a downside being shelved, now and medium-size - is growing. Sofa have closed bed covers with the most first day - upholstery protivokogtevaya, but not protivozubovaya. Curtains raised to the top and attached to the battery. All available seats were made on opportunities hard-to-reach. Laminate closed, because as hoisted were out in London.

Seen photo (pardon, not remember whose), where? Posing in on backdrop of open bookshelves. Me such until only dream about.

But. Last weeks Danka only aren. There is no, of course, have him not rose white neckline and not popped up over head a halo, but template: Pesa rolling stock clearly this room. And nice. Loath as on experiment: For starters "and I back curtains (Oh and the view, though. Have them after two months around batteries! http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_150.gif) and lifted plaids with the couch. The back approximately until do I veiled, Danka there all something dig tries to.
Moved the student back a coffee table, releasing access to the chamber (like boxes are stopped open), although toys on open being shelved until not lb - they me roads. As memory!
With the vacuum cleaner Danka retains an armed neutrality. Today tried to on him a roar, the not rewarded a blob answer. But includes not became now touch, when worked. Politely leapfrogged ahead. Danka gets down on gender and with seats not moved, truth, watched cautious, ready was give done a buck, if that. But. Confectionery for confectionery.

Cuisine, truth, until in former kind of Otherwise shall not pass. Painful for temptations there many.
He already far behind the breadbox to itself legs podtaskivaet!

Dogs clearly excellent. Churchgoers on room, as if not learns. Comical such. Waiting for outcome!




And still get back a little. Understand, that give a one-themselves, as good's from the babymama, but when in the first time. This is so nice!http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/0.gif

Has found not far from homes. Ah. An launchpad call this up a match box language not firm Obama turns (there meters 7 on 10, not more), but she held! Borders with child launchpad (, wise guys, yes! Picket fence herbal, large the dog does step over times spit. But today Sunday, all feel relaxed while, so that we there were alone. I risk taking to Danku. My God, as he was whizzing! The speed of light pales compared with his now.
On call behaved immediately and without problems. Routinely received delicious treats for everyone and praise. For a piece of dainties ready was sneaks on boom (herbal, five steps), but on the third scared, slip for anyone is possible.
And already almost gathered stray, as came a boy with taksoy. Danka about Will.i.am from happiness. Further they the two of busied ourselves establishment, iineeenu, wilding out and were crazy mad. Danka periodically naprygival on born baby boy by. Simply covering past, is and jumped out of one. Not evil, not bite, but jumped out of one. The kid first were incapable, then was accustomed.
Here is here Danka on call not reacts at all. On delicious treats for everyone, too,. Forgot pro time lunch iai?i, pro me, pro all on light of. Pull out only when in another times blow past. Was strongly displeased with and only cherished - lunch - has revived child in reality. Dust himself off,, said - what OK you before kept quiet - and potrusil on the exit.

And still he today in the first time received a genuine a bone. And I received 40 minutes for work! Ah and her teeth have this child, I’d say I you! Kamnedrobilka!



Such khoroshik!! Write simply as if about our dog, one in one!! One the difference - our sgryz only 2 couples slipper shoe on Emperor and only in the absence of hosts. Was lucky, perhaps. And you where live? You such for organised every past three decades suitable.



We live on the north-the east Moscow. In Otradnoye. Gulyat have us well winter, and in the summer in this reserved zone until morning hang out lovers Villa, drunken sex on nature and motorcycles.



And we in Lianozovo District. See, something familiar. Let us to us, in Lianozovskiy cleanest!!
And snow can get away, pets market singing answer, we on early in taking "Lianozovo District". There and for agility (dogs) gathering spaces that offer universal there is!!

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Gorshkovy, Thanks for Sharing (invitation. We with relish, but we beskolesnye. Have us on two four hoisted and two its feet. And pull child in team bus I until not risk.


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