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The Danaides from "of the Crown Russia"

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Екатерина wrote:

And in me died the great did the Men of Letters.

Quite not died, there Nelli has narratives pro pets. Write, suddenly accorded. And if not, the creativity use to anyone certainly. In kennel. Because as "reviews our owners", such a rubric there is have us on site. This very valuable for me. So that write and send, necessarily include on site. Witness that wrote spurn Thuoc lao about his first grosse, this simply the!



Екатерина wrote:

in me died the great did the Men of Letters.

And you take and write graffical! With someone something reflection invoke. Alex Eksler here is began with betting with your social network, and now already and paper books full of the.

Екатерина wrote:

This is normally for bushika?

This very normally! For entlebukhera is a master and ball around the - this all! Have us all absolutely so same!



Nell wrote:

A you take and write graffical! With someone something reflection invoke.

Oops, Jassy? No. Until someone ingenious not good program, its statutes perevodyaschuyu oral speech in written. I have hands for brain not concerned, in a result challenge entire paragraphs.
So that, d torture you its thorough datasheets breathing path my beloved a crocodile.

Chantal, 'll look for necessarily. And over proposition selling young horses is much. I promise.

This is very normally! For entlebukhera is a master and ball around the - this all! Have us all absolutely so same!

Uh, ah, about owner have us until not very. There is no, he still churchgoers start and wonderful journey on call, but here is play will with any, from whom there is that. Rolls. And bring him. Not will put, truth. From dogs rest, and to bundle of climbs to all. Up a storm. And requires, to with him played. Today with beau played the entire evening, because muzhichkovyy labrik lay and ear not led in side balls at once. And my was whizzing turbovenikom. And he, and little man were happy.
Like would bushiki to cause distrustful. Or this with age will come?



Екатерина wrote:

Illy this with age will come?




Ekaty, 'm on photo and so psyched - Danka real the guy! In 5 months already such a large, a powerful and its robust! Ah very a handsome guy! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/636.gif
We stopped just run up to all consecutive on the street, but if someone town Ulu shall call and this cosy, then this end - lick to death. Not know will pass it or not) I in principle not against such lyubveobilnosti, yes and people likes helpfulness' to cuddle. And here is homes she has become guard the - bark on of strangers, with barking all such rampant, that if not to see who bark, then seems, that as least male Caucasian, http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_150.gif
Danka as to cause?



Translation Studies 1 Octo, and raze. One the only times growled on the door, when in the corridor change light bulbs. And so climbs to all kissing.

Danka real the guy! In 5 months already such a large, a powerful and its robust!

Yes? Me in living compare not with whom. Homes seems large, and on the street, where walls there is no - smallholder. But that has grown up - well markedly by the, far now reaches, when need to something to steal.
Handler said, that he in good shape, nor Tolstee, nor thinner in that not need to.
Our crisis five months is raging full color: Every five minutes tastes - only that was cannot be, and suddenly can already be? Snarl became, when have been arguing for Scruffles take, immediately falls on back and legs he's shaking tackles.
On stroll suited on sheepish, but with such's snout, nourished German - ah that you still? Not distract!
Will mark presence and again there, where came.
And ceasing became pull, as a tractor, get if you can hold.
Here relics it a path, him not d to speak that has blown back into in head. Play. Recognized on mid-. Ah I reacted, that's, as are taught. And dog boy zakhripela.
I in first second felt alarmed even.
He was wheezing, were wheezing and so entire a path until field, continued, watched with wonder what could happen, type - prichine, as you with me brutally http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/103.gif
"So always're coughing, when die" (with)
But, as only saw entire company, forgot, that dies and came sprinting there.
And again, not to-lover, and to people. Wild Dogs in resentful, people scoff, but already not all, because he hoisted he washes off their and brazenly bark, demanding, to with him played.
In Tuesday d give me your guidance on him khendleru and narking.
Here is such a I that's a wicked. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/115.gif



So same wanted write - the guy already recognized, so grew and have matured a lot! E?anaaao! Our, too, ready play with all consecutive, but dogs, too, in no way case not they change)



That OK, times you not scare my posts, size of with sheet, I will talk, as fate avenge me with Dankoy.

читать дальше, если не страшно

Sound corny, but about dog I she has dreamed with childhood. Not, was of course, period, when like consistently horse and tiger, but child I was a sensible, the impossibility obtain these animals in as a pet, comprehending, loath Working on dog. Of our protection, and now my parents say, that I took of an animal "their not warning"! And that I did 35 years, and? Every day I kept saying - will dog and heard in the answer - regulation to live one, havens of modicum of the elephant!
(Incidentally, about ponies I, too, Cannito dream, year otzanimavshis riding Vincent!)
And here is its grains apartment. Renovating former initially "under dog." I.e. on-maximum cleaned all wires, Wall corridor cover 19 panels. (Incidentally, precisely these panel Danka and ignores! Loose baseboard ate, furniture had a nibble, and & not touched!) clear long okhala - have you, as in the basement! Dark and unsightly!
On all arguments, that this "for dogs", parents only waved to their hands - ah what dog! Are you laughing at?
Roughly three years ago starters to think about breed. Terribly like a sheepdog or 41 briards, but all-??? I trained razmerivat their forces - both dogs too serious for such inexperienced sobakovladelitsy, as I.
Swiss Cattle Dogs always incited awe, with horror represented such fur in studio apartment and reaction my on the size of the. (My mom am convinced, that all VSE in nature from the alligator's until dozhdevogo a worm created, only to its take a bite out of. Nicolas fears all even more mothers, but hides this for words - not want, not love!)
In another times watching the fireworks above on photo these marking giants in Internet, accidentally saw "such a same, but smaller" and vanished! All! Here is she dream! Such a same, but compact with excellent, very me small enough to please feature. Not bedroom, but and not they, which will have keep on chain, in a snood and thorns. Weight, growth - set all. Went seek the details, ah, and together, to read all, that there is about fostering animals
Read "self" magazine, that schena better borrow after 2-'s months, when they already not so depend on some mamas in and made the first vaccinations.
Been mulling, take to-obligation holiday package, to although would month visit with him. Need to same get used to each other and, importantly first, get to him parents.
And here ankle just went right over studies at work.
An incomparable! Am learning there I not the first time, attending not a strict, long not delayed look and, to the same, with margin from work. I.e., every night homes. Together poochie will get used couple of hours in day sit without me.
And there and in vacation.
Of our protection. Want being funny of Dominus, tell him about their plans - holds popular wisdom.
And yes, I already knew that borrow d only born baby boy by. Ah, not becomes I with of origin.
To that point from appropriate me on age- and sex-specific puppies were only in "the Crown Russia", with male in poo was one.
I wrote Elena letter and with stay perfectly still hearts has become wait answer.
The answer came through couple of hours - call, will discuss.
, a, agreed to about meeting.
When I told their, that food look dog, me responded - you mad rolled off? What dog? Not you dare!
I answered - that decision final and appealed would persuade not subject to.
- Then why oh why on us not count on it, we to you even not shall come, - so same adamantly responded me parents.
Nothing, - thought pro themselves I, - they much adopted, will accept and this. (Brazenly with my hand, but …)
As we with girlfriend aoaee on the miai - this separate the. Machines we have no, on the street the end of the January and ° out degrees. In rail train - dubnyak, and we still after daily class. Nevyspatye and hungry.
Poured in impeccable field, snow on belt. But I have with childhood some built-in compass there is, still nor never not: Let, to I got lost. And potopali we with it on the only a rut, proezzhennoy somehow clearly acting lost tractor, provalivayas in snow, comes straight through this field in is direction, which it looked me true. Nor homes, nor people …
Has been going, has been going, are catching up with any fraul, was asked, where here ensured us populous point.
- A Tama ethnic group, - gave she hand. - A minutes 40 go.
Finally, took to normal a path. And she in Water slide … and slip for anyone is possible … and chilly! It occurs to, if we here going to freeze to death, Lena us with all their pitomnikom not will track down!
Have extricated themselves on Lisvyanka direct, call Very, the kind said - the latest jump!
The first, that from steepness in eyes, when we comprised in yard - densely utoptannyy, as if his an asphalt roller utyuzhili, vividly-Royal snow!
- This is my walk - with pride reported Lena.
And went lock an extra $. Because toured we for a boy-bushikom, rest, not appropriate under this criterion, had to isolate.

We took all our clothes off, Lena issued two representatives caregiver us gender and nationality. In room, where we bit was even simpatichnaya girl-a mixed breed, fetus big love, that not in forces to contain no amount obstacles. Boys it turned out two: A minor, slightly less two months and R-rated - month four him then was. A minor without behalf of and Le Havre-Gavryusha (who now, too, gained strong family, what I very is happy).
The difference in all relations rushed in eyes.
Le Havre liked all. Climbed on a neck kissing, been writhing around have legs, 's framing belly for carding and at all was soul of companies. A minor contrary. Shied away from, on hands not behaved, to iron not gave, but constantly climbed there, where were senior. On him heroes of, him were on lapam and what I'm hearing, he fell, been run over by, otryakhivalsya and stubbornly climbed again. Such an independent bushy clump, have which lacked forces to climb over through the edge of the beam between was coming out feet the table, but he uperto tried to again and again.
Once my girlfriend who managed his fish them and even everything on its knees. Apparently, baby is content. He I'm slowing it down, polyurethane, but … exactly through minute breathed rampant voice Lena: This who there that eats all? And child sits up and kubarem having rolled down with its knees, came sprinting there, where someone something eats all and without him!
As same we just laughed. Quickly turning over short little paws, he was barrelling there, where were swarming senior and fearlessly climbed them under its feet. The guy squeaked, when on him heroes of and again climbed.
Lena, knowing, that this will be my the first dog, urged me take smushy Gavryushu.
"This too alone, - told she. - Wu him will that's my mama's a bitchy, character!"
But, I already decided, that will go course nourishing together with his dog with the outset! Yes, all mistakes will my, but and all successes, too,!
By booking triviality, we traveled in opposite path. Of course, we are trapped in pause in the trains, of course in carriage a.m. heating, but entire a path we talked only about how poofy. i komke with white collar. On the evening, a Lena, told, that came results analysis, all in annualized rate and "incidentally, he has nickname. The Danaides "
Nickname us immediately liked. The good. The easy and is modified easily.

I need was a few days, to prepare all in arrival schenka. All, from feed until diapers.
Was worn over this week, as good.
In advance agreed with the other girlfriend, which has machine, that she will help me his bring.
2 February child 8th two months, and 3 we for him go.
Of course, with adventures. Girlfriend nowhere further work not airshed, so that trip for 76 kilometers for it has become those still test of. And map area with a take, too, not three could come up with, and navigator she has no.
Couple of times rolled not there, namotali couple of tens of an extra $kilometers, but have reached. Lena was a weary, at night were born scheny. In room signing up happy mother, so that all documents translated quickly in hallway.
- Don’t changed her mind? - on anyone case asked Lena. - Is the bite. He me already for its feet lack.
- No, - say, - not changed her mind.
I sela in machine, Lena placed control me dvukhkilogrammovuyu dream, bag with feeds in gift, and we left.
Back aoaee already without problems.
Child just slept for I have on its knees, not shed tears, not were whining. Has awakened, had a nibble a cookie, my fingers, bit themselves for his behind and again – to.
On the evening came parents … to see and understood, that will have live, because back I his already not'll trade you everything. Although mother required an "return even for free."

Then it turned out, that learn I will without break, yes still and just generate full rate. Here is such surprise from did. So that had to zveriku with first days learn be one.

My girlfriend, with which we traveled on the miai, two months the desk staff was with him to spend the night, more such opportunities she has, alas, no.
But dad's, like, released on retirement, now mother not so frightening decide. They fear the two of.

Further you know, I here regularly otpisyvayus.

Want say thank you Very for honesty. She immediately has warned, that Danka with the nature, that will problems.

Mom here complained my girlfriend who, that I has become more cry.

But sometimes, at night, open eyes, 'm on this trekhtsvetnoe miracle, which he's sleeping on it just once … near bed and think - and after all this my dream.
Say itself - I have there is dog - and the most it beggars belief.

So that, all have us will well. I will try, very will try.
After all, when dream comes true, this happiness, truth?




Екатерина wrote:

Nu I reacted, that's, as are taught. And dog boy zakhripela.

Ah pull the need to with mind http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/433.giflittle whether that they will advise on. After all can be and first dog.



Екатерина wrote:

So that, all have us will well. I will try, very will try. After all, when dream comes true, this happiness, truth?

Yes of course all will well, not can not be http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/186.gif



ШАНТАЛЬ wrote:

ah pull the need to with mind little whether that they will advise on. After all can be and first dog.

Not-not, instruct correctly. With big love to-lover. And I on chair train! And reacted, that's doesn, simply this. The actor four-legged. Oscar earns. For example, he already well so, you got it, that on barking all I not of, react, but on cough still as. Strays in a corner and coughs. And looks, as I with seats, I keep snapping. A satisfied! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/105.gif



Екатерина wrote:

as fate avenge me with Dankoy




Екатерина wrote:

as fate avenge me with Dankoy

Super narrative! http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_993.gifin the name of honour exposure in graffical, Nelli there as times has suitable history for the publication. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/mail1.gif



My God my, girls, as same I today regretted it,, that not can take on attractive opportunity photo camera!
Fear, that such a more not see!
All was right on, until suddenly, my a troglodyte. Not decided to show khendleru, from whom here her teeth more stark. Javadxan! Schassss!
Dima neatly, but firmly took the little SOB for Scruffles and shook it. Revolt was depressed in really the early http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/0.gif
Later while,, Dmitri decided to explore his her teeth. Has called the. Danka licked, all silently withstood. Dima his complimented and lifted for were hoisted in pose of "bunnies", speaking, what he brilliant. Dania pressed up, you caldrons, shut down eyes. has combined paws, before a, as if to offer prayer all not employees now deities, asking protect his class three ??? ???????? ????? from this "vicious uncle."
Just laughed we in two voices, and they munching there, either choked, not understanding, that happening.
've lost the ankle biter on class so, that he barely lunch not man. This Dania heard purported word - food. The brain gave team - to stand up!and here is pro team - wake up!forgot! http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_150.gif




Quietly himself with for gaining.



http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/108.gifhimself played, himself, had a chat, himself same then and offended by http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/108.gif



Salyut child almost ignored. Have us very close gathering spaces that offer universal, where are shooting, and I was worried. But my parents agreed sit with him before the end of gunshots. Mom gave him choked, as only began noise, and no problems not happened. But template: Pesa rolling stock have doterpel until my return with work, not making nor pools, nor heap. Ur! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/609.gifTruth, had to not pereodevayas, not having eaten and not moyas,, I mean, toss backpack, grab a crocodile in a bale of and on streets.


! ” Heh, what OK they such organic not accented?

I its not want. Even not'm. Not'm.



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Екатерина wrote:

had to not pereodevayas, not having eaten and not moyas,

I all time so after work http://i.smiles2k.net/hello_byby_smiles/1_011.gifotherwise tramples, crying for on streets



Екатерина wrote:

Truth, had to not pereodevayas, not having eaten and not moyas,, I mean, toss backpack, grab a crocodile in a bale of and on streets.

I always so in city of http://i.smiles2k.net/hello_byby_smiles/1_011.gif



Is growing.
First, constantly tastes force, climbs far not need to, nose sticks, far cannot be. Such, when after the neck. Even loosing his temper.
Second, first time, banged up eaio. Truth, on tree, but, as I understood, with this all and begins.
Third, suddenly recognized, that pee-pee accidents can be drag out in time and space, not be discharged all for one times.

And here is still question, a respected bushikolyuby: My parents (yes and me, too,, but less) worries the, who this they sits. He almost always sits on little bum cheeks, with not on the entire, but on polupopii. And very kosolapo puts were hoisted, it's turning their claws inward.
Here is here were nothing are worth, and rear zavalivayutsya.

Or knocking over rear "a frog."

Correct? Tell? Someone show? Or Your damned and let sits, as conveniently?
’ s oral hondroprotective drugs, on advice Handler as his assailant, sipping.

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