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The Danaides from "of the Crown Russia"

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So his no one hardly not pushes. He himself, absolutely on their own chose this pose of for hustling. Suited, drive, unless legs in chair or my its knees and is rising.



I very regret, that have human there is no such functions, as the built-in camera. Because sack Danku yesterday like 24 hours a day.

Читать дальше

Our came with work, child me well cared for by (in sense, nappy was hot dry), grabbed his in a bale of and gulyat.
First on wet the grass, then on little fires, sand - voila, arrive at pork.
Returned home and immediately in bathroom. Danka already procedure knows, himself goes, himself even climbs and awaits, when I'll take off down the watering can and Pushcha water. He its sipping and with it plays. Is worth he under this the rump with's spigot. This time nothing not was very different from other, except, that I (ah,, douchebag have him hostess!) not dreamt, in what position the lever, okay switching. Danka from impatience already began dancing in my seat and of the lack down the watering can soul teeth. I opened spigot … Water seems … But on the other Dankin end. You would saw this eyes, when instead eight struek before its nose, he received one, but in his behind! Obaldenie in half with revolt! Even not was twitchin '. He is worth, eyes will clap, water 4265 him on ass, and I sit on gender and'm laughing.
Otkhokhotalas, embraced, apologize turned it over for water, ah and further all was, as usually.

Saw her as our company - 13-15 man, 9-11 labrikov + prevents different past running and run. We the most junior.

And on the evening on stroll on our playground released gross. Until they with Dankoy meet each other, we are grateful with host the 2016. She first us looking at things around, then cheer:
- zhyttja,, hello. And he! As I you is happy! But this same not gross?
- No, - has rushed placate its I. - This is?.
Further we speculated on themes:
- with whom us confuse;
- why there little bushikov, this same naiudobneyshaya in items dog;
- cries, he always such turbovenik?
And vast and etc …
People began to us a lot of watching, painful for the contrast damaging. Like such same but and not such. Coloring measured, and times in five less. Although girl told, that we large! Even for bushikov Danka large and its robust.
And then … then to us came Bern!
And when these three Puppies, marshal near, people became around us flock.
"Such same, but big and shaggy-haired", "such same, but big" and "our bukharik on deemed." Company we ``secular zhivopisneyshuyu. These two valyazhnye, the relaxed,, and my between them, as a monkey on caffeine. Same assessment, but such different.

Alas, (rain, and our big friends are gone. And we remained, because we rain not fear. We strolls in any weather, and spat, that then fade-bathe. But we saw bright run riot!




Cach, yes you have there yesterday the most the real the presentation of the zennenkhundov was! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/109.gif



nell, aha. By the dog walkers simply had been approached and akhali, people, that fled to past with stop, kvalYofYokovanim and watched. But to lift was not on that. I have phone you think jolly old, camera in it no.
But kind of and carried was very scenic!

Text or: VSA today poured in the most-the most prolivennyy rain. No one. We alone! Danka received a new ball around the on a rope. Fling conveniently, flies far. Truth, if he but his for the ball, then, when neck back, comes on rope, stumbles, can fall or ball around the rocket launcher. And if lack for rope, then neck, head winds a and receives a ball on muzzle. But would still exasperated and been happy. And steal him easier, hands. Safer. , it is a pity that long not will survive, have Danki with Rope conversation a short.
Here eiaee and received full fall hemisphere dandelions. Deserted the ball and came running me to complain. Had to crawl, gonna wanna scoop it out.







Danka outside


. And within




Crisis six months or childhood in ass.

Ah that, us can be congratulate, Danka fell into in childhood or in ’, as whom anywhere. For today’s night were eaten by slippers, on which two months paid no no attention, podrany there in the corridor and protsarapana plaster until bricks.
This I their already after the return of close bars from cells, until not buy slice of for repairs.

And still child again began an eye carpets. All. Had to steal both his pleda, their litter box on which slept with first day, threw away, because've torn right through in tatters, and a new mat - soft and a handsome -, too, 's half-eaten. Until took away and movies. He's sawin 'carpet solutions pathways, on which runs round with three months. Removed (together and floors as should washed my), but have him hoisted on laminate's heading toward the exit. Sit normally not can. Had to inject a brat. And make a seating area out back. Would still tries to an eye.
On the street again became crawl to people, what not was already three months.

Me until vacation week. As its survive. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/dash1.gif
And then three weeks d to argue of an animal in sense of.



Chantal promised, that have Danki will a bitchy, that's my mama's character. Until all name is his "dressed in lopushkom." Toys not gives only people, is worth approach the any dog - here same put an and was detached. Today tried to lift his alongside Lennard Berne - futile. My not keeps managing not Caribbean. The lay, allowing breed mosquitoes themselves Frozen Cocktails, and Danka a monkey right was whizzing around him.
We now not the most junior on the field. Have us appeared puppies husky, do a Springer Spaniel, pinch-hitter and corgi. All below Danki on couple of-top three months. Play with them, he already not plays. Adult too, aha.
But see very interestingly, he same until this with the babies not rebuffed.
Shelties quickly got jealous to his the tee. But not practically bit, not was angry, simply caught on to its toy and away from this small beer.
But on exit with field already faced with corgi. Moms do, this ears! Not, not so, this ears! Only ears and are visible from grass. Himself size of with a major a hamster, but ears!
Danka so much as sniffed his, gave to sniff around themselves, gave a lick themselves in snout, and then. Collapsed an enormous belly went, and this red jug-ear gladly on him where all four korotenkimi little paws. And Danka lay not rypayas, graciously allowing themselves use in as a mat. I so prifigela, that since forgotten this to lift!




That OK, today parents, policyupdate @ icann.org feed the troglodytic, waited the second obedennyy slice of corridor and now plaster, a satisfied Danka. Biting the other a corner, protsarapal and had eaten through wall until a metal nets. The Arab grab a diaper and'd pissed in a corner on gender. Revolt and demonstration of.
Was otrugan parents. Blame acknowledged partly.
Tomorrow will assume, d assess the damage.



Екатерина wrote:

Riot and demonstration of.

Build up an own existance and attempt to uprochitsya in hierarchy on the very top. And this only the beginning. Verification on punk or not will arise constantly. As this states pro human dityov-crises different ages)



stasyun wrote:

break on punk or not will arise constantly

Yes. Have us such there is, already rarely has, but case "revolt on a ship" http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/dash1.gif. ???? never gonna guess, when will begin and when will end. Here in Sunday rioted with morning exactly until 15-00. And PSR nachalos- all, dog super, himself searching for, himself bark, himself neck ago. Under this on early on the morning his no one nothing force so and not was able



And made being realized, when this no one sees! All come already to outcomes. And here is express its protest those, that defied-and aggrieved, this yes. Here is you, arrive at.
Self-affirmation, this when I homes. Here is then he tries to show, who here male. Until not is obtained http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/115.gifhttp://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/115.gifI, too, not one of the-girl and tattoo, too, there is. Truth, the bloodline pokhuzhee, but him about this know not been paved.
And this stole.

"Alone galoshes are got ourselves, and still alone. Invest in some" (with)



Ah … the damage, of course, the damage, but not "horror-horror!" Survive can be, incalculable nothing there is no.
All happened in the first half of days after my departure. Parents came feed the a crocodile and discovered, that Dania already resident business. Not krotkiy buttermilk, he you there in the corridor and got the bit in his plaster.
As should otrugav this chetyrekhlapogo troglodytic and hungry mouth, mom with batyushkoy with hard already been laundered his and gender from a white dust, all-??? voted for him your regular ryazhenku, "exhilarating to" me the happy news and sail off home.
In 20 hours they have returned, to to withdraw Danku on affairs albatre and feed the dinner. New destruction not our comprehension. The whether'm full, then whether Mom's stern - ah-for-for! The bad dog! - services which its action.


In 10 morning came I, appreciated the scale of the catastrophe. New destruction, too, not has found. Promised rake up the moss with him ??? ???????? ????? and Ideology to plug holes in walls, tickles beautiful trekhtsvetnoe Gapchinskaya. Dania acquired a. 'm drooping ears, had tucked tail. In punishment instead field went engage. Hour soon, then still hour were on tight leash on the road, 'Arry. Not that's the bully, nowhere not climbed, nor to whom not was molested by, almost not could. In short, 'm rehabilitated.

Remained two class and one nepoedennaya the wall.



But as any reverberate on Dankinom health sedennaya the wall? Diarrheic was? Vomited?



No harm health, except good licks on fluffy little bum cheeks and friction peremazannogo plaster nose.



Here is you have, the more the merrier, A cell not tried? We with first day Ruslan blinded in cage, when hurriedly or went to sleep. It there of cards, place, Spaghetti. And to this day Ruska lives in cage, only we its already long not while turning a blind.



It seems on stress. Open John Fischer's "Oh than thinks your dog" chapter about stress causes and consequences of.



Cell Danka perceives strange. When he himself there - the shelter, where can be hide. When his there - a prison, a punishment, violation of Geneva Convention, violation of rights personality and vast.
But I same'm leaving on clock. My come two times in day on half an hour of exercise. In three feed the and in eight - walk and feed the. Lock his in cage on everything else time. On eight hours with half-hour pure intuition. And at night on all 14 hours. Not know. Yell will, rush into. He already couple of times he got stuck, roof-- teeth for depends. So he modicum eats all silently, neighbors his not hear. And in cage, fear, will pose on ears the entire porch.


Discover John Fischer's "Oh than thinks your dog" chapter about stress causes and consequences of.

Movement, smiled even before the emergence of Danki. And this and many what another. If would in life was, as in book, not was would problems. I would not was asking here so much issues, and movement would book and goats - here is it, decision.
Only Dania this book not read.

He three months lives in such a regime in this really the corridor and nothing there not touched. Here is such alignment only two past my class.

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Екатерина wrote:

That such alignment only two past my class

And-and, then he asserting herself, wants you show, who the bellwether the packs) Be're very adamant about that)



www.addic7ed.com, I not think, that he tries to so dominate. Indeed do, tries to, but not thus. Here rather, protest, revolt and stole, that defied one so to stay.

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